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Holiday Checkpoints: Top 3 Things to Remember

Holiday Checkpoints: Top 3 Things to Remember


AOE HOLIDAY Holiday Checkpoints: Top 3 Things to Remember

One of the things you may have to deal with this holiday season is a DUI checkpoint. These checkpoints are more common during the holidays due to the large amount of celebrations that take place during this time of year.

DUI checkpoints are designed to prevent people from driving while intoxicated. A blog post on the site of a San Bernardino DUI lawyer references statistics from the CDC (Center for Disease Control)such as the fact that DUI checkpoints can reduce alcohol related accidents and deaths by 20 percent in the area where the checkpoint is located.If you encounter a DUI checkpoint during your holiday travels, there are three things that you should know so that it goes without a problem.

1. You Must Participate.

Contrary to urban legend, if you are pulled over in a DUI checkpoint you must participate. Have your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and car registration ready to present to the officers. You should willingly answer any questions they as and try to remain calm. The police officers cannot search your car, however, unless they have probable cause. Probable cause consists of them physically seeing something illegal in your car such as an open alcohol container, a firearm or drugs and drug paraphernalia. If the officers request that you open your glove box, any bags or boxes in your car, or the trunk, you have the right to say no. If there is no reason for probable cause, they must have a warrant to search anything inside of the car.

2. Avoid Confrontation.

Yes, going through a checkpoint can be time consuming and even annoying, but you need to remain pleasant. Just remember, these officers would much rather be home celebrating the holidays with their families also, and being confrontational is only going to make them irate. Confrontation will only lengthen the process and may even lead to other problems.

3. You Can Be Arrested or Ticketed for More Than DUI.

Another common urban legend is that DUI checkpoints can only arrest you for driving under the influence. The truth is, they can ticket or arrest you for any offense that they find during the stop. It is not unusual for DUI checkpoints to result in the arrest of people with outstanding warrants, suspended licenses, or other traffic offenses.

Keep in mind that holiday checkpoints are for your safety and not just a point of aggravation. It is also important to remember that the police officers will be just as agreeable as you are, so keep calm and move through the process.If you are arrested during a DUI checkpoint, mae sure that you take the tie to call a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you start your defense the ore likely you will be to win your case. Attorneys are available during the holidays.

The best thing to remember during the holidays is that to have the best holiday, you need to refrain from drinking and driving, even if it was “just one.”

As one San Bernardino DUI lawyer states, “the main goal of checkpoints is not to arrest impaired drivers, but deter drivers from driving impaired in the first place.” Having seen friends get into legal trouble, Melanie Fleury does not need many reasons to not drink and drive. She hopes that those who read this article will have a safe holiday on and off the road.

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CAUTION: Tis the Season to Indulge

CAUTION: Tis the Season to Indulge


AOE DRINKY CAUTION: Tis the Season to Indulge

CAUTION: Tis the Season to Indulge

The holidays are often filled with seasonal indulgences, making it difficult for individuals to stay on task. With excessive food, fun, alcohol and late hours, you want to pay extra close attention to your family to ensure their safety – especially when taking road trips to see family and friends. The following are tips for enjoying your holidays safely:

Celebrate in Moderation

As you navigate your way to grandma’s house for the holiday meal, you’ll want to put a limit on your merriment. Alcohol related accidents are on the rise during this time of year, with both work and family celebrations. Instead of drinking to excess, you can put a limit on the amount of alcohol you’ll consume throughout the party. If you know that you may exceed that limit, you want to ensure your family’s safety by enlisting the help of a designated driver to get everyone home safely.

While you may be responsible and abstain from drinking, others may not have the common sense to do the same. If you notice any behavior out of the ordinary while making your way to and from your destination, you can alert the law enforcement officials by way of cellphone. Signs to look for include veering into the wrong lane and travelling at an abnormally low rate of speed.

Children are Out and About

The season is especially celebratory for children and ensuring their safety while they are out on holiday break should be at the forefront. To avoid getting in an accident and injuring innocent victims on the road, you should avoid drinking and driving altogether. If you know that you’ll be celebrating at a party, you can find an alternate method of transportation ahead of time such as a limo, cab or other mode of public transportation.

