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Make Product Safety A Priority: Buy Only Safe Products And Appliances

Make Product Safety A Priority: Buy Only Safe Products And Appliances


Most of us are always on the lookout for the best bargains in the market. But when it comes to buying electrical products and appliances, choosing the lowest price may result in huge costs in the long run. These cheap appliances may place your home and your family at risk. For instance, if an appliance repeatedly blows a fuse or it constantly trips the circuit breaker, it could mean that the appliance is defective and might cause a house fire or electrical shock.

To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that the products and appliances you are buying have been properly tested and certified. But that’s not all. You should also be a responsible consumer by making sure that the product is used as intended and that you will take precautions when operating the appliance. If you are careless and neglectful, you might create a hazardous situation that can result in injuries, suffering, and losses.

product safety priority buy only Make Product Safety A Priority: Buy Only Safe Products And Appliances

How Do I Know That An Appliance Is Safe To Use?

When purchasing new appliances, you should always look for safety certifications. You should also look for the manufacturer’s warnings and recommendations for safe use. These labels are present in most products in the market. The gold standard in safety around the world is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). They have been testing and writing safety standards for different kinds of products, appliances, and materials for many years. Although each country and state often have their own safety certification programs and electrical safety guidelines, the UL mark is still widely recognized as a trusted seal of approval.

Manufacturers are also required to have their products and appliances tested by a third party testing laboratory. The testing lab should be able to make sure that the product adheres to the safety standards set by the state and federal laws. Click here to learn more about the testing procedures that third party testing laboratories offer.

Manufacturers should also remember that it is an offense to sell and distribute products and appliances that fail to meet the safety standards. For this reason, when you are looking for a new appliance, you should look for the appropriate approval badge and regulatory compliance mark.

Basic Appliance Safety Tips

  1. Use the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is recommended to read the user’s manual before operating the appliance.
  2. Use the product only for what it was designed for. Using it for other purposes might pose a risk or hazard. In addition, it will also void the product warranty and lower its life cycle.
  3. Unplug all electrical appliances, especially hair dryers, curling irons, and clothes irons, when they are not in use.
  4. Avoid using appliances with frayed cord, melted plugs, or exposed wires. Immediately repair or replace any damaged cords and plugs. For added precaution, you should discard them.
  5. Do not plug the product into a faulty electrical circuit. Seek help from an electrician if the electrical receptacle shows signs of smoke, flashing, or arcing.
  6. Repair or replace any damaged appliance to an authorized repair center. If they can’t be repaired, safely dispose of them.
  7. If your appliance has an auto shut-off function, do not misuse it. Say, for example, you have a small amount of coffee left in the coffee maker, do not rely on the auto shut-off to turn it off. Doing so might result in a house fire.
  8. If an electrical product has fallen into the water, do not reach for it unless you are sure that the appliance is unplugged or the circuit breaker is shut off.

Kris Bennette has been writing professionally for more than two years and she has written articles for lifestyle, family, and health and wellness topics for online publishing. In this article, she lists a few tips for choosing safe appliances.

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Understanding The Importance Of Testing The Materials That Make Up The Products You Buy

Understanding The Importance Of Testing The Materials That Make Up The Products You Buy


Material testing is required in all industries for every product that is distributed into the market. This is especially true for building and car manufacturing industries. This is due to the fact that the materials used for finished products are capable of bringing harm to its users if it is manufactured incorrectly. To that end, material testing becomes a necessary procedure to protect consumers.

understanding importance testing materials products Understanding The Importance Of Testing The Materials That Make Up The Products You Buy

What Is Material Testing And How Is It Done?

Material testing is the process of establishing the properties of a material in comparison to a particular standard or specification. Products that are used for daily use, especially those under the medical industry have undergone material testing to make sure that their durability, reliability, and safety are unquestioned. With that said, this testing procedure is a necessity in every industry or sector that can potentially impact the life, health, and safety of its users.

This procedure is a very complicated process which cannot be done by manufacturers themselves; thus, they need to avail the services offered by companies that specialize in performing thorough testing procedures. There are 3rd party corporate companies that undertake the testing stage of materials. These companies have complete equipments and laboratories that can accommodate different types of products. They also test products through accelerated testing procedures, such as HALT to discover any problems with the materials.

