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One Step At A Time – How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce

One Step At A Time – How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce


Ending a marriage, getting divorced, and letting go of someone you used to love is never going to be easy. Whatever the reason may be – your partner cheating on you, domestic violence, conflicting personalities, or you simply fell out of love – it will always have an effect on you and trigger a lot of painful and upsetting emotions. Giving in to your emotions and wallowing in it is very easy. It is going through the process, getting back up, and moving on that is difficult.

one step time how deal One Step At A Time   How To Deal With The Stress And Pain Of Divorce

The events leading to the divorce and the divorce proceedings itself can take a toll on you. Depression is sure to follow if you allow the stress and tension to drown you. You must not let it get to you though, especially if you have children. Below are some tips for dealing with the stress and pain of divorce.

Recognize What You are Feeling

The more you keep your emotions bottled up, the more difficult it will be to cope and move on. Whatever emotions and feelings you are going through right now is normal, and you have to acknowledge them. Your emotions may feel so intense at times, especially if you think back to the bad times, but they will lessen over time.

Do not repress your emotions as it will only make it much more difficult for you to deal with the grief of losing your marriage. Once in a while, you have to let your emotions go. It will be healthy for you to open up, recognize your feelings for what they are, and vent your frustrations. It will be very cleansing for you to have a good, hard cry, but after that, you need to square your shoulders and face the day.

Do Not Worry

Divorce can be pretty messy.  You have the custody battles, spousal and child support, properties to divide, and the whole court procedures to think of. However, there are ways to ease some of the burden, and one of them is by hiring a good divorce lawyer who can help you through the whole process. If money is an issue, especially since divorce can be expensive, then turn a hobby into a money-making business. The extra income can help with your day-to-day finances.

Surround Yourself with People You Love

Failing at love, at what should have been your happily-ever-after, can make you feel worthless and insecure. This is normal, but you must not let this shape you. You need to regain your confidence, and what better way to do this than by surrounding yourself with people you love and who love you.

Spend time with your children. Make them see and feel that even though you and your spouse are divorcing, the family does not have to fall apart. Do the things your children love to do like going to the park, watching a movie, dining out, etc. The important thing is that you are surrounded by love.

Also, it would be very healthy for you if you go out with friends. Have fun with them, go to a bar, dine out at a posh restaurant, pamper yourself in a spa, etc. You need not go through this alone. You have supportive friends, family, and relatives who can help you through this painful process.

Jennifer Dae is a content provider for marriage and relationship blogs. She specializes in tips for keeping the passion in marriage alive.

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How To Choose The Right Video To Audio Conversion Software?

How To Choose The Right Video To Audio Conversion Software?


When it comes to music converter software, you’re bound to find out that your options are not limited to a select few . However, when you are looking to find the one that will truly help you in getting the best audio output and the right quality of audio, you have to check and review quite a few specs. Here are some of the issues you need to pay attention to, when reviewing online music converters.

how choose right video audio How To Choose The Right Video To Audio Conversion Software?

The quality produced

When you are converting video to mp3, one of the main things that you need to check is the efficiency with which the conversion will be done. If the output doesn’t have the best audio quality and the sound looks to be a little distorted, it is not going to help you. This is the reason, you need to diligently analyze the audio that has been extracted, pay attention to bit rate and only when you are convinced that the audio is of the right quality, you can choose to invest in the premium version of the file conversion software.

The extra features

Although, your main motive may be merely converting the file, yet software can come loaded with a plethora of features; some of which may turn out to be useful. It is up to you to work out what sounds great and analyze the results, work out  if the additional offered are worth it, etc. In case you are opting to go ahead with a premium version, make sure that you check out all the details. Most of the converters do offer a premium version for a monthly fee or a one time fee, however you may want to check out the freeware version and see if the paid option is worth all that money.

