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How To Avoid Heat Damage From Your Hair Straightener

How To Avoid Heat Damage From Your Hair Straightener


For many people, using hair straighteners is a key part of feeling and looking good. In many cases, though, the repeated application of heat can lead to long-lasting damage. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible to have impeccably straight and stylish hair while minimising harm. It’s just a matter of choosing the best hair straighteners, using the right treatments and taking the correct steps – before, during and after styling. Read on for some tips that will help you to enjoy beautifully styled hair.

how avoid heat damage from How To Avoid Heat Damage From Your Hair Straightener

Choose your hair straighteners wisely

Some hair straighteners are designed to become extremely hot extremely quickly. This might seem attractive at first, because of the convenience offered. However, the problem is, that if a straightener reaches too high a temperature, it’s far more likely to damage your hair. You only need it to be warm enough to do its job. Slow-heating hair straighteners are far less risky.

With this in mind, ceramic hair straighteners are often the best option. They are deliberately coated to provide protection. Some of them come with temperature controls, which is really helpful, as it means you can adjust the heat according to your specific set of needs. Curly or frizzy hair is much more difficult to straighten than fine hair, for example. They’re also available to suit a range of budgets, from the more expensive professional-level instruments, to the cheaper ones, appropriate to home use.

Minimise straightening

It can be tempting to style your hair at every possible occasion – while leaving for work in the morning, before going out at night, after hitting the beach and so on. However, if you’re really concerned about avoiding damage, then it’s a good idea to use hair straighteners as infrequently as possible. Try making a commitment to yourself to only straighten your hair after washing, or on particular days of the week. If that’s too difficult, then try having at least one day a week off. Giving your hair a rest helps to reduce stress.

Before and during styling

One excellent way to help your hair is by applying a protective product before styling. There’s an array of them on the market, from budget sprays to professional hair care products. Whichever you choose, make sure that it’s one suited to your hair type (be it dry, normal, oily or coloured), and take the time to cover every section of hair that’s going to be exposed to heat. It might be tempting to hurry (especially if you’re in the middle of a busy day), but it’s definitely worth slowing down for the sake of healthy hair.

During the styling process, avoid keeping the straightener on your hair for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Also, consider working on just the roots, rather than heating up all your locks. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

After and in-between styling

If you want to keep your hair at optimum health, then choose the best hair care products to nourish it in-between styling sessions. Find shampoos and conditioners that work against heat damage. Moreover, a rich treatment, applied on a weekly basis, can definitely help to rejuvenate and strengthen, by feeding your hair with essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Katherine West is a health freak and freelance writer who in 2003 studied for a Diploma of Nutrition. She is also into fashion, yoga and pilates.

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Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal

Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal


There’s plenty of unpleasant experiences that may result after having your wisdom teeth removed. The most common include swelling of your cheeks, soreness, unpleasant taste, numbness in certain facial areas, and of course pain. We’ve put together a list of tips anyone can follow, whether you had one or all four wisdom teeth pulled.

steps you can take recover Steps You Can Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal


If for any reason you were not prescribed painkillers by your health care provider after the surgery, the best option is either ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Blood Clots

Be careful in rinsing out with, spitting and drinking hot liquids. Any of these can dislodge  blood clots which aid in the healing process, and bleeding will also result as well which can cause an unpleasant taste. If gauze is available, place it over the bleeding area and bite down for about half an hour to stop the bleeding. If bleeding continues to be an issue and gauze is not readily available, use a slightly wet tea bag instead. It contains tannic acid, which facilitates clotting by contracting the bleeding vessels. For the first few days after surgery it’s also advised to avoid strenuous activity, including exercise.


Swollen (chipmunk) cheeks are commonly seen 24 hours after surgery. The best way to combat this is either with a cold cloth or ice packs on the side of your face where the surgery was performed immediately following tooth removal. Using it after 36 hours won’t make much of a difference unfortunately. Using them the entire time you’re awake after surgery can help the swelling to a degree. The swelling itself will peak 48 to 72 hours after surgery before it begins to naturally improve.