HALT: Uncovering Weak Links

HALT is also known as Highly Accelerated Life Testing. This procedure is a series of techniques that uncovers various weak links innate to the design and production process of a new product. During this process, the product is subjected to increasing levels of stress- temperature, vibration, and rapid thermal changes. The accelerated stresses performed in combination, such as high temperature and vibration levels, are needed to compress and reduce the time to failure. This process aims to find problems and doing everything to correct the problems and get rid of the weaknesses.

The goals of this procedure include:

  • Find out the about the multiple failure modes and root causes of failure
  • Determine the limits of the products
  • Figure out the functional destruct limits of the product
  • Focus on vibration and thermal stresses.

When the product is subjected to stress beyond its design specification, its operational as well as destruct limits will be discovered, and proper decisions can be made with regards to increasing its margins. This accelerated testing process can rapidly find, improve and then find another weakness of the product. This cycle continues until there are no identifiable weaknesses found that can cause failure. Every weak link discovered provides an opportunity to improve the product design, functionality, or procedure. This will eventually lead to reduced design time, improved reliability, and reduce overall production costs. The main benefits of this accelerated testing procedure are the following:

  • Lessen the time it takes to develop and design the product
  • Timely release of the product into the market
  • Improved product reliability and quality
  • Lower warranty costs
  • High profitability

If HALT is done properly, it can compress the design cycle while ensuring the delivery of reliable and mature products to the market. It is important that HALT as well as other procedures involved during materials testing must adhere to the standards. These standards have been tested and proven to offer excellent results that could mean the difference between saving a consumer’s life and taking one.

This guest post is written by Kris Lim. She aims to raise her reader’s awareness regarding the importance of materials testing. She also recommends her readers to click here if they want to read more about HALT and materials testing.

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How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing

How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing


how take best promotional photos How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing

When you market a product or service, it is highly important that you grab the attention of your viewers as quickly and as effectively as possible. Seeing as a picture can tell a thousand words, it makes sense that using the images is one of the best ways to quickly get your point across. This is why it’s so important to view your images as communication, and to make sure that your pictures are telling the story you want them to with regards to your products. Here we will look at some of the ways you can do this by taking the very best pictures and using the right editing and framing to make your products look awesome.

The Tools

how take best promotional photos1 How To Take The Best Promotional Photos To Make Your Products Look Amazing

First of all you should start out by having the best tools for the job. This means investing in a good high definition camera that is good at capturing light and has plenty of settings. Without investing in a good quality camera your images won’t look professional and this will reflect negatively on your products.

As well as having the best cameras it is also worth investing in good lighting, a good camera stand and the best photo editing software so that you can really create the best and most professional looking images.

The Setting

Next you need to think about the elements you want in your image. For some products and purposes the best set up will be to have your item set against a white background with no other elements in shot. More often though it will be useful to include a context for your product so that you can show how it is meant to be used and so that you can create a ‘scene’ around it.

When doing this you need to think about the associations that you will be creating when you choose these elements. Try to create an image filled with attractive and desirable elements because this will in turn make your product appear more attractive and desirable too.

The Composition

The composition of your image refers to the way that you are going to be setting up all those individual elements and the way that you are going to feature the product in relation to that. Your image should have depth, it should be framed, and it should be designed such that your product be the undeniable focus of the shot.

When creating this image you should look for lines that will guide the viewers’ eyes and think about how these can bring your product into focus. For instance if you were to promote a house, then including a path in the foreground leading to the house in the mid-ground would automatically lead the eye to the main focus of the piece.

The angles you take on your item can also have a big impact on the way it is perceived. For instance if you want to give your product more drama and make it look bigger and more important at the same time, you should try using an ‘upshot’ that makes it look as the product is towering over the viewer.

Combine this with the best marketing text provided by your email marketing services or your advertisers and this can make your products irresistible to all who see them.

This informative post was submitted by Alysson Preston, a content marketing expert with LeadLife Solutions which is a well recognized company providing CRM integration and lead management services. She likes to indulge in painting or blogging during her time off from work.

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