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Easy Fixes to Common Beauty Mistakes

Easy Fixes to Common Beauty Mistakes


We all try to take the best care of our hair, skin and nails; but sometimes we can actually be causing more damage than good without realising it. Here we highlight some of the most common beauty mistakes and how to avoid them, by amending our bad habits.

Do You Wash Your Hair Too Often?

beauty mistakes Easy Fixes to Common Beauty Mistakes

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Many people wash their hair on a daily basis, which is fine if you use a regular shampoo and conditioner and if you have fine hair. But if you have coarse hair you can be doing more damage than good because too much washing will wash away all the essential oils that naturally exist in your hair, potentially leaving it dull. Try using a moisturizing shampoo and wash every second day and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Conditioning Your Hair

We all want healthy hair, and as a result most of us use conditioner after we have shampooed. However we tend to use conditioner in the same way in which we use shampoo, which, ironically, is more detrimental to our hair. Our roots are the healthiest part of our hair; it’s the ends we should be concentrating on. Gently massage your conditioner into the tips of your hair, avoiding your scalp. This will ensure your hair stays grease free for longer.

Tooth Care

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The first mistake many of us make when we are brushing our teeth is to do it in a hurry. Ideally we should all be brushing our teeth for at least two minutes each time to ensure you tackle all the plaque build-up. You need to use circular movements and not side to side motions, which can damage your teeth by scrubbing away your teeth’s natural protection, enamel. It’s important not to brush too hard, especially after you’ve consumed something citrusy. For example don’t brush your teeth right after breakfast if you’ve had a glass of orange juice, as your enamel will be weaker, and more likely to be brushed away.

Is Your Face Dry?

Do you moisturize daily and find your face is still dry? Often, when your face is dry, oils build up in your T zone in an attempt to compensate for the dryness. A great way to combat this is to exfoliate before applying you moisturizer. This empties your pores of dirt and opens them up to absorb the moisturizer, leaving you with softer and more hydrated skin.

Perfume Blunders

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Many of us spritz our perfume after we’ve dressed, meaning most of it absorbs into our clothes. Perfume is designed for skin, and can in fact smell very different when applied to clothes, rather than skin. The best areas to concentrate your perfume are behind your knees, wrists, the base of your throat, and a small dab behind your earlobes.

Sun Cream Application

Sun cream is essential for reducing the effects of sun exposure, and ideally should be worn on a daily basis, which is not too hard a task considering many moisturizers come with some degree SPF. However the mistake most of make is applying it before our makeup. Concealer and foundation can actually counteract the effects of sun cream, leaving your skin vulnerable to sun exposure. Ideally you should apply sun cream over your makeup, using a non-greasy spray bottle, to avoid loosening your makeup.

Eyebrow Plucking

The biggest beauty mistake you can make when plucking your eyebrows is doing it in a darkened room and standing too close to the mirror. Many of us stand too close to the mirror to ensure that we don’t miss any hairs, but the mistake with this is that we end up concentrating on individual hairs rather than the overall shape of our eyebrow.

Don’t Shake Your Nail Polish

beauty mistakes3 Easy Fixes to Common Beauty Mistakes

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Most nail polish bottles encourage you to shake them before use, but this can often create air bubbles in the polish, which can detract from the overall finish of your painted nails. Instead of shaking, try rolling the bottle gently between your hands. This mixes the polish and warms it up to ensure quick and easy application and a smooth finish.

Katherine Shedden writes with SpaceNK. She loves sharing reviews, tips and general beauty gossip.

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