Stay particularly alert in areas that are heavily populated with children such as snow hills, skating parks and child-friendly holiday festivals. As we all remember from our childhood, while playing it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to look before chasing that ball into the street. Fast actions to a pet on the run, or an errant bicyclist, are critical – and if you’ve had a few drinks already, your reactions are going to be slower. Just one second of hesitation can mean the difference between someone living and dying at your hands.

Set a Good Example

Children learn by example, and you can set a good one by teaching them to never overindulge. This includes eating right and avoiding alcohol in excess. If you’re out with the kids for a family gathering, you can either stick to soda or make a point of slowly sipping one cocktail; or make a habit of drinking a glass of water in between them.

Teach your little ones the importance of not drinking and driving, and respecting the law. You can go one step further and explain the repercussions for driving while intoxicated such as causing an accident, injuring or killing innocent victims, the loss of a driver’s license, exorbitant fines and law suits – and in the language of youngsters, how consequences such as these means doing without things they want.

With the Christmas season soon approaching, you’ll find more children out in the neighborhood enjoying those special days of spending time with extended family visiting from other towns. According to this Charlotte DWI lawyer, you’ll want to take steps to ensure you don’t become part of the statistics of endangering the neighborhoods and Interstates during this celebratory time of year. Think about making some of these tips part of your holiday traditions, to help you celebrate the joy of the season safely with your family for many years to come.

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Say Yes to Early Holiday Planning

Say Yes to Early Holiday Planning

Baking holiday cookies

Spend time enjoying holiday baking instead of stressing.

From the festive holiday lights to the happy caroling, upcoming holiday cheer can instigate a panic if you’re not prepared for the December blitz. Planning ahead, shopping early and conquering tasks as a family while having fun beat holiday stress. Make this the year that you actually enjoy the holidays stress-free.

Holiday Card Prep

The holidays are exciting and happy, so why not celebrate early? Start with the family holiday card. Take that great family photo from your August camping trip and pre-order holiday cards online. Address the cards while drinking a pumpkin latte during your spare time and have them ready to send once December rolls around. Minted has great deals on holiday cards that feature unique layouts and styling options. Make it a family affair and get everyone’s opinions as you shop and customize your holidays cards.

The Holiday Shopping Mentality

Cultivate a habit of looking for great gift ideas and stocking stuffers at any time. Create the mindset that you’re always on the lookout. It’ll take the financial strain off the holiday season by evening out your spending and eliminating the dreaded stress and anxiety that accompanies shopping on a deadline. If anything, make it your goal to mitigate those last-minute trips to the mall on December 24. Even download the Black Friday app and maximize your holiday shopping right after that delicious turkey dinner.

Also, signing up for regular emails from favorite boutiques and daily deal sites helps keep holiday shopping at your top-of-mind awareness. Stores and daily deal sites like Plum District have apps that make it easier to browse inventory and check prices while you are on the go. Barcode scanner apps can quickly scan an item’s price and tell you the lowest price online. Even if you prefer in-store shopping, price checking can help you stick to a budget.

Family Fun

Okay matriach, holiday planning doesn’t have to be a one woman show. Give yourself a break; you can’t do everything. Prioritize your duties and get your spouse and children to help too. Also, planning and executing holiday tasks can actually create memories with your loved ones. Bake candy cane cookies with your 5 year old while the “Santa Claus” plays on TV. Make holiday shopping into a special date night with your husband.

Create a to-do wishlist that identifies tasks for holiday parties, home decorating and other obligations. As the holidays approach, re-assess your to-do list and eliminate what you can’t do because of time and money. Then assign age-appropriate responsibilities to family members, and make it fun. Oprah suggests making meals ahead and freezing them to reclaim a little extra time near the holidays. Invite your family to weigh in on new holiday dishes and desserts to experiment with this year. For fun, create a pretend cooking show with your kids as your cook and bake up a frenzy in the kitchen while listening to favorite Christmas carols.

