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Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?


are 4x4 suv truck owners Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

If there is one kind of motorist that gets demonized more than any other in these times of environmental consciousness and hybrid engines, it is the driver who has chosen a really big car or truck. 4×4’s, SUV’s, pickups and other trucks tend to attract disapproving glances because there is a popular view that they have horrible polluting effects and also that many of the people who drive them could actually manage just as well with a smaller, greener car and simply chose the larger vehicle for some kind of macho reason. In actual fact, while there are certainly people who do opt for larger vehicles as a style choice, most drivers of these cars and trucks choose them for more practical reasons, and these drivers do of course, end up paying a lot more for fuel as the fuel economy on a big car is generally pretty bad. So why should we think about being kinder to these motorists?

Larger Cars Are Great For Car Sharing

are 4x4 suv truck owners1 Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

If you are someone with a big family, or you are interested in being in a car share scheme where you take other people’s kids to school or take coworkers to work with you, then a car like a 4X4, SUV, people carrier or truck can be a very good idea. You can transport a lot of people, thus saving the carbon emissions all their separate cars would otherwise be releasing into the atmosphere. Carpool lanes, which are only permitted to be used by people who have passengers, are becoming common schemes in many cities so there are strong incentives for people who have room in their vehicles to find other people who are interested in sharing their journeys, and it is also possible to easily find car share candidates using websites or work or school bulletin boards.

Larger Cars Are Versatile

While a big truck or car may not be necessary for every trip someone makes, they do allow for a certain level of versatility. If a family wants to go on a vacation in their car, rather than flying, they are better able to do this in a large vehicle, especially if they have things like skis or surfboards they want to take with them. Some people also use the extra luggage space for tools they need for work.


are 4x4 suv truck owners2 Are 4X4, SUV And Truck Owners Really Doing That Much Harm?

Many drivers feel safer in a large, heavy vehicle because it is less likely to be badly damaged in a collision, causing harm to their families. While all cars have different safety ratings and in some cases in a truck accident the larger vehicle won’t fare the best, some people, especially parents, prefer the safe feeling of being in a big, robust car with their kids.

While there are certainly some downsides in terms of fuel economy, it is important to understand that all cars have been designed for a reason and a certain market, and that there are reasons why some motorists choose bigger vehicles over smaller, more efficient ones.

Jack Dawson, the author of this post is an employee at Flick Law Firm, home to car accident lawyers. Jack, in his spare time, loves cooking for his family.

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What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction


There is no doubt that a happy workforce is one of the greatest weapons you can have in your business arsenal. Satisfied staff don’t look for other jobs, meaning you get the consistency of a mature and close knit team, and they also tend to say positive things about your brand when they aren’t at work. Keeping staff happy and loyal is something many companies strive for, but not all of them are successful. This is largely because some approaches that seem like a good idea don’t really target what matters most to people. Employee of the month schemes, free donuts, dress down Fridays and so on are all superficially good ideas, and are appreciated by staff, but they don’t really tackle what genuinely means something to the people who work in the business. Here we take a look at what really matters to staff and how it can be used to inspire job satisfaction:

really matters staff comes job What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

Career Progression

really matters staff comes job1 What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

One of the most important things for a lot of people, especially staff early in their careers, is a sense that they are going somewhere in the company and that everything possible is being done to help them develop. While some people are happy doing the same job for years and don’t plan to progress in their careers, these aren’t the people you need to worry about leaving anyway! People who are keen to move onwards and upwards in your industry however need to know that there are goals they can achieve within the company that will lead to greater salary and status, otherwise they will look for it elsewhere.

Showing that you have people who have worked their way up through the ranks is good, as is making sure that your appraisal process takes into account things like the future plans and needs of the people concerned. If you show through your line management structure that the business is interested in people who want to get promoted or move into new skill sets, this really sets the tone of a company where someone can have a career rather than just a job.