Food & Drink

The pain, swelling, and general discomfort will make drinking and eating difficult the first few days following surgery. You will need to have more fluids than usual for a proper recovery, and that means at least six glasses of fluid a day. As for foods, consume soft items that are high in both calorie content as well as protein.

Keep a Clean Mouth

Brushing will have to be carried out carefully as well as rinsing. Use an antiseptic rinse if available or prescribed. Warm water with a teaspoon of salt offers an effective means for removing bacteria from around the extraction site.


Do not smoke within the first 24 hours following surgery. For some this might be a no brainer, but it may be difficult for those that have a habit of smoking. The act of sucking on a cigarette can remove a clot, while smoking itself reduces blood flow to the oral cavity which increases your chances of an infection. It is best to avoid smoking until you’re fully recovered. Avoid drinking through straws as well, as it requires the same suction action as cigarettes.

Skin Discoloration

Due to blood getting underneath tissue, your skin may change colors a few days after surgery. It could be anything from a dark blue or black to green. To speed up your skin’s return to its normal color, use a warm moist cloth on the surface of the altered skin.

Dr. Louis Bosse is the head of Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas. Dr. Bosse has counseled hundreds of his patients in recovering from wisdom teeth removal.

Photo Credit: Todd Morris

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Tattoo Designs From The 90s Are Getting Trendy Again

Tattoo Designs From The 90s Are Getting Trendy Again


Back in the 90’s , the only celebrity note worthy enough to create buzz as a result of the tattoos he had was Dennis Rodman. Sure there were the rock stars, and of course the infamous Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their notorious tribal tattoos (which sparked one of the worst fashion trends of that era, as men began to get HORRIBLE tribal tattoos across their upper arms all over the country). But other than that, no one really paid attention to tattoos.

tattoo designs Tattoo Designs From The 90s Are Getting Trendy Again

For those too young to recall, Dennis Rodman was the power forward of the Chicago Bulls back in the day. He played alongside of someone you may have heard of. I’ll give you a hint. His first name begins with the letter M, and the last the letter J. (Micheal Jordan, for those still scratching their heads) There are endless photos and posters showcasing the myriad of tattoos that Rodman adorned, as he smashed elbows into the sides of his competitors on the NBA courts. He was a tattoo pioneer, and a celebrity on and off the court who help propel tattoos into the mainstream.

Nowadays, tattoos and celebrities go hand in hand. So much so that it is hard to keep up with the new tattoos and tattoo designs people in Hollywood are getting. It has created a tattoo sub-culture, which now infiltrates everyday life. Tattoo magazines are even considered high fashion in some settings, with tattoo models in high demand. Tattoo reality shows are all the rave, featuring the tattoo design and tattooing prowess of now well known tattoo artists such as LA inks’ Kat Von D, Miami Inks’ Ami James and Chris Nunez, and Chris Garver.

Those tattoo shows spawned even more demand for hot tattoo designs and more tattoo shows, which eventually gave birth to Ink Masters.

Nunez is also a judge of this tattoo show. The winner of the first season, Shane Oneil has now become a household name in tattoos.  It wasn’t but 5 years ago that we approached Shane about opening a tattoo shop on Staten Island as our partner. As it turned out that didn’t happen.  However Shane can be seen on occasion tattooing out of the Bullseye Tattoos Shop as a guest.

In addition to the reality shows, well known actors and caresses are getting tattoos. Various tattoo designs can be found on actresses such as Jessica Alba, Lindsey Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Alyssa Milano, Charlize Theron, just to name a few.

Some examples of actors who have tattoos are Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell. The tattoo designs which each of them have chosen is quite interesting. Colin Farrell for instance has a large Indian tribal tattoo with what appears to be  a blue marlin come out of the top. Brad pitt has what seems like doodles tattooed on his back. I think they were done as drawing by his wife, but no real proof of this. Johhny depp has quite a few tattoo designs. The tattoos include a skull tattoo, (more specifically skull and bones) a “rook” tattoo based on an old card game, a skeleton key tattoo design, a crow tattoo, three heart tattoo designs, just to name some of them. Obviously he  likes his tattoos!

