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5 Things To Make Your Gift A Little Bit More Special

5 Things To Make Your Gift A Little Bit More Special


Giving gifts is really rewarding. There is nothing better than seeing a smile from the person you just gave a gift to and knowing that your gift was really appreciated. Finding the right gift can sometimes be a struggle and you always want to make your gift feel special.Gift box

To help you out here are five small things to add to your gift to make it just a little bit more special.

1. A Thoughtful Card

A lot of people don’t really pay attention to the card they give. But this is a mistake since many people really like to hold on to special cards from different occasions.

So next time you are giving a gift spend some time selecting the card. If you don’t find anything good enough consider crafting the card yourself.

Anything homemade is always much more special than things that you just bought. Make sure to also look up a really nice poem to go inside the card.

2. An Act Of Kindness

The world could really do with a bit more kindness and thus when you are giving a gift to someone you can always include something that isn’t material. For instance, consider helping out an elderly person with their shopping or show them how to use Skype so that you two can talk more. Anything that you know would help the other person and make them feel just a little bit more special.

3. Something Funny

Adding a tiny little novelty item is always really fun. For instance, if someone is moving to a different city then you could give a little mug that says “I won’t get used to …” and the city’s name there. You could also go with a small little humorous book or a badge for a birthday hero.

4. A Quality Bottle Of Champagne

For adults it is a really good idea to provide a bottle of quality champagne together with your gift. This is a really lovely drink that will make any occasion special. So whether you are giving a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a gift for a new job, a bottle of champagne will add a touch of glamour to your present.

Buying affordable yet vintage champagne isn’t even impossible because of the opportunities you can find online. There are plenty of places that sell great champagne without you spending a fortune on it.

5. Homemade Sweets

As mentioned above adding something handmade to your gift will always make it more special. It really shows the time and effort you have put to giving this gift to the person. A really simple yet lovely addition to any gift for people of all ages is homemade sweets.

There are many online sites that have different sweets recipes to try. One really good choice could be to look at this Good to Know article. It has many different treats to make at home and you’ll find something there to suit all tastes.

The above five things can make your gift seem just a little bit more special. They are all really affordable and will definitely bring a smile to the person’s face.

Sheila Hanford loves giving gifts to her friends and family. She is a big fan of making sure that her gifts are also really well thought about and loves personalising general gifts. She is also passionate about baking.

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Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture

Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture


In today’s modern society, we cannot function without multitasking – things just wouldn’t get done!

So now, we tend to expect the same from our possessions. If your mobile phone can be an alarm clock, a games console, a newspaper and a library in one, why can’t a coffee table do a little bit more than just ’hold’ things? And let’s face it; the majority of us are not living in a mansion, so utilising space is more important than ever.

get more bang for buck Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture

This is why designers are focusing more and more on space-saving, multifunctional interior design. The good news is with a bit of effort and a little DIY aptitude you can achieve the same results without the costs of hiring someone.

Practical art

Of course we are all used to the concept of something being both aesthetically pleasing and functional, but what if we would turn it around and think of the practical uses first? This approach could help you create beautiful accessories for your home.

If you need some extra storage space but don’t want to fix yet another cabinet to your wall, why not create your own display/storage unit for pens, letters, jewellery and little souvenirs from used cans. Use old paint or coffee cans, soak off the label and arrange them on the wall in a pattern you like. Why not give the cans a splash of paint to make it even more of a statement piece? And while we are talking about cans, what about a room divider made entirely out of these multifunctional, tin cylinders – lightweight and definitely eye-catching.

Ever thought of radiators as artistic focal points for the home? I think we can agree that traditional radiators are designed for function and can often be an eyesore in an, otherwise well-designed, interior. Luckily there is a huge variety of beautifully designed and energy-efficient radiators on the market. Such a radiator is the ultimate example of practical art.

Saving Space

One of the main purposes of multifunctional furniture is saving or even gaining space. A good and subtle way to save space in your living room is a sofa or chairs with a built-in storage, which is available from most furniture stores.

