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My Broken Heart – Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce

My Broken Heart – Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce


You thought your marriage was going to last forever, a till-death-do-us-part thing, and then it ended when your husband cheated on you. You both tried to patch things up, of course. You even went to a marriage counselor. Unfortunately, you found no other solution to your marital problems but divorce.

broken heart stress depression busters My Broken Heart   Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce

Divorce is very stressful. It affects not only the couple but the children as well. They go through a lot of emotions that, at times, the whole harrowing experience becomes very overwhelming. If you are weak, you could easily succumb to the stress and depression that usually comes with divorce procedures.

Do not let your divorce procedure get the most out of you and turn you into a bitter recluse. Below are some tips to beat the stress and depression that usually accompanies divorce.

Spend More Time with the Children

Yes, you want to sulk in one corner and lick your wounds, but if you have children, then think of them. Children are, after all, the most affected by the divorce, and they cannot fully comprehend yet what is happening around them. You have to help them understand their situation and why their parents’ marriage ended up in divorce.

Spending more time with the children though does not mean that all of you have to wallow in this sad situation and talk about it all the time. Instead, you can spend it to strengthen your relationship with them. Go for a walk with your children, visit theme parks, dine out, set up a “camp” in your bedroom, just do fun things with them. The divorce procedure need not be that depressing for them as well, and you can make them remember that there is still something to smile about.

Make Some Money

Divorce can be very costly, says Tad Nelson & Associates, a Texas-based law firm that specializes in family law and divorce, and it is going to take a huge bite out of your finances. If divorce really is the last option, then you have to prepare for the cost.

There are some things that you can do to prepare financially. For one, you can turn a hobby into a money-making small business. Say for example you crochet baby things, then you can set up a simple yet eye-catching website where you can sell them. You can promote them in your social networking sites. This new venture can be a family effort, something you can work with your children. They will love the new activity and the chance to bond more with you. Two, you can also look for a part-time job. This means extra hours away from the whole drama.

Working while going through the divorce proceedings may seem very difficult when all you want to do is to hide from the world. However, it will be a very welcome distraction from all the stress and negativity that divorce brings. Also, think of the benefits of earning some extra cash and preparing for your new future.

Divorce really is difficult, but it need not be that depressing and stressful. Stay active, and in time, you will get over the whole heartache that it brought you and your family and move on.

Jennifer Dae is a blogger for marriage-related sites. She writes about tips for keeping the romance alive.

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Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories


Interior design is a unique form of art that requires an eye for style and design to be able to create an attractive room or environment that did not have any type of style or design in the fist place. Home interior design is important for two main reasons. The home should be designed accordingly to meet personal and family needs to ensure that it is not only appealing, but practical as well. Secondly, it should be designed with possible future home sale in mind, so that potential buyers can be enticed by its style as well as functions.

stylish functional home art interior Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Designing With Color

Choosing the right paint color is crucial regardless of whether you are renovating or just making a few interior changes. Wall colors can make a room lively or sad, thus offering a certain level of impact on the style you want to achieve. When you choose your paint color, you need to consider –

  • Your personality as interior designing is all about your personal experience, whether your preference is trendy or outdated.
  • Your preference in paint color and determining if your want an environment that is comfortable, bold or relaxed.
  • Your choice in trends, especially when you are an individual with a passion to express your taste in current styles

When you know your choice of color based on your personality, you will find it easy to make a selection from the color paint palette. However, bear in mind that you still achieve chic color designs with the help of accessories and not by paint alone which can be time consuming at times. All you need is a neutral base color and décor in the bold colors you life for accents. This will help make it easier for you to make changes according to trend and preference.

Remember that all homes are not created equally, so choose a paint color that suits your house materials and environment as well.

Style And Function In Modern Interior Designs

There are certain formats followed in interior designs to ensure that the home becomes an epitome of style and function. Remember that “Interior design is an intricate and deeply personal puzzle that is expressed in the canvas of your space. It is intimate and personal. When it is exactly right, your home shows your vulnerability, warmth and compassion for the people in your life. It shows who you are on the inside… how you care and what you value is expressed in the details, colors, textures and sentimental objects you lovingly display.” says http://susan-hopkins.com/ .