The most impressive tattoos in my opinion can be found on Sly Stallone. What started out as one tattoo design has now become full sleeves, and tattoos covering his upper body and shoulders. But the tattoo designs are not just intricate and colorful, but very well executed. I believe he got some work at the MD tattoo studio recently, and this stuff is killer! His skull tattoo on his left shoulder is beautifully rendered. By far, in terms of tattoo design taste, and tattoos overall, Sly is my pick for tattoos on a celebrity. At 66, he is STILL getting tattoos and I believe we haven’t seen his last tattoo for some time. He still has plenty of canvas space on his body for more tattoos.

So as you can see, we have come a LONG way since we first started seeing Dennis Rodman walk red carpets covered in various tattoo designs and tattoos. I have a feeling tattoos will be around for some time in Hollywood. And the tattoo designs each celebrity chooses in the future, will give us another reason to gawk, comment, or speculate on how awesome the new tattoo is, or perhaps simply ask, “What were you thinking!” Until next time, good luck with searching for your tattoo design!

Jack J is very passionate about tatoo designs and loves to share tips about making the right choice at the tattoo parlor.

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What The West Could Learn from The East

What The West Could Learn from The East


east west What The West Could Learn from The East

Tucked away at the very bottom of mainland China, yet still retaining strong cultural and trading links with the West, Hong Kong is the archetypal borderland between two civilizations. Amidst spiralling skyscrapers and crumbling pagodas, the values of East and West intermingle – mixing up a heady concoction of cultures that’s neither truly alien nor totally familiar. Within this unique system, there’s a perfect chance for both sides to observe what the other has to offer – and the East has plenty of advice to offer us Westerners in terms of how we live our lives. Here we round up just a small slice of the wisdom we’ve gleaned on Hong Kong’s bustling streets, and tell you how best to apply it to your own life:

Mental Wellbeing

It’s no secret: modern life can be hard, and nowhere typifies this better than the dizzying vortex of efficiency that is Hong Kong. Long work hours, an ingrained work ethic and a rigid nine-to-five structure all contribute to a world most of us would feel is only all-too familiar. But while we in the West would vent our frustrations at our psychoanalyst or by chomping down Prozac, some parts of HK society still prefer the more-traditional approach. As in mainland China, acupuncture is often used here to treat a whole range of psychic illnesses; along with herbs and teas. Bizarrely enough, another big ‘de-stressor’ is thought to be foot massages – another practice imported from the mainland.

east west1 What The West Could Learn from The East

Tai Pan reflexology& spa (Hong Kong 2011)

Bizarre as it seems to us, the thinking behind this last one makes perfect sense: our feet are connected to the Earth, and the conduit through which the Earth’s energy enters into our bodies. A problem with our feet can translate into mental disaster, and a foot massage can be the perfect antidote to stress. A full-body Tui Na massage is recommended as well – by opening up the meridian channels in our bodies, our Qi is allowed to circulate more freely; translating to better mental wellbeing. And that’s before we even get onto the proven therapeutic benefits of meditation.

Keeping Fit and Looking Good

It’s a secret the mainland has had trouble keeping from its Westernised cousin: tea is good for you. As in, really good; as in it’s practically a wonder tonic. White tea, green tea and oolong tea are all known to help with weight loss and to have anti-ageing properties. Can such claims possibly be true? Well, scientists agree that green tea has some rather wonderful side-effects; such as reducing cancer rates, as well as helping those of us on an exercise-based diet burn off up to an extra 200 calories a day! What about the supposed anti-ageing benefits though? Well, that claim may need to be taken with a pinch of salt – but if you’re looking for a long life, Hong Kong has imported a tradition even more-helpful than tea: Japanese food.

