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4 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving As A Party Host

4 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving As A Party Host


Deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving happen too often, tearing apart too many families and too many lives. There is so much that can be done to prevent it before it happens. If you’re hosting a party this season, consider incorporating the following tips for preventing drunk driving from your guests.

ways prevent drunk driving party 4 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving As A Party Host

Arranged Transportation

If it’s a really big party with a large number of guests, consider arranging an official form of sober transportation. Whether it’s getting a friend or family member to drive people around, arranging a shuttling or limo service, this could be a great way to protect your friends and guests from drunk driving after a party. Advertise this service throughout the party so that your guests know that it is an available alternative to driving themselves home.

Arranged Accomodation

If it’s at a hotel, see if you can get complimentary or discounted rates on rooms for those who are unable to get themselves home safely. This will encourage inebriated guests to just stay over rather than find their way home, the former being commonly the safer option. If it’s at a home with a smaller party, assure your guests that they can stay over (even if not too comfortably) if they have had too much to drink. They might not be incredibly comfortable, but at least they are safe.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Offer plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to make it easy on non drinkers and designated drivers to find beverages. With a greater variety, it might also encourage your guests to consume less alcohol (as compared to a situation in which almost all of the drink options are alcoholic). It’s also a good idea to stop serving alcoholic drinks and only offer these non-alcoholic drinks starting two hours before the party ends. This gives your guests enough time to sober up a bit, which could help them make better decisions upon leaving.


Offer plenty of food. Food helps the body process the alcohol, and it takes attention away from the drinks. It also gives something for the designated drivers to munch on while staying sober. Don’t offer foods that are too salty, though, since that makes people thirstier. If you’re not serving a meal, have abundant amounts of appetizers and snacks available for people to balance out their drinking.

Keep an Eye Out

Watch over your guests. If you see that someone has reached their limit, do your best to prevent them from having any more to drink. If you see someone that is clearly unable to drive, take away their keys. Sometimes all it takes is the action of one concerned person who would have otherwise been a passive bystander to prevent a drunk driving accident.

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, accidents and injuries can still happen if you or one of your guests gets hit by another drunk driver. In these cases, you are not to blame and the injured victims deserve compensation for their damages, pain, and suffering.

Ultimately, remember that drunk driving is absolutely preventable; let’s make the world safer by working together.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane always likes arranging transportation for his friends.

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Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party

Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party


It is again that time of the year when you need to start getting ready for the spookiest time of the year. Halloween is fast approaching and you want to start planning for a party if you are holding one this year. Here are some of the top tips to help you organise a successful Halloween party.
tips organising great halloween party Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party

Send A Great Invite

A good party starts with a great invite and thus it is a good idea to have a fun invite sent to your guests. Since it is Halloween you will probably have something spooky as the theme to your party and your invite should reflect this as well.

Make sure you mention if you want your guests to come in a fancy dress and if you want them to bring some snack or drinks to your party. It is also important to send the invitation as soon as possible, preferably around one to two weeks before your party occurs.

Opt For Finger Food

The best foods for Halloween parties are definitely finger foods. This can allow you to be very creative with the food and you can have people come and go in a simple way because you aren’t serving hot food. It will also save you a lot of time since you can prepare for it well in advance.

Look for fun recipes online and you should definitely check out the popcorn recipe at the iVillage website. It is also a good idea to serve a punch bowl with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Atmosphere Comes From Lighting

It is important that your party has a spooky atmosphere and the best way to do this is by using dim lighting around the room. Place candles and for a safer option get some LED candles to place around the room. You should of course also have a few pumpkin heads around the room with some light inside.

Black and orange are usually associated with Halloween so it is a good idea to have lights that create an orange glow around the room.

Powerful Entertainment

It is a nice idea to organise a bit of entertainment to your party and for a Halloween party this should be something powerful and big. A good idea is to organise a fireworks display; this will create just the right atmosphere for your party and make sure your guests are wowed. If you are looking to buy fireworks online then you have a lot of options available, for instance Fireworks Crazy in the UK.

