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Simple Design Tips for a Better Website

Simple Design Tips for a Better Website


All businesses need to have a website these days. Customers expect to be able to find you online, if they can’t they will find someone else who is, it’s as simple as that. However, you can’t make any old website; if the website has a bad design or is slow to load once again your potential customers will leave and take their business elsewhere. Your website cannot let you down, and here are the basic tips you need to follow if you want to make sure your Internet presence pays off.

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Make Your Website a Great Place to Spend Time

  1. The navigation of your site must be easy to understand. Keep the labels of all the pages simple so they can be understood, the visitor needs to be fully aware of where they will be taken when they click each header on the menu bar. Avoid over cluttering the navigation bar with lots of links, only add your main pages such as a link to the first page of your blog, contact information, services, about page and the home page. However, if you’re selling products you will need to add plenty of sub-categories under these main labels.
  2. Branding should be consistent across your entire online presence and in any offline marketing you’re undertaking. Have a clear logo and make it prominent and create a short and concise message that will quickly explain the type of business you are.
  3. Colours should work with your branding and be pleasant on the eye. Always avoid using black backgrounds on a website with a contrasting font for the text as it can be almost painful on the eyes of your visitors. Stick to a crisp colour palette of up to three colours that work perfectly together.
  4. Add all your contact information onto your website. The contact us page should be full of all the options for your visitors including phone numbers, emails, IM’s and your social network accounts for the business. You should also include the phone number and main email address on the header or footer of each page on your site so customers don’t need to go routing for it if they want to contact you.
  5. Never play music or automatic videos when a visitor arrives on your website. If you want to add video marketing campaigns or music players feel free to do so but set it so the visitor can choose when to press play if the desire takes them there. If you’ve ever arrived on a website to be greeted by loud music blaring out of your speakers you’ll already know why this is a definite no-no.
  6. Use real images of you and your company not stock images found online. Find a commercial photographer such as Rob Bennett Photography to come in and take high quality shots that can be used online and in your printed materials. Your visitors will find it easier to trust you if you use actual images of the offices, warehouse and the individuals that work in your company.

The author has many years of web design under his belt and he continues to blog and write articles in order to share his advice with other small business owners and entrepreneurs. With these tips you’ll be the proud owner of a website that is designed to satisfy your customers.


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