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Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party

Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party


It is again that time of the year when you need to start getting ready for the spookiest time of the year. Halloween is fast approaching and you want to start planning for a party if you are holding one this year. Here are some of the top tips to help you organise a successful Halloween party.
tips organising great halloween party Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party

Send A Great Invite

A good party starts with a great invite and thus it is a good idea to have a fun invite sent to your guests. Since it is Halloween you will probably have something spooky as the theme to your party and your invite should reflect this as well.

Make sure you mention if you want your guests to come in a fancy dress and if you want them to bring some snack or drinks to your party. It is also important to send the invitation as soon as possible, preferably around one to two weeks before your party occurs.

Opt For Finger Food

The best foods for Halloween parties are definitely finger foods. This can allow you to be very creative with the food and you can have people come and go in a simple way because you aren’t serving hot food. It will also save you a lot of time since you can prepare for it well in advance.

Look for fun recipes online and you should definitely check out the popcorn recipe at the iVillage website. It is also a good idea to serve a punch bowl with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Atmosphere Comes From Lighting

It is important that your party has a spooky atmosphere and the best way to do this is by using dim lighting around the room. Place candles and for a safer option get some LED candles to place around the room. You should of course also have a few pumpkin heads around the room with some light inside.

Black and orange are usually associated with Halloween so it is a good idea to have lights that create an orange glow around the room.

Powerful Entertainment

It is a nice idea to organise a bit of entertainment to your party and for a Halloween party this should be something powerful and big. A good idea is to organise a fireworks display; this will create just the right atmosphere for your party and make sure your guests are wowed. If you are looking to buy fireworks online then you have a lot of options available, for instance Fireworks Crazy in the UK.

Good Old Decorations

It is a good idea to have some decorations at your party as well. The great thing about Halloween parties is that you can really go with the old trusted options of spider webs and skeletons. You should opt for these to guarantee your venue looks good and that there is the right Halloween atmosphere for people to enjoy their time at the party. Make sure you also add a bit of music to the party to guarantee the right party feeling.

Nicky is a big fan of parties and her absolutely favourite party is Halloween. She loves to find new ways to have a spooky party and is already planning her costume for this year. When she isn’t thinking about hosting parties she loves to spend time with her two cats.

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A Guide To Hosting A Great Wedding

A Guide To Hosting A Great Wedding


Your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of your life and it certainly can prove to be so but the planning prior to the day can be so arduous and soul destroying. Organizing the cars, the church the bridesmaids and the party venue are just some of the things that need arranging.

They key to hosting a good wedding is planning and there are certain things that must be perfectly arranged in order for the event to be a success.

A memorable wedding can be a great thing and help the relationship branch out to a new level. This article will highlight what it takes to host a great wedding and how to make it a memorable event for all who attend.

Wedding CelebrationThe Church and Bridesmaids

It is very important to organize the church for your wedding. This may seem a very obvious point but it is something that is regularly overlooked. Make sure you book the church and ensure all of your guests know the date and exact location of it.

The last thing you want to happen is your guests turn up at the wrong church. Making a solid start to the day can help the remainder of it and can give your guests the ideal beginning to their day.

It is important to be organized, as a couple you must both be on the same wavelength and have a concrete plan for the day. If it starts well then the rest will be much more relaxed.

Great Entertainment

Once the church is out of the way and you are married there is just a small matter of the after party to deal with. This is the part of the day that people look forward to; it’s the most important thing that can create a lasting legacy for your wedding.

Ensure that you arrange some solid entertainment, may it be through a band or a comedian, and they have to be good. In the internet age we live in there are many ways in which you can satisfy your guests.

Fireworks are a great way to do this, companies such as Fireworks Crazy offer great selection boxes and can provide your guests with some light entertainment. It is something that will be unique to your wedding and will make it much more memorable for your guests.

Think Outside the Box

It is important to think outside the box, this will help to create a wedding to remember. After all people have lavish weddings do so in order to show off to their guests so why not make it something innovative and new. There are many websites out there that offer interesting wedding advice and can provide the new couple with great insight and ideas.

My main piece of advice is being organized; this will help the smooth running of the day and ensure there are no last minute hiccups. Your wedding day is supposed to be a joyous occasion and it certainly can be if you plan ahead and organized yourselves.

