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Three Top Tips For Finding The Best Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

Three Top Tips For Finding The Best Window Treatments For Your Bathroom


three top tips for finding Three Top Tips For Finding The Best Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing window treatments for your bedroom or living area most of us already have a particular design and material in mind. However, it is far harder to decide on the right type of window treatment for a bathroom, as the environment is typically humid and moist and therefore your treatment of choice should be able to withstand this, as well as being visually pleasing. It is also likely that your window treatment will be exposed to many hours of sunlight, so the material you choose will need to be able to cope with this as well. This post will introduce you a few tips when it comes to choosing a window treatment for your bathroom.

Vinyl Shades

three top tips for finding1 Three Top Tips For Finding The Best Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

Vinyl shades come in a huge variety of designs, but are especially known for their durability. Just the mere fact that you have so many different designs to choose from will mean that you’re bound to find something suited to your bathroom. As mentioned, your window treatments will come under attack from sunlight and moisture and therefore the fact that vinyl shades are known to be durable is a huge plus point. With that being said, if your bathroom window happens to be east or west facing it will face far more exposure to the sun and eventually this may see the sides of your shades curl up over time. It is also important to look for shades that are fade resistant in these circumstances.


three top tips for finding2 Three Top Tips For Finding The Best Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

As you are probably aware, there are a huge number of completely unsuitable materials for the humid environment of a bathroom, although certain varieties of curtains will still work very well. However, the best fabrics to use are the ones which are typically used on outdoor furniture, as these have been made with the elements in mind. Therefore, they are likely to fair far better against the damp conditions you will expect in the bathroom, as well as many hours exposure to the beating sun. Admittedly, curtains are probably last on everyone’s list when it comes to choosing window treatments for your bathroom, but you’ll still be surprised at the number of options available to you.

Plastic Wood

three top tips for finding3 Three Top Tips For Finding The Best Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

One of the best window treatments to use in bathrooms is faux wood blinds. These are basically made from a composite of plastics, although certain varieties will also encompass wood chips. However, the material used in these types of blinds is resistant to discoloring and warping, which will typically occur with many other materials when exposed to the humid conditions, moisture and indeed the sun. This is why these blinds are proving to be so popular in bathrooms, but they also look great and are therefore very visually appealing. You will notice they have slats, which can be opened when you want a little extra light in the bathroom and closed when you require some privacy. If there is one disadvantage to this type of window treatment it is that they are quite heavy, so trying to raise the blinds if you have a particularly large window area may prove to be difficult.

This post has been contributed by Nancy Baker who is a part of the administration at NY City Blinds, a company selling faux wood blinds in Manhattan. She is a complete foodie and she enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines.

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Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners


window air conditioners versus central Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

People today are very concerned about rising energy costs, so when it comes to staying cool in the summer, individuals are trying to figure out ways to cut down on their energy consumption. While there are plenty of efficient appliances to purchase that will keep your home cool, the real question is whether an air conditioning unit that you place in your window is more effective than a central air conditioning unit.

The Debate

window air conditioners versus central1 Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Which one will cool your home more efficiently and which one will actually save you money? Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons associated with each of these types of air conditioners so that you can decide which one is right for your particular needs and living situation.

The Pros and Cons of Window Air Conditioners

window air conditioners versus central2 Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners need to be carefully and securely placed in a window and then plugged into an outlet in order to operate. This can be a hassle because you’ll need to find a place to store you air conditioning unit each year if you wish to remove it from your window so that you can enjoy the view the rest of the year. Otherwise, you can keep it in the window, but you risk cold air seeping into your home during the winter as a result, which can cause your energy costs to increase as you turn on the heat to counteract the cold.

Older air conditioning units that go in your window aren’t very efficient. Therefore, replace any old units with modern ones if you wish to save money. To save the most amount of money possible, always purchase Energy Star units that have energy-saving modes that allow you to turn the unit on, set your ideal room temperature, and walk away. The unit will go into a resting mode automatically once it reaches that temperature, just as a central air conditioning unit would do, so this is very convenient and great for those who live in apartments.

