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Tips For Keeping Your Law Firm Employees Happy

Tips For Keeping Your Law Firm Employees Happy


The success of your law firm is very much related to your employees’ happiness. While many small business owners spend a lot of time instilling policies and practices that help track their employees’ time and productivity, many neglect to measure employee happiness as an important metric for their business’ performance. Running a law firm, your lawyers and other personnel are your business’ most important asset. They help bring in clients, keep them happy and win cases. Every employee in your firm plays a role in the overall success of your firm. If any of these employees are not happy in their job however, their performance and that of the entire firm will be negatively affected. There are numerous studies that indicate how large the effect employee happiness has on the success of a business, especially one that relies on the performance of knowledge workers. Below are a few tips that can help keep your employees happy and performing well, while making your firm a better place to work.

tips for keeping law firm Tips For Keeping Your Law Firm Employees Happy

Empower Your Employees

Many lawyers who run their own small firm have a tendency to try to control everything that goes on, micro-managing the tiniest details of their employees’ work. Not only will this type of behavior suck up your valuable time, but it will also have a negative effect on your employees’ happiness and performance. Give your employees some ownership over their tasks. You can guide them at the beginning (especially if they have to perform tasks they’ve never done) and enquire about the status of certain tasks, but don’t try to micro-manage everything they do all the time. If an employee feels that the work they do is their own and has an actual impact on the success of the firm, they will feel much more proud of their work and consequently enjoy it more. This will lead to better individual and eventually firm performance. Even something as simple as letting your employees design their own workspaces in the office can improve your employee’s performance (by up to 32% one study shows).

Create an Immediate Feedback Culture

Giving and asking for feedback is very important in any business. Employees want to know how they are performing on their tasks, but they want to know it now, not at the end of the year. That way they can immediately adjust when any of their work is lacking quality or missing the right focus. The management of the firm also needs to be open to feedback. Implement an informal weekly or bi-weekly feedback session so any issues can be addressed promptly.

Help Keep Your Employees Healthy

Health is very important for employee happiness and performance. If your employees are not healthy, they’ll more often have to skip work due to illness and are more likely to be unhappy. You want to encourage your employees not to work extremely long hours every day. While you may believe that having employees that often work late is good for your firm, in the long term this can actually decrease overall productivity and lead to burned-out lawyers and other employees. Create a culture where it’s ok to leave the office early sometimes. Also encourage exercise and healthy eating, for example by giving your employees free gym memberships and providing fruit at the office.

Make sure to ask your employees what they believe is important to keep them happy at the firm and use this to instill new employee happiness policies.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane thinks it would be too easy to overwork employees in a law firm.

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Next Barbecue Pest-Free

5 Tips For Keeping Your Next Barbecue Pest-Free


Yes, winter is coming. But there’s no reason not to make plans now for your next summer barbeque. Picture this – a grill sizzling with succulent meat; kids running around with their faces messy with the remnants of ice cream; and family and friends nearby, laughing and having a nice time. It’s really something to look forward to. When you’re planning for a special occasion that’s going to be held outdoors, it’s also important to consider pest control. Ants, mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky creatures are the ultimate and the most annoying party crashers.

tips for keeping next barbecue 5 Tips For Keeping Your Next Barbecue Pest Free

How do you keep your barbeque pest-free? Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Keep bugs away with scents and oils. Critters have a very powerful sense of smell. They are attracted to certain odors, and, they’re also easily deterred by specific scents. Mosquitoes, for instance, keep away from areas that smell of citronella, neem, or lavender. Some blends, which include lemongrass and peppermint essential oils, also repel flies. In order to determine what kinds of oils to use, identify the most common pests in your area and decide which ones would probably crash your barbecue. Concoct homemade oil blends that will help in fending away flying or crawling insects. Aside from oils, you can also use scented candles. These will also look particularly nice once the sun goes down.

Some types of herbs also give off scent that are repellent to various kinds of flying bugs. Throwing some sage or rosemary into the hot coals won’t only give an area an inviting scent, but the odor will also drive back insects. Another method is to place herbs in tea bags or small sachets and then put these in areas where you don’t want insects around.

2. Use a bug lantern. Bugs are attracted to the lantern, and, when they get close enough, they get zapped. Today, there are so many designs or styles to choose from too. So, you can even incorporate the bug lanterns in the overall decoration scheme rather than just plopping them in some obscure location. However, there’s one drawback to using bug lanterns. These are also a magnet for so many other kinds of insects that you don’t want around in your barbecue.

3. Keep the area clean. Pests are drawn to food scraps and other tidbits that they might find just lying around. To avoid this, keep the area as clean as possible. Trash must be placed in a sealed or tightly covered container and garbage must be disposed off properly.

4. Protect the food. If you want to reduce the chances of pests crashing your summer barbecue, then you can opt to have the party inside and just have the grilling outside. But then, what’s a barbecue if you can’t spend time outdoors, right? To keep pests away from food, cover these and only open when you and your guests are ready to eat. Another option is to rent a screened tent so that you’ll have a protected place where you can leave the food.

5. Keep the air moving. Use an electric fan to keep the air moving. This will surely blow away most flying insects. However, the solution is only temporary because once the fan turns to face the opposite direction, the insects might attack once again.

Claire Brent has been a freelance writer since 2008. Most of her articles talk about pests and how they affect pet and human health. Companies, like Rove Pest Control, use her write-ups to increase awareness regarding pest management.

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