Andrew is an author with a love to party planning. He has over 15 years industry experience, as well as this he enjoys planning parties in his spare time. His writing style is very particular and quite conversational.

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A Great Wedding In Moments – These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

A Great Wedding In Moments – These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding


A wedding is far more than the sum of its parts. In theory it’s essentially a big party to celebrate your love with all your family and friends, but in reality we all know that it’s much more than that – that it’s a perfect day that everyone gets one chance at.

great wedding moments these are A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

But likewise if you take any little moment from that day and examine it on its own, that can be beautiful too. Here we will look at some of the most beautiful and most precious moments from any wedding and what makes them so perfect…

Seeing the Bride for the First Time

great wedding moments these are1 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

This is an amazing moment mostly due to the fact that everyone will have been waiting to see just how good the bride looks for the majority of the day. The anticipation when you wait – along with the groom – is palpable and so it’s amazing to see her walking in and to behold her in all her bridal glory.

But better than that is the fact that you also get to witness her seeing her husband-to-be and vice versa. When their eyes lock across the room and you see the love on their faces – and normally someone starts crying – it’s understandably very hard not to be incredibly moved.

‘You May Kiss the Bride’

great wedding moments these are2 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

It’s fitting and wonderfully romantic that the first thing a new couple does as husband and wife is to kiss one another, and it’s even more magical that all their united friends and family get to share the moment. It’s a famous part of the whole wedding ceremony and it’s something that no wedding would be complete without.

The First Dance

great wedding moments these are3 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

Another highly romantic moment is the first dance, which is also a great moment for everyone to see who that couple are when they’re together. This dance will express not only their love, but their personality and all to a tune that will sum up their relationship. And then when everyone joins them on the floor it’s highly symbolic and fun.

Getting Into the Limousine

great wedding moments these are4 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

Riding in a limo on the wedding day is one of the most exciting experiences for the bride and groom. If you’ve never been in a limo before then expect to feel like a big celebrity and to marvel at the plush and extravagant interior. This is a day when you should get to feel like a star – or like James Bond even. So enjoy it!

The Father of the Bride

great wedding moments these are5 A Great Wedding In Moments   These Are The Most Amazing Moments At Any Wedding

While the best man toast is normally a lot of fun and often quite sentimental, it’s seeing the Dad talk about how proud he is of his daughter and how happy he knows she’s going to be that often moves everyone to tears. Everyone knows that at some point she was just a bundle of giggles bouncing on his knee, and today he gives her away as a woman. The pride is normally written all over his face and it’s an emotional journey for everyone. In the good kind of way.

Evan Stuart, the author of this post, works at Toronto Best Choice Limo, a company based in Toronto that specializes in providing wedding limousines. In his spare time, he likes to write blog articles to share his thoughts about various wedding related topics.

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Top 5 Great Things To Do In San Antonio

Top 5 Great Things To Do In San Antonio


The seventh largest city in the United States, and the second largest in Texas, San Antonio is a city filled with history, culture and recreation. Because of this, each year many tourists (and San Antonians) visit the city for great opportunities to learn about the amazing culture and fun activities the urban center offers. Because of this, some people often struggle with what to do when visiting the city–so here’s a list of the Top 5 Fun Things to Do while in San Antonio, Texas.

5. Go to SeaWorld San Antonio

There are only a few locations in the United States that can boast having a SeaWorld park, and San Antonio is one of them. Of the three SeaWorld parks that exist, the San Antonio park is the largest, so if you’re going to visit a SeaWorld you might as well do it right. The San Antonio SeaWorld offers pretty much anything you could want. One part water theme park, one part aquarium, Sea World offers 3 roller coasters, 9 water rides and several marine animals that the whole family will love.   Besides, we know you’ve always wanted to see Shamu.

4. Visit the Tower of the Americas

Built for the 1968 World’s Fair, the Tower of the Americas reigns supreme in the city’s skyline as the tallest building in San Antonio. The Tower of the Americas boasts many other features as well. The 750-foot tower has an indoor and outdoor observation deck that can be reached by elevator for a small fee; these observation decks offer grand, sweeping vistas of the city of San Antonio and surrounding area. To top it off, the structure contains a lounge, and a revolving restaurant operated by Landry’s at the top, allowing you to get a bite to eat while taking in the scenery from the highest point in the city.

