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5 Things To Make Your Gift A Little Bit More Special

5 Things To Make Your Gift A Little Bit More Special


Giving gifts is really rewarding. There is nothing better than seeing a smile from the person you just gave a gift to and knowing that your gift was really appreciated. Finding the right gift can sometimes be a struggle and you always want to make your gift feel special.Gift box

To help you out here are five small things to add to your gift to make it just a little bit more special.

1. A Thoughtful Card

A lot of people don’t really pay attention to the card they give. But this is a mistake since many people really like to hold on to special cards from different occasions.

So next time you are giving a gift spend some time selecting the card. If you don’t find anything good enough consider crafting the card yourself.

Anything homemade is always much more special than things that you just bought. Make sure to also look up a really nice poem to go inside the card.

2. An Act Of Kindness

The world could really do with a bit more kindness and thus when you are giving a gift to someone you can always include something that isn’t material. For instance, consider helping out an elderly person with their shopping or show them how to use Skype so that you two can talk more. Anything that you know would help the other person and make them feel just a little bit more special.

3. Something Funny

Adding a tiny little novelty item is always really fun. For instance, if someone is moving to a different city then you could give a little mug that says “I won’t get used to …” and the city’s name there. You could also go with a small little humorous book or a badge for a birthday hero.

4. A Quality Bottle Of Champagne

For adults it is a really good idea to provide a bottle of quality champagne together with your gift. This is a really lovely drink that will make any occasion special. So whether you are giving a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a gift for a new job, a bottle of champagne will add a touch of glamour to your present.

Buying affordable yet vintage champagne isn’t even impossible because of the opportunities you can find online. There are plenty of places that sell great champagne without you spending a fortune on it.

5. Homemade Sweets

As mentioned above adding something handmade to your gift will always make it more special. It really shows the time and effort you have put to giving this gift to the person. A really simple yet lovely addition to any gift for people of all ages is homemade sweets.

There are many online sites that have different sweets recipes to try. One really good choice could be to look at this Good to Know article. It has many different treats to make at home and you’ll find something there to suit all tastes.

The above five things can make your gift seem just a little bit more special. They are all really affordable and will definitely bring a smile to the person’s face.

Sheila Hanford loves giving gifts to her friends and family. She is a big fan of making sure that her gifts are also really well thought about and loves personalising general gifts. She is also passionate about baking.

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Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas

Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas


Buying normal and known items as gifts either for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas is sometimes very upsetting. This is so if you find the items you bought with a lot of love thrown away. You might find MP3 players broken, dropped earrings, scratched up DVDs or video games yet to be played or sold behind your back. However, this holiday season, you might decide to go for unusual and rather distinct gifts that will not only be used but remain in their minds for some time.

Strawberry Santa 211x300 Unusual Yet Creative Gift Ideas

Gun Umbrella

Perhaps you want a gift that will certainly help start a conversation and an umbrella with the handle in the shape of a gun is definitely one of a kind. Walking with it in your hand across the street will grab attention right away.

Flat Wine Bottle Yet Cheese Tray

For a few dollars you can get the one you love a flat wine bottle especially if he or she loves wine, which is also a good cheese tray. Go for reclaimed wine bottle of 750ml and flat slumped with an included cheese spreader. You might want to buy from a company that recycles bottles especially if your loved one is eco-friendly in mind and works hard to protect the environment.  Other up-cycled products you might also want to look at include vases, lighting, bowls and glass jars.

Geek Family Member

Anybody can do with some USB 2.0 and additional memory space and getting it for your geek son or friend is quite helpful. Get it in the shape of a pet, for instance a dog and give it to them. On the other hand, you can buy it with the software you think they need in their geek world and sit back and watch as they put it into good use.

Candy From The Past

If you have older parents or friends you need to surprise with an unusual gift, you can go back to the past by buying them candy sets that were common in their youth. They will be easily recognized as you transport them back to their childhood or their youth. These can be gum nuggets burlap bag, pop rocks, candy necklace or a candy bar they know so well and still being manufactured. This unusual sweet gift is also a wonderful discussion starter.

Shot Glasses And A Santa Hat

A Christmas without a red and white Santa hat is almost out of the question. Santa hats might not be weird but getting them with the right shot glasses will make them really strange.

70s Retro Smartphone Case

With a modern Smartphone in a 70s retro case, you would have defined the term cool all over again. The retro Smartphone case will not hamper the gadget’s functionality, especially if you go for a custom made case. Overall, it should be a novelty case offering extra features such as protection like any other good hard case out there in the market.

Bomb Shaped Alarm Clock

If you have a heavy sleeper in the house you might want to think about a very unique type of alarm clock. For instance, you can get one shaped like a dynamite about to explode. It will always be an attractive bedroom addition and a constant reminder that sleeping too much is dangerous. Choose one with a rechargeable inbuilt battery.

About Author

Lera is a lifestlyle blogger who loves to review various unique lifestyle products and publish reviews on her blog. She recently reviewed a unique Wine Bottle Candle Holder and loved it.


