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Holidays and Mobility Issues

Holidays and Mobility Issues


Getting away for a break is something that most of us take for granted; whether taking a flight across the other side of the world, or simply relocating somewhere else within the UK for a change of scenery and a break from the routine of our everyday life.

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For some people though, more thought and planning has to go into a holiday than is the case for others. Where the majority of people choose their holiday based on the destination and what it can offer; for those with mobility issues, other factors have to be taken into account.

Which Country

Whilst different countries offer different benefits whether it be the white sands and the warmth of the Caribbean or the fresh air and the mountains of Austria, people with limited mobility must also look at other aspects of these destinations such as how well they would get around.

The Caribbean, for example could well prove problematic for some people as facilities may not be up to the standards that we expect in the UK and mobility awareness is likely to be limited too. Austria’s mountains are also likely to be a barrier to having a great holiday.

For these reasons, many people simply choose to take a break within the UK, and why not? Although the weather can be unpredictable, different parts of the country have a great deal to offer.

Mobility Awareness

Because over the years disability and mobility issues have been highlighted, there are now many regulations in place that make life much easier for those with limited mobility. Premises such as shops now have to have access for those using mobility scooters such as those made by Quingo Scooters of Luton. This enables their users to participate in everyday activities such as shopping rather than having to wait outside whilst a friend or partner does it for them.

Because of the increase in use of mobility scooters, many British seaside resorts now have a number of shops hiring them out to tourists. This is a useful option as whilst many scooters are relatively transportable, others may not be. Also, some people, on a day to day basis, may be able to manage without a mobility scooter but, to get the most out of a holiday, hiring one can make a major difference to the pleasures that can be gained from a holiday.

Seeing the Sights

While we like to relax and re-energise ourselves whilst we are on our holidays, an inevitable part of the enjoyment is getting around and seeing what the destination can offer. Whilst there is certainly some pleasure to be had in lying next to the swimming pool all day, this can mean missing out on some breath-taking sights and sounds offered by the destination.

Naturally, whilst mobility awareness is on the increase, it is not yet fully integrated into our society and scooter users are still likely to come across obstacles such as raised kerbs, or bumps and holes in the road. Because of this, it is advisable to purchase or hire quality scooters that will handle these obstacles. Quingo Scooters, for example, are capable of not only handling kerbs up to 4 inches high, but also allow the user to approach them at an angle which makes life much easier.


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