3. Take a Detour to Schlitterbahn

You might count this as cheating, but if you’re visiting San Antonio, you should definitely take a detour to nearby New Braunfels to visit Texas’ most famous water park. Initially founded in 1979, Schlitterbahn frequently sweeps the lists as the top water park in the United States, and boasts many winners of best water attraction in the United States. From water coasters, to lazy rivers, to water playgrounds for kids, Schlitterbahn has it. Family-owned-and-operated, Schlitterbahn is easily the best water park you can go to. However, if you do decide to make the 45 minute trip from San Antonio, ensure the park is open first—they typically close during the Fall and Winter seasons.

2. Walk the River Walk

First concocted as a construction project for the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression, the San Antonio riverwalk is one of the city’s oldest, and most well-known tourist attractions. With good reason I might add: the River Walk boasts a complex network of walking paths and bridges lined with restaurants, shops and other San Antonio gems. Located a level down from the streets, the riverwalk is foot traffic only and lets tourists and San Antonians alike enjoy the serene, beautiful San Antonio River’s scenery without disturbance from the regular hustle and bustle of daily life. If you’re lucky enough to be in town during one of the parade celebrations, you must go and see the many floats filled with musicians, celebrities and performers floating down the River Walk.

1. Remember the Alamo!

We both knew it would come to this, right? Any Texan, (and most Americans) can tell you the tale of the Alamo, a historic battle fought in the Texas War of Independence in 1836, where 189 men gave up their lives to defend the famous Spanish Mission from Mexican attackers. Today the Alamo operates primarily as a historical landmark and museum for the events that occurred there over 150 years ago. Supported by gift shop revenue, admission to this important place in Texas history is free. If you consider yourself a Texan, American or a tourist in San Antonio, you must remember to visit the Alamo.

Jon Bibb is the owner of Steamer’s Carpet Care, a locally-owned carpet, upholstery and air duct cleaning business serving the San Antonio and New Braunfels areas. A fan of traveling and San Antonio, Bibb loves to give advice on his hometown and personal favorite city in the world.

seaworld san antonio Top 5 Great Things To Do In San Antonio

seaworld san antonio1 Top 5 Great Things To Do In San Antonio

seaworld san antonio2 Top 5 Great Things To Do In San Antonio

Photo Credit: Colleen Pence (CC BY 2.0)

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The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take – And How To Make Them Great

The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take – And How To Make Them Great


In the modern digital age we take arguably more photos than ever before. Whereas once we might have taken photos only at special occasions, then had to wait while we sent those photos off to be developed, we can now take photos wherever we are and at the drop of a hat. You’ll take pictures on the go of days out in the park, and you’ll take them when you see a nice view go by when you’re on the train.

This is of course a good thing in that it allows you to document your life more and to keep more memories. You’ll be able to flick through those memories and really relive whole periods of your life, and you’ll be able to pick your favourites to display in any number of ways – whether it’s on your walls or your Facebook profile.

However it also has negative consequences, making pictures much more throwaway and disposable. While they were once rare opportunities to capture a moment that you would stage and maybe even dress up for, they are now things you do quickly and easily on a whim and then archive often never to see again. Using your phone even rather than a professional camera, you can now just point and click and capture a moment with no thought and with little concern over the quality of the final image.

Some events still deserve proper care and attention in your photography. Here we will look at which ones those are and how you should go about making sure that you do them justice.

Your Wedding

most important photos The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take   And How To Make Them Great

Your wedding is one of the biggest events in most of our lives and it’s an event that has a hugely visual quality. You will have spent thousands of dollars and weeks of your life choosing and decorating the venue, and you’ll have given just as much attention to the way you look. This is also one of the rare occasions when all your friends and family will be in one place and it’s really an important day to remember. Hire a professional wedding photographer and listen to what they say so that they can take some beautiful pictures of your beautiful day.


most important photos1 The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take   And How To Make Them Great

When you go on holiday you will probably be experiencing a different country and a different way of life. Likewise, you will once again be forming a special memory where you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself and where you will spend lots of time with your loved ones.

