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One Step At A Time – How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce

One Step At A Time – How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce


Ending a marriage, getting divorced, and letting go of someone you used to love is never going to be easy. Whatever the reason may be – your partner cheating on you, domestic violence, conflicting personalities, or you simply fell out of love – it will always have an effect on you and trigger a lot of painful and upsetting emotions. Giving in to your emotions and wallowing in it is very easy. It is going through the process, getting back up, and moving on that is difficult.

one step time how deal One Step At A Time   How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce

The events leading to the divorce and the divorce proceedings itself can take a toll on you. Depression is sure to follow if you allow the stress and tension to drown you. You must not let it get to you though, especially if you have children. Below are some tips for dealing with the stress and pain of divorce.

Recognize What You are Feeling

The more you keep your emotions bottled up, the more difficult it will be to cope and move on. Whatever emotions and feelings you are going through right now is normal, and you have to acknowledge them. Your emotions may feel so intense at times, especially if you think back to the bad times, but they will lessen over time.

Do not repress your emotions as it will only make it much more difficult for you to deal with the grief of losing your marriage. Once in a while, you have to let your emotions go. It will be healthy for you to open up, recognize your feelings for what they are, and vent your frustrations. It will be very cleansing for you to have a good, hard cry, but after that, you need to square your shoulders and face the day.

Do Not Worry

Divorce can be pretty messy.  You have the custody battles, spousal and child support, properties to divide, and the whole court procedures to think of. However, there are ways to ease some of the burden, and one of them is by hiring a good divorce lawyer who can help you through the whole process. If money is an issue, especially since divorce can be expensive, then turn a hobby into a money-making business. The extra income can help with your day-to-day finances.

Surround Yourself with People You Love

Failing at love, at what should have been your happily-ever-after, can make you feel worthless and insecure. This is normal, but you must not let this shape you. You need to regain your confidence, and what better way to do this than by surrounding yourself with people you love and who love you.

Spend time with your children. Make them see and feel that even though you and your spouse are divorcing, the family does not have to fall apart. Do the things your children love to do like going to the park, watching a movie, dining out, etc. The important thing is that you are surrounded by love.

Also, it would be very healthy for you if you go out with friends. Have fun with them, go to a bar, dine out at a posh restaurant, pamper yourself in a spa, etc. You need not go through this alone. You have supportive friends, family, and relatives who can help you through this painful process.

Jennifer Dae is a content provider for marriage and relationship blogs. She specializes in tips for keeping the passion in marriage alive.

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Blackberry, Time For A Makeover?

Blackberry, Time For A Makeover?


There was a time when Blackberry was hailed as one of the top brands. It was the corporate symbol as people all over the world looked up to Blackberry. However, this was the era before Apple seized the platform and became the new status symbol. Things changed for Blackberry; however, it still remained one of the top names and a big brand.

blackberry time for makeover Blackberry, Time For A Makeover?

It wasn’t until the invasion of android and even lower priced smart phones that Blackberry started failing miserably in the market. The main reasons as to what contributed to the rapid decline of this brand are somewhat unclear because one cannot pinpoint specific reasons for the same. Yet, the change had come and Blackberry had started declining and toppling and it looked like there was no stopping it from tumbling down.

The Craze Died Down

Blackberry was once a cult among people. It was once the symbol of your status and Blackberry was one of the elite brands as not everyone could afford a Blackberry. No doubt, the craze that was once associated with the Blackberry phones, died down a great deal. As the craze started waning, people started looking for other alternatives. New phones emerged that offered smarter looks, better features and lower rates. It was hard to ignore the peaking popularity of other brands and as Apple became the ultimate king, Blackberry had to be content with the second place. However, what it failed to realize was that the push to the second position was the beginning of the end as the Blackberry era was now nearing its further fall.

The Android App Store Ruined Blackberry

The app world is one of the most profitable sectors. Daily, innumerable apps are being launched and they get downloaded at an alarming rate too. The Blackberry app store was a huge flop when you compare it with the two other competitors which are Google play store and the Apple app store. While Apple remains an expensive choice and was not an affordable option, android offered huge choices to people.

There were people who were now opting for android phones simply because the app store had a lot of variety and the phones fell in the right budget too. And of course the various tech related issues, including browser related issues, just made it harder for most users to surf online with ease, and unable to check websites, review lists like top websites for music/movies, or even transfer data files. What’s more, nearly all Blackberry users had to deal with the browser issue, whereas with android phones, the users are able to check anything online, right away sans any issue. Most people believe that it is the diversity in apps and the profound popularity of android phones that ruined the popularity and growth of Blackberry.

While Blackberry was mainly “the corporate phone” that once targeted the executives and business honchos, it tried spreading its wing and reaching out to the masses by offering music and games. Yet it could never shed out the very first “business Blackberry” image.

