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How To Take Control Of Your Finances

How To Take Control Of Your Finances


The most important thing that you can do in your life is to learn how to stay in control of it and especially of your own personal finances. If you know your finances are under control then you will maximise the money you get as well as guarantee yourself a good night’s sleep each night.

Here are some tips that can help you make sure you are the one in control of your own finances.

Always Start With A Plan

how take control finances How To Take Control Of Your Finances
It is essential that you have financial goals and aspirations before you get into managing your money.

When you know what you want to achieve you will be much more driven and equipped in taking control and achieving your objectives.

Once you know what you want to achieve you have to, of course, start budgeting your money. You should know how much money you have to spend each month because this can help you avoid any possible financial trouble in the long run.

Track All Of Your Spending

Once you have a budget and a plan you need to start making sure you are following all of your transactions. There are so many people out there who don’t pay any attention to how much they spend at places like the supermarket. But it is essential to keep an eye on your spending.

Use apps, or even the trusted pen and paper will do, and make sure you are aware of each time something goes in and out of your accounts. Forbes lists some good tools that you should try out.

Always Eliminate Debt First

The key to controlling your finances and making sure you don’t get into too much trouble lies in managing one aspect closely, which is debt. It is OK to have some debt. Majority of people can’t live their normal lives without getting into a little debt now and then. The real question is how you deal with it.

The best way to handle debt is to always try to get rid of it as fast as possible. Therefore you should always try to find ways to pay more than you are required to in order to repay it back quick and make sure you aren’t losing a lot of money. If you have multiple debts always eliminate the one with the highest interest rate first.

Get Professional Help

Taking control of your finances takes time and won’t be an easy process. And thus, especially at the start, it is a good idea to hire some outside help to make sure you are on the right path.

There are a lot of good financial advisors but you can also try getting an account to help you out. Search for accountancy companies that also deal with individuals like Friendly Accountants.

Increase Your Financial Knowledge

You should also prioritise taking some time to understand the basic financial concepts and issues regarding personal finances. You don’t have to cram in all that information at once; perhaps you could start by reading about the subject for a few hours each week and learning one thing at a time.

David is into economics and loves to provide tips and help to people who are struggling to stay on top of their finances. He is also a big fan of theatre and loves to catch all of the latest plays together with his wife.

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Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal

Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal


There’s plenty of unpleasant experiences that may result after having your wisdom teeth removed. The most common include swelling of your cheeks, soreness, unpleasant taste, numbness in certain facial areas, and of course pain. We’ve put together a list of tips anyone can follow, whether you had one or all four wisdom teeth pulled.

steps you can take recover Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal


If for any reason you were not prescribed painkillers by your health care provider after the surgery, the best option is either ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Blood Clots

Be careful in rinsing out with, spitting and drinking hot liquids. Any of these can dislodge  blood clots which aid in the healing process, and bleeding will also result as well which can cause an unpleasant taste. If gauze is available, place it over the bleeding area and bite down for about half an hour to stop the bleeding. If bleeding continues to be an issue and gauze is not readily available, use a slightly wet tea bag instead. It contains tannic acid, which facilitates clotting by contracting the bleeding vessels. For the first few days after surgery it’s also advised to avoid strenuous activity, including exercise.


Swollen (chipmunk) cheeks are commonly seen 24 hours after surgery. The best way to combat this is either with a cold cloth or ice packs on the side of your face where the surgery was performed immediately following tooth removal. Using it after 36 hours won’t make much of a difference unfortunately. Using them the entire time you’re awake after surgery can help the swelling to a degree. The swelling itself will peak 48 to 72 hours after surgery before it begins to naturally improve.

Food & Drink

The pain, swelling, and general discomfort will make drinking and eating difficult the first few days following surgery. You will need to have more fluids than usual for a proper recovery, and that means at least six glasses of fluid a day. As for foods, consume soft items that are high in both calorie content as well as protein.

Keep a Clean Mouth

Brushing will have to be carried out carefully as well as rinsing. Use an antiseptic rinse if available or prescribed. Warm water with a teaspoon of salt offers an effective means for removing bacteria from around the extraction site.


Do not smoke within the first 24 hours following surgery. For some this might be a no brainer, but it may be difficult for those that have a habit of smoking. The act of sucking on a cigarette can remove a clot, while smoking itself reduces blood flow to the oral cavity which increases your chances of an infection. It is best to avoid smoking until you’re fully recovered. Avoid drinking through straws as well, as it requires the same suction action as cigarettes.

Skin Discoloration

Due to blood getting underneath tissue, your skin may change colors a few days after surgery. It could be anything from a dark blue or black to green. To speed up your skin’s return to its normal color, use a warm moist cloth on the surface of the altered skin.

Dr. Louis Bosse is the head of Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas. Dr. Bosse has counseled hundreds of his patients in recovering from wisdom teeth removal.

