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Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future

Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future


AOE LIQUOR Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals for Your Future

Alcohol & Self Esteem: Setting Goals For Your Future

The beginning of the New Year is often a time for resolutions to move forward in a healthier and more meaningful way. If your New Year’s promise to yourself involves drinking less and regaining your former self esteem, you may wonder just how you can accomplish this goal without falling back into your old drinking habit. Overcoming excessive alcohol consumption can indeed be a struggle. However, it could be well worth your effort in several important ways. As you work to remain sober, you would be well advised to take each day as it comes and realize how your new found sobriety can benefit you throughout this upcoming year.

Avoiding DUIs And Legal Troubles

If your alcohol habit in the past has caused you to suffer severe legal consequences, you can look forward this year to staying on the good side of the local law enforcement and keeping out of the courtroom by resisting the temptation to drink. As you may well know, DUIs are expensive and difficult to overcome. When you incur this charge, you stand to lose your job, your money, and your freedom.

As expressed by the law firm of Katz & Phillips, “The nightmare of being charged with driving under the influence can happen to just about anyone. If you drink, there may come a time when you honestly believe you’re perfectly able to drive – but you’re not. This does not make you less than a model citizen. It makes you human.” As you pursue sobriety, however, you can anticipate avoiding all of the dire consequences that come with driving under the influence.

Getting The Counseling You Need

If the first few days of being sober have been relatively easy for you, you may still expect the coming weeks to be more of a challenge. When the desire to start drinking hits you, it is vital that you resist this urge and instead, seek professional counseling that can help you maintain your sobriety. This counseling can reveal to you why you felt compelled to consume alcohol in excess in the first place. Once you can objectify your reasons for your habit, you can work to overcome these obstacles and resist them in a healthier and more productive way.

Regaining Your Self-Esteem

You may have been the life of the party when you drank too much. However, your frequent drunkenness may have also robbed you of your self-esteem. While your friends laughed at you while you were drunk and encouraged you to engage in silly antics at parties, you may have come to realize that these individuals perhaps did not respect you as a person or as a true friend at all. Discovering that you were nothing more than side show entertainment to people with whom you used to socialize can be demoralizing and crushing.

When you stay sober, however, you can rediscover your true talents and make friends who love you for the person you are and not for your drunken acts. Having genuine friends by your side during your recovery can give you back your ability to respect yourself and the confidence you need to move forward with your life.

This year could be the time of your life when you abandon your alcoholic tendencies and embrace sobriety. As you work to maintain this goal, you can use these encouragements to keep you on track and give you the inspiration you need to succeed.

Nadine Swayne writes this article in hopes of helping those who made resolutions to keep them and get it together for 2014! She found helpful tips on the website of Katz & Phillips, which had a host of information regarding DUI and steps to take if charged.
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