Yes, simple, delicious Japanese food – as found in plenty of HK restaurants–may be the key to long life. According to the Guardian Japan has more centenarians than any other country on Earth – and it’s all down to their seafood, whole grain and vegetable-based diet. Luckily, good Japanese restaurants are two a penny in Hong Kong; so long-term visitors may yet live to see 100!

Beauty Secrets

east west2 What The West Could Learn from The East

Camellia Sasanqua

While some Hong Kong women prefer to go the Western beauty route, shelling out a small fortune on lotions and tonics; some of them still haven’t forgotten the old Chinese methods. Camellia nut oil, for example, is used almost-religiously in some parts as facial conditioning oil – and it works even better than moisturiser. It’s a classic example of the Eastern beauty method: plenty of natural products, applied with almost ritualised precision – and the results speak for themselves. Perhaps it’s time we in the West lost some of our fascination with chemicals, no?

Have you picked up any interesting tips on Hong Kong’s winding streets? Tell us about them in the comments below!

If this article has inspired you why don’t why not visit HotelClub’s Hong Kong Hotels section and start planning your journey of enlightenment!

Ally is a freelance writer with an interest in travel, beauty and well-being. If you have any tips I would love to hear them!

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6 Things Children Learn from Toys

6 Things Children Learn from Toys


Early child development is one of the more critical aspects of life. Along with human interaction, babies begin learning through their playtime. In actuality, play time for young children is a form of education. This is because their earliest development occurs across virtually every domain, including the areas of language, fine and gross motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Bright lights bring bright smiles, while positive reinforcement encourages curiosity. Toys can be engaging and rewarding, making children excited to learn.

toys 6 Things Children Learn from Toys

When choosing materials and planning learning activities for toddlers, parents should consider how the toys and their experiences with these toys will support their child’s development across every critical domain. Many BrightStarts toys for toddlers are educational, for example, but other toys may not be designed to teach skills. Below are 6 things that children regularly learn from playing with toys.

1. coordination  To help develop coordination, toddlers do well with small puzzles, including large pieces and items with buttons, hooks, snaps, and buckles. Also, sturdy building toys like large blocks, child transportation vehicles, and furniture are good for all forms of physical development. Playing with large and small balls, low climbers, toddler jungle gyms, and tunnels with soft materials underneath them are also great for for developing leg and arm muscles.

2. New ideas  Young children learn how to experience the world and practice their new skills with all kinds of toys, but they also learn how to internalize new ideas based upon these new experiences. Through the continual learning process, early skills are easily expanded when they are integrated with new skill sets.

3. Navigation Through play, toddlers learn about how the world works by engaging in activities designed to encourage their emotional, cognitive, and social development. Parents can use toys to demonstrate to toddlers how to navigate and use their bodies effectively. Cognitive skills can be learned by playing classic games like peek-a-boo.

4. Problem Solving  When a parent uses a toy that makes a noise, toddlers can mimic it to learn how to use symbolic thinking and problem solving. For instance, when a toddler bangs on a toy, he creates sound. In this way, he learns to distinguish between cause and effect since this involves thinking and requires the use of mental skills to process information.

5. Creativity  Dress-up clothes, puppets, dolls with accessories, and water and sand toys allow toddlers to develop their creativity, which aids in developing intellect. The same holds true for large non-toxic crayons, markers, paints, molding clay, and chalkboards. Even the youngest toddlers benefit from being encouraged to make pictures and use coloring books. These activities are often enhanced when parents and other children play along with them.

6. Collaboration   For toddlers, all toys afford the opportunity to play in an open-ended and freestyle way. As such, children learn multiple functions that pertain to sight, sound, movement, and intellect. When toddlers play with their parents and in groups of their peers, they learn how to incorporate social aspects into their play, such as how to participate in collaboration and share.

Above all, effective playtime for toddlers not only affords them the opportunity to learn new skills, but also allows them to discover how to learn. Playtime also sets the stage for children that demonstrates how education and learning is an enjoyable process.