These are some of the key reasons that paved the path for the fallout of the big mobile band. The wind of change ruined the future of this company and the shares kept tumbling until Blackberry finally had to realize that it will no longer be able to regain the lost glory.

The days of Blackberry were long over and there was no undoing the deed that had been done. Despite repeated attempts, Blackberry failed to impress users anymore.


Kcmouli is a tech blogger who loves to blog about anything related to technology, including on top five websites for listening to music, tech reviews, online tools, music apps and tools, lifestyle, etc. Do check out some of the other posts and do share this post on web 2.0.

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5 Time Wasters for Small Business Owners

5 Time Wasters for Small Business Owners


Small business owners know that a nine-to-five job is just an illusion if they want to grow their business. That is why it is essential to cut down on time wasters that eat away precious productive minutes during the work day. Because small business owners are required to manage a wide spectrum of tasks in their companies, managing their time is critical. If you seem to always be running out of time in your business, consider the following time wasters:

team 123085 640 5 Time Wasters for Small Business Owners

Too Many Unscheduled Meetings

With the availability of texting, FaceTime, and Skype, it’s easy to have continual unscheduled meetings. These meetings interrupt valuable concentration time for productive projects. In order to balance meeting time with project time, schedule your meetings in advance and include time on your daily schedule for closed door time when you can’t be interrupted.

Refusing to Delegate

Entrepreneurs are used to doing everything themselves. When their companies first get off the ground, they may be the only person working for the company. However, as a company grows, it is no longer necessary for the owner to have their fingers in every piece of the pie. It is much more productive to hire competent workers, train them well and then let them take charge of their part of the business. For instance, paperwork such as invoices can be handled by a bookkeeper who is trained in an accounting program such as Quickbooks, so that you can use your time on tasks that require your expertise.

Checking Email

Most business owners get hundreds of emails each day, and it is easy to get bogged down in answering them. Unfortunately, the majority of these emails are time wasters that will not lead to future income for your company. A smart practice is to schedule time to review your emails daily, and send routine inquiries to subordinates, personally answering only the emails that need your attention. Another solution is to set up a program that will filter your email into folders, allowing you to focus your attention on the ones you need to answer immediately.


While it is true that some people thrive on a cluttered environment for creative thinking, that is no excuse for a cluttered office setting. If you are wasting time constantly searching for documents, it’s time to get some expert help organizing your office and your files. Removing clutter and being able to put your hands on crucial documents in minutes will improve your confidence, reduce time in preparation for meetings, and make you look good in the eyes of your clients. There are many consultants that can be hired on an hourly basis to help you initially improve your organization, and then pitch in to maintain it afterwards.


Small business owners can save time by improving communication with their employees. Often miscommunication leads to wasted time and disappointment both for managers and workers. Time used to correct mistakes can cost a company money that could have been used for other resources. If you find that miscommunication is a problem in your business, daily morning meetings or emailed communication for your staff can clarify and correct issues before they waste productive time.

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First Time On The Road – 6 Mistakes That New Drivers Often Make

First Time On The Road – 6 Mistakes That New Drivers Often Make


Driving isn’t easy to a teenager who has just learned it. It’s different to drive with an instructor in the passenger’s seat who can give you directions when needed. Once you’re on the road by yourself, driving becomes more daunting, especially during those first few times. A newly licensed teenager on the road can encounter a number of road problems that a seasoned driver will find quite easy to solve. But a youngster could be overcome by nervousness or panic, and his inexperience in dealing with urgent situations might push him to commit mistakes that could undermine his safety and the safety of other drivers and pedestrians too.

first time road mistakes new First Time On The Road   6 Mistakes That New Drivers Often Make

So, what are the most common mistakes that young drivers commit? Here are some examples.

1. Speeding

Some kids will try to test the performance of their vehicles, which can be very dangerous because they are still too inexperienced to correctly assess when they should stop or slow down, depending on how fast they were going. A lot of youngsters do have risky driving behavior, and this can be due to peer pressure or their desire to impress someone. Therefore, parents should educate their children about the dangers of speeding and remind them that about 30% of fatal car crashes each year is due to speeding.

2. Overloading

Carrying too many passengers is very dangerous. Teens, however, have a habit of cramming too many individuals in a compartment that’s meant for just three to four people. An overloaded vehicle is harder to control, and it becomes more prone to tire blow-ups and braking problems.

3. Drunk Driving

Many teenagers today believe that they are invincible, and so they tempt fate by driving drunk or driving while under the influence of illegal substances. It’s important that kids are educated about the dangers of DUIs/DWIs. Not only will they harm themselves, but they could also injure or even kill others. In addition to the guilt of hurting other people, a teen caught drunk driving will face very real punishments, including incarceration. Click here to learn more about the legal ramifications of drunk driving.

