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Exercise And Music, The Perfect Combination

Exercise And Music, The Perfect Combination


Our hectic lifestyle is the main culprit behind a lot of health related problems and obesity. The best way to tackle this problem is by paying attention towards your diet and exercising regularly. However, it is easier said than done as a lot of people hate the idea of working out in an enclosed gym. The good thing is they can put on their running shoes and take up running as a regular form of exercise. Running is an excellent way to keep fit, lose weight, increase stamina and get the required physical exercise regularly. To begin with, it will be tiring and you may not be able to run any considerable distance at a stretch; firstly because you wouldn’t have enough endurance and secondly due to the lack of motivation.

exercise music perfect combination Exercise And Music, The Perfect Combination

The good news is overtime you will build up stamina to run great distances every day, now the only thing for you to seek is the right motivation. Apart from the health benefits, running can be a mundane activity as it tends to get boring to break a sweat everyday all by yourself. To make this activity interesting, you can start plugging in headphones or earphones and listen to some good music that can keep you on your toes and also kill the boredom. If you look around while jogging, you will see more than half the people that regularly run, seek solace and companionship in good music.

How Can Music Help?

Music is one of the biggest stress busters and also a mood lifter, so when you feel too tired or lazy to get up and run, music will help in shirking the laziness. To make it interesting upload fast beats and peppy numbers that have a fast rhythm so you can align your run as per the pace of the song. A good collection of songs can motivate you to continue running while the songs play and hence help you to run long distance without feeling bored and without the tiredness creeping in.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Headphones?

Along with the right song, using the right earphones/headphones is imperative because if it isn’t the right size they will keep slipping from your ears. This can be particularly irritating and can break your rhythm and you might lose your motivation to run due to this. Opt for wireless earphones as dangling wires around your neck cause hindrance and can be an obstruction in running.

Invest in good quality earphones that have sweat proof buds or else it can get too moist and sweaty and become a cause for discomfort and ear infection. If you aren’t able to afford sweat proof earphones, buy washable buds so you can periodically wash them clean.

Dial it down

Don’t blast the music in your ears as it could eventually impair your hearing and could also cause injury to your ear drums. Also when you blast the music to full strength you wouldn’t be able to hear anything around you, so if there are cars honking or people calling out for your attention, it would be difficult for you to hear.

The idea of plugging in your earphones is to have fun while you run and not get bored as good music can elevate your senses and provide you with the right kind of motivation.


Kcmouli is a freelancer blogger who exercises frequently – here are some of his tips on how to select bluetooth headphones for running. For more tips do check out other posts and feel free to post suggestions or share this on web 2.0.

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How To Perfect A Cool Image

How To Perfect A Cool Image


We all try to dress in a cool way and nowadays it is becoming increasingly important to dress in a quirky way. The urban image is on the rise and there are many unique styles and trends that are sweeping our streets. We live in the internet age and this is a great place to keep up with trends and find cheap bargains on sites such as eBay.

The way we dress is a representation of us and therefore we should try to wear clothes that we like and what we think looks good as opposed to what society says looks good. Fashion is the most fluid industry of all and it is constantly changing and evolving therefore you can get away with wearing pretty much anything.

There is nothing really that isn’t fashionably accepted providing you carry it in a cool way. I have seen some very interesting outfit choices in my time and most people don’t even bat an eyelid simply because whoever is wearing it believes in it and that shows.

This article will highlight what it takes to perfect a cool image and what personality traits go hand in hand with dressing cool.


Street style

If you are looking to perfect a cool image then you have got to show an element of individuality, this is so very important. There are so many ways in which you can do this and they involve shopping wisely and researching.

Dressing in a cool way depends on the person totally, to some what you will dress like is cool and to others it will seem simply bizarre. Fashion is one of those things that is very much down to the person and therefore it is extremely difficult to master.

There is no right or wrong way to do it and a lot of it is reliant on personality, if you act in a cool way then what you are wearing will seem much cooler.


You have got to be confident in order to master a cool look. If you act in a way that oozes class and confidence then regardless of what you are wearing you will be regarded as cool by your friends. Some people try too hard to cress in a cool way and it is so easy to tell, the more natural you can come across the better response you will receive.

There are so many shops out there such as Urban Outfitters and J-Bees that offer a wide variety of urban styles that can really help you perfect a cool image. Whether you are a guy or a girl, the same thing applies, confidence my friends, is key.