Genuine Benefits

really matters staff comes job2 What Really Matters To Staff When It Comes To Job Satisfaction

Employee loyalty doesn’t come from giving your staff silly prizes and a Christmas party once a year, but from genuine benefits that actually make a difference to their everyday lives. Real benefits like flexi time, home working options, healthcare and a company car are far more likely to inspire your workforce to feel happy about where they work. Work is important, but companies who talk about the work life balance and don’t do anything to actually make their staff feel like they care about it are the ones people leave. Do your staff really need to be on site to do their jobs? Does work strictly have to start at 8.30 for everybody? For some businesses this is the case, however many others can offer staff more flexible options than they do, and making changes like this is exactly how to ensure your workforce is satisfied and know they have it good! Make your company one with a caring culture and it will pay dividends in staff retention and your public reputation.

The contributor of this post David Waters is an employee at BreakAway Loyalty, a firm that offers advice on how to gain employee loyalty. His articles help a lot of people and they provide easy solutions.

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The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!


If you are lucky enough to have just gotten engaged, or are expecting to very soon, and are dropping hints about the kind of ring you would like (or have been tasked with choosing your own ring, as so many men tend to do these days to be on the safe side!) fashion in terms of trends may not be your biggest priority. After all, you are expecting to be wearing this ring for life, and so the celebrity inspired fashions of 2013 are pretty irrelevant in the long run. However, it is still worth keeping an eye on trends when they still offer classic cuts, metals and stones, because you do after all want a contemporary rather than dated look for your engagement.

One timeless choice is of course a diamond solitaire. Whether you and your man can afford something huge and glitzy or prefer something more subtle, a diamond on its own set in a classic precious metal like gold or platinum is an effortlessly classy look that will never go out of style. Still though, even with solitaires there are trends when it comes to cut, and here are a couple of cuts of solitaire and solitaire effect diamonds that are both modern and likely to remain in style forever!

Emerald Cut

lesser known cuts diamond are The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

An emerald cut diamond is, as the name implies so beautifully, one that is cut in a shape more normally associated with green emeralds – a rectangle. This sits lengthways on the finger, and has the visual effect of elongating the ring finger and making the hand look more willowy and elegant. If your fingers look a little stubby or you think you have fat fingers, an emerald cut of the right size for you can transform the look of your hand, making it look lean and more feminine. The emerald cut can look beautiful as a simple solitaire, but if that’s not intricate or sparkly enough for you, you can also choose an emerald cut stone as the centerpiece of a more elaborate stone formation, using smaller diamonds or other gems beside it.

Princessa Cut

lesser known cuts diamond are1 The Lesser Known Cuts Of Diamond That Are Really Fashionable For Engagement Rings Right Now!

Most people have heard of the very classic princess cut diamond, which has always been a popular choice for engagement rings. The princess cut is basically a diamond cut into a square, which looks great as a solitaire or with other stones mounted next to it. A modern take on this, which is a clever choice for brides to be on a budget, too, is the princessa cut. This is four diamonds cut in a princess cut, set together to form a larger 4 x 4 square. The effect is that it looks like a large princess cut stone from a distance, but is a little more sparkly because of the extra facets. Of course, four small diamonds will cost less than one large diamond of the same combined weight, so you are getting much more bling for your buck without compromising on style!

These are both angular styles which can look more modern and edgy (as edgy as you want a symbol of love to be!) than round diamond cuts, and which tend to work best with white metals rather than yellow or rose golds, however there are lots of jewelry designers who will let you create your own custom look using stones in these cuts so you can have just about anything that suits you!

This post has been contributed by Nolan Grey, who is currently working with Diamonds on Web. He has a very pleasing personality. Through his articles he intends to inspire people’s fashion sense.  In his free time, he likes to read novels.

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How To Make Mothers Day Really Special

How To Make Mothers Day Really Special


After bringing us into the world and setting us up for life, the least our mums deserve is a day that’s all about them. The fourth Sunday of every Lent is Mothering Sunday and it’s a full twenty-four hours that are devoted to giving something back to mum. Whether it’s a handmade card or a day at the spa, a gesture of a gift is always a good way to say thank you for all her hard work.

Start off the day with some breakfast in bed and a bunch of flowers. If you’re not visiting on the day, make sure you’ve sent a card that will arrive on time – don’t forget it’s on a Sunday so you’ll need to post it early! Take her out for lunch or go for a walk in the local park, set aside time to do something that you’ve always said ‘we’ll do that together one day’. Why not break the mould and do something completely different like go karting or indoor skiing!

