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Advantages of Using Removal Company Services for Relocation

Advantages of Using Removal Company Services for Relocation


Many people decide to move to another place for a various reasons, whether or not they are scaling up, lowering or just craving for a brand new country or new house. However, relocating all of your company property from one location to a different are often an awfully intimidating task. If your company is designing on moving offices, hiring associate workplace removal service is that the best thanks to insure all of your company property makes it to your businesses new location with efficiency, inexpensively and while not the strain and trouble of moving it yourself or requesting facilitate from your workers.

 MovingTips1 300x183 Advantages of Using Removal Company Services for Relocation

Taking advantage of the service that moving company will give could be a fantastic thanks to simply relocate company possessions and has several advantages for you and your business. Hiring associate workplace removals service could be a ton easier and a lot of economical than making an attempt to relocate your business with none outside facilitate.

One of the advantages of hiring a removals company to move your company property to your new workplace house is that the skilled service which will be provided. Skilled removal workers, with years of expertise, can take tutelage to shield your company property, to the most effective of their talents. They are going to conjointly keep your company possessions safe while unloading and loading, packing your things into the removal van in an exceedingly manner which will avoid any harm occurring throughout transportation. A removals service may also supply useful recommendation on effective and economical packing strategies, that is a necessary a part of removal firm property to a brand new workplace. You will be able to rest assured that your companies’ property are going to be in safe hands till it is reached your required destination.

Another advantage of employing a removal company is to require care of your workplace removals is that the vehicles which will be provided. All forms of company property are often hauled with efficiency and safely, from larger things like chairs, desks and filing cupboards to smaller a lot of delicate company belongings, which may be tough and costly to interchange, like laptops and computers. It is often not possible to relocate large and sophisticated workplace instrumentation while not the right coaching and vehicles. Well-trained removal personnel, with years of involvement within the workplace removals business, can take additional care to create certain costly and irreplaceable company property is unbroken safe from damage the least bit times throughout the move. They will give appropriate vehicles and transportation for your company property, and responsibly shift it to your new location simply and effectively. Ignore attempting to shift your vital workplace provides yourself, risking harm to them and outlay time and cash on many journeys between your recent workplace and your new one. Merely trust removals service to require management of your company move at cheap price.

Moving to Australia doesn’t have to be compelled to become a very trying expertise once you rent removals service to hold out the bulk of the work for you. Once you have got packed up all of your company property, basic cognitive process to label and prepare your boxes within the most convenient and economical manner doable, sure-handed removal workers can perform the strenuous work attached loading and unloading, further as transporting your instrumentation to the destination of your selection. Several corporations are taking advantage of removal service to assist them move their business and company property to new locations.

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Home Building Dilemma – What To Consider When Choosing A Floor Plan

Home Building Dilemma – What To Consider When Choosing A Floor Plan


Choosing a floor plan can be both exciting and stressful. It’s exciting because, in a way, you’ll be seeing what you’re new house is going to look like. But it’s also quite stressful because you need to consider if you’re making the right choice. Whether selecting a floor plan for a big house, a small studio apartment, or a cozy family home, there are certain things that you have to take into account before deciding on a plan for your own house. Below are some issues to mull over.

home building dilemma consider choosing Home Building Dilemma   What To Consider When Choosing A Floor Plan

1. Consider budgetary constraints. When looking at a floor plan, don’t just envision how nice your space is going to be. Instead, you need to think about how much it will cost you to build a house using that specific plan. If you are on a budget, for instance, then it is not prudent to opt for a very complicated plan that covers a lot of space. Although bigger is better and grander, it will also cost more. If you are on a budget and what you want is a home for your family, then maybe a simpler plan that covers a smaller area is the right option.

2. Think about your kids and your lifestyle. For couples with children, experts suggest an open floor plan. What is this? In an open floor plan, the layout is very spacious, and the rooms or sections can be used in several ways. For instance, the dining room and kitchen can be combined to create one large multi-functional area. This is great if you have kids because there will be fewer places where they can hide. So, you can easily keep an eye on them while doing other things. Consider other features that might also have an effect on safety, such as railings, stairs, or balconies, especially if you have chosen to build a multi-storey house.

Think about your lifestyle too. Open floor plans are recommended for people who like to host parties. On the other hand, closed floor plans are great for those who prefer partitions and some privacy.

