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A Change Of Season

A Change Of Season


The most popular colors of the season seem to leave the scene as fast as they arrive.  The combination of various colors is what helps people ease from one season into another.  Summer loves bold and bright colors with trinkets of sheer white and misty blues.  Ease into fall by mixing the brightness of summer with nudes and soft caramels.  Winter takes you by storm but never be caught off guard when you blend the nudes and caramels of fall with festive blues, oranges, greens and other deep colors that are rich and invigorating.  Spring your best fashion forward by calming the deep hues of winter with blends of coral and peach.  In essence, colors don’t go away, they simply change shades.

change season A Change Of Season

As you enter into each season, the first thought that comes to mind is ways to spruce up your wardrobe.  There isn’t always a need to go out and splurge on a new wardrobe.  Consider making over your closet by using items that haven’t been worn or blending colors that you’ve never tried before.  Mix different textures for an added burst of flavor to any outfit.  Dare to be different but most importantly dare to define who you are and how you really feel about the seasons of life.

Colder months are the best times to move your sweaters, cardigans, blazers and coats to the front of the closet.  Find scarves that compliment the colors of your winter shells.  Scarves are a great accessory of choice for winter and fall.  The colors are great for inspiring the tone reflection of the weather and can help to warm you on a really cool afternoon.  Warm the look with gloves that flatter.  Gloves are available in several styles and are wonderful compliments to cold winter wear.  These are simple ways to transition your wardrobe into each new season without hitting the malls.

Once the beautiful days of spring and summer approaches, you should garnish your look with a refreshing splash of light and sheer.  Materials made of awesome sheer fabrics will be great for this time of year.  They are light weight but can provide minimum protection from the sun.  Many of the pants and skirts you wore in the fall can be paired with summer colored tops for a great look.  Add hair accessories such as hair bows, ribbons and clips that are brightly colored and create a spring like expression of style.  This is a great time of year for fun wear.  Cute summer dresses and skirts that flair will make any summer day brighter.  Sandals with jewels or flower accessories are a great way to add sparkle to the simple summer skirt.

It’s perfectly normal to purchase a few extra pieces at the change of each season.  However, it’s also a wonderful concept to mix and match your current clothing.  Introduce some of your old items to something completely new and allow them to create sweet melodies together.  The constant changes that happen naturally and without much time for preparation at times can be a bit much.  There is a great world that’s ready to wow and it is located within your very own wardrobe.

Go ahead, splurge and go shopping for your season must haves but remember that you’ve got choices inside your very own closet.  Schedule a time to change the elements of your wardrobe by deciding to only purchase seasonal clothing once every few years.  Each season brings about a new opportunity for a great style to move forward.  Your contribution to the fashion journey will help to define and shape the thoughts of others as they watch you blend the style you’re in.

Donna Lee Jane from DearJane loves seasonal colors, the combination of various colours is what helps her ease from one season into another.

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Giving Back This Holiday Season

Giving Back This Holiday Season


Giving Back This Holiday Season – How Dentist’s Are Giving Back

Whether you have a million extra dollars or a simple hug to share with a stranger, everybody has the ability to give back. Of course, like every year the holiday season becomes extremely hectic for everyone. Children and teenagers are turning in their last assignments to school, parents might be working overtime to provide for their families. Everybody else is either traveling, shopping or welcoming guests. It’s easy to forget the real meaning of the holidays and how you can help your community.

giving back this holiday season Giving Back This Holiday Season

In my opinion, the best part of the holidays is being able to give to others. Giving somebody a present or even donating your unused things to those in need, are the things I look forward to the most. If you want to give back to your community, just do it. You don’t even have to have a lot of money or even tons of extra time, just a desire to give back.

Giving Back Through Dental Services

A lot of business’ especially dental offices are using their expertise to provide services to those in need. By doing what they love, they are figuring out ways to give back to those in their community, by providing services to people who may not be able to normally afford it. General, cosmetic and restorative dental services are quite expensive, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. A new set of dentures or repairing a broken tooth might not be plausible for many, especially if they have other financial burdens to worry about.

Although dental services, especially cosmetic dental services may seem like a luxury service, having the ability to smile again, or have teeth to eat with, are things we all deserve. Cosmetic dentistry can provide dental implants to replace important teeth that many have lost. Many older individuals, or individuals who have gone through an illness, experience tooth loss. Having a cosmetic dentist who is willing to give you your smile and teeth back for free is something that will last you a life-time.

These dentists are also able to help children and individuals who have cavities or decayed teeth that need to be replaced with a filling or requires the placement of a bridge or crown. These services can be extremely costly and because of generous dentists, these individuals will have their oral health and smiled improved.

These are just some of the small ways that dentists are giving back to the community. Many dentists are providing free dental exams, teeth cleanings and oral cancer screenings. By doing what they do best, they are helping out their community and providing services that are vital to our oral health.

If you have a business, whether it is a dental practice or not, you can provide free services to the members of your community. It doesn’t matter if you provide free meals to the homeless or donate the extra items you have in stock at your retail store. Do what you can and spread joy this holiday season.

Victoria is a blogger for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry in Lakeway, Texas. She loves volunteering and finding new ways she can give back to her community.

