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New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners

New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners


If you have decided to start playing the saxophone then you should congratulate yourself for making a great instrument choice. Saxophones are really great instruments that don’t often get the credit they deserve.

new vs. used saxophone for New Vs. Used Saxophone For Beginners

They are really good for people who have no previous musical experience and people who are more seasoned to play different instruments.

A big choice you need to make at the start naturally revolves around the type of saxophone you are going to get.

And when you are looking to buy a saxophone you often have the choice between a new or a used instrument.

Here is a quick look at the pros and cons of both options.

New Saxophone

Naturally many players suggest that you should go with a new saxophone to make the most out of your new hobby. Of course when you buy anything new it has a lot more appeal than if you buy something that has already been used before and therefore you might be more drawn to a new model.

When you buy a new saxophone you will know for sure what you are getting and that the saxophone is in a perfect working order. Often you also get a warranty when you buy a new saxophone making it a really safe choice.

But the downside for a new saxophone is generally most often the price. A new saxophone can end up costing almost ten times as much as you might pay for the same used version of the model. And saxophones aren’t the cheapest of instruments in the first place and so this might be a thing to turn you away from a new model.

Used Saxophone

What the above means is that one of the biggest positives for buying a used saxophone is the price. There are a lot of great used instruments out there that provide you great quality with an affordable price tag.

Some vintage saxophones are also a lot more enthralling to play and have the old natural tone that they produce. You can also find a lot of great used saxophones, even from the internet, making it quite easy to make proper findings.

At the same time it is often hard to really tell what the condition of the used saxophone is, especially if you aren’t able to test it out. There are also some unfortunate souls out there that want to trick you into buying something that isn’t as good quality as you’d like.

Decision Time

So the above tells us that there are a lot of pros and cons for buying both new and used saxophones. What it really all boils down to is your own price range and the ability to try out the instrument before you buy.

Look at websites that provide saxophone lessons and ask for advice. For example, the saxophone lessons at Pro Music Tutor can help you establish what are the key tone-related things you need to look for in a saxophone. There are also a lot of good guides like the one by Musician’s Friend and you should read it with care.

Picking the right saxophone is important and there is no way to know which instrument works for you until you try it out.

Sarah is in love with saxophone music and she could be listening to proper jazz all day long. She also likes to go to concerts all around the country and likes to travel to music festivals around the globe.

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What Car Safety Features Are Now Used In Motorcycles?

What Car Safety Features Are Now Used In Motorcycles?


The terms “safety” and “motorcycles” just don’t seem to go together since motorcyclists are often viewed as bad boys and more reckless drivers. But this is just about image and people’s opinions. Safety is actually a very real issue since motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable on the road as compared to those inside their vehicles. Due to safety concerns, a number of manufacturers have been incorporating very useful car safety features into motorcycles. Hopefully, such elements will enhance the wellbeing of all drivers and pedestrians as well.


Below are some examples of auto safety features that can now be found in some brands of motorcycles too.

1. Antilock Brakes

Also known as ABS, the antilock braking system in cars helps in preventing major collisions. This feature includes sensors that aid in detecting possible crash events. How does this work? The system prevents the brakes from locking so that the driver will be able to steer his vehicle better.

Some motorcycles are now equipped with antilock brakes, which augment a rider’s safety. The system also utilizes sensors that can interpret driving data and predict when a driver might lose control over his motorbike. When it perceives that a car crash might occur, it immediately works to avoid the collision. The ABS applies the brake or cuts fuel distribution to avoid the incident. Although it is true that very experienced riders have heightened instinct that allows them to determine when they might crash, the ABS does this so much faster.

2. Stability Control

Stability control, also known as electronic stability control or ESC, uses sensors and a car’s electronic system to stop a driver from over- or under-steering. During an emergency situation, the ESC springs into action and controls other safety features, including the antilock brakes, in order to avoid a collision.

In motorcycles, this feature does the same. It obtains driving information, interprets the data received, and then acts once it detects a possible accident. It prevents skidding, which can lead to injuries or more dangerous accidents.

