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Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot

Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot


Tenerife is the largest Spanish Island in the Atlantic off the north-western coast of Africa. Tenerife is a holiday hotspot since we can see the huge stadium of the deep blue sky with the glimmering moon as well the sparkling green meadows, from the sandy beaches to the thickly vegetated forests from the real hustle bustle of a busy city to the dreaming suburbs. Tenerife is the most visited island of the Canaries.

Tenerife is a mixed pot of microclimates. Within the seven hundred and ninety five square miles, you can find the snow clogged mountains and roads and just miles away the sun bathers the city. Beaches are lulled by the shore whereas the forest canopies envelop the trees in moss and lichen. People select Tenerife as a holiday spot to get energised. This thought has been aggravated by the fact that Tenerife has been acclaimed of having a mercifully mild climate.

tenerife crowd 300x213 Tenerife Holiday – A Mini World Tourist Destination Spot

Places to visit

Tenerife has been receiving good reviews right from historic times. It dates back to Queen Victoria who used to flock here on vacations in the nineteenth century. Tenerife is the tourist destination for uncountable people all year round. Places for putting up in Tenerife include the renowned Costa Adeje, on Tenerife’s south coast, where you can enjoy a lavish life in the five starred restaurant, Guia de Isora, on Tenerife’s west coast, breathing peace and serenity with exotic views of the Atlantic, Playa de las Americas, home to many beaches and clubbing credentials, purely resort based city.

Tenerife can be a tourist destination all year round although different parts of the year have different attractions. Tenerife proves to be an exultant tourist spot for families as well as mature travellers. Tenerife provides a low cost more of transportation too, so you can easily seize the opportunity of grabbing a holiday plan to the Tenerife within your budgetary means and limitations.


Before leaving for the trip

You should make sure that while you are away for Tenerife holidays that your medical insurance and care covers you. You should contact the Tenerife Tourist Department and get relevant information regarding the currency, language, weather, flight duration and time zones. You should not miss out on the beautiful Siam Park which is a huge Thai themed water park. You can also check out for other places in travel books or refer to some travel guide for help regarding the planning of the places you would like to visit during the holiday.


Before going on a holiday, you must make sure that you travel safe and travel light. The landscapes are magnificently beautiful and you should not miss out on anything. The Tenerife holiday package can prove to be an exultantly diversifying trip. You are surely to be amazed and wonder struck by the attractive and alluring place to visit in Tenerife, from the sandy beaches to the deliciously smelling forests, steamy nightclubs to the serene villages. Those who have been before are surely to find it an amazingly refreshing trip yet again since there is always something new to explore.

About Author – The author of the article is a travel agent and she writes reviews about all the places she has been to. She helps the holiday planners to plan their travel securely and provide them with important information and tips and ideas before setting out on the voyage.

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4 International Travel Myths Disproved

4 International Travel Myths Disproved


Depositphotos 12053035 xs 4 International Travel Myths Disproved

While planning an international travel vacation can be an exciting time, worries are usually not far behind. From hoping the weather will cooperate to being concerned about getting lost or running short on money, organising a trip has its stressful moments. With that in mind, the following tips and advice will go a long way in debunking four common myths about international travel:

Don’t drink the water

While the idea of trying local cuisine is appealing, many travelers are so afraid of getting “Montezuma’s Revenge,” they will steer clear of all water and many foods. However, while drinking water straight from the tap might not be a wise idea, most well-traveled tourist areas should have drinkable water available. Many hotels have filtered water, which eliminates the need for lugging bottled water around. When trying street vendors, keep an eye on how the food is being prepared, and if it has a lot of local customers, those tend to be some of the better and safer places to eat.

Never travel alone

While striking out on a solo trip might seem a bit scary at first, it’s often well worth it. Those who set off on an adventure by themselves forge their own path and visit only the places meaningful to them. Solo travelers can often learn a lot from chatting with local vendors and other merchants. Instead of relying on your travel partners for conversation, those who travel alone are often more likely to speak with the locals.

You don’t need insurance

As anyone who has ever dealt with some type of travel emergency knows quite well, emergencies don’t read calendars. This is why getting affordable travel insurance is so vital. Purchasing the insurance doesn’t have to put a damper on the trip’s finances; for example, travel insurance from Budget Direct is friendly on the pocketbook and offers travelers valuable peace of mind. In addition, their website offers helpful information on typically unknown coverage uses for travelers. After all, you want to spend your travels gathering fun and enjoyable memories, not stressful ones involving expensive medical bills.