A new 2-in-1 design classic that we have been seeing a lot this year is the “reading chair,” which is like your very own library, which you can sit on! The chair stores books in the arms, base and back of the chair, creating the perfect reading space where you have your all your favourite titles close by – super stylish and a good solution if you’re living room is running out of space.

If you’d like your coffee table to hold something more than mugs, remotes and the odd pair of feet you can create a coffee table out of four (or more) wooden square frames, with the openings directed to the sides. This way you have a flat surface on top and storage inside the boxes for your DVD’s, magazines and books.  And even better, if you have a party or friends come over you can clear the floor, separate the units and use them as extra seats.


One of the most well-known multifunctional fixtures is the sleeper sofa, but unfortunately almost anyone who has ever slept on an old model knows that waking up with a sore back goes with the territory. Now that the quality of sleeper sofas has improved massively over the years, you can your study room as a guest bedroom again, without the guilt!

And how about combining something you really need with something that will keep your kids busy for hours? If you have kids you know how quickly their toys can take over your living space. To solve this problem you can integrate the toys into the decor with a beautifully built, wooden, two story dolls-house, with a flat roof, that also functions as a coffee table. This way you can keep an eye on the kids whilst socialising with friends.

Although it might feel like radiators are quite static home accessories that really only have the single purpose of heating our houses, there are actually smart, multipurpose, modern options now available.  One of my favourites is the radiator that is decked out with a mirror – ideal for hallways and/or bedrooms. You can even have them equipped with a shelf for your gloves and jewellery – the options are endless!

Get inspired

There is a huge selection of practical yet beautiful multifunctional furniture available for your DIY creations. However, remember to think outside the box. Try to have an open mind when looking at your interior and don’t be afraid to repurpose. Looking at things without the limitations of the initiated use of the object will bring you back to the old days, where a cardboard box could be anything from a spaceship to a home. Have fun!

Laura writes for Jaga Home Heating. When not writing, she can often be found trying to get more bang for her buck throughout the house.

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How To Make House Moving More Convenient And Practical

How To Make House Moving More Convenient And Practical


Whether you are hiring a mover or doing the house movingall by yourself, it is important to keep convenience and practicality your first priorities. It is a given fact that living in a new home is like starting fresh but some people don’t like it as much as others. Let us make it a more pleasant experience by finding out the best things to do when packing, transferring your belongings and starting out.

how house moving more convenient How To Make House Moving More Convenient And Practical

The Necessary Things

House movingrequires you a lot of important items. Start the packing activity. In this case, you will need a lot of boxes, tapes, sticky notes and marker. The boxes should have both small and big sizes. This is optional but you can also weigh your boxes to avoid the risk of it being too heavy. In addition, remember that you should always have some extras in case that you experience some shortages.

Securing Your Valuables

When doing the act of packing, it is important that you are completely prepared before putting anything inside the box. Don’t just pick something and put it anywhere. These are the things that you can do.

  • Tape the boxes, especially the edges and bottom
  • The small boxes are for smaller items
  • The large boxes are for larger items
  • Estimate the weight of the box
  • Consider expensive and breakable items
  • When you’re done, close the box and tape it more than once
  • Label the box with its contents and destination

Your labeling system should depend on what you are more comfortable of doing. You can use the sticky notes if that is what you prefer in your house moving.

The Electrical Connection

While you are unpacking, someone should also be checking the wires in your house. Hire an electrician to determine whether you are ready to plug and use your appliances. The electrical connection is very hazardous and dangerous if not completely tested. In the process of house moving, this is only of the things that the mover is required to do.

Some Technicalities

When you are ready to start a new life in your new home, don’t forget to learn a few things first. The most important is your new address. If you need to, go to your favorite establishments and change it. Your next bills shouldn’t be sent to your previous home. The next is your keys. Duplicate a lot of copies and keep them safe. Also, make sure that all your basic utilities are working. Your water should be clean and electricity not fluctuating.

House movingis not a stressful activity. If you just try to be organized in doing it, it is actually easier than what most people think. If you hire a mover, make sure that they are friendly and willing to follow your instructions. Check your locality for the most trustworthy companies that you can consider. If you are moving with the help of family or friends, do not forget to take into consideration everyone and their capacities especially in carrying things.

