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4 Online Scams And How To Look Out For Them

4 Online Scams And How To Look Out For Them


Sadly, there are several types of online scams that you need to look out for. Many of them have been around for some years, whilst others are newer. Many online scams concern phishing or asking for your personal details and banking details.  We’re going to look at some of the most prevalent online scams, along with looking at what you need to do to protected yourself from them. A rule of thumb is never to give your personal details online unless you are absolutely sure that the site is genuine (Paypal for example) and that the site is secure. You can ascertain if the site is secure if you see a little padlock on the left of your search box on your tool bar. You might think that most of these scams are easy to spot, but you’d be surprised how many people fall for them. The scammers only need a small percentage of people to fall for such a scam in order to make it worthwhile for them.

online scams how look out 4 Online Scams And How To Look Out For Them

1. Unsolicited requests for money

One type of scam is a direct request for money, after you have been groomed by the sender of the email. This might be from a person who has posted a job offer on a professional jobsite, for example. You send you CV, and they send you a contract, but if you look at this carefully you will see, somewhere, that it is a sample one that has been downloaded from the internet. You will be asked to sign it and return it and then, as happens in one scam, you will be asked to send money to cover your air fare.

2. Fake lottery wins

There are emails telling you that you have won a lottery that was held by a reputable company such as Microsoft, and of course an amazing amount of money has been won. Check with the legitimate company to find out if they have run a lottery and don’t follow any links on the email, as they will be to a bogus site and not the real one.

3. Phoney investments

You may also get an email asking you to invest in an incredible new company. Now, if you get one of these, stop and think; how could you possibly be considered good investor potential when you only earn an average salary?

4. Poor service offers

If you have a website, you may get an email saying that if you buy into SEO services, your site could easily get into the top search engine rankings pages (SERPS). If you have one of these, check the first ten pages of Google’s SERPS. If the company who sent the email isn’t in these, then how could they help you?

How to steer clear of online scams

The best piece of advice to give you about online scams is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, so don’t waste your time or money. Always check website addresses and look carefully at where the site is registered, for example ng is Nigeria where some of these scams originated. Also look carefully at the grammar, spelling and punctuation as some emails are clearly  not written by native English speakers.

Take care and don’t be a victim of an online scam!

Lynne Evans is a writer who knows the importance of being aware of your online security and disregarding emails which don’t seem quite right! She recommends the Accident Advice Helpline as a great way to claim against physical injuries.

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Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money

Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money


Did your friend just contact you saying that she was arrested? Are you now trying to find money so she can go home? Jail bail bonds are your best option when it comes down to paying bail. In fact, you only have a few choices when you and your friend do not have enough cash in your bank accounts. Nevertheless, you do have to find a way because you just can not leave her in jail.

friend jail how bail her Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money

How Can You Get Money for Bail?

Here are a few ways you can get money for her bail –

  • Sell Something Expensive

Some people are able to make bail after selling something of value that they own, such as a car, laptop, jewelry or a cell phone. This is an easy option if you know someone who is willing to buy something you own, but larger items that cost a lot can be quite difficult to sell.

  • Get A Loan From Family And Friends

This is one of the common methods of getting bail money. Family members and friends are always willing to help out if they have extra cash. However, if the bail is quite expensive you might have to borrow from several people. The loan can easily be repaid once your friend has been to court and receives the money back.

  • Hire A Bail Bond Agent

When you can not get a loan or if you do not have anything valuable to sell, you can always hire a bail bond agent. The bail bond agent can provide you with the bail money and you only have to pay a fee, which is a small amount compared to the total amount needed.

How Much Bail Money Do You Need?

Depending on the crime, the bail can be determined in a bail hearing, bail hearing and arraignment or preset schedule. To ensure that your friend will return to the court, bail money will be ordered by the judge and the amount will be based on the severity of the charges. According to “Bail bonds allow the unfortunate and the poor to get out of jail for crimes they have not been tried for yet. The rich, if accused of a crime, could easily pay their bail and step out of jail. If there were no bail bonds, more of the middle class and poor would be forced to stay in jail until trial, while the rich would walk free–innocent or not. Bail bonds prevent further class division and maintain equality.”

Why Is Hiring A Bail Bond Agent The Easiest Way To Get Your Friend Out Of Jail?

There are three reasons why you should hire a bail bond agent –

  • Speed Up The Process

Having to bail a friend out from jail can be stressful especially when you know nothing about bail bonds and the legal process. A bail bond agent is an experienced professional and he can get her out quickly without any inconvenience.