3. Air Bags

Air bags are now basic automobile safety features that are used to protect vehicle drivers and passengers from injury and from getting violently pitched forward. This feature is fairly new to motorcycles, and the first in the world to develop a motorcycle airbag system is Honda. The air bag deploys during a crash, and it helps in shielding a biker from severe injury during a frontal collision. Honda says that the air bag’s primary role is “to reduce the forward momentum of the rider.” More and more manufacturers are now incorporating air bags into their designs.

4. Air Bag Suits

Together with other insurance companies, Allstar Insurance affirms that motorcycle insurance is important because it protects a biker financially in case an accident occurs. Insurers can cover the medical expenses of a rider and his passenger in case they get into an accident, and they can also pay for the cost of repairs. Still, when a crash occurs, what will actually protect a person from impact? The answer is air bags. Some companies not only incorporate such features in the design of their motorcycles, but they have also developed wearable air bags.

Dainese, a company that specializes in the manufacture of protective wear for sports, is also the first to develop rider suits that feature air bags. Among the first models that the company developed was a suit with neck and shoulder air bags. Recently, they came up with a better version that not only shielded the neck and shoulders, but also protected the torso. The cushion it provides is certainly more superior that what you’d expect from regular body armor.

This blog post was contributed by Claire Flint, a freelancer who specializes in auto insurance and maintenance.

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3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test

3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test


When a person is caught on suspicion of DUI, he has to undergo chemical tests to further verify how much alcohol he has in his system. There are three kinds of tests, and these are – breath test, blood test, and urine test. Among these, the least reliable is the urine test, and this is also the easiest to tamper with.

Urine Test – Why It’s Unreliable

There are a number of reasons why the urine test is unreliable, particularly when it is done to determine the blood alcohol content. First, there are a number of errors that could occur during the collection and handling of the sample, and this generally stems from the fact that, in most states, urine samples can be obtained by untrained individuals. So, the process is very much different from, say, getting a blood sample for a test because this has to be done by a medical expert. Breath tests are done by trained individuals as well. Hence, mishandling or mislabeling a urine specimen can easily occur.

The second reason is that bladder function can affect the concentration of alcohol in the urine. A person who has failed to void after drinking a glass of wine will probably have a higher BAC level than someone who had more to drink, especially if the latter continues to drink more water, which then makes him void more frequently.

common tactics used teens cheat 3 Common Tactics Used By Teens To Cheat An Alcohol Urine Test

3 Cheating Tactics

Teens can really come up with very clever ways to escape punishment, and this is why they cheat on urine tests. They don’t want to be charged with DUI because the penalties are very real. Not only will they lose their license, but they could also pay fines or spend time in jail.

So, how do youngsters cheat on the urine test? Here are some methods that parents should be aware of.

1. Swapping

In order to avoid getting punished for DUI/DWI, it is common for a youngster to use a “clean” sample from a friend, for instance. Because authorities can easily detect swapped urine by checking the temperature, teenagers usually strap these urine samples on their thighs or even under their armpits to keep them warm. Others also use frozen urine. But the police can easily detect that it’s fake because anything that is not as warm as body temperature will most likely be a fake specimen. There are also companies that help in enabling this bad habit. An example is the Whizzinator Touch, which promises “fast-acting, warm synthetic urine instantly.” The online company sells fake urine kits for around $140. Each kit typically includes the Whizzinator Touch (the urine device), a syringe, a freeze-dried sample and some heat packs to ensure that the urine will be warm when needed.

2. Diluting

With some tap water, a person can easily water down his urine as he is collecting it. Another way is by drinking copious amounts of water, which can supposedly flush out the alcohol. But this type of cheating can be easily prevented by collecting a sample at the site so that the offender won’t have an opportunity to alter his specimen.

3. Tampering

There are so many forms of adulterants that can be used to tamper collected urine. Substances that are available in the home, such as detergents and bleach, can be used to modify the components in urine. There are also online shops that sell urine adulterants, which, when combined with urine, will make the alcohol present in a specimen undetectable.

This blog post was contributed by Claire Taylor. She usually tackles issues regarding automobile safety and car accident causes, and some of the materials that she’s done have been used by The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.

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