Savannah Bobo is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about health, family, and entertainment, and whose fondest childhood memories are of playing on the floor with a room full of toys that spark the imagination. BrightStarts toys for toddlers are fun and educational, from sports playsets that focus on coordination to interactive alphabets that pop to life.

Photo Credit: Kalyan Kanuri (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride


Don’t Tell the Bride is an international program with a simple premise. Here a couple who are struggling to afford their wedding get the show to pay for their expenses in exchange for agreeing to one simple term – the groom organizes the entire thing, and the woman doesn’t know anything about her big day until she arrives at the venue.

Of course this is somewhat nerve wracking for the woman who has no doubt been dreaming of getting married since she was a little girl – and even more nerve wracking for the groom who has no idea about how to organize a wedding and knows he’s going to be in for serious trouble if he gets it wrong.

The only winners then in this situation are the audience – because the results are usually hilarious, bizarre and fascinating. What’s more though is that it can also be quite educational – and when you see it all go so horribly wrong it reminds you exactly what not to do when you arrange your own celebrations. Here we’ll look at some of the most important lessons from the show to help you avoid catastrophe.


This is the first thing you should do before you even begin planning a wedding. Make sure you’re both on the same page and make sure you both know what the other one wants from the day. It always shocks me that this the man doesn’t already know what his fiancé wants in terms of venue and theme – so make sure you’re not going after two different things.

Start Early

Due to the nature of the show, the guys have to contend with a very short deadline when they’re planning their celebrations which often means they don’t get the guests they want or the venue. Make sure that you avoid this problem then by starting to arrange your wedding as early as humanly possible. Sending out ‘save the date’ invitations can also help a great deal, as it means your guests can book time off and make arrangements even before you have a .

Find Ways to Save

The budget is always another common issue on DTTB, and this is usually because the guy foolishly blows it all on the stag party or on flying everyone out to a foreign country. Look at ways you can save money on your honeymoon or on your pre-wedding celebrations and you’ll be able to spend much more on the actual wedding itself.

The Devil is in the Detail

While most guys on the show seem to get the big things right – like the wedding venue and the dress – it’s often the small factors they forget and by focussing on the bigger picture they often forget the flowers, or the shoes or the wedding limoand then have no budget left for them. Don’t make this mistake – because missing the small details can actually ruin the whole day even when everything else comes together nicely.

Heather Jefferson is a successful wedding planner. She believes that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

wedding Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

wedding1 Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

Photo Credit: (CC BY 2.0)

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Aspergers to Be Removed from Upcoming Edition of DSM

Aspergers to Be Removed from Upcoming Edition of DSM


Remember a few years ago, when blogging has just emerged as the new rage, and kids from all around the world were broadcasting live updates on their emotions and daily activities? Around that time, Asperger’s disorder, a new condition on the autistic spectrum was making headlines, first across the United States, then all over the world. Coincidentally or not, this was also around the time when the ‘emo’ fad trend also emerged. This featured specific sartorial markers, such as the profuse usage of black eyeliner and black nail polish – to signal a preoccupation with the darker side of the human psyche – but also drew attention to a nation, nay, a world of teenagers feeling socially inept, misfits, outcasts, and generally inadequate from a societal standard perspective.

It was perhaps not arbitrary that this also marked a boom in the number of Asperger’s self-diagnoses, followed by actual diagnoses confirmed by doctors. However, now that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (popularly known in short as the DSM) is receiving its first definition update in twelve years’ time, it seems that the experts that basically rule over the fate of therapy on a global level have decided the disorder is not going to make the cut. At the moment, psychiatrists from around the world employ the DSM as a set of binding guidelines that help them diagnose patients and establish the course and cost of their treatment. Also, on the other side of the health care industry fence, private health insurance providers are also making use of the same manual, in order to determine which types of psychiatric treatment qualify for coverage and which ones don’t.