Converting all types of video

When you are looking for an mp3 converter, you can choose different types of videos. There are innumerable formats for videos as you can find videos in formats like FLV, MP4, DAT, WMV, and RM and so on. There are converters that may not support all file formats and if your format is not supported, you’ll find it impossible converting your video to the desired audio file. This is the reason that you should choose software that supports maximum types of file formats.

If a file format is not supported, it is going to limit a lot of options. You definitely do not want to end up with software that will fail to solve the matters for you. This is the main point that you have to bear in mind because it will determine how effective the software is going to be for you.

Do review the tips listed here and you should be able to convert video to mp3 with ease. With these points in mind, your search is going to return the best result and you will be able to convert all your files easily. File conversion is all about quality because no one likes a messed up audio file. You will hate to hear the music, if the quality isn’t up to the mark. Hence, make sure that you are choosing the best software. Even if it is a little expensive, fiddling with quality never seems to be the right thing to do because you won’t enjoy the right output and it will rob you of the ultimate pleasure of hearing your favorite music.


Kcmouli is a tech blogger who loves to blog about anything related to technology, from file converters, online apps to learning how to convert convert video to mp3. Do check out some of the other posts and do share this post on web 2.0.

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4 Online Scams And How To Look Out For Them

4 Online Scams And How To Look Out For Them


Sadly, there are several types of online scams that you need to look out for. Many of them have been around for some years, whilst others are newer. Many online scams concern phishing or asking for your personal details and banking details.  We’re going to look at some of the most prevalent online scams, along with looking at what you need to do to protected yourself from them. A rule of thumb is never to give your personal details online unless you are absolutely sure that the site is genuine (Paypal for example) and that the site is secure. You can ascertain if the site is secure if you see a little padlock on the left of your search box on your tool bar. You might think that most of these scams are easy to spot, but you’d be surprised how many people fall for them. The scammers only need a small percentage of people to fall for such a scam in order to make it worthwhile for them.

online scams how look out 4 Online Scams And How To Look Out For Them

1. Unsolicited requests for money

One type of scam is a direct request for money, after you have been groomed by the sender of the email. This might be from a person who has posted a job offer on a professional jobsite, for example. You send you CV, and they send you a contract, but if you look at this carefully you will see, somewhere, that it is a sample one that has been downloaded from the internet. You will be asked to sign it and return it and then, as happens in one scam, you will be asked to send money to cover your air fare.

2. Fake lottery wins

There are emails telling you that you have won a lottery that was held by a reputable company such as Microsoft, and of course an amazing amount of money has been won. Check with the legitimate company to find out if they have run a lottery and don’t follow any links on the email, as they will be to a bogus site and not the real one.

3. Phoney investments

You may also get an email asking you to invest in an incredible new company. Now, if you get one of these, stop and think; how could you possibly be considered good investor potential when you only earn an average salary?

4. Poor service offers

If you have a website, you may get an email saying that if you buy into SEO services, your site could easily get into the top search engine rankings pages (SERPS). If you have one of these, check the first ten pages of Google’s SERPS. If the company who sent the email isn’t in these, then how could they help you?

How to steer clear of online scams

The best piece of advice to give you about online scams is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, so don’t waste your time or money. Always check website addresses and look carefully at where the site is registered, for example ng is Nigeria where some of these scams originated. Also look carefully at the grammar, spelling and punctuation as some emails are clearly  not written by native English speakers.

Take care and don’t be a victim of an online scam!

Lynne Evans is a writer who knows the importance of being aware of your online security and disregarding emails which don’t seem quite right! She recommends the Accident Advice Helpline as a great way to claim against physical injuries.

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How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?


how choose right color evening How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

Whether you want to purchase an evening dress online or from a local designer it is important to start with the understanding that basic colors mean much more than simply different shades. Each color evening dress has a very different and special meaning. When you are in the process of choosing a dress it is important that you keep the color and style you want in mind based on the occasion.

