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Indian Railways – The History

Indian Railways – The History


Railway transportation has been accepted worldwide for its convenience, capacity of carrying a large number of passengers and cost efficiency. It won’t be wrong to state that still today; a lot of people prefer travelling by trains than by flights. The enjoyment, fun and thrill that can be experienced in trains are much higher than what is experienced in other landed modes of transport and flights. This article talks about the incredible invention of the steam engine, and how the railway system evolved ever since.

311407 indian railway Indian Railways – The History

Tracing back the time, the first steam engine was invented way back in 1775 by James Watt. The concept said that steam has incredible power in it and can pull heavy and loaded wagons. The idea evolved in the form of railways and the world witnessed its first functional steam engine in the 18th century. Ever since that, almost all the countries around the world started working on the same for development of trains and engines with a view for a new and more capacious mode of transport.

Indian railways also trace back its roots in the eighteenth century when the development of railways was initiated in India. Till 1849, there were no railway tracks in the whole country but today it is one of the world’s largest railway networks having a track length of approximately 65000 kilometres.  Offering world class services and wide range of connectivity to the people of the country, Indian Railways is surely a brand that the world looks up to.

Talking about the scope and diversity of the network, it is spread evenly across the length and breadth of the country. It also employs several of the most powerful diesel as well as electric engines to drive the trains. The pricing of the same is highly economical that takes care of the people of every class and offers them best of services in that range. Some of the most reputed trains in the Indian Railways are the Rajhdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express and more. These are all superfast trains that take the least time to connect the major metropolitans.

Going by the book and what the statistics say, Indian Railways is highly profitable and is receiving honest appreciation from all around the world.  Operating such a vast network in the second most populated country of the world is not a cake walk, but Indian railways has overcome most of the challenges to strive for the better. Travelling in a train is always like weaving memories and Indian railways has taken due care of each and everything to ensure the best experience on board. Be it the cleanliness of the toilets, hygiene of the meals offered in the train, quality of seats or the on time scheduling, everything has been getting better with time.

One may choose any mode of transport to go from one place to another, but going by train is the safest and most economical of the ones. With the kind of pace at which the enterprise is going, it is sure to win a lot of hearts and establish more grounds.

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