The secret to good holiday photography? Make sure that you or someone you know are in most photos (otherwise it could just be a postcard), take the time to arrange the shot composition to create depth and drama, and take a good camera with you. Then delete about 30% of the pictures you take…


most important photos2 The Most Important Photos You Will Ever Take   And How To Make Them Great

When you have a baby you’ll want to document the moment and capture their youth. Partly you’ll do this because you’ll be so excited to have a new member of your family, but it’s also a good idea for posterity so that you can blackmail them in later life. Make sure not to take too many that are the exact same though (don’t expect people to care if you do) and make sure that you take the same number of pictures when their sibling comes along.

Today’s guest post is by Arnold Parker; he is an ace photographer and specializes in wedding photography. A creative person by nature, he has a keen sense of aesthetics and often indulges in painting as a hobby.

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Looking Great on a Budget: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

Looking Great on a Budget: Where to Splurge and Where to Save


All women have that secret list of must-have clothing or shoes. Why not just go out and buy everything on your list? The problem can be the cost of some of these items. If you change how and where you shop along with cutting some corners here and there, you will still look absolutely fabulous.

Throw the Must-Have List Away

suits Looking Great on a Budget: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

If all you do is daydream about the clothes, shoes or lingerie must-haves—or worse, seek them out as soon as you hit the store or website, you’ll really never be satisfied with your final purchases. We all can’t afford designer top brands so instead, find similar brands at a lower price.

As long as you have that list embedded in your brain, you may get stuck in the rut of buying the inexpensive or boring because you’re always saving for the expensive.

Find Designer Fashion Sales

All department stores and online women’s clothing venues do have sales or the one word women love best “clearance.” Many of these stores offer clearance sales monthly or seasonally. Find out when they place products in the clearance section and then jump on them.

Another tip for sale shopping is to avoid fashions at the beginning of each season. This is when retailers know they can get top prices. Instead, hold off and wait for those sales. You might have to settle for a different color, but perhaps not!

Do Accessorize with Affordable Lingerie

All women have fashion designer V-neck dresses and sweaters they love and often buy expensive undergarments with lace and flair to enhance the look. Here’s an area where you can save instead of splurging and yes, this works for layering as well.

Seek out discount lingerie to wear underneath your designer fashions. Very often the laces and other embellishments are as nice as designer brands and will complement the overall look so do opt for the less expensive.

Splurge on the Essentials

Women need certain wardrobe essentials like a little black dress, a great pair of jeans (or two), a business suit and both flat and pump shoes. For these essentials do splurge and buy quality clothes.

This ensures they will last longer and the inexpensive items you add to them will dress them up. Once you have the essentials, mixing and matching is endless if you’re creative. When making these purchases, make sure you buy neutral colors that will go with everything.

Stop Buying in Bulk

We’ve all found that perfect dress, that snuggly and soft sweater or those jeans we can’t live without. Once discovered, many of us buy the same item in bulk which can turn out to be a bad decision.

Bulk shopping will put a deep hole in your shopping budget and when you buy in bulk, even if you do so in a variety of colors, you’re really never getting a “fresh” look. You can quickly learn if you’re guilty of this by glancing in your closet—if you have items that are exactly the same in many different hues, step out of the bulk buying hole to show more originality and personality.

Shopping for women is a must-do but if you know when to splurge, when to save and give up that same old look, your clothes, shoes and accessory shopping will be much more fun. Above all, throw the dream list away—it takes up too much space and can leave your mind closed to new choices.

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Why Hiring a Photo Booth is a Great Party Idea

Why Hiring a Photo Booth is a Great Party Idea


When you host a party you will want to have as many happy memories of the occasion as possible, particularly if the party is a wedding or a special birthday. Most people will take photos with their phones or cameras and these are excellent to have, but they are hard to collect and lack the pizzazz that a photo booth can bring to an event.

Photo booths for parties are mobile units that can be put up in less than an hour and your guests can go inside and have their photo taken, using props. They will then get a photo booth style strip to take home with them. If you want to have mementos of the party you can have double sets of photos produced which can be put in an album and your guests can leave their own message next to their pictures.

Photo booths are manned by someone from the photo booth company who will keep the queue moving and make sure that everyone is having a fantastic time.

It’s Amazing Fun!