Good Old Decorations

It is a good idea to have some decorations at your party as well. The great thing about Halloween parties is that you can really go with the old trusted options of spider webs and skeletons. You should opt for these to guarantee your venue looks good and that there is the right Halloween atmosphere for people to enjoy their time at the party. Make sure you also add a bit of music to the party to guarantee the right party feeling.

Nicky is a big fan of parties and her absolutely favourite party is Halloween. She loves to find new ways to have a spooky party and is already planning her costume for this year. When she isn’t thinking about hosting parties she loves to spend time with her two cats.

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Let’s Party And Be Merry – How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host

Let’s Party And Be Merry – How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host


So you get to play host for this year’s family Christmas party and you want it to be perfect. There will be children there, of course, so you have to take them into consideration as well when planning the party. If you want the Christmas party to be a success, not only do you have to plan it well but you also have to host it responsibly. Below are some tips for being a responsible Christmas party host.

lets party merry how responsible Lets Party And Be Merry   How To Be A Responsible Christmas Party Host

Planning the Menu and Drinks

When planning your party’s menu, be sure to take into consideration the foods that the children will love. They will not enjoy fancy, gourmet foods like the adults will, so serve some of their favorites like spaghetti, chicken lollipops, and finger-food sandwiches. You can tie some festive ribbons on the ends of the chicken lollipops to give them a holiday feel.

As for the drinks, juice for the children and beverages for the adults, of course. See to it though that you also have some nonalcoholic drinks for those who do not drink.

Setting Up a Designated Driver Plan

Because you will serve alcoholic beverages, you need to set up a designated driver plan. Designated drivers are those assigned to drive a group to and from the party. They are responsible for the safety of their group, so they abstain from alcoholic beverages.

As a responsible party host, it is your responsibility to make sure that none of your guests will be driving home drunk. Make a list of reputable taxi cab companies that you can call in case your guests become too drunk to drive themselves home. Having the numbers ready will save you from a lot of trouble when the party ends, and it will be very helpful in case one of the designated drivers gave in to the temptation of alcohol.

To be sure though that your guests will be safe, ask your guests to leave their keys in a bowl. As the host of the party, you will be the only one who is responsible for retrieving the key. If you notice that a guest has had too much to drink, do not give him his key. Call a cab instead who can drive him home.

Of note; it is not your responsibility to pay for their cab fare, although you can also set aside a budget for that. If you cannot afford to pay for the cab fares, then ask your guests to pitch in. In your invitation, you can ask them for a few bucks for the cab fare fund.

People get drunk at Christmas parties, but accidents can be avoided by preventing drunk people from driving. Drunk driving is a crime, so learn more about its consequences here.

No Alcohol to Minors

Of course, never give alcohol to minors, and since you are the party host, you need to stay sober. You are in charge of intervening when guests become too rowdy because of their alcohol intake. It is also your responsibility to monitor their intake. If you think someone is having too much to drink, then politely remind them. Offer them food, instead of alcohol.

A successful party is a safe party, so be a responsible host.

Jennifer Dahlke is a content provider for lifestyle blogs. She writes about fashion, parties, and gadgets.

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Budgeting Tips For A Big Birthday Party

Budgeting Tips For A Big Birthday Party


If you have a big birthday party coming up then you might be quite nervous about organising it successfully. Big parties also don’t come cheap and this might add extra pressure on your shoulders.budgeting tips for big birthday Budgeting Tips For A Big Birthday Party

You can ease your stress a lot by budgeting well for the party. Here are some top tips to help you out.

Create A Budget Folder

The first thing to do is to create a folder for your party. You can either get some papers and pens ready or just do it all on the computer.

Just have one single folder to include all estimations and receipts to help you stay organised.

First, think about what is the absolute maximum amount you want to spend and what is the ideal amount you want to spend at your birthday party. Then separate the expenses roughly into the following categories:

  • venue
  • entertainment
  • food
  • invitations
  • decorations
  • other.

Then think about the category you want to spend the most money and so on. At first you can just roughly divide the money you want to spend according to how much you are willing to spend on each category. Then starts the planning process.


