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My Broken Heart – Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce

My Broken Heart – Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce


You thought your marriage was going to last forever, a till-death-do-us-part thing, and then it ended when your husband cheated on you. You both tried to patch things up, of course. You even went to a marriage counselor. Unfortunately, you found no other solution to your marital problems but divorce.

broken heart stress depression busters My Broken Heart   Stress And Depression Busters For People Going Through Divorce

Divorce is very stressful. It affects not only the couple but the children as well. They go through a lot of emotions that, at times, the whole harrowing experience becomes very overwhelming. If you are weak, you could easily succumb to the stress and depression that usually comes with divorce procedures.

Do not let your divorce procedure get the most out of you and turn you into a bitter recluse. Below are some tips to beat the stress and depression that usually accompanies divorce.

Spend More Time with the Children

Yes, you want to sulk in one corner and lick your wounds, but if you have children, then think of them. Children are, after all, the most affected by the divorce, and they cannot fully comprehend yet what is happening around them. You have to help them understand their situation and why their parents’ marriage ended up in divorce.

Spending more time with the children though does not mean that all of you have to wallow in this sad situation and talk about it all the time. Instead, you can spend it to strengthen your relationship with them. Go for a walk with your children, visit theme parks, dine out, set up a “camp” in your bedroom, just do fun things with them. The divorce procedure need not be that depressing for them as well, and you can make them remember that there is still something to smile about.

Make Some Money

Divorce can be very costly, says Tad Nelson & Associates, a Texas-based law firm that specializes in family law and divorce, and it is going to take a huge bite out of your finances. If divorce really is the last option, then you have to prepare for the cost.

There are some things that you can do to prepare financially. For one, you can turn a hobby into a money-making small business. Say for example you crochet baby things, then you can set up a simple yet eye-catching website where you can sell them. You can promote them in your social networking sites. This new venture can be a family effort, something you can work with your children. They will love the new activity and the chance to bond more with you. Two, you can also look for a part-time job. This means extra hours away from the whole drama.

Working while going through the divorce proceedings may seem very difficult when all you want to do is to hide from the world. However, it will be a very welcome distraction from all the stress and negativity that divorce brings. Also, think of the benefits of earning some extra cash and preparing for your new future.

Divorce really is difficult, but it need not be that depressing and stressful. Stay active, and in time, you will get over the whole heartache that it brought you and your family and move on.

Jennifer Dae is a blogger for marriage-related sites. She writes about tips for keeping the romance alive.

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Five Tips Before Going Into Surgery

Five Tips Before Going Into Surgery


Surgery is always an ordeal. It can rattle your nerves and stress you out.  Staying organized is the best way to alleviate that discomfort.  There is no reason to go into surgery without establishing a plan.  Here are some tips that will help ease your mind before going under the knife.

surgery Five Tips Before Going Into Surgery

Make A Checklist

Let’s be honest, surgery can screw up a lot of our plans and responsibilities.  There isn’t really a way to counter it besides doing your best to reallocate your responsibilities to your friends and family.  They will help you out during this period of stress. By organizing checklists and distributing responsibilities to people who are helping you out, you can minimize the amount of damage done to your personal life.

Get Your Papers In Order A Day In Advance

Much of the chaos surrounding surgery involves paperwork.  The best way to make sure that nothing goes wrong before surgery is by organizing your paperwork so that everything is in order.  Also, make sure your family knows where all of your important documentation is located. Rarely will surgery be life threatening, but in case of unforeseen circumstances, have all of your paperwork available and ready to go prior to the day of your surgery.

Organize Your Home Before You Leave

This depends on how much responsibility you place on yourself in terms of meals, cleaning, etc. The more responsibility you place on yourself, the earlier you should start preparing for the days after surgery. Depending on the procedure and estimated recovery time, it is important to stock meals and arrange rides.  Assuming your surgery will require two or three days of recovery, that’s at least nine meals to have ready to go.

Organize Your Medications

One thing that is essential to your health is medication. In the craziness that follows surgery, losing your medication is probably not something worth risking. The best thing to do to prepare your medicine beforehand. One way to do this is to put the pills in little plastic bags for everyday you need to take them. This way, instead of being too drowsy and forgetting to take them, you’ll know exactly which ones to take and where they are.

Get A Good Meal!

Going into surgery usually means not to eat 24 hours beforehand.  Surgeons want to operate while you’re on an empty stomach.  A good way to prepare for not eating is by cutting back on large meals the week before surgery. Eating a lot of small meals before going hungry will help with your hunger strike.  Some good meals to eat 48 hours before surgery are ground tender meats and clear liquids. Avoid things that are tougher to digest like nuts and tougher meats.  Also, stay away from dairy products like milk.

Surgery can be tough, so the best way to power through it is with an organized plan! Make sure to be aware of everything you need beforehand, and do not hesitate to ask family and friends for help.

Austin Oral Surgery is an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice with ten offices in the Austin, Texas area. They have been practicing for 41 years.

Photo Credit: Army Medicine (CC BY 2.0)

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Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair


Even the Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi has orange hair for a while, her orange look is much more visible in her video clip for a new single Gossip. If you are a fan of Vanessa you can get a signed poster together with her new single. Vanessa is an adult woman already and that we could see in her album Hazardous. New album called V is planned for this year (2011) together with a national tour in September and October.

vanessa amorosi Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair
Vanessa Amorosi performing at Ch9 Today Show

vanessa amorosi1 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

vanessa amorosi2 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

vanessa amorosi3 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

vanessa amorosi4 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

vanessa amorosi5 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

vanessa amorosi6 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

vanessa amorosi7 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

vanessa amorosi8 Vanessa Amorosi Is Going Orange with Her Hair

Photo Credit: avlxyz

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