You have also got to be brave and be willing to push the boundaries, you can be cool but understated. Those people you think of as being cool are often the popular kids in school and the reason for that is because not only are they confident, they are brave and are willing to look you in the eye and transfer an aura of cool.

Andrew is an author with over 10 years industry experience. He loves to write about fashion and the way it changes so regularly. He has a business degree and writing about fashion is a passion of his.

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How To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Business

How To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Business


Christmas decorations are the perfect way to brighten up even the dullest of offices, and are ideal for bringing some festive cheer to employees in December. But if you find yourself tiring of bringing out the same tired tree year after year, it might be time for a change. Hiring a Christmas tree is often a wise choice for organisations looking to broaden their decorating horizons, but choosing the right company to rent from can often prove challenging. Here I give you a few tips on how to find the perfect Christmas tree for your business.

how find perfect christmas tree How To Find The Perfect Christmas Tree For Your Business

Check their track record

Not all Christmas tree companies have the same high levels of customer service, so make sure you do your research before splashing out on the perfect tree. They may not admit it, but some companies are very slow at delivery- I have a friend who ordered a tree for her office, and turned up on Christmas Eve as her employees were leaving the building! Look for a service with a history of reliability and promptness to ensure that your tree will turn up on time to be enjoyed by everyone. And don’t forget, the company should also collect the tree at the end of the holiday season.

Price isn’t everything

Granted, if you are a small business with a limited budget you are going to be looking for a tree that is attractive but above all affordable. Christmas tree hire companies often provide a cheaper option that will still brighten up your workplace. However, you should always remember that you get what you pay for in life, and sometimes you have to splash out a bit more to get the right effect. In fact, for large corporations that want to make a statement- like shopping centres and hotels- you can choose a bespoke service to create the perfect look.  This will come at a price, but the effect will be worth it.


All of us are environmentally conscious nowadays, but businesses in particular have a responsibility to think about the impact they have on the world.  If you are worried about the environmental implications of your Christmas tree hire, look for a provider that recycles all trees after they have been collected. Real trees can be shredded with the chippings recycled, whilst artificial trees can be used again the following year after a quick refurbishment. Even the greenest of eco warriors cannot complain about this method of disposal!

Safety first

The dreaded Health and Safety talk may be tiresome but unfortunately is also a necessity to protect your employees and your customers from harm. When choosing your Christmas tree hire company, pick one that offer a Risk Assessment and Method statement when installing your tree. This will ensure that your decorations do not obstruct any walkways, fire exits, or important notice boards. In addition, choose a tree that is flame retardant, and ensure that any LED lights are inspected before installation. All these steps will help you enjoy Christmas with complete peace of mind.

Chloe is a writer and when she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing her other true passion- salsa dancing.

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Be Prepared: Planning For The Perfect Tattoo

Be Prepared: Planning For The Perfect Tattoo


tattoo Be Prepared: Planning For The Perfect TattooPrepare your mind, body and skin before getting a tattoo.

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Before you sit down in the artist’s chair, make sure you’ve carefully planned it. Getting a tattoo on a whim is a bad idea. Like any major decisions in life, forward thinking is essential before permanently placing a major piece of art on your body.

Research First

A few weeks before you plan to get a tattoo, do extensive research on a variety of designs. Decide which one is best for you and do some more thinking. It’s very important for you to be absolutely sure about the type of tattoo you’re going to get.

Once you’ve found your ideal tattoo design, choose a sample rendition that the tattoo artist can easily copy. If you cannot find a suitable one, visit the tattoo parlor a few days ahead of your scheduled appointment to let him know about your ideal tattoo design. This will give him ample time to draw up a sample for you to inspect.

The quality of the sample is very important when planning for the perfect tattoo. A poorly drawn sample will lead to a poorly designed tattoo.

Be Prepared Mentally and Physically

While many folks may not realize it, being ready mentally and physically for your tattoo appointment is very important. Follow these guidelines the day before your tattoo appointment:

  • If you’re sick or recovering from any type of illness, wait to get a tattoo until you feel at your peak.
  • Don’t get a tattoo if you’re pregnant.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on the night before to your tattoo appointment. Drinking can thin your blood, leading to excessive bleeding during the tattoo process and a prolonged healing period. Some medications can cause this problem as well. Common medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin can make you bleed too much.
  • The night before your tattoo appointment is very important. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat a healthy, balanced meal for dinner and for breakfast the following morning.
  • Increased sleep means less stress. Stress can lead to complications during the tattooing process. Besides getting enough sleep during the previous night, make sure you don’t over-exert yourself on the day of your appointment. Come into the tattoo parlor as relaxed as possible.