Black evening dresses

how choose right color evening1 How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

Black evening dresses usually stand for elegance, coolness and mystery. Black enhances a woman’s sexy attributes. When black gets a touch of embellishments like lace trimming or a few dark flowers it can help enhance your appearance. Also a few add-ons like a shawl will break up a heavier black shade.

A white evening dress

Usually women don’t wear white evening dresses but white stands for pure affection and class. This is why wedding dresses are mostly white. If you want to show class and elegance then find a white evening dress and enhance its affect with a few flashy accessories like silver bracelets and earrings.

Red color evening dress

The color red generally stands for wildness and enthusiasm. A red color evening gown or dress will help a woman ignite the night. A few ruffles added on top of the dress will balance the harshness as well as inject a bit of softness and sweetness into the color. Red is one of the few color evening dresses that can be worn by women of all ages.

Try colorful prints

If you already have a wardrobe full of solid color evening dresses it is time to try something new. Prints spice up your body and make things a bit more interesting. Some lace, ruffles, applique and tinsel will help to further enhance a neck less dress.

The right accessories

Sapphire, pearl, diamond, emerald or even artificial jewelry are all great choices to wear with your evening dress. Also, soft leather, delicate or velvet clutch bags are an excellent accessories to carry around at a party. However, you need to make sure that their colors match the shades on your dress.

how choose right color evening2 How To Choose The Right Color Evening Dress?

A few other important tips

  • If you are petite then you should opt for an evening dress with a high or middle waist which will decorate the shape of your body. You should avoid exaggerated shoulders or fluffy skirts or sleeve details. Also a low back design with help you look more slim and taller.
  • Taller women are able to wear evening dresses of any style owing to their height. A mermaid dress or a long style evening dress that hides their feet are excellent choices. The same goes for tall women with an hourglass type figure.
  • Larger size women will look great in a column dress that has a thin or light type lace hemline. You should try and avoid a complicated waist, hemline and neck design as it will just make you look heavier.

By choosing the right color and accessories you can in fact look your best. Also, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new evening dress in Online, you can simply spice up an old one with new accessories.

Manu Alias is a designer for  evening dresses for every body type. His well categorized dresses makes allow easier for the customers to find and buy an evening dress online that works best for you.

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Hurt While Riding A Bus? How To Know If You Have A Case

Hurt While Riding A Bus? How To Know If You Have A Case


If you’ve been hurt while riding the bus there’s a good chance you may be able to make a personal injury claim. The moment you step onto the bus, or place a child onto the bus you entrust the driver and their company with your well-being and the well-being of a loved one. Although, buses are very safe, accidents still happen from time to time. It’s important to know your rights when a situation such as this arises.

hurt riding bus how know Hurt While Riding A Bus? How To Know If You Have A Case

Bus crashes, when they occur, can be very devastating, both emotionally and physically for everyone who’s involved. The legal system has been designed so that the families and the victims are able to receive fair compensation for their injuries. A injury can be a very traumatic process, but the entire process can be eased when you know you’ll receive financial compensation in the end.

In this article we’re going to cover what to do when a bus accident happens, what kinds of compensation you may be able to recover, and who is responsible for the injuries sustained in a crash.

What do I do when an accident occurs?

When an accident occurs the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you and your loved ones all get proper medical care. Once everyone is taken care of then it would be a smart decision to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.

This will allow you to make sure you have everything covered. When dealing with a bus injury there are a lot of factors in play that you don’t want to miss out on. Having a lawyer on your side will ensure that nothing gets left out.

What kind of things will be compensated for?

Your compensation will depend on the types of injuries involved, however most claims include some of the following: wages lost from the inability to work, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and even workers comp. By working with your lawyer you’ll be able to determine what kinds of damages you may be entitled to.

Who is responsible for the injuries sustained?

Obviously, a bus crash can be a very serious event. Depending on the crash there can also be a lot of parties involved, all of which will contribute to the difficulty of determining who is responsible.