Photo Credit: Todd Morris

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The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take – And How To Make Them Great

The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take – And How To Make Them Great


In the modern digital age we take arguably more photos than ever before. Whereas once we might have taken photos only at special occasions, then had to wait while we sent those photos off to be developed, we can now take photos wherever we are and at the drop of a hat. You’ll take pictures on the go of days out in the park, and you’ll take them when you see a nice view go by when you’re on the train.

This is of course a good thing in that it allows you to document your life more and to keep more memories. You’ll be able to flick through those memories and really relive whole periods of your life, and you’ll be able to pick your favourites to display in any number of ways – whether it’s on your walls or your Facebook profile.

However it also has negative consequences, making pictures much more throwaway and disposable. While they were once rare opportunities to capture a moment that you would stage and maybe even dress up for, they are now things you do quickly and easily on a whim and then archive often never to see again. Using your phone even rather than a professional camera, you can now just point and click and capture a moment with no thought and with little concern over the quality of the final image.

Some events still deserve proper care and attention in your photography. Here we will look at which ones those are and how you should go about making sure that you do them justice.

Your Wedding

most important photos The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take   And How To Make Them Great

Your wedding is one of the biggest events in most of our lives and it’s an event that has a hugely visual quality. You will have spent thousands of dollars and weeks of your life choosing and decorating the venue, and you’ll have given just as much attention to the way you look. This is also one of the rare occasions when all your friends and family will be in one place and it’s really an important day to remember. Hire a professional wedding photographer and listen to what they say so that they can take some beautiful pictures of your beautiful day.


most important photos1 The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take   And How To Make Them Great

When you go on holiday you will probably be experiencing a different country and a different way of life. Likewise, you will once again be forming a special memory where you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself and where you will spend lots of time with your loved ones.

The secret to good holiday photography? Make sure that you or someone you know are in most photos (otherwise it could just be a postcard), take the time to arrange the shot composition to create depth and drama, and take a good camera with you. Then delete about 30% of the pictures you take…


most important photos2 The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take   And How To Make Them Great

When you have a baby you’ll want to document the moment and capture their youth. Partly you’ll do this because you’ll be so excited to have a new member of your family, but it’s also a good idea for posterity so that you can blackmail them in later life. Make sure not to take too many that are the exact same though (don’t expect people to care if you do) and make sure that you take the same number of pictures when their sibling comes along.

Today’s guest post is by Arnold Parker; he is an ace photographer and specializes in wedding photography. A creative person by nature, he has a keen sense of aesthetics and often indulges in painting as a hobby.

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How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing

How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing


how take best promotional photos How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing

When you market a product or service, it is highly important that you grab the attention of your viewers as quickly and as effectively as possible. Seeing as a picture can tell a thousand words, it makes sense that using the images is one of the best ways to quickly get your point across. This is why it’s so important to view your images as communication, and to make sure that your pictures are telling the story you want them to with regards to your products. Here we will look at some of the ways you can do this by taking the very best pictures and using the right editing and framing to make your products look awesome.

The Tools

how take best promotional photos1 How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing

First of all you should start out by having the best tools for the job. This means investing in a good high definition camera that is good at capturing light and has plenty of settings. Without investing in a good quality camera your images won’t look professional and this will reflect negatively on your products.

As well as having the best cameras it is also worth investing in good lighting, a good camera stand and the best photo editing software so that you can really create the best and most professional looking images.

The Setting

Next you need to think about the elements you want in your image. For some products and purposes the best set up will be to have your item set against a white background with no other elements in shot. More often though it will be useful to include a context for your product so that you can show how it is meant to be used and so that you can create a ‘scene’ around it.

When doing this you need to think about the associations that you will be creating when you choose these elements. Try to create an image filled with attractive and desirable elements because this will in turn make your product appear more attractive and desirable too.

The Composition

The composition of your image refers to the way that you are going to be setting up all those individual elements and the way that you are going to feature the product in relation to that. Your image should have depth, it should be framed, and it should be designed such that your product be the undeniable focus of the shot.

When creating this image you should look for lines that will guide the viewers’ eyes and think about how these can bring your product into focus. For instance if you were to promote a house, then including a path in the foreground leading to the house in the mid-ground would automatically lead the eye to the main focus of the piece.

The angles you take on your item can also have a big impact on the way it is perceived. For instance if you want to give your product more drama and make it look bigger and more important at the same time, you should try using an ‘upshot’ that makes it look as the product is towering over the viewer.

Combine this with the best marketing text provided by your email marketing services or your advertisers and this can make your products irresistible to all who see them.

This informative post was submitted by Alysson Preston, a content marketing expert with LeadLife Solutions which is a well recognized company providing CRM integration and lead management services. She likes to indulge in painting or blogging during her time off from work.

