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Staying Safe While Bicycling At Night

Staying Safe While Bicycling At Night


If you’re an avid bicycle rider then you know that riding your bike is something that happens. The sun sets and you have to get home so you have no other options except to bike home. If this does happen to you on a regular basis you’ll want to do everything in your power to make sure that you remain seen by other drivers and that you stay safe on the road. A lot of times motorists find it hard to see you during the daytime, so this danger and inability to see you only increases exponentially as it gets dark.

staying safe bicycling night Staying Safe While Bicycling At Night

This becomes even more dangerous the later it gets, as the drivers that are most likely to be on the road will be tired.

Most bicyclists riding at night assume that the car headlights illuminate them so they are easier to see, however this isn’t always the case. At times, the visibility is so low and the cars are traveling at such high speeds that you won’t even be noticed until its too late.

In this article we’re going to illustrate why it’s so hard for bikers to be seen at night as well as some steps you can take as bicyclist to make sure you remain safe while you’re on the road.

Why is it so hard to see a person on a bicycle at night?

A big part of being able to see a person riding a bicycle at night, is the color of clothing. Black clothing blends into the lack of surrounding light and goes a long way towards increasing your invisibility. Even having reflectors doesn’t increase your chances of being seen by that much.

Bikers usually overestimate how easy it is for them to be seen, and usually assume that cars can see them from a further away distance than they actually can.

What can I do as a bicyclist to make sure I’m more visible at night?

If you absolutely have to ride your bicycle at night you’ll want to do everything in your power to make sure that you can be seen. This means you’ll want to wear the brightest clothing possible. Neon colors and bright orange and yellow will help you out here. You will also want to have a back taillight and a headlight. In some cases you can even have a blinking red light on your back, which will increase your visibility. You can also ensure that you have reflectors on your tires, the back of your bike and even on your helmet.

Just think that the brighter you are the better chance you’ll have at being seen, and thus it will ensure a safe ride home.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding at why the visibility decreases for bikers so much when the sun sets, as well as what bikers can do to increase their likelihood of being seen. If you’re a biker it’s better to assume that cars won’t be able to see you and take every precaution necessary. If you’re a driver it’s important to keep an eye out for bikers, even if you think the road is open.


Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane doens’t trust his fellow drivers enough to bike at night.

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Top Tips To Help You Dance The Night Away In High-Heeled Shoes

Top Tips To Help You Dance The Night Away In High-Heeled Shoes


Now every girl knows high-heels make your legs look longer and your body look slimmer. These are just two of the reasons why we force our feet into them when heading out to dance, whether in a bar, club or at a dance class.

top tips help you dance Top Tips To Help You Dance The Night Away In High Heeled Shoes

Unfortunately, high-heels also have a detrimental effect on our feet and at the end of a dance session, many women are often left with blisters, cuts and various aches and pains in their ankles and calves.

So how can we carry on wearing heels, which make us feel so good in the beginning when we first start dancing and stop the bad effects at the end?

Practice makes perfect

As with anything, it is really important to practice dancing in your high-heels. You should never buy a new pair of high-heels and try and dance in them without having practiced a few times beforehand. All shoes need breaking in and no more so than high-heels.

When you first get your high-heels, you should walk around in them in your house for at least 15 minutes a time, making sure you do this at least once a day for a week before you’re planning on dancing in them.

Try doing a few different dance steps in the heels, including side steps and slow spins. You need to make sure you’re stable in them and that you’re able to stay upright. Make sure you try dance steps on both carpet and tiled floors since floor type can greatly affect your stability in heels.

Note where you feel unstable and what dance step you were doing and then avoid doing this when it comes to the actual day when you’re out dancing in your heels.

Work on your balance

One of the most important things you can do if you’re keen to continue dancing in your high-heels, is to improve your balance. Your body’s core muscles are really important to work on to get your balance right.

If you go to the gym or work out at home try to strengthen your abdominal wall and this will definitely help your ability to stay strong when dancing in heels. Pilates is also a very effective way of building up a strong core and will certainly help you maintain good grounding when dancing in your high heels.

Invest in a high-quality pair of gel inserts

Gel inserts are an absolute life-saver when it comes to dancing in heels. There are many different shapes and sizes available for high-heels so make sure you buy the correct ones for your shoes.

They work by reducing the amount of pressure on the soles and heels of your feet, which wearing high-heels naturally increases. They therefore make wearing high-heels a lot more comfortable and enable you to dance for longer without so many negative effects the next day (or at the end of the night).

Dancing in heels always requires planning and preparation!

One of the best tips to help you wear high-heels whilst dancing the night away is to only change into them when you actually reach the dance class, bar or club. There’s no point putting more pressure on your feet whilst travelling to and from location. Keep your heels in a bag until you reach your destination and then change into them and dance away to your heart’s content.

It’s also a good idea to warm up your muscles before putting your heels on. After all, you wouldn’t go running or play a team sport without warming up the muscles in your legs, so why would you go dancing for a few hours without warming up? It’s really important to get your calf muscles and ankles warmed up and stretched before dancing in heels since it will help to prevent injuries.

Laura writes for Danceforce. When not writing about girls’ ballroom dance shoes, she can often be found dancing the night away–over and over again.

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Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?

Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?


Being a parent is truly full of challenges which not only refer to the physical but also the mental and emotional trials which moms and dads go through and experience each day. If you have a child, then you know how taking care of your kid can really take over your life as well. You have to ensure that his basic needs are provided, and you also have to protect him from harm. The latter is easier to do when a child is still quite young because there are so many aspects in his life that you can still control. But when he reaches his teens and once you give him his own car, he has more independence. This is also when things can become more worrying for you as driving, most especially driving at night, is one of the most dangerous things that your teen does each day.

why are teens more danger Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?

