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Surprise Proposal: Don’t Wait Till Valentine’s Day

Surprise Proposal: Don’t Wait Till Valentine’s Day


AOE PROPOSAL Surprise Proposal: Dont Wait Till Valentines Day

Surprise Proposal: Don’t Wait Till Valentine’s Day

Many people expect to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day or another date that has significance to the couple. However, doing this can actually ruin part of the experience because your intended fiance is much less likely to be surprised when you pop the question. Therefore, if you want to create a truly memorable proposal, it is a good idea to avoid common engagement dates such as Valentine’s Day. Instead, choose a date that does not have any expectations placed upon it so that you can surprise your beloved.

Tips for Planning a Surprise Proposal

1. Pick an Unusual Location – If you take your significant other to the location of your first date, it is possible that they will guess what is coming. To avoid this, it is a good idea to pick a spot that will allow you to create the proper ambiance without tipping your hand. Keep in mind that you should familiarize yourself with the location to help you ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

In other words, it is best not to plan a proposal at a romantic restaurant without visiting it first, and it is also a good idea to discuss your plans with any of the location’s staff that could become inadvertently involved. After all, you do not want the server to come over and interrupt you at the exact moment that you are planning to pull out the ring.

2. Discuss Making Plans for Valentine’s Day – In most relationships, it is not actually a big surprise when someone proposes. Therefore, if the subject of marriage has already been discussed, it will be especially important to take back some of the mystery of the special occasion by proposing before Valentine’s Day.

Fortunately, you can help ensure that your significant other will be surprised when you offer them an engagement ring if you intentionally mention that you want to be in charge of making plans for the romantic holiday. This is likely to cause them to assume that February 14 will be the big day, and you can surprise them by proposing early.

3. Consider Involving Close Friends and Family – Sometimes the best way to pull off a surprise proposal is to involve family and friends. After all, they can help you narrow down your choices for a ring by looking online at stores, and they can also assist you with the process of getting your beloved to the right place at the appointed time.

Additionally, some people prefer to propose with their family near, and you will need to give them enough notice to make this happen. As an added bonus, involving at least one other person will allow you to get photographs of the surprised look on your significant other’s face when you ask them to marry you.

There is a virtually limitless list of ways to propose to someone, but it is always best to have the element of surprise on your side if you want to create a great story that the two of you can tell for the rest of your lives. Therefore, avoiding major events such as Valentine’s Day is an important aspect of planning a surprise proposal.

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