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Moving To Bear Country? – How To Stay Safe

Moving To Bear Country? – How To Stay Safe


Are you moving to bear country? Are you worried about bear encounters? Do you want to know how to stay safe while in bear country?

In the United States, brown bears are usually found in parts of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Although these species are said to be found in California, they are no longer in that state. In fact, they are also considered as a threatened species in South of Canada. If you are moving to any of the regions where brown bears or grizzly bears are said to be found, it is best to practice safety precautions to avoid possible fatal encounters. Bears are magnificent, amazing animals; however, they can also be dangerous especially if they feel threatened. Listed below are a few pointers for staying safe in bear country.

moving bear country how stay Moving To Bear Country?   How To Stay Safe

Know Your Bear

Bears are curious and intelligent animals. They also try to avoid humans; however, it is still important to respect and learn proper behavior to avoid possible encounters. Here are a few basic pieces of information about the most common types of bears you will see in bear country.

Grizzly Bears: These creatures range in color from black to light blonde, but most of them have a medium to dark brown coloring. Their average size is around 350-500 lb and they stand around 3.3 ft to 6.5 ft. at shoulder. If you see this type of bear, you will notice a distinct shoulder hump.

Black Bear: This type of bear also ranges in color from black to light blonde despite the name “black bear”. If you see this type of bear, you will notice a lighter patch on their chest. Their average size is around 110 to 300 lbs and they stand at 2.3 to 3 ft at shoulder. They are much smaller than grizzly bears. They also don’t have a hump on their shoulder.

Roadside Bear Viewing Safety Tips

  • Yellowstone Bear World suggests keeping all your windows and doors locked when viewing bears from the roadside. Keep in mind that bears can and will climb through open windows, especially if you have food in the car.
  • If you are driving through traffic, keep your eyes on the road and don’t stop to avoid possible road accidents.
  • Don’t stop in the middle of the road if you see a bear. In addition, do not stop close to a hill or curve.
  • If you spot a bear, always stay in your car. You should also remain a good distance from the bear.
  • If the bear ignores you, you can take pictures and then move on.
  • Never feed a bear
  • If the bear starts to approach your car, leave immediately. This bear may have been fed by other people in the past and could be dangerous.

What To Do If You Encounter A Bear While Walking or Hiking?

Stay alert. You should always be on the lookout for bears or watch out for signs of their presence. Look for tracks, scats, tree scratches, claw prints, or fresh diggings. Make sure that you give these creatures plenty of room.

Choose a safe route. You should choose routes with excellent visibility. This is especially important when hiking through unfamiliar terrain.

Travel in groups. Although this isn’t practical, you need to understand that the larger the group, the lower the risk of bear attacks. Staying in a group will intimidate bears. This magnificent creature is more likely to approach one or two people instead of a larger group.

Stay away from bears. If you sight a bear a few feet away from your location, do not come any closer. Don’t approach this creature just to get a closer look or to get a better photo. Instead, you can use binoculars to look at them up close.

The author, Kris Lim, is an advocate for wildlife preservation. In this article, she lists a few bear safety tips for those who are moving to or are staying in bear country.

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How To Make House Moving More Convenient And Practical

How To Make House Moving More Convenient And Practical


Whether you are hiring a mover or doing the house movingall by yourself, it is important to keep convenience and practicality your first priorities. It is a given fact that living in a new home is like starting fresh but some people don’t like it as much as others. Let us make it a more pleasant experience by finding out the best things to do when packing, transferring your belongings and starting out.

how house moving more convenient How To Make House Moving More Convenient And Practical

The Necessary Things

House movingrequires you a lot of important items. Start the packing activity. In this case, you will need a lot of boxes, tapes, sticky notes and marker. The boxes should have both small and big sizes. This is optional but you can also weigh your boxes to avoid the risk of it being too heavy. In addition, remember that you should always have some extras in case that you experience some shortages.

Securing Your Valuables

When doing the act of packing, it is important that you are completely prepared before putting anything inside the box. Don’t just pick something and put it anywhere. These are the things that you can do.

  • Tape the boxes, especially the edges and bottom
  • The small boxes are for smaller items
  • The large boxes are for larger items
  • Estimate the weight of the box
  • Consider expensive and breakable items
  • When you’re done, close the box and tape it more than once
  • Label the box with its contents and destination

Your labeling system should depend on what you are more comfortable of doing. You can use the sticky notes if that is what you prefer in your house moving.

The Electrical Connection

While you are unpacking, someone should also be checking the wires in your house. Hire an electrician to determine whether you are ready to plug and use your appliances. The electrical connection is very hazardous and dangerous if not completely tested. In the process of house moving, this is only of the things that the mover is required to do.

