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Top 5 Ways To Re-fashion Old Jeans

Top 5 Ways To Re-fashion Old Jeans


Saying goodbye to a favourite item of clothing is always difficult to do.  This is especially true when it comes to a familiar pair of jeans or something else that we have considered a staple in our wardrobe for a number of years. However, an item of clothing that appears to be reaching the end of its natural life cycle does not necessarily have to end up being thrown away. You can do many things to re-fashion your old clothes. Here are some of our favourite ideas for doing this with jeans.

top ways refashion old jeans Top 5 Ways To Re fashion Old Jeans

Repair Them

Although denim is one of the hardest wearing and most durable things we wear, from time to time jeans can get torn or simply start to perish because of the constant strain they are under.

We currently live in a time where the “rough and ready” look is loved and widely accepted; if you wear torn jeans or do not have an immaculate appearance at all times, it is not a disaster.

While you can, in effect, re-fashion your jeans simply by continuing to wear them, repairing your old denim is great, too. People will love the fact that you are resourceful enough to do such a thing, but will also love the look you create.

Cut them Down

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do with a pair of jeans is to cut them down into shorts, especially if denim shorts are the look for the summer and you do not have any, but there are plenty of old pairs of jeans in your wardrobe.

What you need to remember when making shorts is to ensure you cut them down correctly and ensure a tidy finish, otherwise you’ll look like you’re wearing something that has fallen to pieces rather than a fashion garment.

Denim Patches for Jackets

If your fashion is somewhat quirky, why not make denim patches for a tailored jacket you own. We all know about tweed jackets with suede patches, but there is nothing to stop you doing something similar with denim. This is customized fashion at its best; why not give it a go?

Re-Use the Fabric around the Home

Okay, so tearing up a pair of jeans to use around your home might not be really re-fashioning them, but if you love interior design and want to decorate with something different, it is definitely worth doing. If you have several pairs of jeans, you could reupholster an armchair or a big piece of furniture. If you only have one pair, then using the denim for cushion covers or creating patchwork decorative features around the home is also fun.

If none of these appeal, simply cut up your jeans and keep them for something else!

Experiment with Colour

If you are still devoid of inspiration and your jeans are facing the bin, just buy some colourful dye and see what happens when it hits your jeans. You never know, you might find yourself with some great coloured denim that you want to wear all the time!

Ayisha Saeed is a young Islamic lady who loves fashion and enjoys nothing better than pairing up her favourite abaya bought at Aab Collection with a stylish hijab before hitting the shops with friends.

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6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Complexion During Winter

6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Complexion During Winter


It’s winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, which in many places means that it’s cold outside and dry inside due to heating, both leading to skin dehydration. Many people also take long hot showers to warm up from the cold outside, which dehydrates the skin because of osmosis and the removal of skin oils that keep your skin healthy. As you can tell, winter is not the best time for our skin. Luckily however, there are some natural cures for dry skin that can help keep your skin smooth and beautiful throughout the winter. Let’s have a look at how you can keep you skin glowing this winter using natural remedies.

natural ways boost complexion during 6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Complexion During Winter

Drink Ample Water

Skin hydration starts from inside your body. If you don’t consume enough water, your skin will more easily suffer from dehydration. While you might not feel as thirsty as on a hot summer day, your body still needs a lot of water (1.5 to 2 liters) to stay hydrated during winter.

Eat Fatty Foods Containing Omega-3

When we say eat fatty foods, we don’t mean you should rush off to McDonald’s. You want to consume a lot of omega-3 fatty acids because these are very healthy for your skin and body. Foods that include high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids include sardines, flax seeds, grass-fed beef, wild rice, walnuts and different types of fish. Make sure to add some of these foods to your diet during winter time.

Eat Healthy

Besides adding more omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, you should try to maintain an overall healthy diet. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid any foods that contain a lot of sugars and refined grains.