3. Take into account the extra costs of having certain architectural features. Yes, floor-to-ceiling walls and marble panels look stylish and elegant. But such features will cost more too. Before you give the go-ahead regarding specific architectural features based on your floor plan, talk to your builder about the extra costs. Can you afford them or not? What you should keep in mind is – never go over your budget.

4. Be choosy. It is your right to be choosy because, after all, it will be your home. Work with your architect or designer in coming up with a custom-made plan that feels right to you. If you are looking at floor plans of existing houses, don’t go for the first one that you see. Study your options. You should also visit the site or the model home so that you can check if a place has a good vibe. If something doesn’t sit well with you, Hayden Homes, a company that specializes in building houses, suggests that you discuss the issue that is troubling you with your designer or builder. Keep in mind that you can always customize or modify the floor plan.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice. During the process of selecting or finalizing a floor plan, don’t hesitate to ask your architect, builder or designer for his suggestions or recommendations. He can tell you what the pros and cons are of a certain plan or feature. He can also advise you on what elements to add so that your home will be more energy-efficient.

This article is by Claire Flint, who is a blogger and a homeowner. Her articles often tackle issues about home construction and decoration.

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Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable


Wouldn’t you agree that it is about time you made your home a more comfortable place to live, love and relax in? Many of us have grand ideas every year that we forget about, or just don’t put enough effort into sorting out. But perhaps 2014 deserves a bit more hard work from you! Imagine having the perfect pad this time next year; somewhere that you want to spend lots of time, as well as showing off to all of your nearest and dearest.

It is possible to do; you just need to make a plan and stick to it. So if you want a few ideas of how you can turn your home into a haven, keep reading for a bit of insight…

unnamed 300x112 Living the Life of Leisure: How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Think luxury

The first thing you can consider is adding a few luxury items to your home and garden. Not everyone has a footballer’s budget when it comes to the home, but this doesn’t mean you cannot dabble in the high life now and again. It can certainly feel worth it when you have saved up for a special treat that will make you feel a million dollars. Whether this is a widescreen television for your living room or a hot tub for your terrace, you will know exactly how to give yourself the comfort you crave. Other popular choices are completely refitting the bathroom so it has the appeal of a spa, or adding a walk in wardrobe and en-suite to the master bedroom.

Upgrade your furniture

Sometimes you only need to look as far as your furniture to improve comfort levels, especially in the bedroom or living room. Do you remember the reclining chairs that Joey and Chandler had on the television programme Friends? This could be something you think about for your own space. There are plenty of amazing sofas in the shops that could be the perfect addition to your entertaining areas in the home. Also, think about how a new bed could improve your quality of sleep, which might actually positively contribute to other areas of your life.

Make a ‘man’ space

There are many homes that have an ongoing struggle between comfort and classiness, and this is often an ongoing feud between man and woman. However there is often no point fighting to have one room looking two ways, so just use another room in the house if this applies to you. It makes sense to have one area that is ideal for accommodating family for formal events, and another that is perfect for a group of males who wish to watch the big football or rugby match. Think about how much potential there is to make two amazing spaces within the same property.

Create more bedrooms

It is nice to have people over to stay without making them sleep on the sofa, so perhaps you might be inclined to create more bedrooms. This is sometimes possible for those who are able to build into their attic, or even build a brand new extension. Have a look online for some loft conversion ideas so you can get a general idea of how you would like your new space to look when complete.

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Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories


Interior design is a unique form of art that requires an eye for style and design to be able to create an attractive room or environment that did not have any type of style or design in the fist place. Home interior design is important for two main reasons. The home should be designed accordingly to meet personal and family needs to ensure that it is not only appealing, but practical as well. Secondly, it should be designed with possible future home sale in mind, so that potential buyers can be enticed by its style as well as functions.

stylish functional home art interior Stylish Functional Home Art: Interior Home Designs Through Color, Texture And Accessories

Designing With Color

Choosing the right paint color is crucial regardless of whether you are renovating or just making a few interior changes. Wall colors can make a room lively or sad, thus offering a certain level of impact on the style you want to achieve. When you choose your paint color, you need to consider –

  • Your personality as interior designing is all about your personal experience, whether your preference is trendy or outdated.
  • Your preference in paint color and determining if your want an environment that is comfortable, bold or relaxed.
  • Your choice in trends, especially when you are an individual with a passion to express your taste in current styles

When you know your choice of color based on your personality, you will find it easy to make a selection from the color paint palette. However, bear in mind that you still achieve chic color designs with the help of accessories and not by paint alone which can be time consuming at times. All you need is a neutral base color and décor in the bold colors you life for accents. This will help make it easier for you to make changes according to trend and preference.