Some Technicalities

When you are ready to start a new life in your new home, don’t forget to learn a few things first. The most important is your new address. If you need to, go to your favorite establishments and change it. Your next bills shouldn’t be sent to your previous home. The next is your keys. Duplicate a lot of copies and keep them safe. Also, make sure that all your basic utilities are working. Your water should be clean and electricity not fluctuating.

House movingis not a stressful activity. If you just try to be organized in doing it, it is actually easier than what most people think. If you hire a mover, make sure that they are friendly and willing to follow your instructions. Check your locality for the most trustworthy companies that you can consider. If you are moving with the help of family or friends, do not forget to take into consideration everyone and their capacities especially in carrying things.

Writing is Chloe’s favourite pastime. As well as playing with words, Chloe likes salsa dancing and going for walks.

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Top Tips For Moving To A New Country

Top Tips For Moving To A New Country


Moving homes is considered one of the most stressful activities to undertake; moving to a different country altogether will only increase the risk of a negative experience. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a fully-functioning support system in place when we move away from the country of our birth. It requires some hard work to adapt to a new climate, job, social scene, laws, and even a language barrier!

top tips for moving new Top Tips For Moving To A New Country


One of the most important things you can do to lower stress levels during and after your move is to make sure that the whole thing is very well organised. Things will still go wrong, but if you have thought things through carefully, the chances are good that you’ll be able work around the problems with some ease.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Will you move with the contents of your home or sell everything and start over? Weigh up the costs and find out what you will be able to afford in your new country on your new salary. If you know you will only be staying temporarily, you might prefer renting a furnished home while your belongings are in storage at home (but this can be rather expensive).
  • Will you ship your car or sell it and buy a new one? If you are moving to Europe, it might not be helpful to take your enormous SUV that guzzles considerably more (expensive) fuel faster than the smaller fuel-efficient vehicles that are the norm there.
  • Find out what you need to do to get an international driver’s licence and start the process way in advance. The more you can do in advance, the less stressed you’ll feel when the inevitably overwhelming move arrives.
  • Find out what you need to do to get your visa/working permit ready. In some cases your prospective employer will do a lot of the paperwork for you, but in other cases you will have to do most of it yourself.  Either way, ensure you know what to do in advance. Sometimes you’ll need a document that you may have lost, like an unabridged birth certificate. Reapplying for these can take time and delay your visa application.
  • Find out whether you’ll need travel insurance or whether you’ll be covered for health emergencies by the government of the country you’re moving to. In England, you are allowed to make use of NHS services if you are a resident (have a resident’s visa), but in the US you will always be asked to pay for any hospitalisation.

Job hunt

If you know you want to move and are looking to find employment overseas, make sure you use reputable job sites. You can ensure an easier time of it by first finding out what skills are considered scarce in the country of your choice. Medical practitioners, artisans and IT specialists are among the most common. Ensure that the contact you make with your potential employer is legitimate – there are many scammers out there!

Culture shock

Culture shock is a phenomenon characterised by feelings of homesickness, depression, and negativity towards the culture, language, and customs of your adopted country. These feelings do eventually subside after some time, but you can make it considerably easier for yourself by doing a number of things. For example:

  • Take some language classes. Not only will you learn very valuable language skills, but you are also likely to get to know other foreigners who are as eager to make friends as you are.
  • If you have a favourite hobby or exercise, find a way to continue doing it in your new country. It will help you to feel grounded, and also help you make friends with some locals.
  • Get organised. It is okay to feel sad and lonely at times, but it is better not to indulge in it too much. Set reachable goals for yourself like getting a mobile phone, exploring a certain area of your city/town, and opening a bank account, etc. These small feats can lift your spirits immensely whilst improving your quality of life
  • If you know that you won’t adapt well in an environment where English is not spoken with ease, choose to work in a country like Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, or the United Kingdom, amongst others, where this won’t be a problem.

Before you leave, make sure you have certain friends and family who will be supportive and stay in touch with you. This will go a long way towards helping you cope during your first few months in a new environment.

Louisa Theart is a freelance musician and writer who spent two years studying in a foreign country. She knows all about the excitement and heartache of leaving home.

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Three Benefits Of Moving Your Business To A New Location

Three Benefits Of Moving Your Business To A New Location


three benefits moving business new Three Benefits Of Moving Your Business To A New Location

Moving a business, no matter how large or small it is, isn’t easy to do, but sometimes it really is worth the time and effort that goes into moving a company from one location to another. Before making a move, you should analyse how your company has been doing. Has it been suffering as a result of overheads that are too expensive, for example? Or have you noticed that a lot of your customers are shopping elsewhere if your store isn’t located close enough to their homes? Once you figure out what has been going wrong within your organisation, you can determine if a move is really the best option.