However, there are a few larger parties that could be involved. They are, the bus company itself if the crash was due to a faulty part, a company that maintains the buses if they were responsible for the misused part, or even the local government if the accident was the result of the bus operator.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding of the steps you need to take if a bus accident is to occur. Remember, being educated of the situation before it arises will give you a better idea on how to respond if it does occur. When you encounter a stressful situation you’ll want to be as prepared as possible.


Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The Law Offices of WT Johnson, a personal injury law firm in Dallas, Texas. Zane thinks that bus accidents are very scary.

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How Do I Stay Safe As A Pedestrian?

How Do I Stay Safe As A Pedestrian?


A lot of times as a pedestrian you assume that your safety is guaranteed, however this isn’t always the case, especially if you end up walking recklessly. Your safety as a pedestrian is just as much of your responsibility as it is others drivers and bikers.

how stay safe pedestrian How Do I Stay Safe As A Pedestrian?

In this article we’re going to cover the top ways you can stay safe as a pedestrian, as well as a few initiatives that are underway that are seeking to improve pedestrian safety. Since pedestrian accidents have increased in recent years it’s important to do what we can to reduce this number.

How can I ensure my safety as a pedestrian?

A big reason most pedestrians are injured when they’re walking is because they’re distracted from what’s taking place around them. If you’re unaware of the car that’s speeding by there’s a higher chance of you getting injured, compared to a person who is completely aware of their surroundings. Although, it’s impossible to be aware all the time, there’s a few things you can do to improve your chances of not being distracted.

First, is not texting while you’re walking. Over a third of all walkers report to being distracted when they’re walking. The biggest distraction is from sending or receiving text messages. In fact, people who were responding to a text message while they were walking were four times more likely to walk out into the street without looking. Texting and doing other things on a cell phone also made people more likely to walk out into the street where there wasn’t an intersection.

As a pedestrian you can also increase your chances of staying safe by avoiding intersections that are too crowded, only crossing in crosswalks, and wearing brighter clothing if you’re planning on walking at night or in low light conditions.

Aside from pedestrians alone, drivers can do their part to be more aware of the pedestrians. If you’re driving always increase your awareness when you’re entering an intersection, and slow down if you have to.

What initiatives are currently underway that are improving pedestrian safety standards?

Currently, in the LA area more sidewalks are being installed to help pedestrians know where to walk. By having more crosswalks drivers are also more cautious, thus resulting in less injuries all around.

Other states and counties are continuing to add to their pedestrian safety measures. As accidents went down across the board, they actually increased in relation to pedestrians. This could simply be because more people are opting to walk to work than ever before. Whatever the case it’s important for cities to increase their safety measures, while drivers and pedestrians alike minimize their distractions whenever possible.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding at how you can maintain your safety while walking on the sidewalks. Remember, your safety is your responsibility. A big piece of staying safe is to have the awareness of where other cars and bicycles are on the road.

It will take a cohesive effort between walkers, drivers and more regulations and sidewalks to help reduce pedestrian accidents across the board.


Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The McMinn Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane is glad he’s never been hit while walking.

Photo Credit: @EffStopp

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Moving To Bear Country? – How To Stay Safe

Moving To Bear Country? – How To Stay Safe


Are you moving to bear country? Are you worried about bear encounters? Do you want to know how to stay safe while in bear country?

In the United States, brown bears are usually found in parts of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Although these species are said to be found in California, they are no longer in that state. In fact, they are also considered as a threatened species in South of Canada. If you are moving to any of the regions where brown bears or grizzly bears are said to be found, it is best to practice safety precautions to avoid possible fatal encounters. Bears are magnificent, amazing animals; however, they can also be dangerous especially if they feel threatened. Listed below are a few pointers for staying safe in bear country.

moving bear country how stay Moving To Bear Country?   How To Stay Safe

Know Your Bear

Bears are curious and intelligent animals. They also try to avoid humans; however, it is still important to respect and learn proper behavior to avoid possible encounters. Here are a few basic pieces of information about the most common types of bears you will see in bear country.

