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6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Complexion During Winter

6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Complexion During Winter


It’s winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, which in many places means that it’s cold outside and dry inside due to heating, both leading to skin dehydration. Many people also take long hot showers to warm up from the cold outside, which dehydrates the skin because of osmosis and the removal of skin oils that keep your skin healthy. As you can tell, winter is not the best time for our skin. Luckily however, there are some natural cures for dry skin that can help keep your skin smooth and beautiful throughout the winter. Let’s have a look at how you can keep you skin glowing this winter using natural remedies.

natural ways boost complexion during 6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Complexion During Winter

Drink Ample Water

Skin hydration starts from inside your body. If you don’t consume enough water, your skin will more easily suffer from dehydration. While you might not feel as thirsty as on a hot summer day, your body still needs a lot of water (1.5 to 2 liters) to stay hydrated during winter.

Eat Fatty Foods Containing Omega-3

When we say eat fatty foods, we don’t mean you should rush off to McDonald’s. You want to consume a lot of omega-3 fatty acids because these are very healthy for your skin and body. Foods that include high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids include sardines, flax seeds, grass-fed beef, wild rice, walnuts and different types of fish. Make sure to add some of these foods to your diet during winter time.

Eat Healthy

Besides adding more omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, you should try to maintain an overall healthy diet. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid any foods that contain a lot of sugars and refined grains.

Moisturize With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works great as a natural moisturizer for many people. Just apply some coconut oil to any dry spots you have on your skin a few times a day. Be careful if you want to apply it to your face however, because it might make you break out if you are prone to acne. Other oils such as olive oil and avocado oil are also great for your skin when applied topically.

Get Some Exercise

Getting regular exercise has numerous health benefits, including improving your complexion. Consider going for a run or to the gym during your lunch break, or walk to work instead of driving to get some daily exercise.

Take Shorter Showers

As mentioned before, long hot showers make your skin dry out, so try to keep your showers short and don’t turn up the heat too much. We know this might be tough, especially if you’ve been out in the cold, but this will help your skin look so much better.

There you go, some all natural ways to keep your skin in good shape throughout the winter. If you are suffering from more serious skin problems, or these natural remedies don’t solve your dry skin problem, you might want to see a dermatologist for professional advice on how to deal with your dry skin.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, a Sugar Land dental office. Zane thinks his skin gets way too dry in the winter.

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Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014

Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014


Children are a great blessing and you want to let them enjoy clothes as well. It is really important to find lovely clothes for your children in the winter months because you want to keep them warm.top tips for childrens clothing Top Tips For Childrens Clothing In Winter 2014

Children also spend a lot of time playing outside so you want durable and comfortable clothing. Here are some top tips for trendy clothing this winter.

Trendy Wool

Wool is a really fashionable thing in children’s winter wear at the moment. Woolly hats for

instance are a big hit and can look really cute on children of all ages. You should also consider getting some woolly skirts for girls. For boys things like woolly vests are really fashionable, especially if you are going for a party.

Go With Colour

It is always a good idea to use plenty of colour in children’s clothing. This makes the clothes a lot more fun to wear and children generally tend to like very bright and bold colours.

So don’t go for boring dark coloured jackets this winter but opt for bright jackets. Yellow and different shades of green are especially good for this season and work with both boys and girls.

If your children are more into darker colours then very deep reds and purples are another good choice at the moment.

There are also plenty of patterns in children’s clothing in 2014. Stripes are very fashionable and there are many different animal pattern options for girls at the moment. These are a nice way to add a bit more fun to the clothing as well so don’t just go with single colour options.

Keep Warm With Fur

Fur is a really big hit in 2014 for both adults and kids alike. You should really consider getting some fur items for your kids this winter. Furry boots, hats and gloves will keep the children really warm during the cold weather.

You can also find plenty of faux fur option so you don’t need to worry if you aren’t a fan of real fur.

Check Online Options

It is a good idea to check different online options when you are looking for children’s clothing. There are plenty of good bargains you can make online and it can really save you some much needed time as well.

For instance, it is a really good idea to check fancy kid’s wholesale clothing options. Wholesale clothing is often a lot cheaper and can really make shopping for clothing a lot more enjoyable experience.