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Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home


There are only a few days left before it is Christmas Eve again. By this time, you should have your home dressed up for the holiday season and oozing with Christmas spirit. If you have not decorated your home yet and are tired of the usual, mediocre Christmas decorations, then here are some ideas to get your home in the holiday mood. You do not want your home looking like the “Grinch” of your neighborhood.

tis season jolly unique christmas Tis The Season To Be Jolly   Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

The Dominant Colors of Christmas

The dominant colors of Christmas are green, red, gold, silver, and white. There are meanings behind these colors.

  • Green is said to represent nature and hope. When the land is covered with the whiteness of snow, green represents life, a new beginning, and hope.
  • Red, on the other hand, symbolizes the blood Jesus shed for all mankind, so it speaks of love and warmth.
  • Gold speaks of wealth and of good health.
  • Silver not only signifies wealth like gold does, but it also represents clarity, perseverance, and brightness.
  • White represents cleanliness as well as purity.

Remember these colors when decorating your home for the holiday season. You will be using the traditional colors of Christmas, yes, but it is in the way you use them that will make your home Christmas decorations unique.

Glam Up Your Deck

When decorating your home, do not forget your deck. It is, after all, one of the parts of your home that people will first see, so you need to give it that holiday spirit as well. Of course, before you decorate it, you need to give it a good washing. You can scrub it clean or use a power washer to wash away the dirt and grime. You can rent a power washer if you do not have one. Find out more about power washer rentals online or visit your local hardware and see if they offer tool rental services.

Once your deck is clean, you can now give it that holiday cheer. Hang a wicker basket on the walls as well as the front door, but instead of using the usual Christmas decors, use red, yellow, and white flowers instead. Their green leaves will complete the whole Christmas look. You can use fake flowers if you want, since fresh flowers can be pretty expensive.

Do not forget to wrap the deck railing with the same decorations, too, for a continuation of the Christmas theme. It is also a great idea to put out Christmas lanterns decorated with the Christmas colors on the deck.

Glam up Your Mailbox

You should also decorate your mailbox with a topper made up juniper, moss, as well as fir for the greens and rosemary, lavender, and pansies for the other Christmas colors. Add some gold and silver Christmas balls to complete the look, and tie a red and gold ribbon around the mailbox. A decorated mailbox is a great way to greet people a Merry Christmas.

Glam Up the Interior of Your Home

Instead of using the usual Christmas ornaments for your home, why not hang pictures of your family instead. You can paste them on shimmery colorful cards, thread Christmas ribbons on top of the card, and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can also add some small handicrafts and artworks that your children made for the holiday season.

Jennifer Daniels is a writer for home blogs. She shares DIY tips for decorating homes.

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6 Things To Do For The Holiday Season In New York City

6 Things To Do For The Holiday Season In New York City


Well the holidays are approaching and there are a lot of great things to do and see for the holiday season. Whether a person lives in New York City or is just visiting, anyone can benefit from this list of things to do for the holidays in the city.

things for holiday season new 6 Things To Do For The Holiday Season In New York City

Ice Skating – There are several places that people can go if they enjoy ice skating. Some places to check out are The Rink at Rockefeller Center, Trump Wollman Rink, the city Pond at Bryant Park which is free, and the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers. The Rink at Rockefeller Center has a lot of different package deals to choose from such as Breakfast with Santa Claus, VIP skating where guests get hot chocolate, freshly baked cookies, a ninety minute skate session and more, and they even have a deal where guests can see a Christmas show, go skating, and have a three course meal at one of their restaurants.

Window Shopping – New York window shopping is another great option on things to do while in the city. Window shopping is fun and allows people to enjoy the sights and all the bright lights of the holiday season. Best of all, window shopping is free but just dress warm, and if someone sees something that catches their eye in a store front window, they always have the option of going inside.

Tree Lighting – How about going to see a tree lighting ceremony? Places such as Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Park, and Park Avenue have tree lighting ceremonies that are free to the public. Rockefeller Center has a massive Christmas tree and when they turn the lights on, people are always very impressed. For those who are willing to spend a few extra dollars, the American Museum of Natural History has an Origami holiday tree up for viewing. The tree has more than five hundred handmade origami ornaments which are cool to see.

Macy’s Holiday Window Display – Visit a window display at Macy’s. Every year, Macy’s chooses a holiday theme to display in their window which draws a lot of attention. People enjoy it, perhaps so much that they may even be tempted to run out and purchase a New York window to duplicate such a display in their own home! So for those who enjoy the magical and creative don’t miss this display because it’s only around until December 31st, New Year’s Eve.

Visit the Holiday Markets – Columbus Circle Holiday Market and Union Square Holiday Market are two markets that are worth stopping by. The Columbus Circle Holiday Market has one hundred vendors selling food and crafts and the Union Square Holiday Market has one hundred and twenty five vendors selling crafts, jewelry, and leather made items. These two markets are great places to go to do some holiday shopping and to get a good meal.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular – Grab the kids and take them to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes. The kids will be sure to enjoy the performance and the dancing, and the prices for tickets range from thirty nine dollars to three hundred and twenty nine dollars.

New York City offers a variety of things for people to do and see and the options are endless. From ice skating to shopping, the city is a fun and exciting place to be and is worth visiting.

Cheryl is a New York City resident who has always enjoyed her time living in the big city. She throughly enjoys the holidays and tries to enjoy it as much as she can.

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