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Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T

Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T


The christening of a newborn baby girl in the family is a big deal, and to celebrate the occasion the parents may have arranged a party at a special venue after the service or a gathering of family and friends to mark the special day. Choosing a gift to give to the child doesn’t need to be difficult and there are plenty of ideas when it comes to giving something special that will stand out from the rest of the gifts to suit every budget and taste as well.

plush lion Quality Christening Gift Ideas For Newborn Baby Girls T


Picture frames are an ideal gift idea for a christening because they are simple and don’t need to be expensive and are therefore perfect for anyone that is on a bit of a budget. Personalized frames are readily available in a range of gift stores and online and they can be customized to suit a baby boy or girl. A girl’s design might be covered in butterflies, hearts or stars or can be a simple silver frame with the baby’s name engraved in the metal. The size and style of the frame are up to you, and it is a great gift for any parent that wants to be able to display a beautiful picture of their baby girl in their home.


Different types of jewelry are really popular gifts for christenings and are greatly appreciated by parents. Whether you opt for an engraved bangle, a customized pendant, or a ring, these are all truly special gifts that can last a lifetime which means that they can be special to the baby girl even when she is grown up!


Buying christening clothing for the baby is more of a gift that family members do, so if you are planning on getting accessories or the best heirloom christening gowns for the newborn, make sure that you look for a style and quality the parents are happy with. Modern styles can look beautiful, but an antique style gown is a beautiful reminder of a very special day and can be passed down the generations for more christenings in the future.


For a cheaper option, you can choose a plaque which can be hung in the garden, or most likely in the baby’s nursery. Names, messages or even words from famous children’s books or the bible can be added to these plaques. You also have a range of choices when it comes to the size of the plaque, the colors you are going to pick or any graphics that might be added to it. Alternatively, you could get a print that can be fixed to a bedroom wall which has something similar. This is a meaningful yet cost effective gift for a christening.


Baby spoons are a very traditional gift, and if you are at a loss as to what to get a baby girl then a personalized christening spoon is a great idea. If you don’t want to personalize it, you can simply wrap it nicely. However, personalizing the spoon (similar to personalized jewelry) has the added advantage that the girl’s parents can have it as a keepsake when she grows up. Egg cups and engraved bowls are also a popular choice in case you wanted to give more than just one item.


The great thing about giving a toy to a baby for a christening present is that you know that she is going to enjoy playing with it straight away. A rattle, a teething ring or even a big teddy bear is a great choice for a gift and doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

Home Ware

If you want to think of something that the baby can use, gifts such as cushions, blankets or even cots are a great option. All of these can be customized as with many other christening gifts. Blankets can have the baby’s name embroidered into one corner, whereas a teddy bear can have a name and christening date appliquéd onto its ear or stomach so that it can be played with or put on display. A cot is a great gift for a few people to team up and buy together, and putting a child’s name on the head of the cot makes it truly special.


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5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast


Chances are you have an outdoor enthusiast on your Christmas list this year. Here are some gift ideas sure to delight any adventurous wilderness lover.

1. National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – $80

Our national parks encompass some of the most beautiful, rugged, awe-inspiring terrain our country has to offer, and there’s no doubt the outdoor enthusiast in your life has a deep and abiding love for these areas of wild splendor. The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands annual pass offered by the National Parks Service allows the holder and everyone in their vehicle access to any of the 2,000 federal recreation sites in the United States, including national wildlife refuges, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation lands, and, of course, national parks.

2. SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Water Purifier – $89.95

Getting enough water can be a constant challenge for outdoor enthusiasts. You generally have to carry your own water out into the wilderness, the weight and bulkiness of which adds up quickly. Help ease this burden with the gift of this portable water purifier, which uses the power of ultra-violet light to zap viruses, bacteria and protozoa, rendering the water safe to drink. This magic wand doesn’t alter the taste of the water either, which means your outdoor enthusiast will be able to drink from crystal clear mountain streams and savor its refreshing taste.

3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 – $249

Regular digital cameras are just too fragile for the rigors of outdoor adventuring. This is where rugged waterproof and shockproof cameras come in. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 is waterproof up to 40 feet below the surface and shockproof from a height of 6.6 feet. It also resists fine dust particles, which can accumulate fast when spending time outdoors, and performs in temperatures all the way down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. As a bonus, the camera features GPS, a compass, an altimeter, and an underwater depth indicator, all features sure to get any outdoor enthusiast salivating with delight.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army “Camper” Knife – $34

A Swiss Army knife is the quintessential multi-purpose tool, and for outdoor enthusiasts their compact versatility makes them indispensible. The “Camper” model Swiss Army knife features tools specifically geared toward outdoor enthusiast, including two blades, can and bottle openers, and a wood saw. All Swiss Army knives offer a lifetime warranty and stainless steel implements, both of which are sure to keep the outdoor enthusiast on your list well equipped for a very long time.

5. Petzl E97 Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp – $39.95

Headlamps, with their ability to provide a portable light source while allowing for full use of both hands, are an essential tool in any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal. The Petzl 197 Tkka Plus 2 Headlamp is an impressive option, featuring an LED light with three white and two red lighting modes, between 55 and 140 hours of light, a comfortable headband, and an easy-to-use battery pack requiring AAA batteries. The light beam can also be aimed, which will prevent the wearer from temporarily blinding the people around them.

To get the best deal on these or any other gifts you buy online this holiday season, make sure to do some price comparisons before you hit “Buy” on that shopping cart software platform. Your pocketbook will thank you, and your gift recipient will never know the difference!

Born and raised in the northern Sierra Nevadas, Madeline Marshall is an avid outdoor enthusiast who also happens to do freelance writing.

national park 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park1 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park2 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park3 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park4 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

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