Personalised Gifts

If you’re stuck for ideas and want to make Mother’s Day really special this year, try to combine all of the things she loves. Gift Hampers are a great way to make a present really personal and to give the mum who has everything, something a little different. They’re not just stuffed with loads of great presents, they look fantastic too. Wicker baskets and lots of ribbon make a change to the usual shiny wrapping paper and generic bottle bags. Hampers are a brilliant way to show that, this year, you’ve really put in the effort. Get your siblings to join in and you can make it bigger and better.

Gourmet Treats

Foodie mums will love a basket filled with their favourite treats. Source some local preserves and snacks and some special chocolates to make a gift that is just for her, no other family members allowed. If your mum is always on the go, try putting together a basket that is for a night of pure relaxation. Fill it with fragrant soaps for the bath, a bottle of bubbly and a pile of magazines so that she can soak away all her stresses and forget about everything else for an evening. Have you got an arty mum that loves to make things? Fabrics, nice paper and posh pens would make a great combination. If your mum loves to cook, consider a creating a box or basket packed with baking equipment and tasty ingredients.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give the most important woman in your life a little extra love. It’s not all about lavishing her with gifts but arranging something personal will really make her smile. Ignore her requests that she ‘doesn’t want anything this year’, she doesn’t mean it!

Louise Jenkins writes on behalf of gourmet hamper company Virginia Hayward. for more information click visit

mothers day How To Make Mothers Day Really Special

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Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

Is 3D TV Really Worth It?


Why Go For 3D TV?

Television technology is evolving at a very fast rate. From flatscreens to plasma displays, manufacturers have always managed to find ways to improve people’s viewing experiences.

But now, 3D TV is the newest trend in television viewing. After the success and growing popularity of 3D movies like James Cameron’s blockbuster hit Avatar in 2009, adapting the technology to television seems to be the next logical move.

Imagine being able to watch a documentary or sports game in glorious 3D in the comfort of your own home. People will now be able to replicate the 3D experience that used to be solely the realm of movie theaters alone. Yet 3D TV, both the glasses and the pricier non-glasses kind, seems to be struggling to catch up.

A Glaring Dearth Of Demand

Remember when HDTV was the “in” thing a few years ago? At first, the public was slow to adapt to this new form of TV technology but they eventually warmed to it in time. Soon enough, TV service providers were offering dedicated channels that air high definition programs round-the-clock.

But this is not the case with 3D TV. Currently, 3D viewership forms just a small part of the whole TV-viewing population. For example, at any one time, only 115,000 US households are tuning in into 3D programs and channels. And out of the 331 million television sets in the US, only two percent are 3D-capable. If 3D technology is the future of television viewing, why the slow reception?

First off, 3D TV sets are often priced higher (about $100 to $200 more) than their non-3D counterparts. Glasses, which are sometimes sold separately from the main TV unit, can also add to the expense. A pair can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Even subscribing to 3D networks and channels comes at a high price.

Aside from the prohibitive cost, the lack of 3D channels and programs is another probable reason for the tepid public reception to 3D TVs. Due to the small amount of people tuning into 3D channels, advertisers find it hard to invest their ads into a network that is least likely to be viewed by a large audience. And the costs of producing a TV show in 3D is exorbitantly high. For example, the 3D broadcast of the Olympics (one of the most memorable 3D feeds to date) was made possible by utilizing over fifty camera rigs that were constantly manned by eighty videographers. This translates to higher subscription fees for 3D TV channels.

Is 3D TV Worth It?

Undoubtedly, 3D technology looks promising. For those who are hardcore fans of watching 3D shows, a 3D TV is a sound investment. But for those who are just looking for a decent all-around TV set, a 3D TV might entail far too many unnecessary costs. The lack of dedicated 3D channels is also a big-turn off to consumers. The best thing to do here is to wait until 3D content in mainstream TV programming has increased and the prices of 3D TV units have significantly gone down.

Darren Eatmon loves technology and is always the first to get the latest gadget! He writes for a variety of tech and entertainment related blogs.

3d tv samsung Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

3d tv samsung1 Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

3d tv samsung2 Is 3D TV Really Worth It?

Photo Credit: LGEPR (CC BY 2.0)

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