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How To Promote Your Wedding Venue

How To Promote Your Wedding Venue


If you have a wedding venue you want to promote a really good way of doing it is by going online and increasing your online presence. With a strong online marketing campaign you can improve the amount of customers you get and increase your profits as a result.

Here are some top tips to help you promote your wedding venue online.

Build A Strong Website

Wedding venue

The first thing you should focus on is building a strong website. If you already have a website but you aren’t getting enough visitors it is a good idea to try and improve it and see what you might be doing wrong.

It is important that your website is well designed and has a lot of good detailed information about the venue.

This also means that you should have a lot of good quality photos and it is usually a good idea to hire a professional photographer to take these photos for you.

You should also make sure you maximise your search engine ranking by using some basic SEO on your website. It can prove very useful to learn how to attract customers by using the right set of keywords around your website and in your photos.

Market On Social Media

In this age of social media it is also important that your wedding venue can be found and contacted through different social media websites. This is a great way to engage with your previous customers as well as meet all the potential customers.

So sign up for Twitter and Facebook and launch a strong social media marketing campaign to get more hits. Linking your social media profiles on your website will also improve your search engine rating and therefore more couples are able to find you.

Set Up A Blog

You should also set up a blog on your website. This can help you use SEO better and often people will have relevant and interesting information that draws them to your website.

Examiner’s article on the topic suggests that blogging about the wedding industry is a really cool way to get people interested and will show that you have a lot of expertise in the field.

Include Other Services

Now you don’t need to start offering other services yourself but it is a good idea to team up with other wedding businesses on your website. This will provide you the opportunity to include outbound links, which increase your search engine ranking, and it will also provide your customers with a lot more value.

For example, contact wedding ring companies such as Men’s Tungsten Online store and see if you can work with them. You could also include links to flower shops that you recommend your customers should use. It is important to make sure they have the choice of selecting their own but if you are able to help them with organising the wedding they are most likely going to find it helpful.

If you want to promote your wedding venue it is important to establish a strong online presence and make sure that customers are able to get a lot of useful information from you.

Pauline loves weddings and she is always trying to find new ways wedding businesses can guarantee couples have the best day of their lives. When she isn’t reading more about wedding planning she loves to talk to people in social media.

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Fantastic Wedding Presents and Gifts Fit for a Special Day

Fantastic Wedding Presents and Gifts Fit for a Special Day


When it comes to lots of gifts fit for a wedding as a special present or special gift, the memorable day requires a memorable gift. It is not right to get newlyweds normal gifts they have bought for themselves or they already have. It is very important to find as much original and unique gifts with a fantastic touch about them. You must do some research at least to know what they lack and perhaps cannot afford. Reading the mind of the awaited guests is also very important and you will know what kind of a unique gift you should get them.

article 2354745 1AA49FD0000005DC 888 634x409 300x193 Fantastic Wedding Presents and Gifts Fit for a Special Day

Stunning collection

You can start by browsing most of the stunning collections in various places offered by some of the best well known brands, such as Ashleigh and Burwood who provide fragrance lamps that newlywed love. Most of them are designed in classic and beautiful tastes including lots of modern home fragrances fit for a new home enhancing the ambience of a home. With a lamp from Ashleigh your search for a wedding, anniversary, engagement or birthday gift is well catered for and suits people of all ages. The contemporary lamps can be put in various places in the home, such as entrances and hallways.

Great ideas for the wedding gift

Summer essentials touch the heart of every newlywed. Those marrying in the summer will definitely be enjoying their wedding and marriage anniversaries in the summer. Up to September, summer gifts can always be looked forward to give to newly wed or those celebrating years of marriage in the month of summer. Summer weddings call for unique gifts, a very fun and personal way compared to selecting gifts from anywhere. You must know the kind of special things worth doing during summertime, such as camping, hiking, and cruising or enjoying quality time right on a boat. Some are into lengthy holidays and vacations while others are book warmers who adore the indoor with works of art such as paintings, books and movies. What you must do always is personalize the wedding gift to meet their lifestyle and needs.

