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New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners

New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners


If you have decided to start playing the saxophone then you should congratulate yourself for making a great instrument choice. Saxophones are really great instruments that don’t often get the credit they deserve.

new vs. used saxophone for New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners

They are really good for people who have no previous musical experience and people who are more seasoned to play different instruments.

A big choice you need to make at the start naturally revolves around the type of saxophone you are going to get.

And when you are looking to buy a saxophone you often have the choice between a new or a used instrument.

Here is a quick look at the pros and cons of both options.

New Saxophone

Naturally many players suggest that you should go with a new saxophone to make the most out of your new hobby. Of course when you buy anything new it has a lot more appeal than if you buy something that has already been used before and therefore you might be more drawn to a new model.

When you buy a new saxophone you will know for sure what you are getting and that the saxophone is in a perfect working order. Often you also get a warranty when you buy a new saxophone making it a really safe choice.

But the downside for a new saxophone is generally most often the price. A new saxophone can end up costing almost ten times as much as you might pay for the same used version of the model. And saxophones aren’t the cheapest of instruments in the first place and so this might be a thing to turn you away from a new model.

Used Saxophone

What the above means is that one of the biggest positives for buying a used saxophone is the price. There are a lot of great used instruments out there that provide you great quality with an affordable price tag.

Some vintage saxophones are also a lot more enthralling to play and have the old natural tone that they produce. You can also find a lot of great used saxophones, even from the internet, making it quite easy to make proper findings.

At the same time it is often hard to really tell what the condition of the used saxophone is, especially if you aren’t able to test it out. There are also some unfortunate souls out there that want to trick you into buying something that isn’t as good quality as you’d like.

Decision Time

So the above tells us that there are a lot of pros and cons for buying both new and used saxophones. What it really all boils down to is your own price range and the ability to try out the instrument before you buy.

Look at websites that provide saxophone lessons and ask for advice. For example, the saxophone lessons at Pro Music Tutor can help you establish what are the key tone-related things you need to look for in a saxophone. There are also a lot of good guides like the one by Musician’s Friend and you should read it with care.

Picking the right saxophone is important and there is no way to know which instrument works for you until you try it out.

Sarah is in love with saxophone music and she could be listening to proper jazz all day long. She also likes to go to concerts all around the country and likes to travel to music festivals around the globe.

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Felonies Vs. Misdemeanors

Felonies Vs. Misdemeanors


While you and your future are better off keeping your criminal record as clean as possible, many people have a mischievous past from their high school or college days that they wish they could take back. Luckily, most crimes committed are only misdemeanors rather than felonies. But does that mean anything to you? Do you know the difference between them, and what to expect from the different severities? With all sorts of myths floating around regarding legal prosecution, its easy to get the two confused.

felonies vs. misdemeanors Felonies Vs. Misdemeanors

Let’s Start With Misdemeanors

Remember that crowd in high school that was constantly in trouble? You may have heard stories about how they shoplifted at the mall or egged the principal’s car on Friday nights. These crimes are generally considered less severe by law enforcement, although it may not seem that way for the victims involved!

Punishments for misdemeanors generally comprise a fine and possibly time spent in the county jail for less than a year. Once the fine is paid or jail time is up, most offenders tend to move on with their lives without any major consequences. Of course, this will charge will remain on your criminal record, so it may disqualify you from potential jobs. However, most employers understand the “no human is perfect” philosophy and often are willing to overlook misdemeanors, depending on the situation.

However, the more misdemeanors a person is convicted of, the more harsh courts will be in the future when determining punishment for other misdemeanors.

Now Onto Felonies

Felonies are misdemeanors on steroids, and the punishment definitely fits the size of this type of crime. Some examples of felonies include:

  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Rape
  • Grand theft

After viewing a list like that, it might be a little more understandable how misdemeanors are considered smaller crimes in comparison. Felonies are so serious that if a person commits three in his or her lifetime in Texas, California or Washington, regardless if they are the same crime or not, he or she will automatically be given the life sentence.

