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5 Things To Make Your Gift A Little Bit More Special

5 Things To Make Your Gift A Little Bit More Special


Giving gifts is really rewarding. There is nothing better than seeing a smile from the person you just gave a gift to and knowing that your gift was really appreciated. Finding the right gift can sometimes be a struggle and you always want to make your gift feel special.Gift box

To help you out here are five small things to add to your gift to make it just a little bit more special.

1. A Thoughtful Card

A lot of people don’t really pay attention to the card they give. But this is a mistake since many people really like to hold on to special cards from different occasions.

So next time you are giving a gift spend some time selecting the card. If you don’t find anything good enough consider crafting the card yourself.

Anything homemade is always much more special than things that you just bought. Make sure to also look up a really nice poem to go inside the card.

2. An Act Of Kindness

The world could really do with a bit more kindness and thus when you are giving a gift to someone you can always include something that isn’t material. For instance, consider helping out an elderly person with their shopping or show them how to use Skype so that you two can talk more. Anything that you know would help the other person and make them feel just a little bit more special.

3. Something Funny

Adding a tiny little novelty item is always really fun. For instance, if someone is moving to a different city then you could give a little mug that says “I won’t get used to …” and the city’s name there. You could also go with a small little humorous book or a badge for a birthday hero.

4. A Quality Bottle Of Champagne

For adults it is a really good idea to provide a bottle of quality champagne together with your gift. This is a really lovely drink that will make any occasion special. So whether you are giving a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a gift for a new job, a bottle of champagne will add a touch of glamour to your present.

Buying affordable yet vintage champagne isn’t even impossible because of the opportunities you can find online. There are plenty of places that sell great champagne without you spending a fortune on it.

5. Homemade Sweets

As mentioned above adding something handmade to your gift will always make it more special. It really shows the time and effort you have put to giving this gift to the person. A really simple yet lovely addition to any gift for people of all ages is homemade sweets.

There are many online sites that have different sweets recipes to try. One really good choice could be to look at this Good to Know article. It has many different treats to make at home and you’ll find something there to suit all tastes.

The above five things can make your gift seem just a little bit more special. They are all really affordable and will definitely bring a smile to the person’s face.

Sheila Hanford loves giving gifts to her friends and family. She is a big fan of making sure that her gifts are also really well thought about and loves personalising general gifts. She is also passionate about baking.

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Tips For Making Your Christmas Special

Tips For Making Your Christmas Special


Christmas is a magical time on its own and it is a nice holiday to celebrate with your loved ones. There are many ways you can add a little bit more sparkle to your Christmas and ensure that it is as glamorous as it can be.

tips for making christmas special Tips For Making Your Christmas Special

Here are some simple little tips to add more magic to your Christmas.

Relax And Enjoy

The best way to ensure this Christmas is really special is just by relaxing and enjoying it no matter what happens. If you put too much expectation for the holiday it can very easily disappoint you. Therefore the less you expect from it the better it will be.

Try not to stress or worry about getting everything perfect. After all it is a holiday and an opportunity to relax so take it that way. Spend time doing things you like to do and you will have a really good time.

Fun Games To Entertain The Family

It is also a good idea to come up with things that the whole family can do together. The best thing about the holidays is the ability to spend time with your loved ones and it is always good to prepare something fun to do.

Very traditional and nice thing that the whole family can do together is to play some board games. There are many classical board games that you can play and even simple card games can bring a lot of joy for the whole family.

And if you aren’t big gaming fans you can always go with traditional Christmas movies. There are many good shows on TV during the holidays and you might have some DVDs the whole family really enjoys watching.

Make The Dinner Just A Little Bit Special

Naturally, the food plays a huge role during Christmas. We all want to enjoy a great meal during Christmas Day and it is the one thing many people look forward to most during this season.

There are many great recipes for Christmas that you could try out. One of the best things to try out this Christmas is caramelised onion and apple tart. It is really tasty and will be a nice thing to snack during the night-time as well.

You can also add a special touch to your dinner by getting some quality drinks. A real favourite will be to get champagne vintages for Christmas. Champagne can make any occasion seem a little bit more special and thus works perfectly during the holidays.

Help Someone In Need

Christmas is also a perfect time for being thankful of the things you have and remember those who aren’t as lucky as you. Giving gifts to other people is always fun but it is especially nice to give something to people who don’t have much.

If you want to ensure your Christmas is special then help make someone else’s Christmas special as well.

There are many websites such as Spurgeons where you can donate some money to help poor families and children enjoy a great Christmas. This is a really lovely way and will make you feel really good for the whole holiday season.

Cheryl loves the Christmas season and she starts reading Christmas related articles and blogs already in September. She loves spending time with her family and is a big fan of card games.

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How To Make Mothers Day Really Special

How To Make Mothers Day Really Special


After bringing us into the world and setting us up for life, the least our mums deserve is a day that’s all about them. The fourth Sunday of every Lent is Mothering Sunday and it’s a full twenty-four hours that are devoted to giving something back to mum. Whether it’s a handmade card or a day at the spa, a gesture of a gift is always a good way to say thank you for all her hard work.

Start off the day with some breakfast in bed and a bunch of flowers. If you’re not visiting on the day, make sure you’ve sent a card that will arrive on time – don’t forget it’s on a Sunday so you’ll need to post it early! Take her out for lunch or go for a walk in the local park, set aside time to do something that you’ve always said ‘we’ll do that together one day’. Why not break the mould and do something completely different like go karting or indoor skiing!

Personalised Gifts

If you’re stuck for ideas and want to make Mother’s Day really special this year, try to combine all of the things she loves. Gift Hampers are a great way to make a present really personal and to give the mum who has everything, something a little different. They’re not just stuffed with loads of great presents, they look fantastic too. Wicker baskets and lots of ribbon make a change to the usual shiny wrapping paper and generic bottle bags. Hampers are a brilliant way to show that, this year, you’ve really put in the effort. Get your siblings to join in and you can make it bigger and better.

Gourmet Treats

Foodie mums will love a basket filled with their favourite treats. Source some local preserves and snacks and some special chocolates to make a gift that is just for her, no other family members allowed. If your mum is always on the go, try putting together a basket that is for a night of pure relaxation. Fill it with fragrant soaps for the bath, a bottle of bubbly and a pile of magazines so that she can soak away all her stresses and forget about everything else for an evening. Have you got an arty mum that loves to make things? Fabrics, nice paper and posh pens would make a great combination. If your mum loves to cook, consider a creating a box or basket packed with baking equipment and tasty ingredients.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give the most important woman in your life a little extra love. It’s not all about lavishing her with gifts but arranging something personal will really make her smile. Ignore her requests that she ‘doesn’t want anything this year’, she doesn’t mean it!

Louise Jenkins writes on behalf of gourmet hamper company Virginia Hayward. for more information click visit

mothers day How To Make Mothers Day Really Special

Photo Credit: Candie_N (CC BY 2.0)

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