If you want to save money on invitations then think about the option of sending them by e-mail. This can end up saving you so much money since you don’t need to purchase any stamps and envelopes.

You can also find a lot of great invitation ideas to make yourself at the Better Homes and Gardens. Although the examples are for wedding invitations you can get a lot of inspiration for all types of parties on the site.

Venue And Decorations

Venue depends a lot on the amount of guests you want to invite to the party and also about the season you have the party in. If you can, don’t discard the option of having the party at your house since this is much more affordable than hiring a venue. Be open with your choices and check with your council if they have any suggestions.

With the decorations it is always better to find ways to make your own decorations. This is often a lot more budget-friendly and you can get the whole family involved with it.


Food is most likely going to be the biggest cost at your party but don’t panic. There are a lot of great ways to budget your food costs. For example, consider how much things you could make yourself beforehand as this will save you a lot of money.

You can also find plenty of affordable birthday cakes online. If you aren’t an enthusiastic baker or a cook then make sure you budget enough for the party. You also don’t need to serve alcohol, which would cost you a lot of money. Instead, just ask guests to bring their own alcohol if they so wish to do.


You also can save some money by carefully selecting entertainment to the party. You don’t need to hire a band but instead just get some proper speakers and create a playlist with your computer by using websites like Spotify.

You can also find a lot of party games online that you can host. These won’t cost you any money but will ensure that guests have a good time.

Hannah is always planning and preparing for dinner parties and birthday parties. She is the go-to person in her family if someone wants help with organising a party. When she isn’t thinking about parties she likes to spend time knitting.

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Fun Activities For A Children’s Party

Fun Activities For A Children’s Party


Organising a fun party for children is actually a lot more difficult than organising one for adults. This is because children can be quite demanding when it comes to parties and they want to have enough fun activities to do throughout the day. Here are some fun things that you can do with children to make sure the party is a success.

Ask Them To Set Up A Show

fun activities for childrens party Fun Activities For A Children’s PartyChildren love performing and they won’t turn down an opportunity to set up a show for adults. It might be a good idea to organise some props for the children to use and then give them some time to prepare for the show. This can allow the adults to mingle a bit and the children will love preparing for the show.

You could either provide them with some simple props for a magic show or ask them to sing some songs. You can give them some old clothes and hats to use as part of their show.

It is OK to utilise all sorts of items because it allows the children to use their own imagination and be creative with the execution.

Make Your Own Desserts

You could also have the children make their own dessert. Baking is something that children love taking part in and are especially excited about getting themselves dirty in the process. If you have a small enough party to organise then doing some baking with the kids can be really fun.

You can find a lot of great recipe ideas on the internet that are suitable for children. Simple things like cookies and cupcakes aren’t too hard to make and even just decorating the cookies can be something that keeps the kids busy.

Organise Some Fireworks

If you really want to wow your small party guests then it is a great idea to organise a fireworks display. You don’t need to have a lot of different types of fireworks and there are many affordable options out there. For instance, stores selling roman candles fireworks are a good option to think about.

Companies like Fireworks Crazy have a lot of useful information on their website. The key to using fireworks on a children’s party is making sure the kids follow your instruction.

Science Experiments

Children love discovering new things and if you want to make the party educational yet fun then doing some simple science experiments can be a really fun activity. There are a lot of great ideas for experiments at the Kid Spot website and you may want to try some of them out.

One great option for parties is the magic ink trick. You only need lemon juice, paper, toothpicks and a lamp. You add some lemon juice to water and by dipping the toothpick into the water you write a message on a paper. Once you heat the paper carefully after the lemon juice has dried out the text will slowly appear. This is something fun that the kids can do themselves as well.

Johanna loves to think about fun things children can do and is especially keen on finding ways to entertain them while the adults are talking to each other. When she isn’t trying to find new games to play she likes to practice cooking Indian foods.

