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Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure


Even though you use your mobile device every day, you may not take its security all that seriously. After all, it is just a phone, not a computer, so viruses cant infect it in the same way that they can infect your PC, right? Wrong. From spyware to hackers, your mobile devices are just as susceptible to virtual threats, so you should be taking every step possible to secure your phone before it is too late.

Continue reading for five tricks that will help you ensure that your mobile phone is as secure as it can be.

Avoid Malicious Links

five tricks mobile phone more Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Malicious links can be found on your mobile phone just as they can be accessed from your computer. To make sure you do not click on the wrong link that can end up divulging personal information to the wrong people, look for “https” before the website address before entering sensitive data about yourself. This will ensure that the site is secure rather than a phishing site or scam.

Download Safe Apps

five tricks mobile phone more1 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

When you are about to download an app on your mobile phone, check that it is a safe one before allowing it to access the contents on your memory card. Some apps request access to your call history, contacts list, text messages, and more. If this is the case, do not download the app, as it may be dangerous.

To be sure you are downloading safe apps, get them from a reputable source, such as the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Avoid downloading apps from third party sites.

Avoid Conducting Business Over a Public Wi-Fi Network

five tricks mobile phone more2 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Public unsecured wi-fi networks are not secure. In fact, a hacker can more easily access the information that you send and receive over these types of networks, so it is always best to just do casual Internet browsing while you are utilizing these types of connections. Avoid performing bank transactions or sharing sensitive data on your mobile phone until it is connected to a secure, password-protected network.

Install a Security App

five tricks mobile phone more3 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Whether you decide to try to use phone unlock codes or you prefer keeping your mobile phone locked, one thing that you should also do in order to enhance your security is download a security app that you can trust. These apps are great not only for protecting your phone from hackers and spam, but they are also often well equipped for helping you locate your lost or stolen phone as well.

Keep Your Operating System Updated

five tricks mobile phone more4 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

An up-to-date operating system is a final step you can take to secure your phone. Any holes in security or other vulnerabilities are targeted by these updates, which also make using your phone even more convenient, thanks to updated features.

To keep your mobile phone secure, you have to always be aware of where you are browsing and what network you are using. But by following some simple steps, you can ensure that your device will always be safe from hackers and scams.

This post has been authored by Henry Smith. He writes for, a company offering cell phone unlocking services. His hobbies include painting and sculpting.

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The Best Mobile Phone To Connect With The World

The Best Mobile Phone To Connect With The World


Samsung galaxy S3 is the best mobile phone to connect with the world. This mobile handset was released in May, 2012 in London. This Smartphone which was designed and developed by Samsung electronics runs on the latest Android operating system. The release of this gadget gave tough competition to its competitors like iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Nokia Lumina 900 etc. Wow features in Samsung galaxy S3 are


  • Smart alert: once you lift the phone this interesting feature will inform you about the things that has happened. It alerts you about the missed calls and messages.
  • S voice: This voice recognising command allows you to instruct the device. You can instruct the phone when to receive the call, can change your music volume and can even tell the camera when to shoot a picture.
  • Social tag: With S3 you can stay connected with your friends and family. Social tag can easily identify the person in the photo album and can automatically link with their social media network. Once if you set this tag you can know the status of your friends by just seeing their photos.
  • Direct call: suppose you are texting to your friend and decides to talk with him. This smart feature connects the call immediately to the desired person instead of searching call logs.
  • Smart Stay: front camera on the phone will focus on the eyes and can automatically identify what you are looking for. It will instantly connect to the web if you want to read an eBook.


  • Photo sharing: galaxy S3 allows you to share photos within fraction of seconds. It not only recognises pictures but also connect to their network profiles. So you can share the photos with one touch on the screen.
  • All share play: using share play you can share data with several devices with the help of DLNA and wi-fi. You can access the documents and multimedia information irrespective of time and location.
  • S Beam: this is an advanced feature compared to Photo sharing and All share paly. With Sbeam you can instantly share documents, contacts, pictures, videos. Just by keeping two phones together.


  • Design: It has 4.8 long screen which is bigger in size compared to iphone5. The entire case is made up of plastic that is covered with flimsy and ultra-thin material. Rectangular shape was replaced with a curved shape and it comes with a removable battery.
  • Pop up play: it is the multi-tasking device. You can watch videos and can send email at the same time. Powerful quad processor boosts the device power.
  • LTE: with this ultrafast wireless technology downloads can be done within fraction of seconds. LTE runs twice faster compared to 3G technology.

It became the best mobile handset in the world because of its amazing features. TechRadar and stuff magazine rated it as the no1 mobile gadget beating Sony Xperia, Lumina 900 and many other smartphones.

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samsung galaxy s3  The Best Mobile Phone To Connect With The World

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