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Measuring The Success Of Content Marketing

Measuring The Success Of Content Marketing


Every business owner understands the need for a good marketing strategy, but many are unwilling to try something new until they see proof of positive results. Much of the reluctance that business owners feel at the moment is aimed towards content marketing, as many are still under the idea that taking their business online is unnecessary. That is a big mistake to make, especially when you start to dig a little deeper into content marketing to get an idea into how well it works. In order to really get to the bottom of it all, you need to look at three specific areas:

Content Marketing Measuring The Success Of Content Marketing

Awareness – Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have dramatically changes the way in which people find a product or service they want. Search engines are now the number own way consumers get to what they need. As many as 93% of all potential sales originate on Google and other search engines, but what is more telling is that 75% of those users don’t go beyond the first page of search results. That last stat may cause a little bit of panic to those businesses that don’t land among those top ranked sites, but that is something that can be changed by creating content marketing that the search engines will simply lap up. The more quality content you can create via your site and social media, the faster you will start to move up the rankings.

Consideration – having potential customers arriving on your virtual doorstep in only the start of your success. The goal at this point is to get the customer to engage in your brand, as this tends to make them stay on your website longer and make it easier for them to remember your brand. The content that you deliver should inspire them to engage, as this will make them trust your brand and feel as though they are somehow involved in the process, as opposed to just being a number on your bottom line. This will give you an edge over competitors who do not place a value on consideration or content, even if they rank ahead of you in the search engines.

Conversion – A well laid out content marketing strategy will allow you to see where all of your traffic is coming from. This will also show you which of those is delivering the most leads and sales and which need to be tweaked in order to improve. A positive experience when a customer makes a purchase from you will mean that they will be more willing to share that experience through social media, which further feeds you marketing strategy. It is also likely that they will return to your site to buy again, thereby bypassing the search engine part of the process. That doesn’t mean your content creation should end, though, as you will want to maintain your place near the top of the rankings, as well as keeping current customers interested in what you have to offer.

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