Grizzly Bears: These creatures range in color from black to light blonde, but most of them have a medium to dark brown coloring. Their average size is around 350-500 lb and they stand around 3.3 ft to 6.5 ft. at shoulder. If you see this type of bear, you will notice a distinct shoulder hump.

Black Bear: This type of bear also ranges in color from black to light blonde despite the name “black bear”. If you see this type of bear, you will notice a lighter patch on their chest. Their average size is around 110 to 300 lbs and they stand at 2.3 to 3 ft at shoulder. They are much smaller than grizzly bears. They also don’t have a hump on their shoulder.

Roadside Bear Viewing Safety Tips

  • Yellowstone Bear World suggests keeping all your windows and doors locked when viewing bears from the roadside. Keep in mind that bears can and will climb through open windows, especially if you have food in the car.
  • If you are driving through traffic, keep your eyes on the road and don’t stop to avoid possible road accidents.
  • Don’t stop in the middle of the road if you see a bear. In addition, do not stop close to a hill or curve.
  • If you spot a bear, always stay in your car. You should also remain a good distance from the bear.
  • If the bear ignores you, you can take pictures and then move on.
  • Never feed a bear
  • If the bear starts to approach your car, leave immediately. This bear may have been fed by other people in the past and could be dangerous.

What To Do If You Encounter A Bear While Walking or Hiking?

Stay alert. You should always be on the lookout for bears or watch out for signs of their presence. Look for tracks, scats, tree scratches, claw prints, or fresh diggings. Make sure that you give these creatures plenty of room.

Choose a safe route. You should choose routes with excellent visibility. This is especially important when hiking through unfamiliar terrain.

Travel in groups. Although this isn’t practical, you need to understand that the larger the group, the lower the risk of bear attacks. Staying in a group will intimidate bears. This magnificent creature is more likely to approach one or two people instead of a larger group.

Stay away from bears. If you sight a bear a few feet away from your location, do not come any closer. Don’t approach this creature just to get a closer look or to get a better photo. Instead, you can use binoculars to look at them up close.

The author, Kris Lim, is an advocate for wildlife preservation. In this article, she lists a few bear safety tips for those who are moving to or are staying in bear country.

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Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money

Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money


Did your friend just contact you saying that she was arrested? Are you now trying to find money so she can go home? Jail bail bonds are your best option when it comes down to paying bail. In fact, you only have a few choices when you and your friend do not have enough cash in your bank accounts. Nevertheless, you do have to find a way because you just can not leave her in jail.

friend jail how bail her Is Your Friend In Jail? How To Bail Her Out Even Without Having Enough Money

How Can You Get Money for Bail?

Here are a few ways you can get money for her bail –

  • Sell Something Expensive

Some people are able to make bail after selling something of value that they own, such as a car, laptop, jewelry or a cell phone. This is an easy option if you know someone who is willing to buy something you own, but larger items that cost a lot can be quite difficult to sell.

  • Get A Loan From Family And Friends

This is one of the common methods of getting bail money. Family members and friends are always willing to help out if they have extra cash. However, if the bail is quite expensive you might have to borrow from several people. The loan can easily be repaid once your friend has been to court and receives the money back.

  • Hire A Bail Bond Agent

When you can not get a loan or if you do not have anything valuable to sell, you can always hire a bail bond agent. The bail bond agent can provide you with the bail money and you only have to pay a fee, which is a small amount compared to the total amount needed.

How Much Bail Money Do You Need?

Depending on the crime, the bail can be determined in a bail hearing, bail hearing and arraignment or preset schedule. To ensure that your friend will return to the court, bail money will be ordered by the judge and the amount will be based on the severity of the charges. According to “Bail bonds allow the unfortunate and the poor to get out of jail for crimes they have not been tried for yet. The rich, if accused of a crime, could easily pay their bail and step out of jail. If there were no bail bonds, more of the middle class and poor would be forced to stay in jail until trial, while the rich would walk free–innocent or not. Bail bonds prevent further class division and maintain equality.”