Moisturize With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works great as a natural moisturizer for many people. Just apply some coconut oil to any dry spots you have on your skin a few times a day. Be careful if you want to apply it to your face however, because it might make you break out if you are prone to acne. Other oils such as olive oil and avocado oil are also great for your skin when applied topically.

Get Some Exercise

Getting regular exercise has numerous health benefits, including improving your complexion. Consider going for a run or to the gym during your lunch break, or walk to work instead of driving to get some daily exercise.

Take Shorter Showers

As mentioned before, long hot showers make your skin dry out, so try to keep your showers short and don’t turn up the heat too much. We know this might be tough, especially if you’ve been out in the cold, but this will help your skin look so much better.

There you go, some all natural ways to keep your skin in good shape throughout the winter. If you are suffering from more serious skin problems, or these natural remedies don’t solve your dry skin problem, you might want to see a dermatologist for professional advice on how to deal with your dry skin.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe, a Sugar Land dental office. Zane thinks his skin gets way too dry in the winter.

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4 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving As A Party Host

4 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving As A Party Host


Deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving happen too often, tearing apart too many families and too many lives. There is so much that can be done to prevent it before it happens. If you’re hosting a party this season, consider incorporating the following tips for preventing drunk driving from your guests.

ways prevent drunk driving party 4 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving As A Party Host

Arranged Transportation

If it’s a really big party with a large number of guests, consider arranging an official form of sober transportation. Whether it’s getting a friend or family member to drive people around, arranging a shuttling or limo service, this could be a great way to protect your friends and guests from drunk driving after a party. Advertise this service throughout the party so that your guests know that it is an available alternative to driving themselves home.

Arranged Accomodation

If it’s at a hotel, see if you can get complimentary or discounted rates on rooms for those who are unable to get themselves home safely. This will encourage inebriated guests to just stay over rather than find their way home, the former being commonly the safer option. If it’s at a home with a smaller party, assure your guests that they can stay over (even if not too comfortably) if they have had too much to drink. They might not be incredibly comfortable, but at least they are safe.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Offer plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to make it easy on non drinkers and designated drivers to find beverages. With a greater variety, it might also encourage your guests to consume less alcohol (as compared to a situation in which almost all of the drink options are alcoholic). It’s also a good idea to stop serving alcoholic drinks and only offer these non-alcoholic drinks starting two hours before the party ends. This gives your guests enough time to sober up a bit, which could help them make better decisions upon leaving.


Offer plenty of food. Food helps the body process the alcohol, and it takes attention away from the drinks. It also gives something for the designated drivers to munch on while staying sober. Don’t offer foods that are too salty, though, since that makes people thirstier. If you’re not serving a meal, have abundant amounts of appetizers and snacks available for people to balance out their drinking.

Keep an Eye Out

Watch over your guests. If you see that someone has reached their limit, do your best to prevent them from having any more to drink. If you see someone that is clearly unable to drive, take away their keys. Sometimes all it takes is the action of one concerned person who would have otherwise been a passive bystander to prevent a drunk driving accident.

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, accidents and injuries can still happen if you or one of your guests gets hit by another drunk driver. In these cases, you are not to blame and the injured victims deserve compensation for their damages, pain, and suffering.

Ultimately, remember that drunk driving is absolutely preventable; let’s make the world safer by working together.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane always likes arranging transportation for his friends.

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Clever Ways Women Should Accessorise

Clever Ways Women Should Accessorise


Accessorising is a really affordable way to turn your look into a more stylish look and to guarantee you have a unique and personalised style. There are a lot of clever ways women should use accessories and opting for some unique options will guarantee you are making the most out of your accessories. Here are some tips to help you out.

Go With Wristlets

clever ways women should accessorise Clever Ways Women Should Accessorise

Wristlets are often only thought to be useful for night outs and parties but they can be really clever accessory even during the day. They fit all the most essential pieces of items and will guarantee you don’t forget your bag anymore since you are holding onto it.

There are a lot of great wristlets styles out there and it is a really simple way of adding colour to your look. If you want to brighten your look then go with a wristlet.