Being convicted of a felony means losing your second amendment right, your right to vote and your right to serve on jury or hold public office. You will spend at least a year (probably more) in the state prison. You will often be disqualified from any employment candidacies, and landlords are likely to refuse your residence on their premises.

Drunk Driving… Misdemeanor or Felony?

Drinking and driving is typically a misdemeanor, depending on the severity. If you were to be pulled over for swerving on a quiet road, for example, the officer would likely write you up for a DWI, where you would be arrested and have a hefty fine. However, what happens if you hit someone else? Or even worse, what if you hurt or kill someone?

If another person falls victim to your drunk driving in any way, your charge will be upgraded to a felony. Additionally, depending on the state you are convicted in, a history of previous misdemeanors can add up to a felony, regardless of whether or not another person was affected.

Lindsay Bradshaw is a content developer for Kyle Law in New Braunfels. She was surprised to find out that misdemeanors can turn into felonies with enough reckless history.

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Free Weights Vs. Machines

Free Weights Vs. Machines


When it comes to weight training is it better to use free weights or machines? There are pros and cons to using each of these techniques. No single technique is best for everyone, it all depends on what works best for you.

free weights vs. machines Free Weights Vs. Machines


Machines are usually the first pieces of equipment you see when you walk into the gym. You either lie in or push and pull on machines and they usually have directions on them to show you how they should be used.

Some machines are more complicated than others, but for the most part they are not intimidating. Machines are good for people who are new to weight training.


Some of the benefits of weight machines include:

  • Faster Workouts – It is easier to progress through a workout when using machines because you just select the weight you need and use the machine as directed.
  • Less Risk Of An Injury – This is especially true for beginners. People who aren’t familiar with weight training are less likely to get injured when using a machine. When using a machine, people won’t overextend any muscles because machines make sure you don’t go out of your body’s prefered range of motion.
  • Easy To Use – Machines usually have directions on how to use them. This makes it easier for people to create their own weight training workouts.
  • Helpful When Recovering From Injuries – Because machines target certain muscles, they are useful when you are recovering from an injury. You can still workout certain parts of your body without straining your injured muscle.


The downsides of using machines include:

  • Pattern Overload Injuries – While machines reduce your risk of injury, they do increase your risk of pattern overload injuries, which is when you sustain an injury from doing the same movement repeatedly. When you use the same muscles over and over again, they become fatigued from overuse.
  • False Sense Of Strength Gain – You exert more energy lifting something in real life than you do lifting something on a machine. When you are using a machine, you aren’t having to exert other muscles to lift weights, you are only using the muscles that the machine is targeting. So, you may find that you are able to lift more weight on a machine than you are outside of the gym.

Free Weights

Another way to weight train is by using free weights such as dumbbells and barbells. Free weights might be a better option for you if you are experienced with weight training.


Some benefits of free weights include:

  • Stabilizing Muscles –  When using free weights, each exercise requires the help of other muscles for support.
  • Better Balance – Because you need other stabilizing muscles with free weights, this helps improve your balance and concentration.
  • Convenient and Inexpensive – Free weights are convenient because you can take them with you anywhere. They are great for people who travel often They are also inexpensive and you can perform a full body workout with them.


Some downsides to using free weights include:

  • Increased Risk Of Injury – If you don’t use proper form while using free weights, you can easily injure yourself by moving your body out of alignment.
  • Less Efficient – Some gyms have a limited number of dumbbells and barbells, so you may end up waiting for someone to finish using them before you can begin your workout. If you are using dumbbells the require you to add or take away weight, some of your time will be spent preparing these for your next exercise.

While machines and free weights both have upsides and downsides, free weights tend to be the better choice. People usually see noticeable results more quickly when using free weights than they do with machines. Even if you’re a beginner, try progressing to free weights as you become more experienced with weight training.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for Matthew Boes M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Trisha has always used machines but wants to start using free weights.

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