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Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day


Photography is a crucial feature of any wedding and something that you absolutely can’t do without. This is an occasion that should only happen once in a lifetime, but more to the point it’s one where you will have managed to assemble a full foster of your friends and family and where you will all be looking the best you’ve ever looked. Even the venue and the cake will be extraordinary and the whole occasion will be incredibly photogenic for these reasons.

But just snapping happily won’t do. In order to do justice to the proceedings you need a professional photographer and you need some good direction in terms of the photos you’re going to take. The photography isn’t just here to capture the big day, it’s also part of the fun in itself and you will find that you aren’t satisfied until you have each of the classic wedding shots that we expect to get. It’s great fun taking them, it’s your only opportunity to do so, and everyone else will have them at their wedding, so make sure you don’t miss these ‘classic’ photo ops. Here are some you have to get…

The Bride

A lot of time and money will have gone into the bride’s dress, hair and makeup so a few posed photos are a necessity. Good ones to take include the bride floating down a flight of stairs, the bride applying her makeup or fixing her hair, the bride gazing wistfully out the window and perhaps some of her walking around outside.

The Groom

Many of these photos can also work for the groom though to a lesser extent. A groom’s suit is a little less impressive than the bride’s dress, but a few portraits before the wedding is also a good idea.

The Event

Of course there should also be photos of the event itself and this includes all the key moments – the bride coming down the isle, the groom waiting at the end, both parties saying their vows and the kiss at the end. Other little traditions and elements also make great photo ops too – such as the bride tossing the bouquet, the speeches, the cutting of the cake and the first dance.


After the first dance your wedding photographer should also get many other couples dancing – the best man and maid of honour, the father and the bride, the groom and the mother etc. Likewise you should also get a photo of all the guests, most likely outside on the steps into the church and there should be photos of particular combinations too – all the men for instance, all the women and the bride and groom’s guests separately.

The Venue

A good photographer will also take a few photos on the event itself and the venue that you laboured and stressed so long over. This includes shots of the food, of the rooms before you enter them and ruin them, of the guestbook with signatures, of the cake and of the centrepieces. Getting photos of the wedding transport too is a good idea if you have a limo or classic car.

Get all this as well as your ‘natural’ pictures of the occasion and you should have a complete photographic overview of the most special day of your life to date.

Laura Jones is a passionate photographer. She loves watching the world through her camera lens. She says photography is nothing but a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

groom Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

groom1 Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

Photo Credit: Lori (CC BY 2.0)

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How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos


When it comes to your wedding it’s important to take the best pictures and to be able to capture the big day in a way that’s pleasant to look back on for years to come. This is something that will only happen once, and it’s something that you will have spent an awful lot of money and time preparing.

If you’re considering leaving this to your guests though and keeping the photos that people just so happen to take themselves while they’re there, then you’re making a big mistake. Most people it seems have little to no idea how to go about taking a good picture and are in fact liabilities when let loose with a camera. Most of us have no idea how to take a photo it seems, and many of the people I know are so bad that I almost suspect they’ve been taking lessons in how to take ugly pictures. Let’s have a look then at how you go about taking a terrible wedding photo, as there’s clearly an art to it.

Give People No Warning

Among your guests will be at least one person who is trigger happy with their camera. These people will walk around and claim they’re trying to get ‘natural photos’ of people, meaning they’ll blind you with the flash when you least expect it and get pictures of you with your mouth stuffed full of food or sitting awkwardly at the table with a double chin.

Get the Lighting Wrong

That flash really can be a pain too. Not only is it rather in your face and likely to startle anyone who’s in range, but it also has the rather unpleasant impact of washing faces out and making eyes look like they’re glowing. The best photos will have been set up in order to take advantage of the best possible lighting that flatters the subject.

Make Every Picture Look the Same

I find it rather amusing how looking through holiday photos on Facebook is normally so boring and predictable. It seems that for most of us holiday photos can only have one design – people standing face on smiling in front of a random piece of scenery or landmark. There’s not framing, no variation and no reason to look at the end result more than once. Many wedding photos are the same – people around tables with their arms around each other smiling blankly into the camera. What’s the point?

Get People to do Something Cringe Worthy

Worse though is when your over eager friend or family member tells everyone to ‘pull a stupid face’ or ‘look thoughtful’. Most people are uncomfortable with performing on demand and the result is normally as awkward to look at as it is to take.

Take Photos at Arm’s Length

Then there are those people who will take lots of photos of themselves by holding their cameras/camera phones out at arms’ length meaning you get lots of pictures of their chin and of the people they invited in on the pictures at strange angles.

So leave your wedding photos to your friends and attendees and this is what you’ll end up with. The moral of the story? Use professional wedding photographers!

Martha Taylor is a professional photographer. She enjoys giving photography tips, tricks and advice on her blogs.

terrible wedding photos How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

terrible wedding photos1 How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

terrible wedding photos2 How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

Photo Credit: Katherine McAdoo (CC BY 2.0)

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