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Garage Makeovers: A Great New Year’s Resolution!

Garage Makeovers: A Great New Year’s Resolution!


AOE GARAGE Garage Makeovers: A Great New Year’s Resolution!

Garage Makeovers: A Great New Year’s Resolution!

For most homeowners, their garage tends to be the Achilles heel of their property because they have a difficult time keeping it clean and organized. However, there are several fun makeover projects that can become your New Year’s resolution, and each of them will help turn your garage into a more useful and inviting space.

As an added bonus, there are many small changes that you can make on your own, but it might be a good idea to discuss your plans with a professional home renovation company to ensure that you follow all of the appropriate steps.

4 Ways to Make a Real Difference!

1. Install Pegboards – If you have a lot of clutter in your garage due to a lack of storage space, you should definitely consider installing at least one pegboard because this will give you the perfect area to hang your tools. This particular project can be completed within a couple of hours, and it typically costs no more than $100 per pegboard. Therefore, this is a great project to take on as a New Year’s resolution, and it will enable you to quickly improve the organization and appearance of your garage while also making it much more functional.

2. Install Lock-Tile Flooring – Most garages have a standard cement floor, and this tends to make them look outdated and unwelcoming. Fortunately, you can install a lay down lock-tile flooring to create a much more aesthetically pleasing environment. This is especially beneficial if you use your garage for entertaining or working. Be sure to store extra pieces so you can easily replace damaged areas in the future.

3. Install Storage Cabinets – This is another great way to organize all of the clutter in your garage; putting your items ‘behind closed doors’ also keeps them dust free and out of sight. Although some people prefer to take a DIY approach to this particular project, it could be easier and more creative to have a professional come in and construct something custom for you. As an added bonus, this will give you the opportunity to discuss other potential projects with a skilled renovation team so that you can truly get the most out of your garage space.

4. Convert Your Garage into a Home Gym – One of the best ways to bring an old garage to life is to give it a new purpose. Ask a professional renovator for an estimate, to save time and money. They should be able to lay down appropriate flooring, paint the walls, install a workout table and even put up a miniature rock climbing wall within just a few days. Additionally, you can still hang storage cabinets in one section of the garage to store tools and other essential items to create a multi-functional space.

There are dozens of different projects to help you improve your garage appearance and utility without requiring major time or financial commitment. In fact, each of these suggestions can typically be completed in three days or less if you involve local contractors such as PDX Renovations. Whether you are improving your living quality, planning to upgrade to sell, or considering purchasing a fixer-upper, they have plenty of ideas onsite for your consideration.

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