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5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A Hit

5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A Hit


5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A Hit

Holiday celebrations can be very exciting and very chaotic. The planning and preparations for the event can be exhausting, especially if you are trying to create a party that everyone will remember. The host or hostess often works themselves into exhaustion, leaving little time at the actual event for enjoyment.

4236564925 26e32dcee4 n1 300x199 5 Holiday Party Tips To Make Your Event A HitThe good news is that it does not have to be that way. You can use these five simple tricks to create and enjoy the perfect holiday celebration.

1) Festive Spirits and Alcohol

Make your party special by creating a featured alcoholic beverage to serve at the party. For instance, a holiday themed specialty drink or a harvest blend ale. This keeps the alcohol burden small, and it helps give your party distinction.

It is also very important for the host or hostess to understand “social host” laws. Currently, 33 states have laws stating that the host can be held financially liable to the injured party if said host or hostess allows a guest to leave intoxicated, causing harm to themselves or others because of that intoxication.

If your guests are intoxicated, either provide them a ride home or call them a taxi. You do not want to let them leave under the influence. You may also want to plan ahead for this type of situation by having an area available in your home for overnight guests or provide a designated driver ahead of time.

Additionally, you may want to stop serving alcoholic beverages about one hour before your party ends. While this is not a guarantee that your guests are not intoxicated, it can help. Depending on your state, it is a good idea to research legal sites that expound on the statutes that govern your state. For example, residents of Pennsylvania might look up info on a site like for DUI prevention information.

2) Choose a Party Theme

Stick to a simple theme to keep planning and preparations to a minimum. Yes, your guests will be impressed by a very elaborate set-up, but they are only going to remember and talk about the social interactions. Make it nice, but focus on the social part of the party.

3) Play Background Music

All parties will do well if there is soft background music playing. You do not want it to be so loud, that it will make it hard to socialize. However, you do not want to forget the music either, it will make the party seem very bland.

4) Provide Entertainment

Depending on the length of your party and the number of guests, you may want to have a few options set up for additional entertainment. This may be in the form of games, gift exchanges, or contests. It is something to help break the ice in large groups, and something that can be very fun in intimate gatherings.

5) Provide Tasty Food

Unless it is a very formal celebration, you should stick to small finger foods. This makes it easier to prepare and easier to manage. It is also a favorite among guests who may want to eat but do not really want to take in a full meal.

When you are throwing a holiday party, all you need to do is remember to keep it simple. It is about being together as family or friends at a special time of year. It is not about expensive and elaborate decorations and food.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and amateur party planner. She contributes this article to help readers prepare for the season of festivities. During her research she found to be very informative regarding dui laws and the importance of know your state’s legal statues on the matter.    

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Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party


If you are planning a house party, birthday party or drinks party in the near future, you may be thinking about how you will prepare and decorate the areas where people are likely to be hanging out, dancing and having fun. However, unless you are planning to be serving every drink and snack yourself, you should also consider how much time people will be spending in and out of the kitchen, fixing themselves snacks and refreshing glasses. The kitchen may not be the heart and soul of the event, but it is a nice touch to make it easy for people to find things, and you also want to show off your home in the best light and the kitchen will be considered in this too.

setting kitchen for party Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

Here are some tips for getting your kitchen ready for guests on the night:

Clear Out the Fridge

setting kitchen for party1 Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

The fridge is going to be pretty key to the party, because that is where people will be going to store and get their drinks. You may not know what people will bring, and your fridge could quickly become filled with bottles of wine or champagne and cans and bottles of beer, or with desserts and salads if people are bringing their own dishes.

Right before the party, move all of the food and non party related items in your fridge into coolers and store the coolers somewhere out of the way. This will leave your fridge empty and ready to receive all the things for the evening, and also stop people poking through your food and sauces or eating anything that wasn’t intended for guests. Remember to put the food in the cooler back in the fridge when the party is over!