4. Driving While Distracted

Today, drivers have too many distractions, from electronic gadgets to common things that they do in their cars instead of at home. For instance, some young females are in the habit of putting on their make up while driving, while males try to shave as they are also manning a vehicle. Texting, calling, emailing, and other activities aside from driving can take a person’s attention away from the road, which is a dangerous thing.

5. Judging Situations Incorrectly

Their inexperience, sometimes coupled with overconfidence, could get teens into serious trouble. They could make judgment calls that are inappropriate for the situation that they’re in. Poor judgment also includes — following another vehicle too closely, engaging in risky behavior, being unable to properly assess road and weather conditions, or using a new or unfamiliar path.

6. Reacting Unsuitably to Emergencies

Nothing is scarier than facing an imminent car collision. Experienced drivers might have a better chance of averting disastrous situations. On the other hand, a young driver will probably panic and forget what he’s supposed to do. Training a teenage driver about what to do in case of an emergency can help him in visualizing what he’s supposed to do during terrifying situations. Parents can also regularly talk to their kids about what they should do in case they find themselves in a dangerous position.

This blog post was contributed by Claire Taylor, a freelance writer who often writes about automobile safety and auto claims. Through her articles, she hopes to provide readers with helpful information.

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What Was The Most Peaceful Time In History?

What Was The Most Peaceful Time In History?


was most peaceful time history What Was The Most Peaceful Time In History?Whether it’s a greeting card or a beauty pageant, peace on earth is everyone’s wish. What does it mean to be peaceful?

The Australian nonprofit group Vision of Humanity tries to do just that. Every year, it produces a list called the global Peace Index, which ranks 144 nations according to how the stand on 23 different indicators of peace. These include neighboring country relations, number of homicides, number of deaths from organized conflicts, level of disrespect for human rights, and number of heavy weapons per 100 thousand people.

In 2009, New Zealand was crowned the most peaceful country in the world, followed by Denmark Norway, Iceland and Austria. The US came in at number 83. While the US scored well in areas such as United Nations Financial support and civil conflict, the country falls short in several areas including number of jailed inmates per 100 thousand, military capability and sophistication, ease of access to weapons of minor destruction and potential terrorist attacks.

The country with the lowest score of the 2009 rankings is Iraq, with Afganistan, Somalia, Israel and Sudan rounding out the bottom five. What are some of the most famous peaceful times in history? You might be surprised.

Peace: Another Roman Innovation?

27 BC is the setting of Mr. Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. Caesar Augustus (otherwise known as Octavian, great-nephew and heir of Julius C Augustus) set in motion a new brand of foreign policy for Rome. Instead of pushing an agenda of expansionism, Augustus advocated a shift toward prosperity and pacification within the borders of the empire. Several symbolic sculptures and monuments were built at the time such as the Ara Pacis, or “Alter of Peace” and the Gates of Janus. Around the year 180 AD, when Marcus Aurelius died and passed the throne to his son Commodus whose reign did not include the emphasis on peace.  This period wasn’t all good, however, because there were rebellions in Spain, England was invaded and annexed, and the German border was contested.

The Mongols: Fearsome Hordes, or Bringers of Peace?

An economically and technologically advanced society in the Eurasian continent emerged one thousand years after the Pax Romana, that of the Mongols. Thousands of miles of trade routes were protected by the Mongols. They enabled Marco Polo to travel by land from his home in Italy to China. Genghis Khan, one of the most fearsome names in History actually established the largest and most peaceful kingdoms in history.

Though feared, his tactics of using archers on horseback to defeat the enemy was groundbreaking.  He took control of the Mongol tribes, expanding his territory into an empire millions of square miles in area and managed the Silk Road trading route that linked Europe and Asia. One of the Mongols major innovations was the postal service which actually connected the east and the west. This system  also made peace possible by helping enforce strict laws regarding civilian property and travel

Peace in our Time

The world that we are currently living in is another point. Strife, economic and otherwise, the evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker believes that violence has declined sharply since the birth of the human race.  Pinker measures violence not only by murder rate but also by things such as death as punishment for crimes.

Compared to our hunter/gatherer days, or the Middle Ages, our chances of dying by violent crime or as the result of war are miniscule. Pinker believes there are different reasons for this, all of which contribute to a peaceful existence.

  • Stable governments provide mediation.
  • Technological innovations enable us to establish symbiotic relations.
  • Advancements in health care.
  • Our awareness of the rest of the world, greater now than ever before.

Donna Lee is a history buff who hot her history arts decree at UCLA. Not she writes pithy articles for Edictive in Sydney, Australia.