Car collisions at night (usually from 6 PM to 6 AM) result in more fatalities or more severe injuries to drivers and their victims, and such data is supported by the survey results of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drivers between 16 and 20 years old are involved in many of these dangerous automobile crashes, and there are various reasons why, like –

1. Speeding

Speeding during daytime is already dangerous enough as it is. At night, it is even riskier since there are more factors that negatively affect a person’s driving abilities, like reduced visibility. Also, although teens know that speeding is dangerous, they might take more risks because they want to push their limits or they could be trying to beat their curfew. Other teenagers also become involved in illegal drag races because of a dare or because of their desire to prove something.

2. Reduced Visibility

Not all streets are well-lighted, and dark roads can be very dangerous to teen drivers who may have neglected to repair broken lights or to those who may have forgotten to clean their headlights. There are also some who forget when and how to properly use car lights. Poor visibility coupled with other risky practices, like speeding or distracted driving, can be disastrous. There is also a biological reason why humans have more difficulty driving at night; the eyes need a little more time to adjust when focusing on bright and then darker areas.

3. Drinking

Parents like to think the best of their kids, but even straight-A teens succumb to drinking alcohol too. Teens cannot help their curiosity, and this can convince them to make bad decisions at times. It’s also alarming that binge drinking is becoming increasingly common in teenagers. Not only can this cause a number of health problems, but driving while drunk can lead to fatal vehicular accidents too.

4. Disregard to Safety

“Put your seatbelts on.” This is a simple instruction that many teenagers and adults disregard. Forgetting or refusing to use the seatbelt can greatly impact one’s safety especially if a car accident occurs.

5. Drowsiness

High school students these days are so busy with their academic and extra-curricular activities. They go to school early and they sometimes go home late because they have to practice, finish a school project, do some research, and other things. When there are exams, teenagers are also forced to study until very late at night, which makes them tired and groggy the next day. If they have to drive when drowsy, they could get into an accident too.

Claire Taylor is a full-time freelance blogger who often writes about automobile safety. Because of her desire to learn more about the legal aspects that affect individuals who’ve been involved in car accidents, she has also done some research and has written materials about auto injury cases.

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Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night – Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night – Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat


Although there are lots of reasons to love the summer, it can make it much harder to get a good night’s sleep. This is partly because it is far more difficult to cool down than warm up, so while a cool bedroom is pleasant to sleep in because you can snuggle up under a duvet, a hot room can be impossible to get comfortable in. Your body also drops in temperature as you enter a deep sleep, so if you are too hot in general it can make it difficult to achieve this and go into a proper sleep mode. Add to this the additional disturbance that can be caused by it getting light a lot earlier, and it can cause real problems for some people. If you have trouble sleeping in warm weather, here are some tips to help:

Use Fans and Aerate the Room All Day

sleeping better1 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

If you don’t have air conditioning, you need to use any cooling devices you have at your disposal throughout the day to keep the temperature down, making sure the room is at its coolest when you go in there to sleep. If you don’t like to sleep with the windows open because of noise, have them open when you aren’t in the room instead and use fans to distribute air. Invest in good mesh or other window screens to stop bugs making their way inside without restricting air flow. You may also want to consider getting an evaporation cooler or ‘swamp cooler’ to help cool air – these are less effective than air conditioning but don’t require a vent to the outside, so can be good for apartments.

Most people find they can sleep with fans on, however if the noise bothers you when you are trying to sleep, look for ‘quiet’ fans which are especially designed for night time use.

Take a Cool Shower Before Bed

sleeping better2 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

Reduce your body temperature as much as possible before you go to bed. A cool (but not shockingly cold) shower can be a good way to do this, or, if you have a pool, consider taking a swim in the evening. This will mean your body isn’t already too hot when you get into bed, and it’ll be easier for it to stay cool as it relaxes into sleep.

Stay Well Hydrated

sleeping better3 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

When it is hot you lose a lot more water from your body through sweat, even while you sleep. Being dehydrated isn’t conducive to that well rested feeling you need, so make sure you not only drink a lot of water throughout the day but also keep a bottle of water by your bed in case you wake up thirsty.

Keep the Room Dark

sleeping better4 Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

As well as the heat, you also have to fight the light to get a good night’s sleep in summer. On the longest days of the year the sun can rise as early as 4am, which in most cases will be long before you want to be broken out of your sleep cycle. Use black out curtains, shutters or window coverings to keep out early morning sun, and also consider keeping them closed during the day if direct sunlight tends to come in through the window and heat the room further.

Today’s feature writer, Marshall Stinson, is a part time blogger who works for a big electrical wiring company. He likes to share his views through his blogs, which generally include topics including home improvement tips and DIY projects.

sleeping better Staying Cool And Well Rested At Night   Tips For Sleeping Better In The Summer Heat

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Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night


Welcome to the city of Los Angeles at night. While through the day is the city of Los Angeles full of rush and milions of people are circulating through the streets, at night looks the city so peaceful. The photographer Adan Garcia has took wonderful photos of buildings in Los Angeles like Citi Bank Building, Library, US Bank or Downtown of Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles has about 3,792,621 inhabitants and is the most populous city in the California state and was founded in 1781.

los angeles architecture Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture1 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture2 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture3 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture4 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture5 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture6 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture7 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture8 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

los angeles architecture9 Look at Architecture of Los Angeles at Night

Photo Credit: Adan Garcia (CC BY 2.0)

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