Make it Easy to Find the Things Intended for the Party, Hide Everything Else

setting kitchen for party2 Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

Even in the most beautiful luxury kitchens, there is usually some stuff out which can make the place look cluttered, or which you don’t want people interfering with. Before the party, stash away anything that is out that isn’t intended for guests to use, making your kitchen surfaces completely dedicated to things for the party. You don’t want those old electric bills sitting in the corner or that grubby oven glove sitting around when guests arrive! You should also make it easy for people to find everything they might need so they don’t start hunting through cupboards looking for a glass, a fork or a paper towel.

Pleasant Touches

setting kitchen for party3 Setting Up Your Kitchen For A Party

While you probably won’t want to decorate the kitchen too much, you can still put some nice little touches in there to keep with the theme of the party. Some fresh flowers or a bowl of lemons and limes that can be used in drinks can look nice, or you can use a few motifs from any decorations you have used elsewhere in the house, like perhaps a couple of birthday balloons or some candles.

By making your kitchen party ready, you’ll have a great looking place where people won’t feel nervous or uncomfortable being around your personal belongings and not knowing where to find the things they need. This means you don’t have to worry about the kitchen at all and can relax and enjoy the party without constantly telling people where the ketchup is or not to use your antique crystal!

Today’s feature writer, Gary Mint, is a freelance interior decorator and an avid blogger. He likes blogging about topics that he finds interest. His tips for decor and party preparation have been widely appreciated by the readers.

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Groom Showers: Pre-Parties are Not Just for the Bride Anymore

Groom Showers: Pre-Parties are Not Just for the Bride Anymore


3545180912 3fb98ca9c2 300x199 Groom Showers: Pre Parties are Not Just for the Bride Anymore

Groom Showers: Pre-Parties are Not Just for the Bride Anymore

For as long as anyone can remember, it has been a custom to give a bride-to-be a “shower” before the wedding as a way to help her acquire the things she needs to set up a home. Weddings have long been all about the bride, but a wedding takes two people to complete.

Grooms often are required to do only two things when it comes to a wedding. They need to rent a tuxedo and show up on time. Of course, the groomsmen often throw a bachelor party that entails a rowdy night out on the town, but other than that, the groom is left out.

Well, thankfully times have changed. Equality of the sexes not only entails women receiving equal pay, but men being “showered” with gifts as a celebration of their upcoming marriage. Guys are finding that it is fun to throw a themed party with presents for their soon-to-be married friend, something women have known and enjoyed for many years.

Themes And Gifts

Since this is a fairly new trend, there are not many set rules or traditions for having a groom shower. What many guys chose is to have a themed party and base their gifts around that theme. Face it, guys are not thrilled to buy another guy a toaster, it just wouldn’t seem cool. So many popular themes have emerged.

• Wedding Theme – Depending on the situation surrounding the wedding, many guys would probably appreciate a wedding based party. Gifts could include aid with purchasing wedding bands or a diamond engagement ring. Current economic conditions have made many couples skip the engagement ring or put off wedding bands to a later date. It may even be a good idea to have the party take place by visiting the diamond district portion of town and grabbing drinks afterwards. Theme ideas may also include gift certificates towards wedding expenses, or even covering the cost of transportation to and from the wedding for the couple.

• Honeymoon Theme – These parties are based on where the groom is going for his honeymoon. Many of the gifts would include luggage, travel kits, jewelry, tickets to attractions in the area, or tour packages.

• Housewarming Theme (Guy Style) – If the newlyweds are opting to buy a house right away instead of a honeymoon, guys can use the BBQ theme for their friend. Gifts can include a BBQ grill, BBQ tools, patio supplies and furniture, cooler, outdoor themed accessories and even a “kiss the cook” apron.

• Sports Theme – If the groom really likes sports, then opt for a sports theme. While it is always nice to think about the wedding, the party is, after all, for him. Gifts can range from sports memorabilia to tickets to his favorite game. Perhaps he likes sports related jewelry or clothing. The options are endless.

Whatever theme is chosen, the main objective of the party is to make the man feel that he is just as much a part of this wedding celebration as the bride-to-be. For a wedding to take place there must be a couple, and each person in that couple is as important as the other. For true equality, men need to be allowed to celebrate their weddings in the same manner as women have for generations.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and has been married for over 25 years. She contributes this article as a celebration of healthy, loving relationships. Located in L.A.’s diamond district, Icing on the Ring has the city’s biggest assortment of engagement rings. They are committed to helping couples find the ring of their dreams.