Driving on the “wrong” side of the road is difficult

Sure, it’s a little strange at first to drive on a side of the road you’re not used to, but it’s nothing that should prevent someone from traveling internationally. As a bonus, most people get used to it pretty quickly. A tip to make it all easier: don’t start off driving in major cities—pick up your car in a suburb if you can, and practise on the local roads. Spending a bit more money for an automatic shift is also a good idea. Drivers don’t need to worry about driving a manual shift in an unfamiliar car on a different side of the road.

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Top 4 Arcades in San Fransisco

Top 4 Arcades in San Fransisco


Every year, it seems like it gets more difficult to find a good arcade. San Francisco, though, has a thriving arcade culture that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The next time you visit San Francisco, set some time aside to explore one or more of these arcades. It could be the last time you have the opportunity.

Players Arcade Sports Grill

Location: Pier 39 Fisherman’s Wharf

Previously named Riptide Arcade, Players Arcade Sports Grill has turned the once-dark and dingy arcade into the kind of place families can have fun without worry. The arcade has a ton of games for players of all ages. It even has classic games like Tron, making it perfect for adults who grew up in the ’80s.

Players also has a menu that offers something for everyone. If the games wear you out, then you can recuperate by enjoying the arcade’s beautiful view of San Francisco Bay.

Pacific Pinball Museum

Location: 1510 Webster St, Alameda

Pacific Pinball Museum is a paradise for people who love the skill and craftsmanship of classic pinball machines. The museum has over 80 pinball games that visitors can play. Visitors can also rent a party room that gives them free play on all machines.

If you don’t want to cross San Francisco Bay, you can have Pacific Pinball come to you via Lil’ JuJu rentals. This converted trailer has 6 pinball machines ready for any event.


Location: Pier 45 Fisherman’s Wharf

MuseeMecanique gives arcade enthusiasts something they won’t find anywhere else: a collection of games, music boxes, and mechanical dolls that shows the evolution of modern arcades.

The arcade has the world’s largest collection of privately owned antique arcade games and musical instruments. All of the games work just as they did when they were first made. While a lot of museums would keep antiques like this behind glass, MuseeMecanique encourages visitors to play.

It even offers free daily admission, so you don’t have an excuse not to visit.

Playland Japan

3735543636 8d9cc19d1f z 300x225 Top 4 Arcades in San Fransisco

Image via Flickr by simononly

Location: 1737 Post Street #323

Playland Japan is a small arcade between Japantown and Lower Pacific Heights. Despite its small size, it has a huge variety of games, including video games and mechanical games.

This is really the place to go when you want to experience an authentic Japanese arcade. Many of the games reward players with small prizes. They aren’t the cheap items that you usually find at carnivals, though. Playland Japan takes its games seriously, so it takes its prizes seriously, too.

If you stay at Hyatt Regency San Francisco, you can visit all of these arcades easily. They’re just a few minutes away by car or bus. You could even walk from the hotel to Fisherman’s Wharf if you wanted to get a bit of exercise before indulging in arcade games.

Do you have a favorite arcade in San Francisco? Why do you think the city has managed to keep so many of its arcades while most cities have lost them?


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Just Add Water! 5 Best Places to Take a Houseboat

Just Add Water! 5 Best Places to Take a Houseboat


A houseboat vacation is an ideal option for families as it combines the best parts of camping with all the amenities of home. Mosty houseboats are available for 3-day rentals starting at around $750, but longer stays on luxury houseboats can cost thousands of dollars. This is fairly reasonable considering you’re combining a hotel room and rental car – not to mention a scenic tour. For some of the best house boating in North America, try one of these great locations:

Don Pedro Lake, California

just add water best places Just Add Water! 5 Best Places to Take a Houseboat

Photo by goingslo via Flickr

Located about two hours southeast of Sacramento, Don Pedro Lake offers 160 miles of shoreline and almost 13,000 acre-feet of surface area. This means plenty of room for boating, fishing, water skiing and swimming. The Don Pedro Lake Recreation Agency also has three campgrounds: Blue Oaks and Fleming Meadows on the west shore and Moccasin Point on the east shore. These campgrounds offer a variety of amenities as well as hiking trails and a swimming lagoon, according to

Tip: Just because you’re in a houseboat, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy traditional camping on the side. Bring along a tent and a sleeping bag for a night under the stars at the nearby campgrounds.