You can also find many good style guides even for children on the internet. For example, Fashion Design Divas have some good in depth articles on different children’s clothing materials and trends. Children’s clothing doesn’t need to be boring at all and you should spend some time picking out just the right clothes.

The above tips are really trendy at the moment and you should include them to your shopping list. Children’s clothing is really trendy as well these days while still staying very practical so that children can play and have fun.

Sarah is a mother of two who is passionate about trends and clothes. She loves to look for new things on the internet and she loves very bright coloured clothes. She is also a big fan of crossword puzzles.

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Fashion Styles To Inspire You This Winter

Fashion Styles To Inspire You This Winter


fashion styles inspire you this Fashion Styles To Inspire You This Winter


This design challenges conventional fashion trends by suggesting revolutionary ways of dressing. Avant-garde fashion emerged during the early nineties in America. It incorporates use of modern and elegant clothes accentuated with belts, hats or shoes. Some of these clothes are mostly worn on cat walks due to their flamboyant nature, and not in every day occasions. Avant-garde encourages people to look distinctive.


These are clothes worn by famous models, celebrities and other socialites. They include flowing dresses, small cut shorts and slim-fit denim. These types of clothes are relatively easy to find and can be bought from local malls or online.

Old School

This is slang for clothing designs from previous generations. Outfits in this category are characterized by their conspicuous and glamorous looks. Old school fashion trends of the ’90s involved heavy makeup and outlandish hairdos.

Today, some of these trends are gaining popularity in designs like afro hairdo, hippie outfits, neon clothing and flared pants. Other old school outfits include fabrics made with animal patterns, floral prints as well as glossy and sequinned textures.

Men’s Fashion Trends

Fashion trends vary. One of the most important determinants of fashion trends is weather and climate. During spring, most people prefer light khaki suits. Trench coats are popular during winter. Some of the most popular trench coat colours include maroon and graphite grey. The attire can be worn with boots or leather shoes.

Leather jackets are also becoming popular. They are available in different colours though the most common are black and beige. Some people prefer skinny pants since they can match with anything. They blend well with black shirts, neck-long pullovers and casual greys.


Boots and sneakers are preferred during the weekend while leather is suitable for work and other formal settings. One of the most popular types of shoes for men is the loafer. It is a durable and multi-purpose shoe manufactured from leather or fabric. Like clothes, shoes can also be customized to accommodate the taste of a consumer. The prices of shoes vary depending on the designer, material and location.

Where to Find Trendy Fashion Products

Bargain or discount stores are convenient and affordable locations for buying fashion products and accessories. However, some stores offer products at bargain prices when they want to finish the stock. It is because of this that many people argue that such stores may not be the best places to find the latest fashion trends.

Thrift Stores

These stores often sell collectible items, clothes and shoes. Many people avoid such stores because of the perception that they sell sub-standard items. However, this is not entirely true. People can find quality fashion products in such stores at affordable prices.

Those who do not want to go to bargain or thrift stores can find trendy items in second hand shops and garage sales. One of the most reliable sources of information about the latest fashion trends is the media, more so, print media.

Many people know about fashion trends by looking through what celebrities and other socialites wear when going for various events. Such information is available in magazines and other forms of print media. Fashion magazines offer insights into the world of celebrities and key players in the fashion industry. These people have a great impact in determining fashion trends.

Fashion trends attract a lot of attention and make people think they will look better if they have certain products. However, they rarely last and what is fashionable now may soon be outdated.

Julie Crowe is responsible for find the latest Ted Baker Accessories for Edinburgh based boutique Urban Cuckoo.

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Top 10 Winter Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Winter Vacation Destinations


Some people limit themselves to travelling during the summers, but they truly are missing out on some of the most unique experiences the world has to offer. There is such a variety of places to visit during the winter, it was hard to pin down just ten, but I did my best to choose a wide variety of destinations that are particularly awesome during the winter.