Writing is Chloe’s favourite pastime. As well as playing with words, Chloe likes salsa dancing and going for walks.

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Improvement Choices For A More Beautiful and Fully Functional Kitchen

Improvement Choices For A More Beautiful and Fully Functional Kitchen


Kitchen remodeling or renovation is a highly skilled task. It asks people to be more patient and willing to consider clients’ needs and wants. You may also get a professional if you have to get the task done immediately and successfully. Now, there are several services that can help you remodel or you may personally take a look at the existing styles online or at magazines to get some great concepts. Some of the areas in your home where you would be doing several remodeling techniques is the kitchen.

improvement choices for more beautiful Improvement Choices For A More Beautiful and Fully Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is not just the place where food is being prepared and cooked. It is an area where you get creative with what you eat an appealing kitchen just adds to the flavors. If you have any plans of doing kitchen improvements now would be the perfect time. Why? You’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Custom cabinetry can be a great choice to begin with. You may use an extended arched platform where your family can enjoy fresh early morning meals while you prepare and cook them on the side. This is a layout that majority of kitchens uses nowadays. It makes your cooking and dining corner a pleasant one!

Cabinets and countertops

You can pick from various types of woods for your cabinets or stone as countertops. Your kitchen improvement task must be able to give you not just an aesthetically appealing kitchen but also a fully functional one. The wood and the countertop normally will be among the few things that will add a good contrast to your kitchen. Log online to find the best countertop replacement materials or services.

Utensils and appliances

Renovation or improvements would never be complete without investing in high quality and good looking utensils or appliances.Get a refrigerator that has the right size and place it to a corner that is very much accessible to both guests and cooks. Toasters, microwaves, blenders, and more are perfect additions to good looking countertops.

Your utensils and dining table accessories should also match the newly renovated area. Make sure that the materials and colors you used will compliment the theme of your kitchen. Many companies, both local and online, are offering high quality utensils or appliances at reasonable costs. Look for them.

Remodeling is an excellent idea as it helps you in keeping a great ambiance in your place and also include new concepts in your home. You can pick from several different styles that are available today. Many services that exist now are all contractors and provide you with top quality kitchen décor choices. All of these will help you get a better and more functional cooking and dining area.

About the Author:

Linda Rosario is based in New York and currently works at – Quality equipment, at the best prices for the restaurant or home kitchen. Aside from blogging about delicious recipes and interesting ways on how to renovate the kitchen, Linda is also fond of painting and photography.

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Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?

Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?


Being a parent is truly full of challenges which not only refer to the physical but also the mental and emotional trials which moms and dads go through and experience each day. If you have a child, then you know how taking care of your kid can really take over your life as well. You have to ensure that his basic needs are provided, and you also have to protect him from harm. The latter is easier to do when a child is still quite young because there are so many aspects in his life that you can still control. But when he reaches his teens and once you give him his own car, he has more independence. This is also when things can become more worrying for you as driving, most especially driving at night, is one of the most dangerous things that your teen does each day.

why are teens more danger Why Are Teens In More Danger When Driving At Night?

Car collisions at night (usually from 6 PM to 6 AM) result in more fatalities or more severe injuries to drivers and their victims, and such data is supported by the survey results of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drivers between 16 and 20 years old are involved in many of these dangerous automobile crashes, and there are various reasons why, like –

1. Speeding

Speeding during daytime is already dangerous enough as it is. At night, it is even riskier since there are more factors that negatively affect a person’s driving abilities, like reduced visibility. Also, although teens know that speeding is dangerous, they might take more risks because they want to push their limits or they could be trying to beat their curfew. Other teenagers also become involved in illegal drag races because of a dare or because of their desire to prove something.

2. Reduced Visibility

Not all streets are well-lighted, and dark roads can be very dangerous to teen drivers who may have neglected to repair broken lights or to those who may have forgotten to clean their headlights. There are also some who forget when and how to properly use car lights. Poor visibility coupled with other risky practices, like speeding or distracted driving, can be disastrous. There is also a biological reason why humans have more difficulty driving at night; the eyes need a little more time to adjust when focusing on bright and then darker areas.