The Pros and Cons of Central Air Conditioners

window air conditioners versus central3 Window Air Conditioners Versus Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are really desirable because they don’t require you to set anything up or take anything down at the beginning and end of the summer season. Instead, the unit is available all year long, so even if the weather decides to get really hot in the spring, before you have had the chance to install your window unit, you can just turn on the air conditioner and get cool.

The central air conditioning unit is quite large, though, so it’s usually placed in the backyard of a home where it can be out of view and out of the way. It sends cool air through the duct system of a home and cools the entire house rather than just one room, making it very convenient, though you may not save a substantial amount of money when compared to an Energy Star window unit. Also, central air is more expensive to install and won’t be an option if you live in an apartment.

There are pros and cons associated with window air conditioners and central air conditioners. Depending upon your budget, your living situation, and your energy consumption, you can determine which one’s right for you.

Marlon Andrew is an installation supervisor at Constant Home Comfort, a company dealing in an array of furnaces in Mississauga. He enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures and cuisines when he gets free.

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Eco-Friendly Window Movement: Are you in?

Eco-Friendly Window Movement: Are you in?


One of the latest trends in housing is eco-friendly windows. These windows, made from a variety of materials, have gained in popularity with remodelers and builders, as well as those who wish to be more earth-conscious.

eco friendly window Eco Friendly Window Movement: Are you in?

Why Eco-Friendly Windows Make A Difference

 Earth Friendly Materials  Many new windows can be made from recycled glass. Using any product from recycled materials is good for the planet, and these windows are just as clear and beautiful as a window made from new product.
• Recycled Window Frames  Many of these windows made from recycled glass also have recycled materials in their frames. This reduction in using new materials for the frames can reduce carbon output from manufacturing companies who produce new products.
• Energy Savings  These windows, made in double and triple pane design, help reduce energy costs by keeping room temperatures even. You do not have the same leakage of heating and cooling as you will with older single pane windows.
• Reduced Energy Consumption  Since you are no longer heating and cooling the outside, or allowing outdoor temperatures to seep into your home, you will be reducing the amount of energy you daily consume.
• Enhanced Appearance When you change the windows in your home you can change them in a way that will enhance the natural lighting in your home. By bringing more natural light into your home you can change the appearance of your interior and reduce the need for electric lights.
• Enhanced Air Flow  New windows can be designed to be easily opened, and with this type of accessibility you can let in the outside air when desired. Turning off the air conditioner for a while will reduce your energy consumption and freshen up your home. “Airing out the house” is good for the home every once in a while to keep your home from becoming stale.
• Increased Home Value  Green technologies, which include building materials, increase the value of your home. People are more green-conscious, and many new home buyers are looking specifically for homes that are more earth friendly.

Every effort you make to reduce energy consumption, recycle products and work towards a better environment makes the world a better place. Each little step, every little effort does matter. Greg Martineau of Calgary windows replacement states “In the past, a wall of beautiful windows compromised energy efficiency, but great strides in engineering have changed all of that, providing windows that actually save you money in the long run by improving your home’s efficiency.” If you can reduce your consumption by just 5 percent, you will not only reduce your monthly bills, your reduction will impact the entire nation.

Pollution levels will drop and dependence on foreign oil will decrease. If each person would decrease their consumption by this minor amount, an amount that would not even impact lifestyle, the earth could be protected from so much damage that it would actually have the chance to begin to heal from past wrongs.

Having eco-friendly windows in your home is just a start in turning your home into an earth-friendly house. Once you discover how wonderful these windows are, how they reduce energy consumption and enhance the appearance of your home, you can move on to other projects to change your entire home.


Researcher and freelance writer, Nickey Williams contributes this article to those looking for easy ways to be ecologically sound and economically savvy at the same time. Greg Martineau of Calgary windows replacement insists that improving efficiency will not only update your living space naturally but will increase the value of your home.

Photo Credit: Allen McGregor

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