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Your Name Rules Your Destiny

Your Name Rules Your Destiny


Contrary to what William Shakespeare said, “ what’s in a name”, many of us tend to believe otherwise. In the growing age of science and technology, astrology or the faith of our destiny being ruled by the stars continue to be popular among many. Your name holds the key to your destiny and can take ample control of your life. So why not put it to test by taking a look at this website It is certainly a fascinating science of the ancient universe so skim through the article to know more about this numeral based branch of astrological studies. Numerology is basically a study of astrology in a scientific manner by assessing the numerals or numbers associated with one’s name.

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Where to Get Reliable Readings

Reliable astrological readings whether online or with offline professionals hold a lot of water in our daily activities and our destiny determinants. So finding a credible source of numerological sittings is very crucial in order to assess your life, career, health and other aspects of your life. Visit to get a reading completely free of charge and that too with absolutely accurately detailed facts. There is a privacy policy also as the website personnel is well aware that the person would need to share some personal information like birth date, email account to get a free reading done. Client confidentiality is much revered and utmost privacy is assured. So you can get started by filling out an online form with your required and relevant details.

More On Numerological Analysis

Use the letters of your name and the numbers in your date of birth.  This information reviews your fortune and life cycle based upon the individual and significant numbers of your life. Your birth name is also placed in a form that is numerical and do you know what is revealed here? Your Expression Number is displayed here. Now some explanation is required of the same. The Expression Number is the hidden key to your latent and dormant skills, natural expertise and the things which you are capable of. You can also use the natural skills which come your way to the best advantage possible which is also revealed by this Expression Number.

Your Soul’s Urge or Heart’s Desire in this sample personal reading will show the person’s aims and ambitions. This part of your astrological review will also explain about the hurdles and obstacles which you may need to overcome in your professional and personal lives.

Updated Numerological Facts

A person is unique in his or her name. That is why the invention of names has been made in the human society for each of us to remain unique and a class apart from the other. So just as the name is instrumental in providing us with an unique and individual identity, the destiny factor also holds true in it. Many of us may share the same name but certainly not similar fate! Your flaws and virtues are all hidden in the name which the world knows you by. Wouldn’t you like to know the origins behind this name and the astrological facts which are guiding your life force? Then visit the website and fill out the form to know the deeper meaning of your personal numbers.

 Conclusion On Numerical Facts

In the numerological study according to the Pythagorean way, the date of birth and your complete name are used to make an astrological calculation of the numbers to dictate your destiny. In many western countries 13 is considered an unlucky and inauspicious number. However scientific we may be, astrology and numerology have continued to rule the roost since time immemorial and holds a prime seat in the modern world even today.

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