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The Main Principles of Landscape Design

The Main Principles of Landscape Design


Landscape design NJ is about much more than just making a garden look pretty. Of course, your yard will look much more attractive once you have had a professional landscape designer work their magic, but the principles of landscape design go far beyond simply prettying up the environment or installing Inground pools NJ.

landscape design 300x224 The Main Principles of Landscape Design


One of the primary principles of good landscape design is to achieve unity in nature. Everything is about balance and the best landscape designers are able to create the perfect balance between the elements, colours, texture and style. They are able to take any design brief and create a garden which fits in with its surroundings, fitting in even with the many residents install in their gardens.


Of course, most people want to be able to use their garden space, so landscape designers also have to prioritise functionality when creating their designs. Whether they are installing barbecues, decking, vegetable gardens, or Pools NJ landscape designers will have to ensure that they balance elements of design with usability.


Landscape designers so often use lines to define the gardens they work on. The effects which can be achieved simply by using a curve line rather than a straight, or a straight line rather than a zig-zag can be immense, but most of us would never think of using lines to define a space. That is why professional landscapers are worth their weight in gold – they see things the rest of us so not.


Plants, flowers, and trees are a crucial part of any landscape design. One of the most important principles of landscape design is choosing plants which will not only thrive in their environment and enhance the appearance of the garden, but which will also enhance the quality of life of the people who spend their time there.

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