Make Sure You: Stop by the Don Pedro Recreation Agency Visitor Center to enjoy views of Yosemite’s back-country peaks, including Mt. Clark, Mt. Florence, Mt. Lyell and Mt. McClure, as the website’s recreation page highlights.

Lake Shasta, California

just add water best places1 Just Add Water! 5 Best Places to Take a Houseboat

Photo by Triddle via Wikimedia Commons

Easily accessed by California’s I-5 (Interstate 5), Lake Shasta is located 10 miles north of Redding and is one of the most popular house boating locations in the western US. According to, houseboat rentals are available from seven different marinas located around the lake.

Tip: With 365 miles of shoreline, there’s plenty of room for everybody but if you want to save money and beat the crowds, go for a non-summer, weekend trip for under $1000.

Make Sure You: Visit Shasta Dam, a feat of engineering at 60 stories tall, weighing 30 billion pounds.

Lake Shuswap, British Columbia

just add water best places2 Just Add Water! 5 Best Places to Take a Houseboat

Photo by Alex Ristea via Flickr

Located between Calgary and Vancouver, Lake Shuswap ( is one of Canada’s best areas not only for house boating, but for a wide variety of outdoor activities including paddling, rafting, scuba diving and fishing, according to

Tip: Don’t go house boating in Canada without your boat operator card, as cautions. The process is quick and easy. Simply pass an online test and pay a small fee, and your card will be mailed to you.

Make Sure You: Go hiking along some of the 600+ miles of shoreline, home to a diverse population of indigenous and migratory birds and wildlife. Views of the area’s waterfalls and rivers are also well worth the stroll.

Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee/Kentucky

just add water best places3 Just Add Water! 5 Best Places to Take a Houseboat

Photo by Brian Stansberry via Wikimedia Commons

Straddling Tennessee and Kentucky, Dale Hollow Lake has nine marinas available to houseboats in addition to 620 miles of shoreline and pristine water. Kayaking and canoeing as well as hiking and horseback riding are all popular area activities.

Tip: Bring your fishing pole because Dale Hollow Lake is one of the best places in the world to fish for smallmouth bass.

Make Sure You: Fish in the Obey River below Dale Hollow Dam for the best shot at record-breaking brown trout, as suggests.

Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

just add water best places4 Just Add Water! 5 Best Places to Take a Houseboat

Photo by John Beagle via Flickr

With 1,200 miles of shoreline on three state parks and the Daniel Boone National Forest, Lake Cumberland is the largest lake in the US by volume east of the Mississippi, according to Discover Boating. The lake’s 63,000 surface acres offer ample opportunity for tubing, jet skiing or relaxing on a pontoon boat.

Tip: Download the handy Lake Cumberland app for information on local area events, attractions, marinas, accommodations, dining, shopping and more, as LCTourism suggests.

Make Sure You: Catch one of the many live music events offered throughout the year.

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Holiday Crash While on Vacation? 4 Things You Should Know

Holiday Crash While on Vacation? 4 Things You Should Know


5232864614 0690efa011 n 300x197 Holiday Crash While on Vacation? 4 Things You Should Know
Holiday Crash While on Vacation ? 4 Things You Should Know

Taking a vacation during the holidays is a great way to get away from your everyday life. However, it is important to remember that accidents and other unfortunate events can happen no matter where you go so it is always best to be prepared. Because of this, it is imperative to take steps to help protect yourself if you are involved in a traffic incident.

Additionally, you can reduce your risk of being involved in this scenario by becoming familiar with all of the road laws that your destination observes, which may be different from your hometown.In the case of an accident, here are some things to be aware of:

1) Contact a Local Accident Attorney – No matter where you are from, it will be necessary to utilize a local attorney if you are interested in filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. For example, if you are on vacation in Miami when a drunk driver crashes into your vehicle, you will have the right to take legal action against the responsible individual.

In that case, any number of Miami car accident lawyers could assist you and help to settle the matter accordingly. This will help you recover your vehicle expenses and any applicable medical bills. Unfortunately, your lawsuit will need to be filed in the area where the accident occurred.

In other words, you will not be able to take legal action remotely, but you will have the opportunity to help a local attorney build a case for you without being present until your court date.

2) Make Sure You Have the Proper Insurance Protection – If you are driving a rental vehicle, you will need to ensure that you acquire the proper amount of insurance to legally protect you in the event of an accident if your current policy does not cover rental cars. Additionally, individuals who do not have their own vehicle will need to disclose this fact to the rental agent so that they are offered the proper insurance policy for the specific area where they will be driving.

