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Selling Toys Online? Tips for Selling Toys With an Ecommerce Website

Selling Toys Online? Tips for Selling Toys With an Ecommerce Website


Selling toys online is a lot different than selling them in person in a store. You’ll have to compete against some of the bigger toy retailers with established brands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. To stay competitive it’s all about having the right technology, flawless layout, and of course the right merchandise.

selling toys online tips for Selling Toys Online? Tips for Selling Toys With an Ecommerce Website

Consider Who You’re Selling To

You need to consider your target audience. While your toys might be for kids, you’re not selling to the children — you’re selling to their parents. However, the tricky part is you still need to market your products to their user, while still attracting parents to buy from your site. You can do this by creating a website and a brand that appeals to the parents.

Pick a Toy Wholesaler

As you start selling toys online, you’ll eventually need to move over to a bulk wholesaler. Whether you purchase items to keep them in your own inventory or you plan to do a drop-shipping model, you need to start pricing out your wholesalers before you pick your own store prices. Go with a wholesaler who specializes in toys, because you’re more likely to get the discounts you need to make a worthy profit margin.

As a toy seller, you need to know what is considered a hot toy item. Some of the toys that are always popular include:

  • Action figures – From classic figures to those following today’s movies.
  • Board games – From classic games like chess and checkers to family-oriented games.
  • Educational or learning-based toys
  • Toy cars
  • Stuffed animals

Use the Right Platform

You need an ecommerce platform to sell toys online. Instead of going through a website developer or developing a website yourself, these platforms allow you to start your online toy store quickly and often supply you with everything you need — including shopping cart features, shipping options, and pre-built website templates.

Ecommerce platforms can help make managing your toy store easier as well. These platforms allow you to integrate with features like Google Shopping, sync with social media, and customize the look and feel of your online store.

Create a Catching Website

You’ll need a website that emphasizes the toys you’re selling. That means using a website template designed specifically for toy sellers. Industry-specific templates don’t require as much customization to suit the toys you’re selling. They often come with flexible banners, sliders on the homepage and galleries that are suited for ecommerce site owners selling toys.

Check Out Other Successful Online Ecommerce Stores

If you want to know where to start with your design or your marketing approach, it’s best to research your competition. You’ll have other ecommerce sites out there selling toys just like you, so you will want to pick the sites that sell similar merchandise. See how they’ve designed their site and what they’re doing that makes them successful. You can often get the information you need by reading the company’s blog or signing up to receive their newsletter.

Tips for Selling Used or Collector’s Items

You can start an ecommerce store that sells used toys or collector’s items, but you will need to take a few additional steps when offering these products. Whenever you’re selling used items, you need to indicate the condition of the toy, such as gently used, good condition, poor, etc. so buyers know what they’re getting. For collector’s items its best to get an appraisal on the product first. Those interested in these types of toys want to see it’s been appraised by a professional or that it has documentation before they buy it.

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5 Signs Your Law Firms Website Needs A Redesign

5 Signs Your Law Firms Website Needs A Redesign


While there’s plenty of content on how to redesign your legal site, there’s significantly less online that indicates when that redesign is needed. Check out what to look out for on your site to determine if your firm or company needs a site redesign.

Slow Load Time

Five seconds should be your rule of thumb. If it takes any longer, you’ve lost leads as they’ve already moved on. This is because many users might not only have a slow connection to begin with, but they could be navigating your page on a mobile. As such, considering not everyone is on a 4G LTE network, your page should be easy to load whether on a 2G or Google Fiber connection.

Traffic Decline

If you see traffic going down month after month, it’s a strong indicator that your site needs updating. A complete redesign may be a bit dramatic response, but a content update is the minimum your site will need to reel traffic back in. Not to mention fresh content can also improve to your search engine rankings. Blogging through your site offers an effective means to tackle the content issue, while also demonstrate to users that you are engaged in your site, while also reaping the SEO benefits that come with regularly updated content.