Intricate choices

If the couple adores art glass and paperweights then the Caithness Glass products are worth checking out, especially since the company is celebrating half a century of quality service. In turn, you will see innovative and stunning glass artwork pieces you might not have seen. Such items fit for wedding gifts and wedding anniversaries will boggle your mind on the way the company works on their glasses. Those traditional methods considered ground breaking are still in use even today.

Affordable gifts

You will always find that so many gift varieties are highly affordable and rather than go for one luxury or expensive gift for newlyweds, you can go for many affordable gifts and fill a box or container with them, or even a gift basket that provides unlimited options. The gift inside should be versatile and so unique it will be useful even in years to come.

If the couple enjoy dancing and the arts, dancing couples suspended in porcelain, such as those made in Venice and available online are choices you might want to look at. You can also go for picnic basket with such treats as wine bottles, gourmet treats, fancy wines and openers, picnic blanket and embroidered napkins.

Author Byline:

Rose is a lifestyle blogger who has earned her reputation of being a lifestyle product critic over the years by writing amazing reviews of products and blogging about them. She frequently reviews wedding gift products from various online retailers and writes reviews about them on her blog.

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How To Choose A Mens Wedding Ring

How To Choose A Mens Wedding Ring


Getting married is an exciting time in anyone’s life and there are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are planning your big day. One of the most important parts of getting married is to choose the rings carefully since they will be with you for the rest of your life.
how choose mens wedding ring How To Choose A Mens Wedding Ring

There are a lot of things to consider when you are choosing the wedding ring, especially for a man and here are some tips to help you out.

Your Lifestyle Matters

It is really important that you consider your lifestyle when you are choosing a wedding ring. If you are often on the go and you work with your hands you need to think about whether you want the ring to have sharp angles or if it would be easier to go with a smooth outline and finish.

It is also usually best if men choose rings that are sturdy and rather thick. You might want to take your ring off at times and you want it to be big enough so that it won’t get lost too easily.

Match It With Your Personality

You also want to make sure that the ring matches your personality. You will, hopefully, be wearing the wedding ring daily and thus you don’t want it to be something that doesn’t go with your personality. Men’s Style Fashion points out that you want your wedding ring to be all about you and what you are like.

If you are an extrovert person then it is a nice idea to play with your ring and choose something that really catches people’s attention. If you are more of an introvert then it is much better to go with something simple and perhaps traditional.

Choose The Right Metal

Perhaps for men the most important thing to consider in a wedding ring is really all about the metal. It used to be that the traditional metals like gold and silver were the only options to choose from but there are now other materials to consider as well.

For example, titanium is a good option to choose because it is very durable material and can give your ring a really polished look. But even better option for a ring that needs to take a lot of beating, so to speak, is tungsten rings. Tungsten is really durable and scratch resistant option. Men’s Tungsten Online site is one among the many great sites to start looking for tunsten rings as an option.

It really is down to personal choice and preference. Of course you also want to think whether you want your ring to match with that of your future wife’s but there are usually options for both men and women in most metals.

Price Range

Naturally, you also need to consider your price range as well. The good thing is that there is beginning to be a lot more variety within different metals as well and it is important to shop around and do some research before you pick your wedding ring. Generally speaking if you want to add stones to your wedding ring the price often goes up.

Nicky loves fashion and good design and is especially into finding ways to accessorise your look with jewellery. She loves to find out the newest trends in jewellery and encourages men to use jewellery as well. She also loves to read romantic novels.

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A Guide To Hosting A Great Wedding

A Guide To Hosting A Great Wedding


Your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of your life and it certainly can prove to be so but the planning prior to the day can be so arduous and soul destroying. Organizing the cars, the church the bridesmaids and the party venue are just some of the things that need arranging.

They key to hosting a good wedding is planning and there are certain things that must be perfectly arranged in order for the event to be a success.