Remember that all homes are not created equally, so choose a paint color that suits your house materials and environment as well.

Style And Function In Modern Interior Designs

There are certain formats followed in interior designs to ensure that the home becomes an epitome of style and function. Remember that “Interior design is an intricate and deeply personal puzzle that is expressed in the canvas of your space. It is intimate and personal. When it is exactly right, your home shows your vulnerability, warmth and compassion for the people in your life. It shows who you are on the inside… how you care and what you value is expressed in the details, colors, textures and sentimental objects you lovingly display.” says .

  • Open Plan Living

This is where living spaces are opened to create larger living spaces and to allow design to be consistent and flow throughout the entire home. This eliminates the segregation in a home, which is beneficial for families living in the home.

  • Outdoor Living

Natural elements are incorporated in the home to encourage more space in the living environment. This is where outside space that is often neglected during the colder months is used as an additional home space for entertainment purposes.

  • Green Homes

As more and more people are becoming environment friendly, green home designs have become popular. These designs offer unique home interiors and reduce the cost of living with the use of energy saving lights and solar panels.

  • The Use Of Technology

Potential buyers want to see modern comforts and that includes technology. The home must be modern in design and style to accommodate technology to increase entertainment sources and functions.

  • Proper Lighting

Proper lighting helps create ambiance and it provides functionality. However certain rooms will need vibrant lighting compared to others.

  • Antique Furnishings

If you want functional furnishing, opt for antique furniture that will have better storage capacity. This way you can store clutter and relieve yourself from stress and always ensure that your home is always clutter-free.

Valerie Edison is a freelance writer specializing in interior designing and home improvement. She offers tips on thrifty home designing, creative interior styling for quick home improvements and information about the latest gadgets and apps used for interior designing.

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Using Spirit Level in the Right Way

Using Spirit Level in the Right Way


If you are one of those individuals who is into brick layering work or are venturing into it or simply need it to fix a few things in your homes or offices, then choosing the right brick layer kit is extremely important. The brick layer kit is probably one of the most expensive tools that is required in order to carry out the work efficiently.

SpiritLevel 300x97 Using Spirit Level in the Right Way

Whether you are indulged into a DIY or you have hired a professional, it is not possible for any of you to determine horizontal and vertical levels without the use of spirit level (bubble level) – small or large. It is used for a variety of projects in and around the home. The accuracy of a level is highly based upon the quality of the bubble level used. It is true that a quality bubble level is going to provide you with an accurate reading as compared to a cheap model. It is the glass or plastic vial which forms the most important feature of any bubble level.

Using Spirit Level

There are two major factors that have a great impact on the length of brick layers tool kit –

  1. A nine inch torpedo level is a must have when using this tool. This helps you to work in the tight spaces quite efficiently
  2. The longer and elevated the level, the better results you can obtain in terms of accuracy.

The vial is composed of a colored liquid which contains a bubble of air that moves vertically or horizontally along the vial. One of the best spirit level that you can purchase is the one that comes with both horizontal and vertical vial. Such vials come with two graduation marks. They are separated from one another for letting the positioning of the bubble in between the two graduations. This helps in indicating horizontal or vertical levels. For using a bubble level properly, you need to position it right at the center on a surface that is horizontal or vertical.

On placing the bubble level in the center, if the plane to be seen is not even, you have to ensure placing a straightedge on top and the bubble level on top of the straightedge. The bubble has to be positioned between the graduation marks. Wherein the bubble takes a position over or out of the graduation marks, you need to bring an adjustment in the bubble level to the right or left. The bubble will be seen on the right side of the graduation marks if the left side is too high and vice-versa.

You can now consider making adjustment for creating a perfectly level project. For checking vertical levels, you require positioning the back edge of the bubble level against a straightedge that is then placed against the vertical plane to be seen. In case the bubble is there between the graduations, the plane is level. On the other hand, if the bubble dwells outside the graduations, you need to move the straightedge unless the bubble comes to its central position.