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Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?


Many people would wear a simple dress yet a noticeable one to suit for the evening. Nonetheless, for you to still be in style, wear an alternative dress that will still put shock on people’s face. Many Hollywood stars right now wear bandage dress to show off their sizzling curvesas it flatters their body. One of this is Blake Lively, if you have seen Gossip Girl, you will notice Blake Lively wearing bandage dress in parties or even in work. Some of the stars who wear bandage dress are Kim Kardashan and Nina Dobrev, the hottest stars in Hollywood. Since the bandage dress, have different lines and elegant layering. Although, the fabric is not silk or it doesn’t have sequins on it or it’s not a flowing silhouette but it has a thick texture that gives you comfort. In a cocktail party, shinning and sparkly dresses are popularly use. With the right option of layering accessories, you can have that “oomph” and match it with a pair of pumps then you’re ready to go.

There are a lot of styles of bandage dresses you could wear on like a high neck and one shoulder that would be chic and bolder so you can still join in.Furthermore, you just have to set up your mood or rely on something thatbest suits to the kind of party even though bandage dress is not that good for cocktail parties but where in the world of freedom,you can wear anything that you want, just don’t let yourself be ashamed while wearing it. However, there are also bandage dresses that are layered by silk and sequins, so no worries of putting sparks on your dress. Given that gold is in. Why pair your bandage dress with gold accessories that is if your bandage dress is plain and will give life to your dress, don’t put too much so that it will not be busy at all. Too much color in your bandage will not look good for it is a cocktail party. Choose a color that is sophisticated like beige and black,simple yet chic. Don’t forget about the hair, it is our shinning glory never left it alone. You can ponytail it for you to show the design of your bandage dress or a doughnut bun to have a great angle of your hair.To top it up, wear a nice pair of shoes. Mind the style of the shoes and color to avoid dullness and bring your minimalist clutch or purse so that it will not cover design of your dress. In styling, always mind the structure of the dress because there are some bandage dresses that will not fit you, find some bandage dresses that has a great structure and will also fit on the structure of your body.

Money is a big part in fashion. You don’t have to find bandage dresses that are expensive. Look for a bandage dresses that is less expensive but pleasing to the eye. Never stick to one, go out and canvass. Try to find dresses in department stores, a lot of good choices and good quality dresses that will not hurt your wallet. If you have a bandage dresses that is a colorful one like it is a mix of orange and brown and not good for cocktail party. Get your butt off and be artistic, do DIY. Buy fabric paint, color the orange with black then, attach the shinning sequins or a glittered thing to the brown part then, boom! You have a party bandage dress. Without giving off a lot of money, you could expand and resource a lot. Go beyond your imagination, may be it would come out better that way. To bring a big splurge on your outfit always wear your smile and the attitude of expressing it, you can never go wrong with it.

This quote from Coco Chanel says that “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” This gives the idea that fashion is always in you, in your inner sense. Not with what the people tell you but with what you have and what you can expose.In this era, it is not about dressing something to blend in; sometimes you just need to be different to be extraordinary; it is dressing something to be YOUnique from others. You dress to express not to impress, having a good expression with others is great and give you a best shot.Bandage dress might not be common in cocktail parties but at least it is a great conversation starter and you’re making a remarkable moment. What’s important is you have confident in bringing it to the crowd and having fun wearing it.

Written By: Padeena Kroeck
Padeena Kroeck is a fashion lover. She lives at Manchester in United Kingdom. With a passion for fashion she loves reviewing the latest trend. OMG Fashion’s Bandage dress is elegant and cool if you put a personality on it. Bandage dress is best for all times whether it is for shopping or parties particularly Cocktail Parties – a very light party for an early evening.

bandage dress Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

bandage dress1 Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

bandage dress2 Is Bandage Dress suitable for cocktail party?

Photo Credit: sneakoutfitters (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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