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Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden


five common wildlife pests you Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

For most people, the garden is a sanctuary, a place where we go to relax and chill after a tough day at the office. We use our gardens to grow flowers, vegetables, and as a safe outdoors space for the kids to play and burn off some steam. But if your garden is overrun by wildlife pests, your sense of enjoyment may be severely compromised. So what are the worst known offenders you may encounter at the bottom of your garden?

Rats Running Wild

five common wildlife pests you1 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Rats have a terrible reputation: most of us perceive them to be dirty, disease-ridden creatures that lurk in dark, dank corners and when cornered will fight back. In fact rats are certainly carriers of a number of nasty diseases and can indeed be aggressive if backed into a corner, but they probably don’t deserve to be vilified as much as they are. However, rats are not good to have around and if they are living in your garden, you need to make sure you keep the rat population under control or you might end up sharing your kitchen with a few rat families.

Sneaky Squirrels

five common wildlife pests you2 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Squirrels can make mincemeat of bird feeders and vegetable patches. They are intelligent, cunning and resourceful, especially when it comes to food, which is why they are more than capable of traversing complex obstacle courses in order to reach a pile of nuts. It can be quite difficult to keep squirrels away from your precious homegrown vegetables, but if your local squirrel population persists in raiding your tomatoes, put out some alternative food and water to keep them occupied.

Bothersome Birds

five common wildlife pests you3 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Birds are a massive pest, particularly if you have just spent hours raking soil and sowing seeds. Some species of birds will eat every last seed you sow, which is why farmers devise all kinds of complicated deterrents to keep birds away from their crops. Scarecrows might frighten the birds away, but cats usually make the most effective bird deterrent because of their hunting skills.

Resourceful Raccoons

five common wildlife pests you4 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Raccoons are known for their misbehaviour: they empty trashcans and scatter the rubbish everywhere in their search for leftovers and they are more than happy to gobble up cat food and bird nuts. They might look cute, but raccoons can cause havoc in a garden once they become established; they can also pass on some nasty diseases if you come into close contact with them or their waste. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of feeding them in the early stages, which of course only encourages the raccoons to stick around.

Rotten Rabbits

five common wildlife pests you5 Five Common Wildlife Pests You May Encounter In The Garden

Rabbits dig under fences and raid vegetable patches, chomping away happily until there is literally nothing left but a few withered stalks. They are one of Australia’s number one wildlife pests, which is why the lethal virus, Myxomatosis, was created. However, there are more humane ways to deal with an out of control rabbit population, wherever you happen to be living, so if you are struggling to keep pesky rabbits out of your salad corner, hire a pest control service.

Wildlife pests may be annoying, but try to remember that their main aim in life is to find food and shelter, just like you.  Always use humane methods to remove or control wildlife pests and if in doubt, consult an expert.

This article has been written by Joana Sterling. Joana works at Innovative Care of the Environment Inc., a company providing humane pest control services in Toronto. She likes to sing and spends her Friday evenings at the karaoke bar with her friends.

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Top Five Reasons Why Arizona Is Spectacular In The Fall

Top Five Reasons Why Arizona Is Spectacular In The Fall


Prescott is one of the top places to live in Arizona. This is because Money Magazine rated it as one of the Top 25 Places to Retire. Prescott was also part of the Top 10 in Business from Boomtown, USA. It has a relatively low cost of living and has a variety of events and attractions throughout the year – especially in the fall.

top five reasons why arizona Top Five Reasons Why Arizona Is Spectacular In The Fall

Arizona has much to offer throughout the autumn months. There’s the change of seasons and leaves dropping. The temperatures have started to cool off and many residents look to the great outdoors as a way to stay entertained.

To better understand what Arizona has to offer, there are 5 reasons why the state is spectacular.

#1 – Tours

Various tours exist throughout Prescott. The city offers a free historic tour for all visitors as well as new residents. Some of the other tours available include tours of the Back Country and Soldiers Trail. Customized tours are also available from various vendors to see very specific parts of the state.

#2 – Fall Events

Fall events are comprehensive throughout Arizona. When anyone is looking for things to do, central Arizona is never without something going on during the week or over the weekend. Prescott has an array of events and Phoenix has even more – and that’s a little over an hour’s drive away.

