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What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction


There is no doubt that a happy workforce is one of the greatest weapons you can have in your business arsenal. Satisfied staff don’t look for other jobs, meaning you get the consistency of a mature and close knit team, and they also tend to say positive things about your brand when they aren’t at work. Keeping staff happy and loyal is something many companies strive for, but not all of them are successful. This is largely because some approaches that seem like a good idea don’t really target what matters most to people. Employee of the month schemes, free donuts, dress down Fridays and so on are all superficially good ideas, and are appreciated by staff, but they don’t really tackle what genuinely means something to the people who work in the business. Here we take a look at what really matters to staff and how it can be used to inspire job satisfaction:

really matters staff comes job What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

Career Progression

really matters staff comes job1 What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

One of the most important things for a lot of people, especially staff early in their careers, is a sense that they are going somewhere in the company and that everything possible is being done to help them develop. While some people are happy doing the same job for years and don’t plan to progress in their careers, these aren’t the people you need to worry about leaving anyway! People who are keen to move onwards and upwards in your industry however need to know that there are goals they can achieve within the company that will lead to greater salary and status, otherwise they will look for it elsewhere.

Showing that you have people who have worked their way up through the ranks is good, as is making sure that your appraisal process takes into account things like the future plans and needs of the people concerned. If you show through your line management structure that the business is interested in people who want to get promoted or move into new skill sets, this really sets the tone of a company where someone can have a career rather than just a job.

Genuine Benefits

really matters staff comes job2 What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

Employee loyalty doesn’t come from giving your staff silly prizes and a Christmas party once a year, but from genuine benefits that actually make a difference to their everyday lives. Real benefits like flexi time, home working options, healthcare and a company car are far more likely to inspire your workforce to feel happy about where they work. Work is important, but companies who talk about the work life balance and don’t do anything to actually make their staff feel like they care about it are the ones people leave. Do your staff really need to be on site to do their jobs? Does work strictly have to start at 8.30 for everybody? For some businesses this is the case, however many others can offer staff more flexible options than they do, and making changes like this is exactly how to ensure your workforce is satisfied and know they have it good! Make your company one with a caring culture and it will pay dividends in staff retention and your public reputation.

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