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There’s Nothing Passive About The Energy Savings In A Passive Home

There’s Nothing Passive About The Energy Savings In A Passive Home


Climate change is a very real concern these days. Even hardcore denialists are a little quiet in the face of unseasonable storms and extreme weather, the likes of which we have never seen before. But, the average man and woman on the street have bigger concerns, like how to save money in times that are still economically uncertain. Passive homes are a solution to both problems, giving people the opportunity to save money on their heating and electricity bills, while living in a virtually zero-carbon environment.

theres nothing passive about energy Theres Nothing Passive About The Energy Savings In A Passive Home

What is a passive house?

A passive house (passivhaus) is one that has been built to very strict (German strict) energy-efficient standards. According to Wikipedia, it’s characterised by a small eco-footprint and super-low energy requirements. While the concept is most often applied to residential homes, there are also passive office buildings, schools and, apparently, a supermarket.

While the most efficient passive houses are those that have been built from scratch – the principles are best integrated with the design – it is possible to retrofit a house to make it passive.

In technical terms, a passive house should not exceed 15 kWh/m² per year in heating and cooling. Alternatively, it should have a peak heat load of 10W/m². Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, total primary energy consumption shouldn’t exceed 120 kWh/m² per year, and it shouldn’t leak more air than 0.6 times the house volume per hour at 50 Pa (N/m²).

How is this achieved?

To achieve this, passive homes have to be super-insulated (walls, floors, ceilings, roof, doors and windows) and super-airtight, and they make use of heat recovery ventilation systems, which extract heat from appliances, lighting and electrical devices (and even body heat) and also ensure that fresh air circulates throughout the house at all times. It does, however, require a little bit more, such as:

  • Passive solar design, which basically means building it in the right place and at the right angle for it to make optimum use of sun exposure. It means placing windows in the right positions, and even making clever use of skylights.
  • High-tech windows, which tend to be triple-glazed with extras like argon or krypton gas-filled inter-panes, insulating glass spacers, air seals and thermally broken window frames (according to Wikipedia).
  • Natural ventilation systems are favoured, especially using multifunctional skylights and, of course, the high-tech windows.
  • Temperature is regulated by the heat recovery ventilation systems mentioned, as well as earth warming tubes, heat exchangers and solar gain and sometimes, in extreme climates, by a supplementary central heating system or even a wood-burning stove.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and lighting are a given.


There is this idea that building a passive homes are exorbitantly expensive to build – prohibitively expensive, even. This is not true.

They are more expensive, but it’s been estimated that they only add 5% to 10% to construction costs, and this is set to come down as the materials become more readily available (and cheaper to manufacture), and as architects and building companies become more familiar with their construction. In fact, according to NYPH, an organisation that promotes passive home construction and energy standards in New York State, you can bring down costs by choosing experienced builders, as they have already got over the learning curve and are in the process of refining their art.

As part of its efforts to promote passive homes, NYPH emphasises the fact that the money saved on energy bills pays for the house in fewer than 10 years. Moreover, the organisation says that the saving on monthly energy bills can rival mortgage repayments, so residents start benefiting financially immediately.

Lindsay Wilson breaks it down in cash terms. You might pay $1500 a year to heat an old home (with all its weather-worn draughts and whatnot). You might pay $750 a year to hear a modern home. But you’ll only pay $100 a year to heat a passive home. And that’s only considering the heat. It doesn’t include other energy costs savings, like lighting and ventilation. If you do it really well you could actually generate energy to put back into the grid – for which you get paid.

It’s not the end of the world if you aren’t building a home from scratch, as the Guardian’s Lucy Siegle says that even retrofitting your home using passive house principles can reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%. You can go about retrofitting your home by sealing all the joints and seams and blocking off any draughts, especially around doors and windows. You can also insulate the roof and ceiling, wall cavities, and windows. Even adding thick carpets and curtains can make a difference. It might not meet German standards, but as they say, every little bit helps.

dreams of her own off-grid, zero-carbon, passive home complete with roof garden, veggie garden and happily lowing cows. Until then, she appeases her conscience with energy-efficient light bulbs and low-energy appliances and by turning on her geyser for only an hour a day.