Continue reading to learn about three ways that moving your business can actually benefit the entire organisation and help it succeed, despite how expensive moving can be.

Lower Your Expenses

three benefits moving business new1 Three Benefits Of Moving Your Business To A New Location

Moving to a better location can mean that you’ll also be able to cut down on your expenses. This is especially true if you have an office or retail space that charges high rental fees each month. If you can find a location that’s just as great, or even better, for your business, you can reduce the amount of money that you spend each month on rent.

You may also find that other locations have lower taxes, or that you can find a facility that will use up less energy, resulting in lower utility bills each month. The bottom line is that moving can dramatically reduce your overhead costs, and this can help you keep more money within your organisation, where it belongs.

A Better Space Overall

three benefits moving business new2 Three Benefits Of Moving Your Business To A New Location

Perhaps your current location is too large or too small. Or perhaps it isn’t conducive to efficiently completing tasks because of a poor layout. Whether you need a more attractive space, a smaller space, or a larger space, moving can give your business exactly what it needs to increase efficiency and make both your customers and staff members feel comfortable. You may even be able to find a location that’s already designed in a style that will easily attract the types of customers you seek.

Follow Your Customers and Clients

three benefits moving business new3 Three Benefits Of Moving Your Business To A New Location

If your steady stream of customers and clients has left your area, you need to move with them. Otherwise, they’ll find competitors that are located closer to them who can provide them with the products or services they need. If you have found that you aren’t making as many sales as a result of your customers moving away, you should try your best to follow them and set up shop in a location where it will be more convenient for them to choose your company over the competition. The initial cost of hiring office movers will pay itself back in the form of higher profits from a larger customer base.

Moving your business can be difficult, but it definitely comes with its own set of benefits as well. If your old space is no longer serving you and is really holding your business back, it’s time to move.

Today’s featured writer, Thomas Philip, works withOffice Move Pro , leading commercial movers in Toronto. An ardent blogger, during his time off from work, he enjoys writing on a variety of topics that interest him.

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Planes, Trains and … Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle

Planes, Trains and … Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle


From sending the kids to school, to sorting the house out, to commuting to work, it can be a juggling act in the morning for many women and applying makeup is the last thing on their minds. Many resort to applying it in the car at traffic lights (don’t be one of these people), on the train or on the bus and the results can be slap-dash at best. Here is our guide to putting on makeup as a passenger in a moving vehicle without emerging looking like a clown.

Less is More:

When applying makeup in less than ideal conditions it’s best to remember that the more factors in your makeup, the greater the chance of making a mistake. Keep things minimal to lower your odds of a morning spoiling mishap. When applying product, use only a little at a time – large mistakes are more difficult to blend in or remove.

Use Powder Foundation:

If you wear foundation you will know how precise you have to be when applying it. Liquid foundation is a big no no as it can go everywhere, including the car, your clothes and hair! It needs to be even and while travelling it is difficult to ensure that it will be applied properly. Step in powder foundation which is a breeze to apply and buff with a brush, will not go everywhere if you tap your brush first and gives great coverage pretty quickly! You also won’t get any on your hands which is a real plus if you can’t wash them immediately after. Still, best to be careful with loose powder

Don’t Apply Mascara:

Most ladies will identify with that feeling of sticking the mascara brush straight into their eyes because they have not been concentrating on the application. Not only is it extremely painful, it also leaves the white of your eyes a strange black or dark grey which can take a few minutes to dissipate and is then replaced with an irritated and red look. The best option is to stay away from mascara and just apply it when you have reached your destination and are stationary.

Go for a Lighter Lipstick:

Don’t go for any lip shade that is too dark, just in case you have problems applying it. Something natural and subtle is perfect and means if you stray away from your lip line, it won’t be too noticeable! It also means that if you get it on your hands or it falls it won’t stain.


Unless you are blessed with perfect skin, you will need a helping hand in the form of concealer. A liquid concealer is your best bet as they are easier to blend in and you can leave it drying for a few minutes while you drive or apply your lipstick. However, don’t forget about it and check that you are rubbing it correctly.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need:

If you are planning to apply your make up away from home, make sure that you have everything you will need with you. Getting into the car, driving half-way to work and then realising you have no foundation could leave you in more than a panic!

Check Your Appearance When the Journey is Over:

Whether you are on a train, in your car or on a bus, whatever you do, make sure you check how you look before you get out and go on your way. Sometimes, although you think you have applied your makeup well, it doesn’t look how you imagine so a final check and retouch is nearly always necessary!

Thanks to Louise from automotive rental company Sixt for these tips. Do you think it’s better to be late or go without makeup? Let us know your thoughts (and please don’t get makeup on our seats).

simpsons makeup Planes, Trains and ... Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle

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