If customers or potential clients are struggling to reach a particular page on your site, you need to change up how users can navigate the site. However, it may be difficult to determine this since you can’t exactly approach a user who will potentially be on your site in the future. One good way to test your site navigation is by finding a page on the site yourself, hopefully a page that even you believe is tougher to navigate to. Then have someone (i.e. friend, family, etc.) who has not visited your site before, and see how long it takes them to get from your homepage to the page of interest. Compare their time to yours. Your goal is to bring their time as close to yours as possible through changes to navigation in your site. Of course, who you pick can make a difference as not everyone out there is familiar with navigating business sites. However, this process serves as a rule of thumb to establish a goal of where you want to be when it comes to navigating your site.

High Bounce Rate

Take advantage of sources such as Google Analytics to check empirics such as your traffic and bounce rate. A high bounce rate that only increases means that more and more people are coming to your home page and leaving immediately. This might be because of poor content, navigation, or overall design. Regardless, bounce rate serves as a strong indicator to a site on whether changes need to be made.


If your homepage isn’t connected to your firm or company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages or YouTube channel, it is highly likely that you will need to make adjustments to the site. With hundreds of millions to as much as a billion users on these social media platforms, you are letting go of valuable potential leads that you could capture at no cost to you. Not to mention these sites also offer the opportunity for client reviews, interaction between your site and potential clients, as well as new avenues to launch advertising and ppc campaigns. If you haven’t already taken advantage of social media, then you should do so immediately.

Jason McMinn is a partner at Alamo Injury Attorneys in San Antonio, Texas. He recently completed a redesign of his law firm’s website.

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Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Your ecommerce company is ready to navigate to the following degree. However a person guaranteed if you should go on together with your hosting that is shared bill, or perhaps kick the idea in up to and including Electronic Personal Server (VPS). It’s not a conclusion to be consumed softly for the reason that site would be the coronary heart involving ecommerce. There are areas convincing reasons in order to choose VPS.

Hosting that is shared — Taking a Opportunity

Cloud computing is actually warm home right now, and another organization offering cost-free cloud hard drive also simply happens to be the actual web’s major shop — Amazon online marketplace.

Nevertheless what is cloud hard drive along with how come the item beneficial to a person?

In responding to these kind of queries we are going to consider creating a no cost Amazon online marketplace World wide web Products and services (AWS) bill along with using AWS Uncomplicated Storage Assistance (S3) to host along with produce any website’s impression documents.

AWS overview very first, a rapid presentation of AWS. In broad terms, Amazon online marketplace World wide web Products and services (AWS) is brand inclined to a small grouping of cloud centered national infrastructure services (databases, hard drive and many others. ), provided by Amazon online marketplace, that consumers are able to use to develop along with host no matter what net remedy they desire (apps, information delivery and many others. ).

Staying ‘cloud’ cantered signifies that not like regular web host setups wherever almost all files is actually stashed along with prepared on more than one static known net servers, and so limited by the actual resources of those servers, cloud computing is actually dynamically scalable, utilizing a number of servers to shop files along with fulfill no matter what running requires any net remedy calls for.

Theoretically after free cloud storage Amazon web services, AWS along with cloud computing services can produce limitless dynamically scalable resources. AWS rates an additional critical variation of the many cloud computing remedies, but it is actually them to run using any pay model. You can find no contracts, month-to-month limitations, or maybe overage charges to worry about.

AWS uses this specific model, along with November 2010 Amazon online marketplace expanded it is rates model using the advantages of an one year cost-free utilization tier with regard to new clients.This specific tier will allow cost-free month-to-month utilization, up to the actual certain quantities, regarding most of the primary services (including Uncomplicated Storage Assistance (S3) along with Variable Work out Cloud (EC2)).

The particular S3 cost-free month-to-month utilization quantities usually are:

Amazon online marketplace S3 storage Get requests     Put requests      Bandwidth in         Bandwidth out there

5 GB    20, 000 2, 000   15 GB  15 GB

Nevertheless suppose a person joins a no cost bill along with break open by way of individuals quantities? No issue — whether or not end users go over the actual cost-free month-to-month quantities many people just start out spending money on almost any additional utilization in the regular AWS S3 rates charges.Appear excellent? They will guarantee a good start – AWS along with S3 subscribe. If You want to more details please visit our website:

vps servers Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

vps servers1 Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

vps servers2 Why VPS Is the Way to Go for Your Ecommerce Website

Photo Credit: Tim Dorr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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