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How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House

How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House


If you’re currently renting a property then it has most likely at least crossed your mind at some point that you might benefit from buying your own home. People will keep telling you that it’s the more sensible option financially, and you know it has many benefits in terms of the freedom it gives you, but you need to be in the right time of your life and the right circumstances too. How do you know if you are?

Read on to discover some of the indicators that it may be time for you to buy a place of your own…

how know its time move How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House

You’re Tired

how know its time move1 How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House

Many people will rent properties when they’re young because it keeps them flexible and ensures they can move home quickly if they need to. However, if you’re currently living life in the fast lane in a big city, then you will eventually find that it starts to take it out of you and that you get tired of managing a rented property.

If you start to think how nice it would be to ‘move somewhere quiet’ and to have a big comfortable sofa to collapse into after work and a nice garden to get fresh air in… then I hate to say it but you’re turning old. Time to settle down!

You Want to Start a Family

how know its time move2 How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House

If you’re currently living with your partner, then a time will come when you start to think about kids and about generally starting a family. Now is as good a time as any to get a home, as it will give your children much more stability and much more space to move around it.

Likewise if you’re thinking of getting married, then buying a home first might be a good move. This way you will have gotten the big ‘important’ expense out of the way, meaning that you can then afford to splash out on the wedding while remaining guilt-free.

You Have Plans…

how know its time move3 How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House

Another good thing about owning your own real estate is that it will allow you to do things you can’t in a rented flat. Now this might not have bothered you so much when it just meant you couldn’t hang the pictures you wanted, but once you start thinking about more exciting projects: like creating your own home office or gym for instance, then you might decide that it’s too limiting. If you have some kind of big dream project in mind for your home, then buying your own property is a must.

You’ve Had a Windfall

how know its time move4 How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large amount of money sitting in your bank account, then it’s important that you don’t just leave it there, but invest it in something in order to keep it safe and grow it. Buying property is one of the very best ways to do this and will ensure that you don’t lose your money and that you really get to benefit from the purchase.

So, is it time for you to buy your own home?

how know its time move5 How To Know Its Time To Move Into A House

This post has been contributed by Jim Carter, an employee at Mark Richards Real Estate which specializes in home renovation and design services. He works hard and often indulges in golf and fishing during his leisure time.

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Some of the Most Famous Photographers of All Time

Some of the Most Famous Photographers of All Time


If you want to capture truly moving and memorable photographs, you can learn something through studying the pictures taken by famous photographers. Some of the beloved artists have passed away, but some are still pleasing people with their photographs. Here are some of the most famous photographers of all time.

  • Robert Capa –Robert Capa was just the name placed to the photos taken by Endre Friedman, who has taken lots of famous war-time photographs and felt that if one were not close enough to object, then they would not get a good photograph. Friedman was often in the trenches with the soldiers when he took photos, while other war photographers took photos from a safe distance.
  • Ansel Adams – His landscapes are eye-catching and he attains an unmatched level of contrast utilizing creative darkroom work.
  • Yousef Karsh – He has taken photos that tell a story and are more easily understood by people. Every portrait made by him tells you about the subject. Karsh felt as if there was a secret concealed behind every man and woman. Whether he captures a gesture done unconsciously or a gleaming eye, these are times when a person loses his or her mask. His portraits also communicate with people.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson – His style has definitely influenced photography and he was one of the first photographers to use 35mm film. Fearless and daring, he captured images from some of the volatile environments in history such as the Spanish Civil War, the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and the liberation of Paris in World War II. Cartier-Bresson normally shot in black and white.
  • Dorothea Lange – She took photos during the Great Depression. Lange took a photo of a migrant mother which is also titled by that name. This photo is said to be one of the most famous photographs in history.
  • Annie Liebovitz – Her photos describe the subject and are intimate. She does excellent photographic portraits and is famous for her work with Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair magazine.
  • Jerry Uelsman – He created unique photos with composite photographs. Being well-versed in the darkroom, he employed this skill in the composites he made. Uelsman never utilized digital cameras as he felt that his creative process was more matched to the darkroom.
  • Larry Burrows – Best known for his photo coverage of the Vietnam War, his photos were some of the most emotionally charged and iconic images to emerge of the region as well as gave the public a sight into the conflict.

Famous photographers are well known as they have made an amazing shot of a remarkable or bizarre moment that can only occur in a millisecond. Lots of people admire how in very little time, these individuals have captured astonishing happenings or events. These photographers are not only popular for their works, but also for the eagerness and passion they have shown in every photo they take. They have impressed people not only with their technical skills, but also with the emotions, social message and awareness their photos bring.

If you wish to see examples of my work, please visit my personal photographic portfolio site at http://www.photographyideas.co/ .

ansel adams Some of the Most Famous Photographers of All Time

Photo Credit: Ansel Edwards Photography (CC BY 2.0)

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