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Hot Or Not – The App For Rating And Dating People

Hot Or Not – The App For Rating And Dating People


Do you remember Hot or Not? The rating website, that started it all had come out with a new iPhone app released a few years ago, which allowed you to rate people. Hot or Not allows you to pass judgment on other people on a score of 1 to 10. Most of the features are free, but you can upgrade to a monthly subscription in return for some virtual gifts and ratings. If all you’re interested in is meeting some singles in your city, I’d say you stick to the free version.

hot not app for rating Hot Or Not   The App For Rating And Dating People

Hot or Not is a social networking dating app from Or Not Limited, available for Android and iTunes in the social networking category. You can get to know interesting people and chat with them, get scores on how hot you are, like Facebook friends and so on.

However, to access the app, you need to use a third party website such as Twitter or Facebook so that your social profile gets linked to the Hot or Not website. You can rate anybody but there is a limit to the number of ratings that a member can give in a day. I guess people like it, as it is fun to go through when you are bored.

Here’s how it works – You use Facebook to help you find friends who are interested in dating someone. Just go through the singles’ profiles on Facebook and ‘like’ them if you wish. People take a look at your picture and vote whether you are hot or not. If you also think they are hot, you can get introduced, chat, have fun and even meet each other – it’s up to you to take it further.

Teenagers above 18 can upload their photographs on this site and ask people to rate them – am I hot or not? They can then log back and get an ego boost or a slam. You’ll need to keep in mind that everyone can see your ratings, both friends and enemies.

Say, you want to meet an 18 year old from San Jose who likes windsurfing, you can find one. You just send a request saying ‘I’d like to meet you’ and if he/she is interested, you set up a date. The Café feature allows you to play with either friends or strangers and view the ratings they have given for other photographs. It’s a global party and you can meet anyone living in your area. It’s easy to view profile albums and check out the people nearby. Get to know who has visited you and if there are any mutual attractions.

It’s a great app, so what’s not to like in it, you might think.

Though the site can be fun, I’d recommend kids to stay out of it, as setting up meetings with strangers could end up ugly or downright dangerous. People on the site may not be what they claim to be. Of course, the submissions on the site go through moderators and there are normal people who are looking for a healthy relationship.

The bottom line is that you come out of the site losing your self-esteem or by pumping up your ego. If you are a 9 on Hot or Not, you feel good and if you are a 2, it’s time you got out.

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