  • Open Plan Living

This is where living spaces are opened to create larger living spaces and to allow design to be consistent and flow throughout the entire home. This eliminates the segregation in a home, which is beneficial for families living in the home.

  • Outdoor Living

Natural elements are incorporated in the home to encourage more space in the living environment. This is where outside space that is often neglected during the colder months is used as an additional home space for entertainment purposes.

  • Green Homes

As more and more people are becoming environment friendly, green home designs have become popular. These designs offer unique home interiors and reduce the cost of living with the use of energy saving lights and solar panels.

  • The Use Of Technology

Potential buyers want to see modern comforts and that includes technology. The home must be modern in design and style to accommodate technology to increase entertainment sources and functions.

  • Proper Lighting

Proper lighting helps create ambiance and it provides functionality. However certain rooms will need vibrant lighting compared to others.

  • Antique Furnishings

If you want functional furnishing, opt for antique furniture that will have better storage capacity. This way you can store clutter and relieve yourself from stress and always ensure that your home is always clutter-free.

Valerie Edison is a freelance writer specializing in interior designing and home improvement. She offers tips on thrifty home designing, creative interior styling for quick home improvements and information about the latest gadgets and apps used for interior designing.

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How Aereo Glides Through the World of Streaming TV

How Aereo Glides Through the World of Streaming TV


Satellite and cable providers have been losing customers, so-called cord cutters who rely on streaming services such as Netflix for entertainment needs. More than 5 million households no longer have television service, according to a Nielsen study, citing an article from Forbes, compared to 2007, when only 2 million households went without TV services. One thing television providers had over streaming providers was broadcast television and live TV.

aereo How Aereo Glides Through the World of Streaming TV

A service called Aereo is looking to change that, streaming television to Internet browsers, iOS devices and the Roku-streaming media player.

How It Works

Aereo is currently available in New York City and Boston, according to PC Magazine. It’s also currently expanding into Atlanta. The service brings local broadcast channels such as Fox, ABC and NBC to an Internet browser, iOS, or television. You cannot, however, access niche channels, such as the Syfy network or ESPN. With Aereo, you receive two tuners, along with up to 20 hours of DVR storage on the base plan for $8 monthly. If you need more, you can pay $4 for 60 hours of DVR storage additionally. Aereo also works with Roku 3 and the Apple TV. Even if, you get the upgraded service, $12 is a far cry from a basic cable package priced at more than double that.

The Lawsuits

Aereo had a rough start as several broadcast networks sued the fledgling service on the grounds of copyright infringement. U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan denied the broadcast networks the ability to file for an injunction, according to Businessweek. Had the broadcast networks gotten this injunction, they would have driven Aereo out of business. Broadcast networks continue to appeal this decision, but so far, they have not been able to overturn it.

Technical Hurdles to Overcome

Aereo still has room for improvement. While Aereo moves consumers closer to getting the same content they get on cable or satellite television, it’s not able to provide access to every channel you’ll find on air. It’s great if you want local broadcasts, but not so great if you’re looking for a true cable killer. It does continue to prove there is a strong market out there for television alternatives, and cable and satellite companies need to adapt to the changing marketplace.

Broadcast Network Adaptation

So many people go the cord-cutting route because they pay for a lot of channels but don’t watch many of them. When you’re paying hefty amounts even when you aren’t fully using your service, and you have no way just to buy the channels you want, it’s a frustrating experience. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu cover many shows and popular movies that combined a majority of entertainment needs. The broadcast networks have needed to find some way to recapture subscribers, and they’re starting to understand the appeal of streaming, view-anywhere content.

One broadcast network expanding into online streaming is ABC, according to Reuters. The stream is live through the website, as well as iOS, Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy. However, ABC does require anyone using the streaming service to have cable or satellite subscriptions in order to access the content, missing the point of what makes streaming content so attractive to the fed-up consumer who doesn’t want to deal with virtual television monopolies.

Do you think Aereo is a worthwhile addition to your entertainment options? Join the discussion below and share your thoughts.

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