3. Drinking

Parents like to think the best of their kids, but even straight-A teens succumb to drinking alcohol too. Teens cannot help their curiosity, and this can convince them to make bad decisions at times. It’s also alarming that binge drinking is becoming increasingly common in teenagers. Not only can this cause a number of health problems, but driving while drunk can lead to fatal vehicular accidents too.

4. Disregard to Safety

“Put your seatbelts on.” This is a simple instruction that many teenagers and adults disregard. Forgetting or refusing to use the seatbelt can greatly impact one’s safety especially if a car accident occurs.

5. Drowsiness

High school students these days are so busy with their academic and extra-curricular activities. They go to school early and they sometimes go home late because they have to practice, finish a school project, do some research, and other things. When there are exams, teenagers are also forced to study until very late at night, which makes them tired and groggy the next day. If they have to drive when drowsy, they could get into an accident too.

Claire Taylor is a full-time freelance blogger who often writes about automobile safety. Because of her desire to learn more about the legal aspects that affect individuals who’ve been involved in car accidents, she has also done some research and has written materials about auto injury cases.

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Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure


Even though you use your mobile device every day, you may not take its security all that seriously. After all, it is just a phone, not a computer, so viruses cant infect it in the same way that they can infect your PC, right? Wrong. From spyware to hackers, your mobile devices are just as susceptible to virtual threats, so you should be taking every step possible to secure your phone before it is too late.

Continue reading for five tricks that will help you ensure that your mobile phone is as secure as it can be.

Avoid Malicious Links

five tricks mobile phone more Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Malicious links can be found on your mobile phone just as they can be accessed from your computer. To make sure you do not click on the wrong link that can end up divulging personal information to the wrong people, look for “https” before the website address before entering sensitive data about yourself. This will ensure that the site is secure rather than a phishing site or scam.

Download Safe Apps

five tricks mobile phone more1 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

When you are about to download an app on your mobile phone, check that it is a safe one before allowing it to access the contents on your memory card. Some apps request access to your call history, contacts list, text messages, and more. If this is the case, do not download the app, as it may be dangerous.

To be sure you are downloading safe apps, get them from a reputable source, such as the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Avoid downloading apps from third party sites.

Avoid Conducting Business Over a Public Wi-Fi Network

five tricks mobile phone more2 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Public unsecured wi-fi networks are not secure. In fact, a hacker can more easily access the information that you send and receive over these types of networks, so it is always best to just do casual Internet browsing while you are utilizing these types of connections. Avoid performing bank transactions or sharing sensitive data on your mobile phone until it is connected to a secure, password-protected network.

Install a Security App

five tricks mobile phone more3 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Whether you decide to try to use phone unlock codes or you prefer keeping your mobile phone locked, one thing that you should also do in order to enhance your security is download a security app that you can trust. These apps are great not only for protecting your phone from hackers and spam, but they are also often well equipped for helping you locate your lost or stolen phone as well.

Keep Your Operating System Updated

five tricks mobile phone more4 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

An up-to-date operating system is a final step you can take to secure your phone. Any holes in security or other vulnerabilities are targeted by these updates, which also make using your phone even more convenient, thanks to updated features.

To keep your mobile phone secure, you have to always be aware of where you are browsing and what network you are using. But by following some simple steps, you can ensure that your device will always be safe from hackers and scams.

This post has been authored by Henry Smith. He writes for, a company offering cell phone unlocking services. His hobbies include painting and sculpting.

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Create More Floor Space And Add Style To Your Living Room With A Sliding Door

Create More Floor Space And Add Style To Your Living Room With A Sliding Door


Many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to save space, while adding attractive elements to their homes. Mirrors, paint, furnishings and window treatments are all common ways to achieve that, so why not opt for a more unique and functional piece instead if you are thinking about sprucing up your home? Sliding barn doors are jazzy functional pieces that offer an easy solution to saving space and adding style to your living room. What makes them unique is that these doors are typically seen in barns and garages and never indoors. When they are used inside a home, these doors keep living spaces airy while adding rustic charm, thus making them quite popular in many homes these days.