  • Maintain Relationships

The quickest way for relationships to be destroyed is to borrow money from family and friends. They may be more than willing to help out if it were a simple emergency, but they may not be as willing when they find out you need help for bail money.

  • Save Money

Bail money is returned if you pay for it, but you might have to wait for weeks and even months before a court hearing is scheduled so it will take some time to get the money back. This is why many who do not have enough savings opt for bail bonds.

Valerie Howards is a freelance writer specializing in criminal cases, bail bonds, the latest apps and devices used in legal issues and offers legal information about sex crimes.

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Do You Enjoy Drinking Out With Friends? Signs Of Intoxication To Watch Out For

Do You Enjoy Drinking Out With Friends? Signs Of Intoxication To Watch Out For


There is nothing wrong about going out with friends, having a few drinks and getting drunk, but being an irresponsible drinker and being careless can lead to trouble. Careless drinking can result in alcohol poisoning, loss of consciousness, disorderly conduct and even DUI arrests. When you go out with friends to drink and have a good time, it is crucial that you also know how to stay safe to avoid getting in trouble.

you enjoy drinking out friends Do You Enjoy Drinking Out With Friends? Signs Of Intoxication To Watch Out For

Signs That You Are Already Drunk

Here are a few signs that show your intoxication –

# 1 – Your words are slurred and you find yourself desperately trying to correct yourself.

# 2 – You begin to ramble and converse unintelligibly. You even begin to wonder why people can not understand a single word you are saying.

# 3 – You find yourself having difficulty understanding normal or simple conversation, but just assume that the people you are getting dumber while you are getting all the more drunk.

# 4 – You are unable to pay attention and lose your train of thought that you begin to see or imagine things.

# 5 – You start to sway on your feet and even when you are sitting. Perhaps you hear a tune that no one else can hear?

# 6 – You become unsteady on your feet, stagger and find it too strenuous having to stand up. Then you decide that your bladder can wait a bit more, until you being to urinate a bit on yourself.

# 7 – You end up stumbling and bumping into people or objects when you attempt to walk straight and complain that things and people are simply in your way.

# 8 – You lack coordination that you begin to drop or spill your drink and you just can not find your mouth with the glass to take a sip of your drink. Sadly, you think that your friend is just too fidgety beside you.

# 9 – You start to fumble with change and have trouble counting your money to pay for your drink. You get your friend to pay for you or pay in huge bills and forget the change.

# 10 – You suddenly develop behaviors you always kept on check: aggressiveness, rudeness, argumentative, belligerent, offensive and loud. Now that is such an embarrassment to your friends too.

# 11 – You become bad tempered, disorderly, use offensive language and physically violent, over small things such as spills on the table or a dirty fork.

# 12 – You lose your inhibition, become too friendly that you start to annoy or pester others with your too close for comfort talk.

# 13 – You start to make sexual advances with every man you see, including the server and your friend’s date.

# 14 – You find yourself so sleepy and end up sleeping at the bar or table. In fact, you might just end up napping there till morning.

# 15 – You start drinking too fast and end up vomiting anywhere. After all you will not be the one to clean up right?

When Drinking Is Just Too Much!

There is a difference between drinking casually or socially, alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Casual or social drinkers can develop into alcoholics and abusers when they lose the ability to set limits on their drinking habits. Most of the time, they also tend to lose the feeling of shame and humiliation associated to drunk actions.

Signs that indicate your dependence on alcohol –

1 – You begin to neglect your responsibilities at work, school and home. You become unproductive, get failing grades, fail to attend classes, neglect your children and become unfocused at work.

2 – You begin to drink whenever and wherever you can even while you are operating machinery, on medication and driving.

3 – You begin to get in trouble with the law. This should raise a red flag as you can end up with criminal charges due to public disorder due to drunkenness or DUI. DUI convictions can be extensive especially when you manage to harm innocent road users. According to Suhre Law & Associates, criminal defense experts in Chicago IL, “Even if your charge is unfounded or you don’t have an alcohol or drug problem, it is likely that the prosecutors and court officials will lose trust in your ability to drive safely. The courts will do everything possible to protect the community from possible disaster, including imposing harsh penalties to restrict your access to the road”.

4 – You continue to drink despite the strain on your personal relationships due to your drinking.

5 – You begin to drink every night and during the weekends as a way to release stress or to relax after work.