3) Always be Prepared for a Traffic Accident – The best way to deal with a traffic accident is to be prepared for it in advance. In other words, you should always have your driver’s license, insurance and proof of registration easily accessible.

Additionally, it is a good idea to take notes immediately after an accident, and you should also attempt to take photographs of the incident scene. Therefore, you will need to have the necessary supplies with you at all times.

4) Don’t Allow Yourself to be Intimidated – In some cases, tourists end up believing that they are at fault even if they were not. Because of this, you need to make sure that you do not let your unfamiliarity with the area of the accident cause you to take the blame when you did not actually do anything wrong. Instead, you should leave it up to the responding police officer to determine who was at fault.

As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be well-equipped to deal with an accident while you are on vacation. Remember, it is imperative to contact local law enforcement and to let your insurance agency know about the accident as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are considering taking legal action, it is a good idea to look into your local options before you leave town.

 Jamica Bell is a blogger and avid traveler. As she prepares for holiday travel, safety tips are definitely something that is on her mind. During her research, she found a host of Miami car accident lawyers that provided great resources for tourist during the holiday season.

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Larger Than Life Travel Destinations

Larger Than Life Travel Destinations


Some places are simply marvels of the power of human ingenuity, perseverance, and engineering. These are the monuments that you can stare at with awe. These places let you know that humanity can overcome even the most difficult obstacles, once minds are set to accomplishing the goal. It’s simply mind-boggling to look at these wonders, proof that mind can certainly triumph over matter.

The Pyramids of Giza

Located at the west bank of the Nile River, the Pyramids of Giza are defiant, symmetrical monster structures that rise up out of the sea of sand all around them. The Great Pyramid, which is probably the oldest of the grouping, is the last Ancient Wonder of the World that is still standing. And if you think they are impressive now, imagine how they would have been at the apex of their beauty, encased in limestone plates. The real mystery, though, is how the Egyptians actually built them, as it would have required mastery over many scientific and construction disciplines, and to have the project laid out as practically a multi-generational goal. Think of them as among the grandest public works projects ever made in the ancient world.

larger than life travel destinations Larger Than Life Travel Destinations

The Taj Mahal

Built by the Emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died trying to give birth to their child in 1631, the Taj Mahal has become a symbol of romantic love. Located by the Yamuna River, this remarkable edifice is visited by three million or so visitors a year – and unfortunately, the site did deteriorate over time. Thankfully, restoration efforts are being done, and the plans include the restoration of the original hardens in full. Access is now given through timed tickets.

Easter Island

Fourteen miles long and seven miles wide, Easter Island was, until recently, a mystery in terms of history. It’s now known that the creation of the famous megalithic statues probably contributed the how barren the island is today, as many of the island’s resources were used for the creation and transportation of the large stone statues to various parts of the island.

But even then, many mysteries remain. How did 10 or 12 tribal groups work in unity to move each statue, given that each statue was around thirteen feet tall and weighed about fourteen tons? And why make them at all? Although some researchers say that these statues represented ancestral tribal chiefs, the excessive production of these statues – nearly 1,000 statues – stripped the island of many of its natural and renewable resources. Still, the sight of a line of these statues looking out to sea is still breathtaking.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a 4,500-mile long network of walls that served to define the border of ancient China. But the truth is, it isn’t just one Great Wall. It’s a network of many walls, some of which date back to the 7th century. Other parts of the Great Wall, on the other hand, have been built as recently as the 17th Century. In all one great way to appreciate the Wall is to go to one of the tourist-accessible segments, and walk a little, to appreciate just how big this construction project was.

Jordan loves to travel and has been to over 15 countries worldwide, and has seen every state in the USA. Much of his travel is thanks to Sundance Vacations. Visit Sundance’s twitter!

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Off-Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Off-Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies


Maybe you never got around to taking that summer vacation or simply can’t bear the crowds that swarm to popular locales during the peak season. For travel lovers, off-season vacations are a great way to save money, avoid crowds and see a different side of a city than most visitors. However, careful planning is a must to ensure that you get the most out of your time at that special destination.