Once your photo booth is up and running you will be amazed at the interest that it will create with your guests. Even the ones who are not normally up for getting dressed up and having fun photos taken will be queuing up for their turn. People are unable to stay away from these booths and have so much fun getting dressed up in the props and having crazy photos taken. As you can go into the booth as many times as you like during the hire period you can create hundreds of photos that can be kept for years.

photo booth Why Hiring a Photo Booth is a Great Party Idea

Have great fun in a photo booth.

Perfect for So Many Parties

The types of parties that photo booths can be hired for is astounding. They are very popular at birthday parties and weddings, they are also a big hit at bah mitzvahs, christening parties, office parties, Christmas parties and so on. In fact there are not many parties that a photo booth would not be welcomed at as they bring a touch of fun and excitement to the occasion without being over the top.

Booths like this can be used alongside a DJ and any other entertainment as they can be positioned wherever you like and they will not intrude on other activities. They do not create any noise (apart from the sound of your guests having a laugh) and they are easy to put up and take down.

Photo booths really bring guests together and you will find them showing off their photos during the party and displaying them at home afterwards. They can break the ice with people and provide an extra dimension to the party which appeals to everyone and is perfect for all ages.

Create Memories

If you opt to go for a package that allows you to have two sets of photos you will be creating some wonderful memories that you can keep for a lifetime. Add to this the fact that your guests photos will go into an album along with their own messages to you and you have a fantastic keepsake.

Memories like this cannot be recreated and having a photo album filled with fun images of friends and family enjoying themselves is something that you will treasure forever.

photo booth1 Why Hiring a Photo Booth is a Great Party Idea

Create memories with photo booths

Give Your Guests Something to Take Away

As your guests can take away their own photos you will be giving them something they will love to take away with them. These can provide a new twist on the traditional party favours that people have seen many times over the years.

You can also choose to have your images put onto a disk so you can print them out again and you can view them on the website belonging to the photo booth hire company.

Image Credits: Matt Hutchinson and Wikipedia

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Women – How To Look Great For Your Man

Women – How To Look Great For Your Man


When you’re in a loving relationship, part of the unwritten agreement is that you’re both going to try to work to make the other one happy. This involves acts of servitude such as tidying up after yourself occasionally or walking to meet them at the station, but it also involves smaller and more personal things.

For one, it’s nice if you can try and look your best for your partner whenever possible, and particularly to try and wear the things that you know they particularly like. The question though, is how do you go about finding out what they like and making it work with your own style and your own tastes?


The first thing to do is to talk openly with your man about what he likes, and to ask his opinion on your clothes. Most men will be too polite or worried about your feelings to just volunteer when they don’t like what you’re wearing, or when they wish you’d wear something else, so you need to be direct and create an environment where it’s okay to be honest. You may well find that your guy has a particular preference for you wearing red, for when you wear lipstick, or for high heels. Once you know this, you will then know how to cater for their tastes.

Mix it Up

The danger though is that too much of a good thing can still be bad news, even if you’re dressing exactly the way your partner likes you too. Over time, any look can get old if we see it every day, so it’s important to keep things fresh by occasionally mixing it up. Make sure you have a few different outfits that work in different ways, and try changing something drastic like your hair cut or your makeup style on a regular basis.


One thing that your man won’t have any idea about most likely is the quality of your makeup or your clothes. That said, they will still notice the difference, so even if you want to look for discount cosmetics make sure you’re still sticking to the good brands like Loreal and Revlon. Likewise with clothes, avoid shopping in charity stores and instead invest a little money in something nice. Your man might not think he appreciates it, but he’ll be able to tell you’ve put effort in and he’ll be grateful.

That of course means investing time as well – so don’t just get out of bed and leave your hair how it is. Invest the time to straighten it or try a nice style and your man will thank you.

Being Yourself

At the same time though you also need to be yourself, and it’s not your job to cater to your man’s every whim. Do the things you know he likes, but only when they are compatible with what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Men find confidence incredibly attractive, so the most important thing is that you feel good in the way you look. Oh, and make sure he’s holding up his end of the bargain too!

Hi, I am Emily Kahn, a beauty and fashion blogger with We are one of the fastest growing affordable cosmetics store on the internet and sell all popular cosmetics brands.

look great for your man Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man1 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man2 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man3 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man4 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man5 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

look great for your man6 Women   How To Look Great For Your Man

Photo Credit: @giovanni (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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