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What Would The Worst Web Design In The World Look Like?

What Would The Worst Web Design In The World Look Like?


Sometimes it’s just easier to tell someone what not to do than it is to explain what they should be doing. This way we can get a picture in our mind of precisely what we need to avoid so that we can better understand the problem and come up with a solution of our own. In web design it’s really up to you how you go about building your site and what you think looks good, but that doesn’t alter the fact that there are some definite hard-and-fast rules that need to be observed and some things you should certainly avoid. Here we will look at what a website would look like if you ignored all those rules and why that would be such a bad thing…


la punta rota

The colours of a website will instantly tell you a lot about the place you’re visiting and whether or not you want to stay there. You’ll notice that most websites are either white or very light blue, which has a calming effect making us want to stay there longer, and which will create contrast well with the black writing.

If you wanted to create the least attractive website possible though, you would want to ignore those features and instead create something that would be an assault on the senses and difficult to read. Think a bright red background with blue writing over the top…


A web design is more than just a colour scheme though, and equally important is to use images that look modern and professional and that draw people into your site.

If you’re building the world’s worst website though, then you’ll want to avoid crisp and professional looking images though and instead use low resolution headers designed with more atrocious colours and poor design. Likewise you might want to use repetitive images for your background to create a 1990s vibe to your website and use huge stock images in your articles that take too long to load, look like Word Art and don’t bear any relevance to your content.


Death Star Metal

So far we have a website that’s an assault on the eyes and on the data connection, so why not assault the ears too? Including music on a website is a rookie mistake in most cases as it will clash with whatever the visitor is listening too and drive away anyone with a different taste in music to you.


3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept

If someone needs to find a particular piece of information then they may be able to put up with even the most ugly web design. If you wanted to make your site really unbearable then you would also make it impossible for people to find what they want by using a hugely complicated and impenetrable navigation. Put links in weird place, defy logic and get your pages to circle around by linking them back to each other.

That will then leave you with perhaps the worst web design in the world and as such – zero traffic and dwindling profits. To avoid this fate, do the opposite thing in each of these cases or use a professional web designer.

Nathan Knowle is web designer by profession. Having plyed his trade for a considerable amount of time, he certainly knows a thing or two about web designing and has listed some disastrous design mistakes in today’s post.

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Your car might seem fairly unassuming and happy sitting on your drive or in your garage, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it doesn’t have any grips in the world. For most cars life is a constant battle against the elements and other people, and I imagine that if they could speak they’d most likely have the personalities of grumpy old men. There are plenty of things your car doesn’t like and that make it mad, so let’s look at a few of those so that you can better keep yours happy and void unnecessary complications.

Your Car’s Worst Enemies…

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The Cold: When it comes to the winter months, your car is probably a bit of a scrooge. You see, just as the cold weather can aggravate all your aches and pains, it can also do the same for your car making the battery drain more quickly and causing potential rust and other problems. Meanwhile the cold also makes it difficult for you to start your car in the morning due to the frost that can cover the windows and doors (like you’re any better at getting out of bed in winter!) and it can make driving more difficult and potentially dangerous due to slippery snow and condensation. If you can, then try keeping your car warm and consider using a car pocket as well as a garage, or just turning the heating up.

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Your Son/Daughter/Niece/Nephew/Best Friend: When your young son comes and asks to borrow the car your car will shudder at the thought and at the memory of scrapes and prangs. Don’t let anyone borrow your car unless you’re confident in their driving ability, and if you need one consider getting a secondary ‘run-around’ vehicle for the rest of the family so you can protect your car and take the best care of it without interference.

Clint loves his car and when he is not reading or writing about cars, he is either fixing one or driving it.

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