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Bathroom’s Got Talent: Shower Singing Superstardom

Bathroom’s Got Talent: Shower Singing Superstardom


Showering; though a mundane thing, it is a place for pondering, philosophising, preparing ourselves for the day ahead…and performing our hearts out! An integral part of our daily cleansing ritual is to sing our favourite songs at the top of our lungs, to an adoring audience of towels and toiletries. Our big bathroom stage dreams are ever more easily realised thanks to waterproof radios, in-shower music and speaker technology ( and even bathroom spotlights; so instead of sleepily slinking into your morning shower, strut onto your tiled stage and own it! If you’re worrying about your set list, here are the top 10 tunes you can make the most of your shower’s acoustics with:

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  1. 1.       Ritchie Valens – La Bamba 

Originally a Mexican folk song, La Bamba was immortalised by Ritchie Valens in 1958. With its infectious melody and simple, catchy hook, La Bamba is perfect to sing along to and have fun with. Play with the tempo, the volume and the pitch to give this musical gem a quirky little twist.

  1. 2.       Jackson 5 -ABC Or Want You Back

Arguably two of the Jacksons’ biggest hits, both have a fun, uptempo beat that you can’t help but tap your feet or move your body too. When singing along to either of these top tunes you can feel the energy of the song taking effect and you might even be inspired to try and emulate Michael’s funky personality or tackle his higher notes.

  1. 3.       Dolly Parton9 To 5

A country classic and Hollywood hit, Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 is a catchy tune full of honest “blue collar” lyrics and a strong, uplifting message about empowering the working class. If you need an early morning pick-me-up because you’re struggling to get out of bed and face another tough day of humdrum and work then this is the song for you!

  1. 4.       Queenbohemian Rhapsody

A legendary band, a legendary song and the tremendous opportunity to try and sing all four parts – solo. This is most definitely the type of song you can enjoy putting your heart into as you soap up and rinse down. Project like Freddie Mercury, air guitar like Brian May and sing in that shower like you’ve never sung before!

  1. 5.       Michael Bublei Just Haven’t Met You Yet Or Frank Sinatra My Way

Two iconic crooners, their heydays separated by more than five decades but their music and personas equally captivating and charismatic. Buble’sI Just Haven’t Met You Yet is a pop-croon tune that you can’t help but feel uplifted by whilst Sinatra’s epic My Way has been the big tune for years and is a perfect choice to sing at the top of your lungs in the safety of your bathroom arena.

Of course, there are many other top hits that can turn a simple shower into a performance of epic proportions, for example anything by Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey is bound to sound like a fiesta for your ears, with your bathroom acoustics turning any stray warbles and whines into honey like notes. So next time you step inside that shower, show it how to rock.

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