Colourful Shoes

You should also start thinking like your shoes are accessories and make sure you go with comfortable and funky shoes. It is a good idea to have a pair of simple black shoes to match most of your styles but you should get a few colourful pieces as well to go with your more subtle clothes.

For instance, there are a lot of great patterns in ballerinas and it is a nice way to have a pair to brighten your simple jeans and shirt look. People often notice when you are wearing funky shoes and it can even be a great conversation starter. So if you want to refresh your style you should invest in some quality bright and colourful shoes.

Use Scarfs Creatively

Scarfs are a great way to accessorise and are especially great during the cold autumn and winter months. But instead of just wrapping the scarf around your neck you should find other uses for it.

For example, learn all the different ways you can wrap a scarf and the ways you can use it around your head to make you look stylish. You can even use simple scarfs as a belt around your kaftan or a shirt to add some brightness to your look.

If you wear a hijab you should treat it as a great way to accessorise. Try out different ways of wearing a hijab to find the best way to highlight your face shape. Get your hijab in nice colours as well, for instance by looking at the latest trends at the hijab shop at Aab Collection.

Make Your Own Accessories

If you are looking for more budget friendly ways to accessorise you should also consider doing your own accessories. For example, making your own jewellery is really fun and will allow you to create truly personalised pieces of jewellery.

Getting started is quite simple and you won’t need to spend a lot of money. Perhaps if you get very good at it you can even start selling your own jewellery online.

The above tips are really simple and clever ways to add some brightness to your look with the help of accessories.

Dinah is all about accessories and she loves to make her own jewellery. She loves to browse through magazines and get new inspiration. When she isn’t thinking about fashion she loves to play the piano.

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Kids Safety – 4 Ways To Avoid Accidents Caused By Exercise Equipment

Kids Safety – 4 Ways To Avoid Accidents Caused By Exercise Equipment


Many health-conscious parents have fitness equipment in their home. This makes it easy for them to exercise whenever they want, especially when the weather does not permit them to run outdoors or when they are too busy to go to a gym. But a number of home exercise machines can be safety hazards, particularly to very young children. Who can forget what happened to Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter who died because she got entangled in a treadmill? There was also a teenager in Sacramento who tragically lost his life because of a Bowflex machine. In order to prevent these tragic accidents, parents should not be too complacent about leaving their fitness devices around and they should take precautions as well.


Injuries Due to Exercise Equipment

Children can sustain serious injuries because of common exercise tools. Heavy weights, when mishandled, could fall and hurt a child, and these could bring about grave head trauma. Toddlers who might play with innocent-looking jump ropes could become strangled too. Treadmills and other equipment could cause different types of injuries, including physical trauma due to slips and falls, friction burns, and also cuts and lacerations of varying degrees.

Since home fitness machines are a real danger to children and even adolescents, it’s vital to implement safety measures. However, there are times when an accident is not caused by a parent’s negligence. Instead, it can be due to defective equipment. If you suspect that an accident is due to a faulty product, you should consult a lawyer. Bob M. Cohen & Associates, a law firm based in Valencia, California, say that injury attorneys, like them, can help you in determining if an accident could’ve been avoided and if you are eligible to get compensation. They also mentioned that a product defect can occur when there is negligence or oversight during the designing, manufacturing, or marketing stage, and legal experts can help pinpoint when or how problems occurred.

4 Safety Tips

1. Put all exercise equipment in one room. Make sure that the area stays locked when you’re not using it. If you don’t have an extra room, block the space where your fitness machines are so that your baby or toddler won’t be able to get near them.

2. Don’t allow your child to play with exercise tools. Also, do not let him play near or around you when you’re exercising because he could get his fingers or toes caught in a machine. If you need to work out while watching your young son (or daughter), make sure that you can see him at all times. This way, you’ll know once he approaches you and you can prevent him from getting too close to a running device.