The Benefits Of Having Sliding Doors In Your Living Room

A standard swinging door can take up plenty of space compared to a sliding door and this makes it difficult for homeowners to decide on the placement of furniture. Fortunately, sliding doors are eye catching pieces while saving up space too. But they also offer an array of benefits that encourage homeowners to consider replacing their swinging doors with sliding barn doors.

Here are some benefits that sliding barn doors offer –

  • Style And Elegance

Sliding barn doors can add some style and elegance to your living room, while enhancing its appearance. They offer the impression that there are no barriers between rooms and provide character in your home.

  • Privacy

These sliding barn doors allow privacy as a partition, but they can also create space within a larger space without having to alter structure or adding structure.

  • Easy Installation

Having sliding barn doors installed in your living room is very easy to do. You do not have to make any extra alteration since these doors will be hung on a surface mounted railing system just above the original opening. Better yet, the sliding mechanism will not even take up much space at all.

  • Flexible

Most sliding barn doors are custom made, while other homeowners prefer to make their own barn sliding doors for their homes. They can be made in any style with an array of designs and colors, as well as textures. Whatever their design, texture, color and style, they can be installed anywhere such as bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, closets and family rooms.

Where You Can Use Sliding Barn Doors

If you are wondering where to use sliding barn doors in your home, these tips may be useful to you. Just be sure to find the right design, style, color and door accessories that will suit each room.

  • Bedroom – Sliding doors can create open and airy spaces without blocking pathways during the day and they can be closed for the night when privacy is needed.
  • Living Room – Sliding doors take lesser space compared to swinging doors since you can leave them open and close them when needed.
  • Laundry Room – Sliding rooms are useful to hide laundry rooms and storage rooms, but they can also be used to liven up these rooms and prevent the cramped feeling.
  • Kitchen – Sliding doors can be used to keep the pantry or washing machine hidden. An outdoor kitchen can become an enclosed space with the doors too.

Valerie Kandria is a freelance writer specializing in home design and custom made furnishings. She offers advice on how to create extra spaces and add style to a cramped home, and recommends Basin Custom for custom made sliding doors and furnishings.

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How To Feel Safer And More Secure In Your Home

How To Feel Safer And More Secure In Your Home


A home has many jobs. Of course it’s your home’s job to ensure that you have shelter from the elements and somewhere to keep your belongings. It’s also up to your home to give you somewhere to engage in your favourite hobbies and activities and to entertain guests. One of the biggest roles of the home though is simply to make us feel comfortable and safe, so that when we’ve had a hard day at work, or when we’re feeling tired and ill, we can simply collapse into a sofa or arm chair and let go of all our worries while feel completely… well, at home.

There are many ways that we can do this and most of us will find that our homes automatically feel safe and secure simply from being ours. However in some cases you might find that you don’t feel quite as secure in your property as you would like. If you are on a main road and you can hear people passing by outside, or if your house is very big making it feel empty and cold, then you might find it’s actually quite hard to relax and that you end up feeling on edge when you should be cosy. If that describes the way you feel in your home, then here are some tips as to how you can give it a sense of calm and of safety.

Improve Insulation

If your home feels cold then right away this is going to make it seem less safe and less cosy. Apart from the sheer fact that we are more comfortable in the warm, the cold will make your heart rate increase thus causing the symptoms of anxiety and it will make you feel more like you’re outdoors. On top of this, poor insulation will mean that you hear noise outside more easily which can be unnerving when sirens go past or people have arguments outside. At the very least then invest in some double glazing, and consider hanging some rugs on the walls to absorb more sound and warmth.

Improve Security

Big Brother

If your security isn’t great then this can play in the back of your mind and make you feel less safe as a result. There are obviously a number of things you can do to improve this tough, such as installing a better lock (and perhaps a digital lock), getting bigger gates, getting a higher wood fence installation or even putting some CCTV and barbed wire around.


Facebook: The privacy saga continues

Also important is your privacy and few things are more upsetting than feeling like you’re being watched. Make sure then that you have blinds you can draw and thick curtains, and consider growing taller hedges and trees around your garden to make it more difficult for people to see in.


