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Promoting Your Restaurant’s Social Media

Promoting Your Restaurant’s Social Media


Social media is a huge marketing tool for restaurants- it’s way to interact with customers, gain reviews, find your target market, and improve your company’s web presence. But, what happens once you’ve created your Facebook, Twitter, or Google + page? Followers and likers don’t just magically appear or are magnetically drawn to your site- they have to be convinced, pulled in, and reminded that you’re on the web- so how do you make this happen? There’s many ways to get your social media in the eyes of potential and regular customers, it just takes a little work and a lot of creativity.

restaurant Promoting Your Restaurants Social Media

Advertise Throughout Your Social Media

Make sure all your social media is integrated- advertise your Twitter on your Facebook page, make sure your Facebook link is on your company’s LinkedIn, etc. This is a really important aspect of social media- usually those who already like your Facebook page probably have a Twitter account, and if so, let them see your Twitter tag! They’re likely to follow you. Also, make sure all your social media is one the front page of your website where viewer can easily see it. This is also incredibly important for making sure your social media has a real presence within your company.

Put Your Webpages Everywhere

And we mean, everywhere. Don’t be afraid to add your Facebook and Twitter pages to company email signatures, and make business cards that have your social media pages on them and hand them out with every receipt at your restaurant. It’s also a good to have strategically placed signs around the restaurant with “Like us on Facebook for Discounts and More!” and things of this nature on them. Putting social media where people can see it is the first step to attracting them to your page.

Have A FB/Twitter Feed Featured in Your Restaurant

If you have a TV to spare, this can be a really great tool for interacting with customers. Customers love any chance to have their name be seen, and have a live Twitter or Facebook feed scrolling in your restaurant gives them this opportunity. Customers can tweet about what they’re eating, check in, and show their friends that your restaurant is the place to be.

Host Events Tied Into Your Social Media Feeds

Hosting special happy hours or other events tied into your social media can be a great way to interact online and in person. Having an event where retweeting enter people to win gift cards or other free gifts, or hosting an event where photos are taken and uploaded to your restaurant’s Facebook page for users to tag themselves are great ways to make users invested in your social media. Plus, they’ll probably tweet and post about it, too!

Follow and Like Relevant People/Places

One of the best ways to create a community on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, is to follow, like, and join groups that are relevant to your restaurant. Follow food bloggers on Twitter, interacting with sister restaurants or other businesses on Facebook and joining groups on LinkedIn are good ways to establish target markets and get involved. Interaction play a huge role in social media- make sure you’re tweeting, posting, responding, and engaging customers- they’ll keep coming back to your page if they know you’re present.

Social media is easy to create, but can be difficult to manage. By following these tips and keeping your social media relevant and updated, your restaurant can have the community it wants and needs online and become a huge presence on the web.

Adriana Borges manages Estância Churrascaria, a Brazilian steak house in Austin, Texas that embraces traditional Brazilian culture with tender, juicy meats, traditional side plates and an extensive salad bar featuring fresh veggies, cheese, and fish.

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