Starting with the all-new, fully revised version of the DSM, which is expected to come out in 2013, Asperger’s will no longer be featured as a stand-alone disease. Instead, the authors have decided it will be lumped in under the ‘autism spectrum disorder’ definition. While Asperger’s was, indeed, regarded as a condition on the autistic spectrum, this amassing will put people who can’t function properly in social contexts in the same category with children who are sufferers of severe autism. Indeed, many voices in the field have claimed, throughout the years, that these otherwise highly functioning adults could just as well be suffering from social anxiety disorder, a phobia that prevents people to function properly in social contexts. However, Bayside Psychotherapy experts warn that social anxiety disorder is a different condition altogether, which has nothing to do with autism. Furthermore, it should not be taken lightly, since sufferers are often plagued with such symptoms as hyperventilation, IBS, and incontrollable twitching. Unlike Asperger’s, on the other hand, social anxiety disorder has never been included in the DSM, yet features in other prestigious diagnostic tools, such as editions 9 and 10 of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

Pleas against what they perceive as an unjust decision have been expressed by sufferers and health care experts from around the world, and Australia has joined the chorus of disgruntled voices. One 40 year-old Asperger’s patient says removing the definition will set the movement for treating this condition back by decades, and blames the decision on insufficient advocacy for awareness. Furthermore, Dr Julie Peterson brings to the limelight the issue of associating Asperger’s with the negative stereotypes regarding autistic spectrum disorders (viz. Rainman).

Last, but certainly not least, the manager of Autism Spectrum Australia (or ASA), Dr Vicki Gibbs, took a more moderate approach to the decision. She acknowledged the worries expressed by sufferers, but added that the decision was justified by the relatively small differences between high functioning autism patients and sufferers of Asperger’s. According to ASA, one in 100 Australians suffers from disorders on the autism spectrum.

asperger disorder Aspergers to Be Removed from Upcoming Edition of DSM

asperger disorder1 Aspergers to Be Removed from Upcoming Edition of DSM

asperger disorder2 Aspergers to Be Removed from Upcoming Edition of DSM

Photo Credit: Image Editor (CC BY 2.0)

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Most Stunning Offices Worldwide: Videos From Inside

Most Stunning Offices Worldwide: Videos From Inside


Let’s be completely honest, on a Sunday night when you’re slouched across the couch having your head tickled by a loved one whilst watching X Factor; the simple thought of going into your office in twelve hours can send shivers down your spine. Why? Because no-one wants to be stuck inside for 8 hours a day; stuck beneath a ceiling of panels & immersed within the dull glow of cheap office lights. However, this is only true of about 95% of offices in the world….

…The other 5%? Office’s that will make you turn green with envy. These are office environments which would undoubtedly make it an absolute pleasure to travel to work any time of the week. Here are the most stunning business offices worldwide.

Red Bull London

The Red Bull offices were designed by Linda Morey Smith who was given six months by the company to find and redefine a whole new office location within Soho. The location that was settled upon was a building which was made up of five old pubs at all different levels with retail use on the ground floor. Originally none of the buildings linked, but Morey saw potential. The office space reflects the kind of people that inhabit it on a daily basis, young media personalities with different interests. Bridges, staircases and slides were built for connectivity for there was plenty collaboration between different classes of employees and most importantly nothing has that ‘corporate’ feel.

Google New York

Free Food, pet-day care, free toys and scooters in the hallway; the enjoyably hectic nature of Google perfectly reflects the bustling atmosphere of New York City. Many people yearn to be in the employment of Google, let alone the New York branch. The office is 2.9 million square feet and occupies an entire block. The mind set of Google Employees is all about innovation or even taking something and making it their own; which can be seen through the use of ladders where elevators don’t work or paintings on the wall of the outside environment between windows. The whole of the block is unique and just as impressive as you may think a Google office may just be.

Bastard Store and Office

If you love skating, perhaps your dream would be to work in an environment which was not only a design office but a shop and a skate park all rolled into one. The ‘Bastard Bowl’ features a full size skate park measuring at 600 square feet which is in fact nearly twenty feet above the shop. This is surely a company which will ‘roll’ their way to success.