3. Turn the power off. Make it a habit to turn off a device when it’s not being used. Better yet, unplug exercise equipment so that your child won’t be able to accidentally turn it on. If you’re planning to buy a fitness machine, such as a treadmill, opt for something that automatically turns off as soon as it’s no longer being used. Some treadmills are also designed to shut down immediately when these detect common problems, like when a belt is loose or when there is too much friction or resistance because of lack of lubrication.

4. Have clear rules before allowing your teenager to use your fitness machines. Make sure that your teen understands that he is only allowed to use your exercise tools under adult supervision. Or, if you’re not around, he should have a buddy while working out. This way, his partner can watch over him and help him in case he experiences difficulty in using a machine.

This article was contributed by Claire Taylor, who blogs about personal injury issues.

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Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls

Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls


Collecting dolls is a great hobby that can bring you a lot of enjoyment. It can even be a financially beneficial item to collect. There are many benefits that collecting dolls brings but you should never forget to also take good care of your dolls. Displaying your dolls in a nice way is really important and here are some ideas to help you do that well.

A Glass Cabinet

creative ways display dolls Creative Ways To Display Your Dolls
The most common option to go with is a glass cabinet. It is a very simple and elegant solution that will also help you keep your dolls in good condition.

For instance, you can buy a normal cabinet with glass doors and place it in the room of your choice. This way you and your guests can admire the dolls at any time and they will be on display in a nice way.

If you find it difficult to keep the dolls in a good position and don’t want them in a sitting position all the time then it is possible to purchase risers to keep them upright.

Keeping dolls behind glass doors will make it easier to keep them from getting dust on too which will help guarantee they stay in a good condition for longer.

A Big Wooden Dollhouse

If your dolls are small in size and perhaps your collection isn’t yet that big it is a good idea to build a big wooden dollhouse. You can get a wooden cupboard with two big plank doors that you can close if you want to keep your dolls out of plain sight.

Doll Diaries has one nice idea for a wooden dollhouse that you can create for yourself. Having a dollhouse also has the positive effect of allowing you to be creative with the other decorations in the house too. You can add some nice small finishing touches to it that will make your doll collection really stand out.

Wall-Mounted Open Shelves

It is also a nice idea to build your dolls their own wall-mounted shelves. You can place these in any room you want to and can be very creative in how you display the shelves on the walls. This way you can also add some information about them on the walls. For example you can write a little paragraph about a specific doll and frame it on the wall.

This will give a nice exhibitionist feel to the doll collection and it will also give you a good opportunity to display all the other doll related items you might have. There are a lot of nice booklets you can get at the A Girl For All Time Shop and many other doll shops have additional doll memorabilia you can have a look at.

Around The Bookshelf

If you are just starting out you don’t need to go with a specific doll collection display unit. It is a nice idea to just place your dolls around the living room, for example, at the bookshelf. If you have a square unit bookshelf it may look nice if a few shelves here and there have some dolls scattered around.

Martha loves dolls and is always browsing the internet to read anything doll-related. She is enthusiastic about doll clothes and loves to make them together with her daughter. When she isn’t thinking about dolls she loves to take long walks in the countryside.

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5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized

5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized


Before the advent of smart phones and the internet, and before chatting, emailing and texting became the norm, people typically communicated through writing. When family or friends went on vacation, they sent postcards, and when someone had a crush on a girl, he composed love letters for her. You might have experienced this, and until now, you might still be getting a few written notes from special individuals. When you were younger, you must have also encountered being inundated with cards during Christmas, New Year, and other special occasions. Sometimes, you might also find $10 or $20 inserted in these. Many of these keepsakes, like letters and cards, are too precious to be thrown away. So, here are a few creative ways on how you can get these things organized.

creative ways get sentimental items 5 Creative Ways To Get Sentimental Items Organized

1. Create a scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby because this allows you to be creative while you also protect the things that have sentimental value to you. But don’t just stick everything in a scrapbook or journal. First, you have to organize the items that you want to keep. Sort them out according to date or event, and then as you put them all together, include a few special stories too. Aside from cards and letters, you can also add dried flowers, candy wrappers, and other mementos.

