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Top 5 Ways To Re-fashion Old Jeans

Top 5 Ways To Re-fashion Old Jeans


Saying goodbye to a favourite item of clothing is always difficult to do.  This is especially true when it comes to a familiar pair of jeans or something else that we have considered a staple in our wardrobe for a number of years. However, an item of clothing that appears to be reaching the end of its natural life cycle does not necessarily have to end up being thrown away. You can do many things to re-fashion your old clothes. Here are some of our favourite ideas for doing this with jeans.

top ways refashion old jeans Top 5 Ways To Re fashion Old Jeans

Repair Them

Although denim is one of the hardest wearing and most durable things we wear, from time to time jeans can get torn or simply start to perish because of the constant strain they are under.

We currently live in a time where the “rough and ready” look is loved and widely accepted; if you wear torn jeans or do not have an immaculate appearance at all times, it is not a disaster.

While you can, in effect, re-fashion your jeans simply by continuing to wear them, repairing your old denim is great, too. People will love the fact that you are resourceful enough to do such a thing, but will also love the look you create.

Cut them Down

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do with a pair of jeans is to cut them down into shorts, especially if denim shorts are the look for the summer and you do not have any, but there are plenty of old pairs of jeans in your wardrobe.

What you need to remember when making shorts is to ensure you cut them down correctly and ensure a tidy finish, otherwise you’ll look like you’re wearing something that has fallen to pieces rather than a fashion garment.

Denim Patches for Jackets

If your fashion is somewhat quirky, why not make denim patches for a tailored jacket you own. We all know about tweed jackets with suede patches, but there is nothing to stop you doing something similar with denim. This is customized fashion at its best; why not give it a go?

Re-Use the Fabric around the Home

Okay, so tearing up a pair of jeans to use around your home might not be really re-fashioning them, but if you love interior design and want to decorate with something different, it is definitely worth doing. If you have several pairs of jeans, you could reupholster an armchair or a big piece of furniture. If you only have one pair, then using the denim for cushion covers or creating patchwork decorative features around the home is also fun.

If none of these appeal, simply cut up your jeans and keep them for something else!

Experiment with Colour

If you are still devoid of inspiration and your jeans are facing the bin, just buy some colourful dye and see what happens when it hits your jeans. You never know, you might find yourself with some great coloured denim that you want to wear all the time!

Ayisha Saeed is a young Islamic lady who loves fashion and enjoys nothing better than pairing up her favourite abaya bought at Aab Collection with a stylish hijab before hitting the shops with friends.

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