This city is a year round destination that is popular every month of the year, but things slow down as the temperature drops. Not everyone is prepared to face an Eastern European winter for their vacation, but it isn’t anything a heavy winter coat, boots and gloves can’t handle. If you don’t mind the cold, Prague is quite festive on the off season. Between the Christmas markets, The Devil’s Sack and New Year’s Celebrations there are a wide variety of cultural experiences to explore. There is also nothing quite like walking the deserted streets of Prague at dawn when everything is covered in a thick layer of snow.

Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico, 1996

holiday season take on a unique cultural twist with Hispanic and Native American influences. Everything down to the Christmas tree has a touch of something just a tad bit different from what many of us are used to seeing for the traditional commercial Christmas decor. After you explore Taos, you can hit one of nearby Taos Ski Valley for some of the best skiing in the country.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

No one does the holidays like Las Vegas, who glitz up the holiday just like they glitz everything else up. The Holiday shows and Christmas décor take on an extra blingy twist in this famous city. Go explore outside of the city with just a short 30 minute drive into the desert for refreshing warm and sunny air. There are also bus tours available to take you to the nearby parks. Vegas can be a bit quiet at this time of year, but during New Year’s Eve hotels fill up. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly to your crowd tolerance!

Palm Springs, California

San Jacinto Mountains, Palm Springs, California

The sun shines 350 days a year in Palm Springs, so it is perfect for people who live in a dreary climate during the winter. Palm Springs daytime highs average in the 80s during the day. An interesting place year round, but during the winter Palm Springs truly shines, and it offers a little something for everyone.  Joshua Tree National Park or the San Andreas Fault are perfect for outdoorsy folks. For those who like interesting architecture, the city offers the largest collection of Modern Style buildings in the world. The golfer of the family will be amazed by the world class Palm Springs golf course that has the perfect weather for golfing during the winter.



Before you call me crazy for suggesting actually going to Canada during the winter as a vacation, let me tell you one thing about Montreal: they know how to stay warm. Montreal is set up for cold weather, so once you are indoors it is actually warm. There are coat checks everywhere the heat is turned up, and it actually is quite comfortable. Also, the prices during the winter are a lot more affordable, so you can get some really great deals on some fine digs for your stay. This is a great choice for snow lovers, even the ones who, like me, prefer admiring it from indoors with a delicious micro-brew from Montreal.

Venice, Italy


A spooky mask of fog falls over the city during the off season to give everything a gray and haunted feel. To experience Venice at its best during the winter, I recommend going to one of the city’s famous winter festivals like Venice’s Carnevale or the Venetian Winter Festival. Make sure while you are there to try the decadent Venetian-style hot chocolate, but just as a warning, every other hot chocolate experience might seem a disappointment for you after you experience Venetian hot chocolate.


Entering new Dubai

Who says you can’t ski in Dubai? The Mall of the Emirates opened up an indoor ski resort, so you can actually ski in the Middle East. This is really a unique experience folks! When you hit the outdoors you can enjoy the average of 70 that we all love. Enjoy the local festivals, The Mall of Emirates, The Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), the beaches, the people and the cuisine this winter in Dubai!

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece 2007

Everyone has read about the recent economic struggle in Greece that has been hard on the locals. Fortunately for travelers, it has lowered the prices of this once expensive destination. It does get cold and rainy through December through March, but that makes the temperature perfect for exploring on foot. Great for people who don’t mind dreary days, and love the idea of travelling on shoulder season.


Guatemala 2007 Xela

How do you like the idea of celebrating the holidays in the rainforest full of exotic creatures and plants? How about a stop by the ancient Mayan cities to honor the cultures that came before ours. I’m of the humble opinion that there is no wrong time to go to Guatemala, so just add winter to the list. It doesn’t help the warm temperatures during the summer can be quite refreshing if you live in a chilly climate.

Yellow Stone National Park


Choose between snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snow mobiling across this world famous national park. The winter is actually the best time to spot the wolves in the park, so canine lovers you’ll love it here during the winter. With the small crowds it can almost feel like you have the whole 3,468 sq miles of national park to yourself. Yes, old faithful still goes off during the winter months!

Holly Williford is a freelance writer and lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C. In her free time she plays with her cats, plans her next trips and reads too many books. Currently she is planning another trip to Montreal for this December.

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