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Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Tis The Season To Be Jolly – Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home


There are only a few days left before it is Christmas Eve again. By this time, you should have your home dressed up for the holiday season and oozing with Christmas spirit. If you have not decorated your home yet and are tired of the usual, mediocre Christmas decorations, then here are some ideas to get your home in the holiday mood. You do not want your home looking like the “Grinch” of your neighborhood.

tis season jolly unique christmas Tis The Season To Be Jolly   Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

The Dominant Colors of Christmas

The dominant colors of Christmas are green, red, gold, silver, and white. There are meanings behind these colors.

  • Green is said to represent nature and hope. When the land is covered with the whiteness of snow, green represents life, a new beginning, and hope.
  • Red, on the other hand, symbolizes the blood Jesus shed for all mankind, so it speaks of love and warmth.
  • Gold speaks of wealth and of good health.
  • Silver not only signifies wealth like gold does, but it also represents clarity, perseverance, and brightness.
  • White represents cleanliness as well as purity.

Remember these colors when decorating your home for the holiday season. You will be using the traditional colors of Christmas, yes, but it is in the way you use them that will make your home Christmas decorations unique.

Glam Up Your Deck

When decorating your home, do not forget your deck. It is, after all, one of the parts of your home that people will first see, so you need to give it that holiday spirit as well. Of course, before you decorate it, you need to give it a good washing. You can scrub it clean or use a power washer to wash away the dirt and grime. You can rent a power washer if you do not have one. Find out more about power washer rentals online or visit your local hardware and see if they offer tool rental services.

Once your deck is clean, you can now give it that holiday cheer. Hang a wicker basket on the walls as well as the front door, but instead of using the usual Christmas decors, use red, yellow, and white flowers instead. Their green leaves will complete the whole Christmas look. You can use fake flowers if you want, since fresh flowers can be pretty expensive.

Do not forget to wrap the deck railing with the same decorations, too, for a continuation of the Christmas theme. It is also a great idea to put out Christmas lanterns decorated with the Christmas colors on the deck.

Glam up Your Mailbox

You should also decorate your mailbox with a topper made up juniper, moss, as well as fir for the greens and rosemary, lavender, and pansies for the other Christmas colors. Add some gold and silver Christmas balls to complete the look, and tie a red and gold ribbon around the mailbox. A decorated mailbox is a great way to greet people a Merry Christmas.

Glam Up the Interior of Your Home

Instead of using the usual Christmas ornaments for your home, why not hang pictures of your family instead. You can paste them on shimmery colorful cards, thread Christmas ribbons on top of the card, and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can also add some small handicrafts and artworks that your children made for the holiday season.

Jennifer Daniels is a writer for home blogs. She shares DIY tips for decorating homes.

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Nursing Home Red Flags

Nursing Home Red Flags


The decision to put a loved one into a nursing home can be a difficult one for many. However, to avoid watching him or her suffer, it can truly be the best option for all involved. If your father has fallen victim to Alzheimer’s disease and cannot take proper care of himself any longer, or your mother is losing a ton of weight in a short period of time, it may be time to evaluate the need for a nursing home. Some signs include:

  • His or her Alzheimer’s disease has developed so strongly to the point that you have been harmed or noticed paranoia, challenging behaviors, etc.
  • Your own health is deteriorating due to constantly helping your loved one
  • Your relationships/other responsibilities are taking a toll
  • A doctor has agreed it’s time for a nursing home placement
  • An excess amount of in-home services are being used to help your loved one
  • He or she has wandered outside and gotten lost because of it

nursing home red flags Nursing Home Red Flags

There are certainly an endless list of signs, but these mark the frequent flags that it’s time to evaluate the nursing home option. However, with about 40 percent of elders claiming they have been abused in some form or another in a nursing home, it’s best to do some research before throwing your loved one in the first nursing home you find. Beware of three big red flags, which should alert you to look elsewhere.

Red Flag #1: Strong, foul odor

Nursing homes are held to high standards and are inspected regularly by watchdogs to meet these standards. This means spills and messes must be cleaned up immediately, proper baths should be administered, clothes and beddings should be changed regularly, etc. If a nursing home has a bad smell, it usually means the sanitary conditions are not adequately being met, and proper attention may not be given to your loved one.

Red Flag #2: High Staff Turnover Rate

You may have heard the concept that a happy work environment results in higher productivity. This idea deems true for the nursing home culture as well. If you find that the staff at a nursing home changes every few months, this likely implies that there is an unhappy internal work environment. When a supervisor cannot properly take care of employees, it’s not logical to think the employees can take care of the home’s residents.