Valerie Benson is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal topics. She offers information about driving under the influence, the consequences of DUI charges and the latest apps and devices to help prevent and assist in different road crimes.

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Tips On How To Make Your Presentation Folders Stand Out

Tips On How To Make Your Presentation Folders Stand Out


Once you turn on presentation folders as marketing tools to publicize your brand, you should consider some useful tips to achieve better results.

tips how presentation folders stand Tips On How To Make Your Presentation Folders Stand Out

First Step

To begin with, you must decide the target market you want to reach. In this regard, you may need to carry out a research to get ideas. The design of your folders should be appropriate for the public that is going to receive such items. You should carefully conceive the pattern to match the clients’ expectancies or to impress potential customers. In any case, an eye-catching conception is a must.


Unless you are experienced enough in this task, you will need to research prior to designing the pattern for your presentation folders. Once you gather enough data about the target market, you are ready to select the theme and colors you will use for the portfolios. If you choose a full color folder printing design, you should pick colors matching the theme. You will need to reach the right blend in colors to create a design able to transmit a message to the public. If you already have an official logo, the colors should be selected accordingly. Keep in mind that blue is one of the best corporate colors for patterns but many other combinations can prove to be effective.

Pick a Proper Layout

When you have decided the colors you will use, it is the time to select the layout. Presentation pocket folders are by far the most popular picks for corporate. You should consider a regular arrangement with the logo at the front and a phrase with the contact information presented at the back.

Pick a Software Tool

You will need to select a graphic design software tool in order to build the printed artwork for the presentation folder. The most popular programs for this purpose are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Both have many useful features and offer a lot of support. It is recommended to use a highly compatible tool to make further modifications possible.

Place the Logo

You brand logo is the key element in your design and you should create the pattern around such element. You should have other elements such as graphics, images and text in separate files to make the composition simpler. This will ease further modifications and make other similar designs easy to create.

Get Appealing Images

Your presentation folder design must have colorful images that send a message. However, you do not want to saturate the composition with too many figures. Keep it simple but capable of sending an emotional idea. Once you have a basic design completed, you can make modifications around it until you find the most attractive one.

Provide Detailed Information to the Printer

You should be clear in offering the printing instructions to get the presentation folders printed the way you want. In case you add slots or pockets, you need to be specific in the size and number. Finally, make sure your instructions are explicit before the printing starts in order to avoid misunderstandings. It is recommended to show the cutting lines in red to prevent the printer from making mistakes. If you have doubts about the design, ask for a sample before getting a large number of folders printed.

Kcmouli is a freelancer blogger who loves to blog about anything related to business, including on marketing tips and on how to make your custom printed presentation folders stand out. Do check out some of the other posts and do share this post on web 2.0.

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Buying A House? Watch Out For These 5 Red Flags When House Hunting

Buying A House? Watch Out For These 5 Red Flags When House Hunting


The process of house hunting can be very exciting but also exhausting at the same time. You might easily fall in love with the best features of a house; however, it is very important to also be vigilant and watch out for warning signs. These red flags might be able to stear you away from much trouble down the road.

Remember that not all sellers disclose the whole truth to potential homebuyers, especially the motivated sellers. With that said, you need to figure out if there are any problems and issues that might prevent you from closing the deal. This means making inquiries and proper inspection of the house. Discovering flaws might help you negotiate with the selling price. It also helps you consider how much the potential repairs are going to cost you. Lastly, it allows you to decide whether you want to live in the neighborhood and in that house.

buying a house Buying A House? Watch Out For These 5 Red Flags When House Hunting

Red Flags You Should Watch Out For

There A Lot Of For Sale Properties In The Neighborhood: Just because the house looks exceptionally appealing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look around the neighborhood. Are there other houses in the area? Are there a lot of homes for sale? Are nearby establishments closed or vandalized?

It is also a good idea to talk with residents in the neighborhood. If most of them want to move out of the area, maybe you shouldn’t even think about moving in. Properly weigh your decision before you are stuck with a bad investment.

The Roads Are Too Busy: When evaluating a property, you must also find out how busy the road is. As a tip, you should visit the house during rush hour. In doing so, you will be able to observe what the roads are like and whether you can still find a parking space for your vehicle. In addition, you should also check whether you can hear traffic noise inside the house. If you can hear car engines, honking, and other noise from the traffic, you might not enjoy a peaceful and quiet home environment.