A memorable wedding can be a great thing and help the relationship branch out to a new level. This article will highlight what it takes to host a great wedding and how to make it a memorable event for all who attend.

Wedding CelebrationThe Church and Bridesmaids

It is very important to organize the church for your wedding. This may seem a very obvious point but it is something that is regularly overlooked. Make sure you book the church and ensure all of your guests know the date and exact location of it.

The last thing you want to happen is your guests turn up at the wrong church. Making a solid start to the day can help the remainder of it and can give your guests the ideal beginning to their day.

It is important to be organized, as a couple you must both be on the same wavelength and have a concrete plan for the day. If it starts well then the rest will be much more relaxed.

Great Entertainment

Once the church is out of the way and you are married there is just a small matter of the after party to deal with. This is the part of the day that people look forward to; it’s the most important thing that can create a lasting legacy for your wedding.

Ensure that you arrange some solid entertainment, may it be through a band or a comedian, and they have to be good. In the internet age we live in there are many ways in which you can satisfy your guests.

Fireworks are a great way to do this, companies such as Fireworks Crazy offer great selection boxes and can provide your guests with some light entertainment. It is something that will be unique to your wedding and will make it much more memorable for your guests.

Think Outside the Box

It is important to think outside the box, this will help to create a wedding to remember. After all people have lavish weddings do so in order to show off to their guests so why not make it something innovative and new. There are many websites out there that offer interesting wedding advice and can provide the new couple with great insight and ideas.

My main piece of advice is being organized; this will help the smooth running of the day and ensure there are no last minute hiccups. Your wedding day is supposed to be a joyous occasion and it certainly can be if you plan ahead and organized yourselves.

Andrew is an author with a love to party planning. He has over 15 years industry experience, as well as this he enjoys planning parties in his spare time. His writing style is very particular and quite conversational.

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A Great Wedding In Moments – These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

A Great Wedding In Moments – These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding


A wedding is far more than the sum of its parts. In theory it’s essentially a big party to celebrate your love with all your family and friends, but in reality we all know that it’s much more than that – that it’s a perfect day that everyone gets one chance at.

great wedding moments these are A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

But likewise if you take any little moment from that day and examine it on its own, that can be beautiful too. Here we will look at some of the most beautiful and most precious moments from any wedding and what makes them so perfect…

Seeing the Bride for the First Time

great wedding moments these are1 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

This is an amazing moment mostly due to the fact that everyone will have been waiting to see just how good the bride looks for the majority of the day. The anticipation when you wait – along with the groom – is palpable and so it’s amazing to see her walking in and to behold her in all her bridal glory.

But better than that is the fact that you also get to witness her seeing her husband-to-be and vice versa. When their eyes lock across the room and you see the love on their faces – and normally someone starts crying – it’s understandably very hard not to be incredibly moved.

‘You May Kiss the Bride’

great wedding moments these are2 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

It’s fitting and wonderfully romantic that the first thing a new couple does as husband and wife is to kiss one another, and it’s even more magical that all their united friends and family get to share the moment. It’s a famous part of the whole wedding ceremony and it’s something that no wedding would be complete without.

The First Dance

great wedding moments these are3 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

Another highly romantic moment is the first dance, which is also a great moment for everyone to see who that couple are when they’re together. This dance will express not only their love, but their personality and all to a tune that will sum up their relationship. And then when everyone joins them on the floor it’s highly symbolic and fun.

Getting Into the Limousine

great wedding moments these are4 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

Riding in a limo on the wedding day is one of the most exciting experiences for the bride and groom. If you’ve never been in a limo before then expect to feel like a big celebrity and to marvel at the plush and extravagant interior. This is a day when you should get to feel like a star – or like James Bond even. So enjoy it!