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Enjoy Holidays In Singapore

Enjoy Holidays In Singapore


Planning to go on a trip to Singapore? Then would say one of the best decisions of your life yes, Singapore is a place where you should visit it least once in your life. Lifestyle of Singapore, places for outing, eating and shopping everything is just awesome over there in Singapore.

Celebrating Singapores Enjoy Holidays In Singapore

If you are going to Singapore then there is a long list of things to o do over there, a long list of places to visit and explore in one day.

Let’s discuss about Singapore more and take a ride of Singapore in imagination until you don’t purchase a ticket for Singapore.

Places To Must Watch In Singapore:

Let’s first discuss about those places of Singapore which are not ignorable if you are going there.

  • Little India Singapore: Little India is a place consist some hotel of Singapore where Indian food being served to people. Little India an area of hotels where you can experience some memories of India like food fragrance of jasmine and a verity of spicy food as served in India. It is called little India because it seems like little market of India where you can do shopping can enjoy Indian food, in short you can explore a mini image of India over here.
  • Esplanade Theaters on the Bay: Also known as Durians, Esplanade theaters one of the theaters on world level situated across the bay.
  • ChinaTown Singapore: Chinatown heritage center, a place where one should visit once to have an eye on Chinese lives. A place contains some rich memories of a typical lifestyle of people living in rigid houses.
  • Singapore Flyer: World’s longest watchable wheel name is Flyer situated at 30 Raffles Avenue in Singapore. Height of this wheel is 135 km from ground. You cannot move from Singapore without visit over there to see Flyer.

Some Other Places to Explore In Singapore:

  • Food Safari: Food of Singapore is so famous among the people over there and tourist also loved it. You can choose ChinaTown location to enjoy food of Singapore as well as Chinese noodles.
  • Botanical Garden Singapore:   A garden with a high range of different plants entry in this garden is free of cost. Botanical Garden is placed in the center of the city and spreads in 64 acres and having a beautiful lake near the entrance, beautiful plants and neat green grass.

  • Merlion: A best place to take photographs Merlion, a place which represent the creativeness of Singapore as well as its name “Singapura”. Here you can see a face of lion with the body of Fish. This Place looks gorgeous at night.

Well, what is essential to enjoy fullest is money, it is needed almost everywhere whether you are going to Singapore, any other place in abroad or any place in India, money is an essential thing on which your enjoyment is depends. But, whatever you do keep budget in your mind because not only with money one can enjoy even if they are with their mates, partner or family at Singapore.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about local Hotel in Gurgaon and other related topics. If you want Read more about 3 star hotel in Gurgaon visit proved link.

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The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches


A summer is a good time to spend holidays at a beautiful beaches. While here is still winter, everybody is looking forward to a hot summer weather. Spring and summer is an optimal time for weddings, travelling and spending holidays outside. Spending time by the ocean is most popular form of relaxation and a place for performing most of water sports. And while you are on a beach you can always look at many beautiful girls😉

girls beach The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach1 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach2 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach3 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach4 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach5 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach6 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach7 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach8 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach9 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach10 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach11 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

girls beach12 The Summer, Holidays, Girls and the Beautiful Beaches

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A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners


Whether it is the Mediterranean food or attractions of Island of Malta, by no doubt, Malta is one of the most visited touristic destinations on this planet. You can heat up on sandy beaches with support for diving or go deep into the historical city and check monuments or temples and gardens or just hanging around and catch the smell of night clubs, restaurants and pubs. While the capital city is Valletta, the largest town is Birkirkara city. The nearest destinations to Malta are Sicily (93 km north) and Tunisia (288 km west). Malta has a subtropical climate with average yearly temperature of 22–23 °C  and really hot summers, so do not afraid of cold.

malta holidays A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays1 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays2 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays3 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays4 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays5 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays6 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays7 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays8 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays9 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays10 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays11 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

malta holidays12 A Small Touristic Taste of Malta for All Holidays Planners

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