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Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable


Wouldn’t you agree that it is about time you made your home a more comfortable place to live, love and relax in? Many of us have grand ideas every year that we forget about, or just don’t put enough effort into sorting out. But perhaps 2014 deserves a bit more hard work from you! Imagine having the perfect pad this time next year; somewhere that you want to spend lots of time, as well as showing off to all of your nearest and dearest.

It is possible to do; you just need to make a plan and stick to it. So if you want a few ideas of how you can turn your home into a haven, keep reading for a bit of insight…

unnamed 300x112 Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Think luxury

The first thing you can consider is adding a few luxury items to your home and garden. Not everyone has a footballer’s budget when it comes to the home, but this doesn’t mean you cannot dabble in the high life now and again. It can certainly feel worth it when you have saved up for a special treat that will make you feel a million dollars. Whether this is a widescreen television for your living room or a hot tub for your terrace, you will know exactly how to give yourself the comfort you crave. Other popular choices are completely refitting the bathroom so it has the appeal of a spa, or adding a walk in wardrobe and en-suite to the master bedroom.

Upgrade your furniture

Sometimes you only need to look as far as your furniture to improve comfort levels, especially in the bedroom or living room. Do you remember the reclining chairs that Joey and Chandler had on the television programme Friends? This could be something you think about for your own space. There are plenty of amazing sofas in the shops that could be the perfect addition to your entertaining areas in the home. Also, think about how a new bed could improve your quality of sleep, which might actually positively contribute to other areas of your life.

Make a ‘man’ space

There are many homes that have an ongoing struggle between comfort and classiness, and this is often an ongoing feud between man and woman. However there is often no point fighting to have one room looking two ways, so just use another room in the house if this applies to you. It makes sense to have one area that is ideal for accommodating family for formal events, and another that is perfect for a group of males who wish to watch the big football or rugby match. Think about how much potential there is to make two amazing spaces within the same property.

Create more bedrooms

It is nice to have people over to stay without making them sleep on the sofa, so perhaps you might be inclined to create more bedrooms. This is sometimes possible for those who are able to build into their attic, or even build a brand new extension. Have a look online for some loft conversion ideas so you can get a general idea of how you would like your new space to look when complete.

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Gift Ideal For A New Home

Gift Ideal For A New Home


If your friend is moving or opening the doors to a new home, you might want to get him or her with a gift.  You might be inclined towards getting him or her unique items or traditional gifts that are very personal. That way, you will be welcoming your neighbors or friends into the new building they will be calling a home with useful and practical gifts that would stick into their minds for a very long time. While so many gifts available for people to take to their friends, some items should never make it into a list of housewarming gifts.

housewarming gift ideas 300x223 Gift Ideal For A New Home

Gift To Warm The House

Housewarming gifts have a very important characteristic in that you do not need to wrap any of them. You can come up with something and after putting it in your basket or gift bag you can appear at the doorbell of the new place. For some of us, the friend or family member is going to a place we might have an idea especially if we helped them with the moving process. That way, it is possible to know what the new home requires and to get it for them. For instance, if they are moving to a smaller home from a spacious one, getting them organization supplies can be a wonderful choice of gifts. In case the friends or family members are moving to a more spacious home, perhaps some thick comfortable towels are a better choice for that new additional bath.

There are different fresh ideas to get traditional gifts or select those that represent who you are in the eyes of your friend, your relationship and even the friendship. You can then show up and get to know all about the home.

Fresh Plants

If you find yourself in a friend’s new home perhaps to help with furniture arrangement, you can make the house lively by getting a quality flowering plant. Rather than buying fresh cut flowers, plants are much better since they require no maintenance and will live a bit longer. You can also go for flowers for the holidays or the season or simply find some that will look beautiful in the new houses.

Food Gift

Setting up a house, unpacking and moving items is a hectic process that people always forget to get something to eat. Getting your friend’s some dinner and casserole to devour while taking a well deserved break will be very thoughtful and practical. You can also get them paper plates and anything that can be put in a microwave to make the meal even better and enjoyable.

Flutes And Bubbly Bottle

You can walk into the new home with a cold drink and some glasses and talk for some time with the owners. Some even have the glasses with a date engraved on them with flutes as memento showing the couple’s first day in their new home. Anyone working to improve the affairs of the home by moving items will drink into the good tidings of the home or the thought of the new occupants.

You can also add some scent and color by presenting decorative scented candles to add some soothing atmosphere and comfort to an atmosphere that might be so chaotic.