Why Is Hiring A Bail Bond Agent The Easiest Way To Get Your Friend Out Of Jail?

There are three reasons why you should hire a bail bond agent –

  • Speed Up The Process

Having to bail a friend out from jail can be stressful especially when you know nothing about bail bonds and the legal process. A bail bond agent is an experienced professional and he can get her out quickly without any inconvenience.

  • Maintain Relationships

The quickest way for relationships to be destroyed is to borrow money from family and friends. They may be more than willing to help out if it were a simple emergency, but they may not be as willing when they find out you need help for bail money.

  • Save Money

Bail money is returned if you pay for it, but you might have to wait for weeks and even months before a court hearing is scheduled so it will take some time to get the money back. This is why many who do not have enough savings opt for bail bonds.

Valerie Howards is a freelance writer specializing in criminal cases, bail bonds, the latest apps and devices used in legal issues and offers legal information about sex crimes.

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Creepy Crawlies, Go Away!  The Dangers Of Centipedes And How To Get Rid Of Them

Creepy Crawlies, Go Away! The Dangers Of Centipedes And How To Get Rid Of Them


Centipedes are one of the most common pests that can be found in any home. Like roaches, spiders, ants, and other pests, they will only inhabit your home if they found a good source of food, and unfortunately, homes usually offer a lot of those.

creepy crawlies away dangers centipedes Creepy Crawlies, Go Away!  The Dangers Of Centipedes And How To Get Rid Of Them

Are Centipedes Dangerous?

The centipedes that you commonly see around your home and garden are typically harmless. However, they do have a poison gland located in their jaw, and they do have pincer-like claws to bite their preys and predators with. In smaller insects, the poison they carry can be pretty deadly, but in humans, the toxin is pretty harmless; that is, if you are perfectly healthy and are not suffering from weak or compromised immune system. If your immune system is weak and compromised, a simple centipede bite can become a severe allergic reaction.

The bite of a centipede can cause pain and inflammation of the bitten site. To treat it, you first have to wash the bitten area with water and soap before applying an ointment. If the area becomes too painful for you, you can take an over-the-counter pain medication.

However, if you are allergic to centipede bite, then you might need a trip to the emergency room, especially if you begin experiencing dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, and hives.

Getting Rid of Centipedes

Centipedes are quite easy to get rid of since you only have to remove their food source and they will leave your home to search for a new one. This means, of course, that you need to give your home a thorough cleaning, especially your kitchen. This will get rid of the smaller insects in your home such as flies, spiders, etc., which are s what centipedes normally eat. A clean home gets rid of not only the centipedes but other insect pests as well, such as roaches, flies, ants, spiders, among others.

In addition to cleaning your home, you should also see to it that your garden is clean as well. Say for example your garden has piles and piles of dead leaves, twigs, and branches, then you need to dispose of them properly. Centipedes are attracted to moist and dark places, and these piles of debris give them just that. Also, your garden debris can also provide home to other pests such as snakes, more roaches, flies, etc. Of note; see to it that tree branches and garden bushes are not touching any part of your home. The centipedes could easily gain entrance into your home through these “bridges.”

Once you are done cleaning your home and garden, the next step is sealing all the cracks and crevices the centipedes use as entryways. They are very small creatures, so they can easily slip through gaps in the wood or under the door.

Centipedes are beneficial creatures since they prey on pestiferous insects; however, they can become a threat when they overrun your home. The threat only grows if you or one of your loved ones is allergic to centipede bite. For this reason, you need to get rid of them immediately. Call your local pest control company and ask about their services.

Jennifer Daleo is a freelance writer for home blogs. She gives cleaning tips and shares DIY ideas for home improvement projects.

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