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Experiencing Pittsburgh: Top 5 Places To See

Experiencing Pittsburgh: Top 5 Places To See


PITTSBURGH Experiencing Pittsburgh: Top 5 Places To See

Washington, Pennsylvania, is in the Pittsburgh Metro Area as part of the southwestern region of the state and is a great place to find affordable hotels while still being in close proximity to all the attractions. The lodging in Washington PA is both plentiful and affordable. The population of around 13,663 and visitors are always able to find many interesting things to do and see.

Below are five of the most popular activities to do throughout the city, from visiting the vast natural environments to experiencing eclectic activities such as the Andy Warhol Museum.

1. Mount Washington is a favorite of everyone with its old fashioned pulley cars. At the top of the incline, guests are treated to a magnificent view of the entire city of Pittsburgh which includes three rivers and two stadiums. There is plenty of room to enjoy a picnic against the striking skyline, as well as a variety of types of restaurants to choose from and enjoy.

2. PNC Park is a favorite place to visit for both locals and visitors alike of all ages. The beautiful setting is kept pristine with roomy and comfortable suites. Designed to be easy to navigate, it is conveniently located so that guests may easily walk to the PNC from the downtown Pittsburgh area. The food and merchandise vendor system is convenient from anywhere within the park. Against a spectacular downtown Pittsburgh backdrop, PNC Park’s open air seating provides excellent views from any vantage point. These are just a few of the reasons that sports station ESPN regularly ranks the modern stadium number one among all of the other major league baseball stadiums.

3. The Andy Warhol Museum is designed to be an ultramodern tribute to one of the most famous pop art icons in history and the world. As the most comprehensive museum for a single artist in the world, over 4,000 works are housed, featuring drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, videos and films. Warhol’s prolific renderings also include rotating exhibits by other artists who regularly push cultural boundaries, creating new trends in a similar vein to what Warhol himself accomplished.

4. The Washington Symphony Orchestra is world renowned and offers a wide variety of entertaining concerts, while the local community theater presents several productions and musicals throughout the year. Feature productions are held at the Main Pavilion which is sponsored by state arts funding through grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

5. The Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center is a seven story former ice house that has been repurposed as a museum. Featuring interactive exhibits, over 250 years of Western Pennsylvania history is brought to life. Displaying how immigrants shaped the area, guests may discover the rich history of Pittsburgh through explorations of the Underground Railroad from the 1940s to the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum and beyond.

The above are just a few of the many intriguing sights and attractions that visitors and locals may choose to do in the dynamic city of Pittsburgh. Avid sports fans, history buffs and culture enthusiasts of all types will always be able to find something of interest to do in the visitor friendly city of Pittsburgh.

Melanie Fleury loves to travel but has not had the pleasure of visiting Pittsburgh. She has, however, found that Hilton Doubletree hotels, which offer lodging in Washington PA as well as around the country, are known for comfort, affordability, and great amenities.


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