2. Narrow down your collection.

Finding boxes filled with old cards and letters can give you an emotional journey. Maybe you’ll find some letters that your husband, who was then your boyfriend, sent you while he was stationed in another country. Or maybe you’ll come across a letter from your mom from years ago. Many letters and even very short notes can have a deep impact on your emotions. These are the types that you have to keep for you to read when you’re older or for you to share with your children or grandchildren. Tie these together using lovely ribbons and keep these in boxes. Then, you can get rid of those that don’t hold much meaning.

3. Display those with great meaning.

A letter from a loved one, a poem written by an admirer, or any note that’s very special to you is surely a treasure. If you often find yourself going back to this note and reading it again and again, maybe you should seriously consider framing it. Once framed, place it somewhere where only you can see it if you want to keep things private.

4. Scan and save digital copies.

If you prefer to get rid of all the old letters and cards that are cluttering your home and just taking up precious space, you can throw these away. But before you do, scan those that are most important to you so that you’ll have digital copies. Going digital has a lot of advantages. For one, you can save a lot of data in a small drive, and retrieval is also pretty easy.

5. Do something creative with your cards.

It can be a waste to throw away nice greeting cards. So, think of other ways to use them. For example, you can cut the card and save the top part, the one with all the illustrations or pictures. Because these card tops are quite firm, you can utilize them in various imaginative ways. Use them as bookmarks, decorations for your journal or scrapbook, or come up with a work of art using these.

Claire Kurt is a full-time freelancer who specializes in home improvement matters, like DIY jobs, organizing clutter, and other storage issues. If you want to read more about such projects, click here to learn more.

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Common Ways Of Defending A DUI Charge

Common Ways Of Defending A DUI Charge


DUI ArrestA DUI offence seems light on paper, but it really penalizes the hell out of the offender who can lose his driving license, serve time in prison, attend reform programs (AA, DUI school, community service, etc.), and more. Drunk drivers are actually scared of a DUI charge and do their best to beat it. Here are some of the common methods adopted by drivers to fight a DUI offense:

1. Involuntary Intoxication

Some drivers claim involuntary intoxication – i.e., their drink was spiked. However, this defense requires producing witnesses and submitting proof against the accused (the drink spikers).

2. Duress

Some drivers claim duress – i.e., they were driving because someone was forcing them at gunpoint or they were driving in that manner to prevent death or injury.

3. Mistake of Fact

Mistake Of Fact involves proving that the driver was mistaken about his intoxication – he thought the drinks’ effects had worn off.

4. Plea Bargain

Most drivers opt for a plea bargain, which requires the driver to enter into an agreement with the prosecutor, and then plead guilty to a lesser charge (as negotiated). Negotiations also include the driver agreeing to a mutually-agreed-and-accepted sentence. The driver does not have to stand trial once a plea bargain is entered into. Let’s take an example: A drunk driver is booked for DUI. He negotiates with the prosecutor and the charge is reduced to speeding or reckless driving. If he is booked for DUI then his license may be cancelled and his driving record will be butchered up, unlike in a speeding or reckless driving case.

5. Challenge The Evidence

If the driver feels that the cop who stopped him did so without any reasonable basis to believe that he had violated any law, then the driver can challenge the DUI charge in court. The officer must produce hard evidence that establishes that the driver was under the influence – if the evidence is not solid, and if it is challenged, then the prosecutor has no option but to drop the charge. For example, if the officer had a feeling or suspicion that the driver was drunk, and proceeded to book him without any solid evidence, then such a charge can be easily challenged in court.

6. Challenge The Tests

Some drivers challenge the validity of sobriety tests. A good legal counsel can on his own steam, and based on witness testimony and past judgments, prove that the tests are not reliable. However this is an iffy situation and if it cannot be established that the tests were invalid, then the driver will likely be handed down major DUI penalties. For those not in the know, breathalyzer equipment must be cared for and calibrated as per the manufacturer’s manual. Most police departments use outdated breathalyzers, and this can be picked on by defense counsels. Likewise, blood tests must be conducted based on specific rules. If the rules are not followed, the results can be challenged. A good lawyer can pick holes even in a blood test that looks all prim and proper.