The Father of the Bride

great wedding moments these are5 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

While the best man toast is normally a lot of fun and often quite sentimental, it’s seeing the Dad talk about how proud he is of his daughter and how happy he knows she’s going to be that often moves everyone to tears. Everyone knows that at some point she was just a bundle of giggles bouncing on his knee, and today he gives her away as a woman. The pride is normally written all over his face and it’s an emotional journey for everyone. In the good kind of way.

Evan Stuart, the author of this post, works at Toronto Best Choice Limo, a company based in Toronto that specializes in providing wedding limousines. In his spare time, he likes to write blog articles to share his thoughts about various wedding related topics.

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Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride


Don’t Tell the Bride is an international program with a simple premise. Here a couple who are struggling to afford their wedding get the show to pay for their expenses in exchange for agreeing to one simple term – the groom organizes the entire thing, and the woman doesn’t know anything about her big day until she arrives at the venue.

Of course this is somewhat nerve wracking for the woman who has no doubt been dreaming of getting married since she was a little girl – and even more nerve wracking for the groom who has no idea about how to organize a wedding and knows he’s going to be in for serious trouble if he gets it wrong.

The only winners then in this situation are the audience – because the results are usually hilarious, bizarre and fascinating. What’s more though is that it can also be quite educational – and when you see it all go so horribly wrong it reminds you exactly what not to do when you arrange your own celebrations. Here we’ll look at some of the most important lessons from the show to help you avoid catastrophe.


This is the first thing you should do before you even begin planning a wedding. Make sure you’re both on the same page and make sure you both know what the other one wants from the day. It always shocks me that this the man doesn’t already know what his fiancé wants in terms of venue and theme – so make sure you’re not going after two different things.

Start Early

Due to the nature of the show, the guys have to contend with a very short deadline when they’re planning their celebrations which often means they don’t get the guests they want or the venue. Make sure that you avoid this problem then by starting to arrange your wedding as early as humanly possible. Sending out ‘save the date’ invitations can also help a great deal, as it means your guests can book time off and make arrangements even before you have a .

Find Ways to Save

The budget is always another common issue on DTTB, and this is usually because the guy foolishly blows it all on the stag party or on flying everyone out to a foreign country. Look at ways you can save money on your honeymoon or on your pre-wedding celebrations and you’ll be able to spend much more on the actual wedding itself.

The Devil is in the Detail

While most guys on the show seem to get the big things right – like the wedding venue and the dress – it’s often the small factors they forget and by focussing on the bigger picture they often forget the flowers, or the shoes or the wedding limoand then have no budget left for them. Don’t make this mistake – because missing the small details can actually ruin the whole day even when everything else comes together nicely.

Heather Jefferson is a successful wedding planner. She believes that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

wedding Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

wedding1 Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

Photo Credit: (CC BY 2.0)

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How To Stretch Your Wedding Budget

How To Stretch Your Wedding Budget


A wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life, but it can unfortunately also be one of the most expensive.  If you are struggling to find the cash to pay for all the things you want to do, you can start prioritizing by creating a list of things that are the most important.  Remember that the money you save can either be put into a honeymoon or into starting your life together.  And while a grand wedding and reception can be fun for a day, the memories will fade and you will be left with the bill.

wedding budget How To Stretch Your Wedding Budget

Prioritize Your Wants And Needs

If your future wife doesn’t care about the specifics of her ring, why not let her choose from a selection of lab diamonds or synthetic diamonds to save some money?  If your future husband isn’t picky about the food, consider serving finger foods rather than a full meal.  Decide what is most important to you and what you are most willing to spend money on.

For most couples, the photography is very important.  These are your tangible memories of the day, so be careful when you choose to cut back on your photography costs.

Choose A Nontraditional Venue

While having your wedding in the gorgeous reception hall down the street may be awe-inspiring, the bill will blow your mind as well.  Consider holding your wedding in a setting that is less traditional, such as a backyard or a city park.

Along with choosing a nontraditional venue, try scheduling your wedding during off-peak times.  Summer months are particularly busy for weddings, and you may pay more to rent a space than you would in the fall or spring.  If you have the ability to wait for your wedding date, consider waiting until it’s less expensive.

