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Halloween Hiccup? Ways to Treat Pedestrians to a Safe Night

Halloween Hiccup? Ways to Treat Pedestrians to a Safe Night


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Halloween Hiccup? Ways to Treat Pedestrians to a Safe Night

Halloween has traditionally been a favorite observance for children across the United States. Although it is technically not a holiday, do not attempt to tell a youngster that. Halloween has also become a fun celebration for adults, but often their treats are not necessarily candy and fruit, and the tricks have a way of biting back.

However, there are some measures that everyone can take when planning how to celebrate this fun time of year that actually does kick off the true holiday season. Being reasonable and responsible can go long way in allowing everyone to have an enjoyable time.

Preparing for a Halloween Party

Halloween parties have become the most popular method of celebrating the observance. A good event schedule will include having sober individuals at a party who are the designated drivers for attendees that enjoy drinking alcohol.

Halloween is fun for everyone, so this may not be a futile process. Another consideration is scheduling the party on a weekend when the children and their chaperones are not out walking the side streets. This action can be a positive measure for ensuring both public and private safety.

Driving on Halloween Night

Parties held on Halloween night deserve extra scrutiny. Let all of the party-goers know who the driver is going to be and how they will be getting home. Sometimes it is best to arrange transportation for picking guests up to ensure that they do not attempt to drive intoxicated. It is important to understand that the police are highly aware of illegal drivers on both designated Halloween observances and the actual night, and they get especially aggravated at having to work auto accidents on Halloween that involve drunk drivers.

Providing Food

Serving a good selection of party favorites and snacks can help reduce the number of intoxicated guests, or at least provide some absorption for those who do drink. Bread can be an excellent method of absorption, which is traditionally known to contain soaking properties. Serving coffee could possibly help for those who are borderline impaired. But, more often than not, it can just produce a wide-awake drunk.

Your Plan

Being involved in an accident on Halloween can be an expensive proposition, so connecting yourself with an experienced car accident firm, such as Florida’s Steinger, Iscoe & Greene you can call in case of unplanned issues, is important.

Always remember that individuals who allow intoxicated guests to drive away from a party can also be held negligent in any lawsuit resulting from an auto accident occurring en route home. Additionally, pedestrians always have the legal right-of-way and can easily be unnoticed by an impaired driver. An attorney may also have some professional tips on safe event scheduling other legal situations.

With the possible exception of New Year’s Eve, Halloween night sees the most combined traffic on the street when pedestrians are included. And, most of those pedestrians are children. It is important to consider all options when celebrating this big event, and take every step necessary to make sure everyone has a fun time by helping reduce all possibilities of impaired driving.

With celebrators in mind, Giovanna O’Neal shares these helpful steps for preventing a possible traffic accident.  The group at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene is on hand in the Orlando, Florida area to assist any client against devastating claims in the event of a driver collision.

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