Author Bio

Rose is a lifestyle blogger who has earned her reputation of being a lifestyle product critic over the years by writing amazing reviews of products and blogging about them. She frequently reviews porceilin wedding gift items from

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Tips For Packing Antiques

Tips For Packing Antiques


Whether you’re on the move to a new city or country, packing up your antiques for the move can be a daunting task. If you can, consider using a professional removals company, as they will be able to move your delicate items with the special care that antiques require. If you can’t afford a removals company, have no fear, you can do it yourself as well, here are some tips.

You’ll first want to consider the type of antiques you are moving, each will have special needs:

pad wrapping cabinet Tips For Packing Antiques

Antique Furniture

When packing antique furniture for a move, you must take into account the size of the item, and then you will know how much packing material you will need to pack it safely and securely. The most important piece of packing equipment you will need is moving blankets. These are thick, quilted blankets that are made very tough and can take quite a beating. Moving blankets are made specifically for surrounding large, yet fragile objects like furniture. A moving blanket will be used to separate each piece of furniture from each other. In addition to moving blankets, don’t forget to remove all items from drawers. For some very heavy furniture, you may want to ship it without the drawers for easier moving. Make sure to use blankets to secure the front and back of the furniture. Also, you may wish to use bubble wrap or smaller blankets or fabric to wrap delicate furniture legs and accessories like mirrors.

Art & Artwork

With art, including pictures in frames and other pieces of art, you can purchase special picture boxes, which allow the picture to be placed inside with plenty of cardboard and packing around it. Take special care to wrap corners with bubble wrap or padding. Use packing tape to secure the packing materials with the picture. Also, be sure to wrap the artwork with a thin protective wrapping before placing any padding or wrapping over it, this insures that the front and back of the picture is sufficiently protected from something sticking to it.

Glass, Pottery, Sculpture And Ceramics

With fragile items like glass, pottery, sculptures and ceramic items, their fragility makes it especially difficult to pack them properly. Use a generous amount of bubble wrap for these items, taking special care to wrap around the handles and any extruding decorations. Then wrap again with bubble wrap and place in a box. Avoid placing very fragile items too close together in a box. For items with space inside of them, make sure to add packing peanuts or other materials inside the item to protect it from sudden movements.


Jewelry should be packed in separate boxes, with each piece wrapped in tissue paper to avoid scratching against each other during transport. Then the pieces can be placed into another box together.


For ephemera and paper items like baseball cards or greeting cards, you can use bins to pack them together. Make sure to place something hard and flat between each item to insure no bending or folding occurs from the weight of other items on top of them. Also, make sure to insure airflow in the box, especially if you are moving during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter.

Author Bio

Marie is a home maker who occasionally blogs in her free time. She lives in Perth Australia and has been moving quite a lot around Australia due to her husband’s changing job profile. She usually calls upon removalists Sydney for her transport needs.


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4 Money-Saving Home Add-ons To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

4 Money-Saving Home Add-ons To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


You care about protecting the Earth, and you also care about saving a boatload of money. Coincidentally, most of your time is spent in a place that can make a momentous impact on how you treat the environment.

You probably spend much of your day eating, sleeping, working, and playing, all from the comforts of your home. Whether you live in a modest two-bedroom townhouse or a large six-bedroom house, there are several ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. Here are just a few money-saving add-ons that’ll make your home greener.

1. Programmable Thermostat

8325915589 d583befd7b1 300x225 4 Money Saving Home Add ons To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Image via Flickr by Brendan_c

Although you’ll have to spend anywhere from $60 to $120 up front, you’ll get a quick return on your savvy thermostat investment. Programmable thermostats adjust temperatures automatically according to your patterns and pre-sets. They’re a great eco-friendly tool that’ll save you about $180 a year.

If you want to get even more fancy, you can install a smart thermostat which ranges from $275 to $400. These nifty systems will let you change settings remotely from your phone or your work computer. For people who have fluctuating schedules, they are extremely handy.

2. Rain Cisterns

Water is one of our most valuable natural resources. If you want to do your part in the effort to recycle water, consider investing in some cisterns for your home. Cisterns are containers for holding liquids such as water and are generally used for catching and storing rainwater. Cistern models range from completely basic, used only for irrigation, to more high-tech and equipped with pumps and filters that make the rain water drinkable.

3. Solar Panels

9223731920 30285158391 300x214 4 Money Saving Home Add ons To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Image via Flickr by mikecogh

Solar energy is a phenomenal way to cut household energy expenses and to aid in protecting the environment. Produced by conducting the sun’s radiation, solar power doesn’t emit any of those harmful green house gasses. Solar panels work through what a photovoltaic process – where radiation energy (photo) is absorbed and generates electricity (voltaic).