Non-Functional Electric System: Although you are not a professional electrician, you should still make sure that all the switches and outlets in the property are functioning properly. You should watch out for signs of wiring problems, such as flickering lights, warm outlets, and non-functioning circuits. Other things you should take into account are the following:

  • Can you easily understand how to operate the fuse box?
  • Is the neighborhood prone to power outages?
  • Are there enough outlets in the property?
  • Are the outlets placed in preferable places throughout the house?

Improper Home Improvements: Home renovations are not uncommon; however, if the house has been renovated poorly, you might encounter problems in the long run. For instance, if you notice that the previous homeowner removed a load-bearing wall without properly adjusting the framing, the weight might shift to other parts of the house. As a tip, bring a structural engineer with you when visiting the property, and if you believe that the house has been renovated in the past.

Infestation In The House: No one wants to live in a property with a pest problem, be it termites, roaches, mice, or bedbugs. With that said, you should be on the lookout for creepy crawlies as your visit and tour the property. Check for any signs of infestation. In addition, you must also consider a termite inspection if you are thinking of purchasing the property.

These are just a few of the red flags you should watch out for when house hunting. Remember that you might spend more money and face potential headaches in the long run if problems inevitably occur. Therefore, you must perform a house inspection first, and look around the neighborhood as well. These may sound tedious; however, it is worth it in the end.

This guest post is written by Kris Hopkins. She is a blogger who offers house hunting tips and tricks. In this article, she lists a few warning signs to help her readers learn more about what to watch out for when buying a house.

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Stretch Out those Leftovers – How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator

Stretch Out those Leftovers – How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator


Modern Western people waste an extraordinary amount of food. Not only is wasting food bad for the environment, but it is also bad for the budget – buying food and simply throwing half of it away is never an economical thing to do. Of course, in many cases things are sold in much larger portions or quantities than you actually need all at once, particularly if you are only cooking for yourself or for two people rather than a whole family.

food storage Stretch Out those Leftovers   How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator

You can still easily avoid waste however, by keeping the food you don’t use preserved in your fridge or freezer, or cooking more of a dish than you need and keeping some for another day.

How Long Is Food Safe For After You Store It In Your Refrigerator?

food storage1 Stretch Out those Leftovers   How Long Food Can Safely Be Stored In Your Refrigerator

Many people do put leftovers in their refrigerators with the intention of eating them, but then after a couple of days have passed they are unsure if the food is still safe to eat, and they end up throwing it out anyway. In actual fact, the safe times for common foods to be refrigerated (specifically, kept at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit) are quite easy to learn:

  • Raw poultry, raw sausages and raw ground meats (for example hamburger or ground turkey) have the shortest period where they are safe in the fridge, and should be used within one or two days. If you aren’t likely to do this, freeze them instead or cook them – cooked forms of these meats are safe for three to four days in the fridge instead.
  • Other raw meats including steaks, pork chops, lamb and veal, in any cut, are safe for three to five days in the fridge.
  • Opened packages of cold cooked lunch meats are good for up to five days. Unopened packs can last for two weeks (with some preservatives they can last even longer so feel free to go by the use by date on the pack).
  • Bacon is typically safe in the fridge for a week.
  • Mayo based salads, including those containing cooked egg, chicken or ham, can be kept for three to five days.
  • Cooked leftovers including cooked meat or chicken, pizza, vegetables and most side dishes can be kept for three to four days.

Further Advice About Refrigeration and Freezing

These are all conservative amounts of time that will guarantee the food will be safe (assuming it was fresh when you put it in the refrigerator). Some foods may keep longer, depending on their original freshness and other factors, so don’t panic if you have been eating things that have been kept in your fridge for longer than these recommended times. Whatever kind of fridge you have, whether it’s a huge commercial refrigerator or a small fridge-freezer, the same rules apply as long as the food is kept below 40 degrees at all times.

When it comes to freezing, food is technically safe to eat indefinitely, however there are recommendations in terms of when you should use the food for it to taste its best. These tend to range from just a month or two for pre-cooked leftovers, to around a year for a lot of fresh meats, though it will not usually be harmful to eat foods that have been frozen for periods well beyond these guidelines, as long as you know that it has never been thawed and refrozen.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Richard Maxwell. A complete food buff, he likes to cook up various dishes and fulfill his hunger. When he isn’t busy munching away at his favourite dishes, he blogs about recipes and other stuff.

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