Prepare Your Skin

Most people don’t think about the importance of having healthy, prepared skin before getting a tattoo. By taking good care of your skin ahead of time, you set yourself up for a faster healing process:

Two weeks before your tattoo appointment, use an organic body scrub product to remove any dead skin cells that may cause complications during the tattooing session.

Keep yourself hydrated during the days leading up to your tattoo appointment. Drink plenty of water every day and avoid large amounts of alcohol. Body lotion will also help you keep skin hydrated. This makes the process easier for both you and the tattoo artist.

Jessica Bosari writes about skin care and tattoo topics for New Look Tattoo Removal in Houston, Tx.

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TED Talks Perfect For Children

TED Talks Perfect For Children


TED; Technology, Entertainment, Design – the holy grail of the internet. What else is the web for if it isn’t used to explore, learn, entertain, and look good?

Making learning interactive and fun, TED talks provide a platform where teachers can tap into information from some of the world’s most entertaining speakers. Incorporating these short video talks into teaching plans will bring fun to the classroom or home while still maintaining the goal to educate; and it’s like having them right there with you  standing in front of the blackboard. With subjects as diverse as healthy eating, puppetry, and aquatic science, TED talks can appeal to children of all ages.

Jamie Oliver does Healthy Eating

The Naked Chef (fully clothed in this instance) set out to educate every child about food, and he won’t rest until his mission is complete. The cheeky Essex chappy is entertaining enough to keep little ones entertained and most importantly of all, he makes food fun.

Adora Svitak does Anti-Teaching

The child prodigy takes to the mic to lecture adults on what they can learn from childish thinking in a TED talk dubbed ‘What adults can learn from kids’. She talks about how children still think freely, with optimism and without fear of failure of dreaming big. The child prodigy penned a novel at the age of seven to become a published author – we can surely all learn a lot from her.

Edith Widder does Glow in the Dark

This wonderfully appealing TED talk by marine biologist Edith Widder will be enthralling to children with its strange glow in the dark algae, even bringing some of the glowing phenomena out onto the stage. She talks us through starfish and how those like brittle stars glow like bright on the ocean floor, visible as only bands of light when it is dark.

Lennart Green does Card Tricks

What kind of child doesn’t believe in magic? Of course they’ll be dying see this astounding card tricks up close from Lennart Green in is his magical TED talk. He makes cards disappear, turn up on the other side of the room. Green is renowned as having the most original repertoire of card tricks in the world of card-magic. Listen to the children as they try to work out just how he did manage to fool yet another person with his trickery.

David Perry does Games

Maybe you spend some of your time trying to discourage video games but when it’s presented in the way David Perry does it, video gaming becomes a subject worth considering. The brains behind the likes of Earthworm Jim and the Terminator game talks us through the past, present and future of gaming.

JJ Abrams does Good TV

JJ Abrams is almost single-handedly  praised with being the brains behind TV getting good. With such TV pedigree on his CV as Lost and Alias there’s no one better to talk about TV and where it’s going than this man. A great addition for children in a media class who are interested in getting involved in TV production in the future.

Jane Goodall does Apes

In a look back to our primal roots, scientist, humanitarian, and conservationist Jane Goodall talks about where we came from, how we as humans are naturally inclined to be at one with nature, not inside the concrete jungle. She goes back to when we first became man and even teaches us how to greet someone in fluent ‘ape’.

Thanks to Alton Breaks for sending these sensational talks – check them out for Alton Towers Hotel Offers and deals. What’s your favourite TED talk?

ted technology entertainment design TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design1 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design2 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design3 TED Talks Perfect For Children

ted technology entertainment design4 TED Talks Perfect For Children

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Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld


Kate Beckinsale is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Kate Beckinsale is an actress well-known for playing in movies like Pearl Harbor, The Aviator, Van Helsing or Underworld. It was the cast in Underworld which made Kate Beckinsale known as an action star. Kate was born and raised in London and now lives in Brentwood, LA. Kate Beckinsale was the Sexiest Woman of 2009 according to Esquire and is regularly in the top list of most ratings.

kate beckinsale Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

kate beckinsale1 Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

kate beckinsale2 Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

kate beckinsale3 Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

kate beckinsale4 Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

kate beckinsale5 Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

kate beckinsale6 Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

kate beckinsale7 Kate Beckinsale As The Most Perfect Creation of Underworld

Photo Credit: jingdianmeinv (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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