Benefits to Off-Season Travel

  • Money, money, money. In many places, the off-season brings dramatic slashes to prices for flights, accommodations, restaurants and attractions. For example, heading to ski destinations Aspen or Telluride in the summer months for a mountain getaway results in prices slashed by more than 50 percent. Similarly, heading to Istanbul in November or January might shave several hundred dollars off your flight cost compared to the more popular summer months.

offseason vacations benefits drawbacks for Off Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Photo by Tax Credits via Flickr

  • Enjoy major destinations, crowd-free. Flying to Rome in July will land you in the middle of St. Peter’s Square with thousands of other travelers taking advantage of the warm weather and school vacations. In the off-season, however, you’ll have the leisure to take in the Sistine Chapel without hordes of people standing shoulder-to-shoulder. This also reduces your risk of petty crime or identity theft, according to the ID theft learning center.

offseason vacations benefits drawbacks for1 Off Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Photo of Rome by PhillipC via Flickr

  • Greater local interaction. When the tourist crowds leave, locals have more time to chat with visitors. If your favorite part of travel is getting to meet people from new cultures, consider off-season travel for greater interactions with locals.

offseason vacations benefits drawbacks for2 Off Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Photo by NH53 via Flickr

  • A new glimpse at a classic destination. Amsterdam is lovely in the spring and summer months, but gliding across its canals with other ice-skating locals is an entirely different experience. Or, immerse yourself in a thermal spa in Switzerland surrounded by ice-covered mountains. Off-season travel gives you access to festivals, sporting events, concerts and other attractions that many high-season travelers miss out on.

offseason vacations benefits drawbacks for3 Off Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Photo by Yorick_R via Flickr

Drawbacks to Off-Season Travel

  • Weather. There’s a reason that people flock to Alaska in the summer months or enjoy Florida in the winter. Off-season travel can result in more unpredictable weather. For example, the New Orleans off-season includes June, July and September, when temperatures are sweltering and hurricanes are a potential threat. Similarly, visitors to the Peruvian Amazon in December through March may regret difficult the muddy roads, transportation delays and incessant downpours that come with the rainy season.

offseason vacations benefits drawbacks for4 Off Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Photo by inekehuizing via Flickr

  • Limited hours or closings on major attractions. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of visiting in Monet’s garden and museum. To take advantage of cheap flights, you head to France in February, only to find that the site is only open from April through October. Similarly, visitors to London or Paris during August may be surprised to find many restaurants and attractions with limited hours. August is the time when many Europeans flock to the coast, leaving their home cities with limited resources for travelers.

offseason vacations benefits drawbacks for5 Off Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Photo by JamesAlan1986 via Wikimedia Commons

  • Shorter days. Especially if you’re traveling somewhere relatively near to the North or South Pole, you may find that off-season travel brings very short days. The Scandinavian high season runs from late June through august. If you arrive in winter, much of your day will be cloaked in darkness.

offseason vacations benefits drawbacks for6 Off Season Vacations: Benefits and Drawbacks for Travel Junkies

Photo by Fir0002 via Wikimedia Commons

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This November, Travel to One of These Unique & Colorful Festivals

This November, Travel to One of These Unique & Colorful Festivals


October is well-known for its over-the-top celebrations featuring food and beer, but what do you do to cure your Ocktoberfest hangover? Go to more festivals. There are a variety of unique and colorful festivals around the world that are vastly under-appreciated. If you’re looking to go somewhere original this November, try one of these:

Dia de los Muertos, Mexico

this november travel one these This November, Travel to One of These Unique & Colorful Festivals

Photo by Flickr user laihiu

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrates the dead by honoring them with hand-made altars and paper-maché statues. The festival begins Nov. 1 and lasts several days, during which families cook elaborate feasts and create in-home altars to honor their relatives and children who’ve passed on to the next life.

The celebration culminates when residents parade their altars through the streets. It’s a vibrant parade that provides an excellent look into the Mexican culture.

If you are concerned about traveling to Mexico due to recent drug-related murders reported in the mainstream media, consider this: The FBI reports that more than 150,000 people cross the border every day. In 2012, 71 U.S. citizens were reported murdered in the country, which per capita is fewer than cities like Chicago, New Orleans and Miami.

Bald Eagle Festival, Alaska

this november travel one these1 This November, Travel to One of These Unique & Colorful Festivals

Photo by Flickr user asokolik

The Bald Eagle Festival celebrates the bird’s coming back from the brink of extinction. Held every year in Haines, Alaska, by the American Bald Eagle Foundation, it offers a rare chance to see one of the world’s largest gatherings of the bald eagle. Each year, thousands of eagles come to the preserve to dine on spawning salmon.