Rent Your Attire

A girl should have the perfect wedding dress, but remember that you will likely only wear it once.  Consider borrowing a special dress or even renting the one that you love.  When you rent, you can find the perfect dress rather than settling for one you can afford.  And rather than having a dress that sits in your closet and gathers dust after your wedding, you will have the money in your pocket to start your future together.

The Food And Drinks

Rather than having an evening dinner or reception, try having a daytime meal.  It’s always less expensive to serve breakfast or lunch, and the change in setting will make your wedding more unique.  If you can, avoid the traditional sit-down dinner that can be especially expensive.  A buffet can run you a large bill because your guests will take as much as they want, whether they eat it or not.

Consider serving a specific cocktail or avoiding alcohol altogether.  Many couples find that the alcohol bill is one of the most expensive things in the planning of the wedding.  Offer a limited bar or avoid alcohol completely in order to save money.

With just a few simple steps, you can decrease the cost of your wedding and increase your happiness.  The less stress you feel about your special day, the more relaxed and excited you will be when the day arrives.

Sarah Trell is a freelance writer and blogger. She keeps her readers informed on all things fashion and beauty.

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How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos


When it comes to your wedding it’s important to take the best pictures and to be able to capture the big day in a way that’s pleasant to look back on for years to come. This is something that will only happen once, and it’s something that you will have spent an awful lot of money and time preparing.

If you’re considering leaving this to your guests though and keeping the photos that people just so happen to take themselves while they’re there, then you’re making a big mistake. Most people it seems have little to no idea how to go about taking a good picture and are in fact liabilities when let loose with a camera. Most of us have no idea how to take a photo it seems, and many of the people I know are so bad that I almost suspect they’ve been taking lessons in how to take ugly pictures. Let’s have a look then at how you go about taking a terrible wedding photo, as there’s clearly an art to it.

Give People No Warning

Among your guests will be at least one person who is trigger happy with their camera. These people will walk around and claim they’re trying to get ‘natural photos’ of people, meaning they’ll blind you with the flash when you least expect it and get pictures of you with your mouth stuffed full of food or sitting awkwardly at the table with a double chin.

Get the Lighting Wrong

That flash really can be a pain too. Not only is it rather in your face and likely to startle anyone who’s in range, but it also has the rather unpleasant impact of washing faces out and making eyes look like they’re glowing. The best photos will have been set up in order to take advantage of the best possible lighting that flatters the subject.

Make Every Picture Look the Same

I find it rather amusing how looking through holiday photos on Facebook is normally so boring and predictable. It seems that for most of us holiday photos can only have one design – people standing face on smiling in front of a random piece of scenery or landmark. There’s not framing, no variation and no reason to look at the end result more than once. Many wedding photos are the same – people around tables with their arms around each other smiling blankly into the camera. What’s the point?

Get People to do Something Cringe Worthy

Worse though is when your over eager friend or family member tells everyone to ‘pull a stupid face’ or ‘look thoughtful’. Most people are uncomfortable with performing on demand and the result is normally as awkward to look at as it is to take.

Take Photos at Arm’s Length

Then there are those people who will take lots of photos of themselves by holding their cameras/camera phones out at arms’ length meaning you get lots of pictures of their chin and of the people they invited in on the pictures at strange angles.

So leave your wedding photos to your friends and attendees and this is what you’ll end up with. The moral of the story? Use professional wedding photographers!

Martha Taylor is a professional photographer. She enjoys giving photography tips, tricks and advice on her blogs.

terrible wedding photos How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

terrible wedding photos1 How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

terrible wedding photos2 How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

Photo Credit: Katherine McAdoo (CC BY 2.0)

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Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

Wedding Shots That Went Wrong


Photo shooting goes not always as expected especially when its on wedding day.

1 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

2 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

3 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

4 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

5 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

6 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

7 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

8 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

9 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

10 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

11 Wedding Shots That Went Wrong

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