Red Flag #3: Employees Disrespect Residents

It’s definitely important to talk with some of the residents before deciding on a nursing home. It’s like a job description that seems mind-blowingly great, but you find out later once you fill the position that it’s not as glamorous as it was on paper. Employees may be extra professional and nice to potential residents and their caretakers, but getting a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on is only possible by conversing with the current residents. They will usually be straight up with what goes on, if they feel neglected or abused and the overall respect employees give them.

Lindsay Bradshaw is a content developer for McMinn Law in Austin, Texas. She is grateful to only have put her beloved grandmother in great nursing homes with excellent, respectful staff members.

Photo Credit: building construction partnership

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How To Turn A Spare Room Into Your Ideal Home Theater

How To Turn A Spare Room Into Your Ideal Home Theater


A few years ago, having a home theater, where one can retreat after a long, stressful day, was only for the lucky few who could spend thousands of dollars on equipment, furnishings and accessories. But today, with the availability of high-definition television and video, more and more people use wide-screen televisions and surround sound audio systems in their homes. With that said, a true theater room is within reach.

If you are thinking of turning a spare room into your ideal home theater, you need to properly plan the project. A home theater should isolate you from other areas of the house, keep out distractions, and allow you to fully immerse in whatever is playing on the big screen. To create a space that maximizes your movie experience and minimize distractions, you need to isolate the room from the rest of your house. You can use a spare bedroom, or a closed den as your home theater. Here are a few tips for turning a spare room into a functional home theater.

how turn spare room into How To Turn A Spare Room Into Your Ideal Home Theater

Choose The Room: If you have more than one spare room in your house, you should consider some of these factors:

  • Choose a square or rectangular room that is enclosed.
  • It should have standard-height ceilings. Avoid choosing a room with high ceilings and lots of architectural angles.
  • The room should have the fewest windows and doors to limit light; however, this can also be remedied by using blackout shades to block outdoor light.
  • It should have a lot of wall space. More walls pace means more shelving space and options.

Decide On A Theme For The Room: The theme of the theater room will hugely depend on what you are going to use it for- watching a movie, playing console games, or for entertaining friends. To some, a home theater is filled with equipment that allows you to play high quality movies on a huge high-definition TV. To others, this room is a smaller version of what you might find at your local movie theater. The theme you pick for this room will determine your budget and the execution.

Purchase The Right Equipment: This is the most important aspect of a home theater. Aside from choosing within your budget, you should also choose equipment that will satisfy your needs. For instance, when choosing a Television, don’t just go with the biggest one you can afford. You should think about investing in high quality TV. In addition, pay close attention to its size and shape.

  • You can choose either a screen or a projector, but it is advisable to get a 70-inch Plasma television. A 40-inch HQ Television is also a good option.
  • Choose high quality speakers and audio system. You should have at least five speakers and one subwoofer. This will provide you with an excellent surround sound experience.
  • Pair your speakers with the right amplifier. This means you should check the ohms and the wattage numbers when shopping.
  • It is a good idea to take an expert’s advice in setting up your audio and visual equipment to get the best home theater experience.

Darken The Room: To set the proper mood and ambiance for your theater room, you need to darken it. It should have a dark interior; thus, you need to use darker paint, such as purple and deep black tones for your ceiling and walls. Do not use neutral or pastel shades. You should also keep the room dark because improper lighting can ruin your viewing or gaming experience.

  • Use dim, indirect light to showcase what’s being shown on the screen. This type of lighting will also prevent eye strain.
  • You can use a lamp that uses a low-wattage bulb that directs the light towards the ceiling.
  • You can also install accent lighting on a dimmer switch.
  • Another tip is to block the light from the windows using blackout window treatments. Blackout blinds are a must-have in every theater room. This type of blind can block 100% of light and it can also block out sounds, reducing disturbance.

Don’t Forget The Seating: A home theater room won’t be complete without comfortable seating. You can use cozy sofas, sectionals, or a reclining theater seating. Just make sure that you have enough seating space for everyone who wants to spend time in the theater room.

The author, Kris Lim, is an interior designer and blogger who offers basic interior design tips and tricks. In this article, she lists a few tips for turning a spare room into a home theater. She highly suggests the use of blackout blinds to properly set-up the mood and ambiance of the room. She suggests purchasing blackout blinds from reputable online stores, such as

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