After a short ride from downtown Haines, you can enjoy them as nature intended. There are also festival activities in Haines, including photography workshops and a Klukwan cultural tour.

Pushkar Camel Fair

this november travel one these2 This November, Travel to One of These Unique & Colorful Festivals

Photo by Flickr user Marina & Enrique

The Pushkar Camel Fair is India’s largest, attracting farmers, traders and merchants from all over. Thousands of people (and camels) attend, and there is music, art, dancing and shopping, as well as camel safaris, competitions and cultural displays—including the unique dressing-up of the camels, sheep, cows and other animals traded at the fair. The five-day festival in Rajashtan is both captivating and colorful.

This festival is held outdoors, and most festival-goers stay in Swiss-style tents on site. Hotel rooms are in limited supply, and if you plan to camp, bring necessities like extra food and supplies just in case. A doctor is on call, but it’s smart to bring band aids, sunburn cream and bug bite spray. Also consider buying a satellite phone, because cell reception may not be available through most foreign carriers and you won’t find a cell phone plan in town.

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

this november travel one these3 This November, Travel to One of These Unique & Colorful Festivals

Photo by Flickr user AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker

Tourists in Thailand learn first and foremost that the friendly, cute monkeys have a penchant for picking people’s pockets and walking off with valuable items. So, these macaques get an annual feast in hopes of turning their skills toward attracting tourists.

Banquet tables are filled with fruit and set up in the streets, and huge pyramids of fruit and food are built. The monkeys climb and gorge themselves silly. Entertaining and fun, you’ll fill a memory stick with the funniest pictures you may ever take. The festival is in Lopburi, which is also home to some intriguing ancient ruins. You can explore cultural icons and enjoy the antics of a local nuisance all in one trip.

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Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips

Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips


AOE KID Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips

Healthy Children, Healthy Travel: Top 5 Tips

When you are traveling with your children you do not have to sway from your healthy life style. There are several ways that you can enjoy a road trip with your children and still practice healthy habits. You will be amazed how simple it really is, and your children will not even notice.

1. Proper Safety Restraints.

You want to make sure that your children are in the proper safety restraints throughout your trip. Seatbelts and booster seats are necessity. Stokes & Kopitsky, an Atlanta car accident attorney, want parents to know that injuries can be far more devastating if a child is not properly restrained.  However, sitting still for long periods of time is not only nearly impossible for small children, it is not healthy either. Make sure that you allow enough time in your schedule to make frequent stops at rest areas where your children can get out and run around for a while. Most rest areas have park-like areas away from all the parked cars. The exercise is good for them, and helping them from being restless is good for you.

2. Healthy Snacks.

Pack a cooler in the car and make sure that you fill it with finger foods that your child can enjoy. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, sliced apples and things like this are healthy for them and easy for you to prepare. This ill also eliminate a lot of unnecessary expenses on your trip from buying unhealthy snacks at the convenience stores.

3. Limit Technology.

Make sure that you show your child that there is more to the world than a computer or television screen. Play games like license plate bingo, I Spy, and word games. Talk about the scenery. Sing songs. Road trips should be about family time. If possible, try having some audio books downloade or your child to listen too instead of watching a television or computer game. Listening to the book will help them use their imagination and enhance their creativity.

4. Comfortable Clothes.

Make sure that your children are dressed in baggy clothes that are not too warm for the car. Restrictive clothes can make them very uncomfortable, and clothes that are too warm can actually bring on motion sickness.

5. Sleeping.

While it is not uncommon for children to nap off while they are in the car, you should encourage them to stay awake as much as possible when you are traveling. Not only will this give you more time to interact with each other, it will also help keep their sleep pattern on track. The last thing that you want is to arrive at a hotel after a long drive only to have your toddler wide awake for the rest of the night.

Traveling with children can be a challenge sometimes, especially if the trip consists of very long periods on the road. You can, however keep your children happy and healthy during your vacation by following these simple steps. Healthy snacks, frequent breaks to burn off energy and interaction with family members can make each trip one worth remembering.

As a mother of four who frequently travels with her little ones, Melanie Fleury wants her kids to have fun and be comfortable, but safety obviously comes first. Not having your little ones strapped in correctly increases the chance of injury if you are involved in an accident. A car accident can be devastating enough without injury, but if you are in an injury related wreck, Melanie has found that seeking an experienced lawyer like Stokes & Kopitsky can help you to determine if you should be compensated for the damages.

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