To Sum Up

DUI is a serious offense and drinking and driving don’t mix. However, if you have booked for DUI, then you must hire an experienced and reputed attorney to help you face the court’s heat.

Carmen A. Anderson is a blogger who recommends the legal services of Simon A. Kubiak for DUI cases in both Albuquerque, NM and Las Vegas, NV.

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8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors

8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors


If you’re trying to restore your home’s freshness, here are eight options for getting rid of just about any type of nasty smell that may be bothering you:

Find the Source

As you’ll see throughout the rest of this list, some odors are simply the result of an accumulation or buildup that occurs in a space that hasn’t received the attention it needs. However, if you start to notice an especially bad smell around your house, there may be something that requires removal. For an item that’s rotting away or going through a similar process, no amount of air freshener is going to be able to actually eliminate its odor. Instead, each time a temporary fix wears off, the smell will be worse than before.

Clean on a Regular Basis

This may sound too obvious to be helpful. But the reason it’s a tip worth mentioning is many people underestimate just how important it is to pay attention to small details. If you’re simply going through the motions and not taking an active approach to your cleaning, chances are you’re going to miss at least one area that may be contributing to a smell that you want to eliminate. By just going a little slower and staying truly focused on what you’re cleaning, you’ll find that you’re able to get rid of many odors without even making any changes to your cleaning routine.

Create a Different Scent

One option for dealing with a smell you don’t like is to create something different to enjoy. The simplest example of how you can do that is with a portable vaporizer. Because options like the Pax vaporizer by ploom easily fit in your pocket, you won’t have any trouble keeping it with you. Then whenever you want to smell something different, you’ll be able to load it with the aromatic material of your choice, and then use it to create a smell you will definitely enjoy. If you want to learn more about how the pax vaporizer works, you can read its full details and specs.

bad odors 8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors

Bake Something

You don’t even have to fire up your stove in order to overpower any less than ideal smells that may be lingering in your kitchen. Instead, you can simply pop a sheet of cookies in the oven, and your kitchen will once again smell inviting in no time.

Eliminate Odors from Your Dishwasher

If you notice that your dishwasher has an unpleasant smell, there’s an easy way to get rid of it. You can either put white vinegar in a cup on the dishwasher’s top rack, or simply pour it into the bottom of the dishwasher. Then run your machine without loading anything else into it. Once it’s done, it won’t take long for the vinegar smell to disappear, and then you’ll be left with a dishwasher that’s free of any odors.

Use Activated Charcoal

This is something you’ll want to keep a supply of around your house. The main reason is it has a wide range of uses. While it’s especially useful for pet odors, even if your home doesn’t have any furry inhabitants, you’ll find that it’s handy for absorbing other smells. And if you do have any cats or dogs in your house, you can put it by their litter box or where they sleep to help control the odors they create.

Stop Smoking

bad odors1 8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors

Cigarette smoke is one of the hardest odors to eliminate. And unlike many other home odors, it’s not just an annoyance. Instead, it can create serious health problems for you and everyone else who lives in your home. Additionally, even if you don’t smoke directly in your house, it can still get on clothes and cause bad odors in areas like your closet. Even though it’s not easy to do, quitting will significantly improve your home’s air quality.

Don’t Forget About the Fan

While a solution like a candle or plug-in air freshener can work well in the bathroom, don’t forget that running its fan for even a short amount of time will also help to pull out any unwanted odors.

No one wants their house to smell bad. The good news is while it’s normal to be grossed out upon discovering a bad smell, chances are it actually won’t be that hard for you to get rid of it.

Billy Smitherman is a 1st year college student that is currently studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree. When he is not writiing about fine are to holistic healing he enjoys meditation, yoga and aromatherapy.

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