Facebook has always strived to do things in a completely different way; and their offices are nothing short of that. Starting from a tiny office back in 2003, the current employees of Facebook now have been given the opportunity to work from a vast office environment unlike any other office environment. Facebook employees have stated that the offices are a part of their life, not just a place they work in with features such as table tennis, working lounges, on-site pubs, hairdresser and even its own laundry serves.

TBWA Hakuhodo Offices

In 1998, Clive Wilkinson Architects were asked to create an advertising village which would unify the 450 person community working there. Over ten years later the amount of people working at TBWA has doubled – leading to the office space has adapting accordingly. The layout of the office reflects the creative nature of the advertising & marketing employees there. With perhaps the most open-office environments in the world, the whole space functions as a city with its own culture; a strong message about TBWA as a company.

Through these examples you can see that there are definitely some offices in the world which evoke smiles instead of frowns upon the faces of employees when they walk through the front door. However, to be in any of these offices you have to be cream of the crop of the given field – so stop reading this and get back to work!

If you were impressed by these be sure to check out LEGO’s offices!

lego Most Stunning Offices Worldwide: Videos From Inside

Photo License: Creative Commons image source

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Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids? – Frame It!

Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids? – Frame It!


Framing kid’s artwork is a great way to decorate while validating a child’s artistic expressions. There are a number of ways to creatively frame this art that characteristically displays a cheerful simplicity along with bright colors and strong lines.

Choosing Frames

While there are many frames to choose from for framed art pictures that are suitable, some are more interesting than others. Floating frames are available most everywhere and costs range from inexpensive to moderately priced. Some feature metal strips clenched by plastic while others include wood and glass.

These frames offer a contemporary look that seems to go well with children’s art. They are also very easy to assemble and offer a variety of colors. The mat for these frames is provided by the wall where they are hung.

Irregular Shapes

Many pieces of children’s art tend to include odd shapes and sizes. This can make it challenging to frame in a traditional way. However, many frames can accommodate irregularities with a little creativity. For example, floating frames adapt to shape for a visual advantage.

To account for various sizes of art, consider asking your child to trim the sides. Rather than doing this yourself, having them do this makes it easier to retain the artistic integrity of the art. Another way to frame it is to use pieces in a collage or separate the pieces into different frames. This can make it fun to create interesting arrangements.


Grouping similar pieces together offers each piece more impact. Also use colors to showcase each child’s artwork. In addition to providing a way to easily identify each child’s art, he or she can enjoy a sense of pride whenever they spot their work on the wall.

Children’s framed art that is grouped well can be displayed just about anywhere so consider various places throughout your home. In addition children’s framed art is also suitable for display in office environments. It can be used to instantly perk up an otherwise drab office or cubicle.

Anything Can be Art

In addition to children’s art it is also interesting to frame doodles and non-traditional work such as a written assignment, certificate or other achievement. When framed among art pieces it provides an interesting contrast and validates other school work. This can add to a unique artistic vibe in an otherwise one-dimensional collection.


It could be a good idea to scan the art into a computer program. This makes it easier to share and arrange it in different interesting ways. It can also help in the framing process from a visual perspective. Using programs designed to add backgrounds can also clean up deficiencies while preserving the original artwork.

Framing art also has the advantage of making it suitable to present as a gift. Every family member, particularly grandparents will find their grandchildren’s artwork touching. In addition there is no better gift than those that are heartfelt. It also serves as a way to preserve the art in another locale.

As the school season gets underway it is a good time to gather artwork that is on the fridge or languishing in keepsake boxes to put into frames where it can be admired by all. will also do much to boost the esteem of the children who worked so hard to express their artistic side.

Nadine Swayne is a contributing freelance writer and editor for, a leading provider of framed art pictures and frames. With a large and appealing selection from which to order online, Artismo is a great choice when budget makes a difference.

artwork kids Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids?   Frame It!

Photo Credit: Andrea Arden (CC BY 2.0)

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