Amar En Tiempos Revueltos 2o X 08 Madrid Espana anos '40 '50 & '60.

The design of your rooms can also change the way they impact you psychologically and there are a number of things you can do to make them feel safer and more secure. Using slightly warmer colours for instance can help to make a room feel cosier, warmer and smaller, while using more cushions and soft imagery can make it look more comfortable and beg you to curl up in it.

Derek Grant is the author of today’s guest post. He provides deck cleaning services. Blogging is his passion and gives useful home improvement advice in his articles.

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Improve Your Workspace And Get More Done

Improve Your Workspace And Get More Done


workspace design Improve Your Workspace And Get More Done


Most of us spend a great deal of our waking lives at work, sitting behind desks. So it is inevitable that our workspaces reflect and impact our personal lives.  A disorganized desk not only contributes to inefficiency at the office, it can also increase stress and put a strain on your home life.  And though it may seem like a waste of time to spend hours streamlining your workspace while there is an always-rising pile of ‘actual’ work to get done, you’ll be amazed how productive you become when the clarity of your workspace begins to manifest itself in your labor.

Our physical surroundings have an enormous influence over our mental landscapes.  A better workspace translates to better work.  Here’s how to boost your professional performance and improve your life by cultivating both:

Clear the Clutter

No matter what industry you work in, a streamlined and clutter-free workspace is necessary for efficiency.  Only keep things at hand that you need and frequently use.  File away work that is already completed, throw away work that is no longer relevant, and eliminate anything superfluous to the task at hand.  Organization isn’t just about appearance.  A clean and clear workspace saves time, keeps important items from being misplaced, reduces stress, and will help you avoid costly distractions.


Categorizing is the cornerstone of organization.  Divide and arrange your work into separate files or folders corresponding to certain tasks, clients, and/or topics.  Physically categorizing drawers helps you stay on task, and a categorized computer desktop helps manage large projects and chart progress over time.  Categorizing is a great way to break big overwhelming jobs into smaller tasks, and is a powerful tool for understanding the ‘big picture.’


workspace design1 Improve Your Workspace And Get More Done

Decide what is important for excelling in your work, and organize your workspace accordingly.  This might mean arranging files in a hierarchy from most to least important.  Or it might mean clearing a large space for building prototypes and making sketches by putting the computer somewhere less conspicuous.  Perhaps your brainstorming whiteboard needs to occupy a more prominent position in the office.  Whatever contributes to your best work should be placed in the most important part of the space.

Put Yourself in a Position to Improve

How you sit has a huge impact on how you work.  Do you often catch yourself looking out the window daydreaming?  Maybe your desk should face the other way.  Is your reclining chair making your drowsy? Is your poor posture influencing your work?  Sit upright with a straight back in a comfortable chair, and don’t allow yourself to be too relaxed.

Eating in the Office

Stop eating at your desk!  Eat meals at regular times, and eat them somewhere apart from your workspace.  Stop distracting yourself with snacks, and stop associating your workspace with your anything that isn’t directly related to work. If work is the only thing you allow yourself to do at your desk, you’ll find you encounter far fewer distractions whenever you sit down.

The Eye of Authority

Studies have shown people are far more productive when they have the impression of being watched.  Put a photo of an admired authority figure or someone who inspires you on your desk.  You’ll focus better and be less likely to procrastinate.

We all know our minds and bodies are intimately connected.  Yet few make a concerted effort to improve their mental landscapes by changing their physical surroundings.  Instead, we fill our workplaces with distraction, and complain of lacking focus.  We allow our bodies languish, and lament feeling drowsy.  We let clutter overrun our desks, and feel overwhelmed.

The first step toward an ideal workspace—though most will never take it––is becoming aware of how your environment impacts your psychology.   So pay close attention to what you fill your desk with, and understand you are filling your mind with these things too.  Awareness paves the path to efficiency.  By conscientiously cultivating the former, the changes you need will quickly become obvious.

Matthew is a researcher at, chess-obsessive, clean freak and an avid Lifehacker reader.

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