Installing solar panels can be rather costly. However, they’ll significantly impact your electric bill, making them a profitable investment. Many homeowners report that they’ve cut their energy bills anywhere between 50% and 90%. If you feel uneducated about solar panels and want to learn more before installing them, search around on the Web for some helpful facts and tips.

4. Low-Flow Shower Heads

One of the top offenders of water consumption at home is the shower. A typical shower uses up to 25 gallons, and each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water a day. Low-flow shower heads cut water usage from 50 to 70%. They also use less energy heating up the water too. Low-flow shower heads are easy to install and cost around $8 for a basic model.

There are many styles and features available, including flow-adjusting dials and a pause button, which allows you to break for waterless lathering up, and then return to the same pressure and temperature.

Turning your home into an eco-friendly sanctuary isn’t too difficult with the right tools. With several energy-efficient add-ons that are easy to install, your home will be green in no time. Not only will these add-ons help you reduce your energy consumption, but they’ll also save you a ton of cash — enough cash, in fact, that you might find it tempting to run out and purchase that new 3-D SmartTV or high-fidelity stereo you’ve had your eye on. If you do decide to spend your savings in this way, though, just make sure you take the time to visit a site like, so you can take measures to protect your new purchases.

So now it’s time to have your say: Are you using any of these add-ons in your own home? If so, have you seen a significant reduction in your energy consumption and an increase in your savings? Tell us in the comments below.

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5 Hot Kitchen Designs And How To Do Them

5 Hot Kitchen Designs And How To Do Them


There are many timeless kitchen design ideas which work wonders in any kind of space. If you are lucky enough to have a lot of kitchen space and a huge budget, the possibilities are endless and you can create some truly fantastic designs. However, even if you are limited on space and money, there are still plenty of things you can do to create your dream kitchen.

Kitchen desing

Tuscan Beach Getaway

Whether you are creating an indoor or an outdoor kitchen, the Tuscan style is ideal for anyone who likes the grandeur of European wood and decor in the home. Dark wooden cabinets, plenty of archways, curves, and artistic features must feature in your Tuscan kitchen.

Marble countertops are an essential part of any Tuscan kitchen but if you want to create a truly authentic look, go for cabinets with not only dark wood panels but also light wood. These can be cut in exactly the same style so that there is enough continuity in the kitchen, but using different shades of wood creates a really rustic Italian appearance and allows light and shade into smaller rooms.


Although black and white might seem a little boring to some people, it is one of the easiest and most striking kitchen designs you can do and will totally transform the space that you have. This is a far from boring design which is really easy to create and also makes your kitchen look super modern.

Within your kitchen, try to incorporate curves either in your seating area to create a more social space or on your countertops to soften any hard edges and make the kitchen more welcoming. Black gloss cabinets and smooth white countertops look contemporary and smart in any kitchen. Add splashes of color in the splash backs, feature wall or utensils if you want to break up the harsh black and white color scheme.

Neutral Colors

If you have a small kitchen space then neutral tones and pastels are a great theme to take on in your kitchen. Neutral shades go with practically anything and if you are no good at matching colors then a neutral color palette in your kitchen may be just the thing for you. Go for a color palette of creams, whites and grays and use these around your kitchen, opting for cream cabinets, gray tiling and light wooden countertops for a calm and relaxing space to cook in.

French Country Kitchen

A sophisticated and rustic design such as a french country kitchen is an extremely stylish choice for any interior decor enthusiast. Paint your walls a cream or ivory color to encourage natural light to shine through your kitchen space. Granite or marble countertops can give your kitchen a very traditional French feel. Distressed wooden cabinets can give your kitchen a smart yet lived-in look and will soften the color scheme in the room as well, making it a lot more welcoming.

Wrought iron shelving or racks can add a really old style and more traditional touch to an otherwise modern kitchen, and can be a great place to display French style cookery hardware or even antiques. In terms of adding more color into the space, go for softened tones such as golden yellows and terracotta oranges instead of bright reds, or teal instead of vibrant blues for a more authentic look.

Vintage Nostalgia

Don’t be scared to explore old time design styles and bring something of a bygone era into your decorating. The 1960s style kitchen for example were all about bright colors and creating a space for entertaining. The 1980s saw the creation of circular seating options, wooden rafters and other efficient uses of space.

If you want to create a kitchen which is an homage to days gone by, then you can either pick a specific era or you can create a blank canvas and use elements of contemporary and old together. A modern kitchen combined with antique style items such as  a 1930s tin bread bin or a 1950s blender which looks like something out of an American Diner is a great way to mix and match different styles and colors. Keep your color scheme neutral and then add in splashes of color with these items and your kitchen will be great fun to cook in.

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