Some of the fall events include music festivals, art shows, and other things going on outside. Hay rides and pumpkin patches seem to come out of the wood work. There are also a variety of Halloween parties and haunted houses throughout the month of October. Recent years have produced over a dozen of these events to choose from.

#3 – Outdoor Activities

Arizona offers a number of outdoor activities and Prescott in particular is popular because of the mild four seasons. Throughout the fall months, it can be beneficial to take a hike through the Prescott National Forest or visit some of the other active parks. Throughout the area, there are five golf courses as well as an array of equestrian and hiking trails.

Many residents choose to enjoy the great outdoors by renting a recreational vehicle. It’s possible to explore what Arizona has to offer with bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, segways and mobility scooters.

At the various parks, it’s possible to find picnic sites, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, skate areas, football, baseball and soccer fields, and even playgrounds for the younger kids.

#4 – Arts & Entertainment

The fall months are when there are the most events taking place throughout the arts and entertainment venues. Residents will be able to see events at the Elks Opera House, the Prescott Pops Symphony, and many others. Other arts and entertainment attractions include Tim’s Toyota Center and the 4 acres of landscaping at the Yavapai College Sculpture Garden.

#5 – Shopping

The shops throughout Arizona in the fall are lovely to visit. Many of them are getting ready for the winter months, decorating with twinkling lights and other ornaments. The smell of cinnamon is in the air and shop owners are talkative, telling everyone about what’s coming up in the next few months.

If anyone is considering relocating to Prescott, AZ, the fall months can be absolutely stunning. There are many luxurious homes in the area and finding a Realtor is a great way to learn more about them.

Don Stevens loves local food and unique experiences in great places across the U.S. and Canada. He helps people discover new trends, restaurants, and offers tips in different cities. Traveling to different areas can help when purchasing a home. He recommends the Chandler Anderson group for finding homes in the Prescott, AZ area. They are helpful and always provide quality service to find the home of your dreams.

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Five Weird Dental Procedures

Five Weird Dental Procedures


Most people want the perfect smile, you know, straight teeth, no cavities, and a smile that is so white it could blind someone. It really isn’t that difficult to have a great smile, all you need to do is practice good oral hygiene.

five weird dental procedures Five Weird Dental Procedures

However, there are people who want to be a little less “mainstream” with their smile and take dentistry to the extreme. Here is a list of five weird, and sometimes freaky dental procedures that have some major health risks.

Widening An Existing Gap

The show “America’s Next Top Model” has always been known for its extreme makeovers and the contestants’ extreme reactions.Tyra Banks went a little overboard during cycle 15 of the show when she asked for the gap in a model’s mouth to be widened. Of course the model agreed to the procedure to please Tyra Banks.

While I’m all for natural gaps, widening an existing gap could lead to serious dental problems and disrupt proper jaw growth.

Tooth Reshaping

Ever since the movie Twilight, a vampire craze has erupted, prompting some people to reshape their teeth to look like fangs. Reshaping your teeth can have some serious risks. Removing too much of a tooth’s enamel can make it extra sensitive to hot and cold. It can also leave it vulnerable to breakage.

Dentists have strongly cautioned people not to reshape their teeth. Filing teeth weakens the tooth structure and if the person suddenly decides they don’t want fangs anymore, restoring teeth to their natural shape is very expensive.

Crown Lengthening

Usually, this procedure is performed to treat gum disease or to expose more surface area of a problematic tooth. In recent years, this procedure has grown in popularity for cosmetic purposes.

Crown lengthening involves removing part of the gum, therefor making the teeth look visibly longer. It may be appealing to people who have “gummy” smiles but it is still considered surgery which means it comes with risks. Besides being a pricey procedure, crown lengthening can cause your gums to swell, bleed, and get infected.

If you’re considering crown lengthening for cosmetic purposes, I advise you to think about it before going under the knife.

Replacing Teeth With Diamonds

The “twitterverse” stirred when Kanye West posted a picture of himself with his bottom teeth replaced with diamonds. If you can afford them, why not? Well, according to some dentists, diamond teeth could cause some serious dental problems. If the fixture is permanent, you are going to have some issues with things such as dental hygiene. You can also say goodbye to foods that are harder to chew. These diamond teeth can cause problems with your jaw because the weight of a diamond is greater than the weight of a tooth. It can also damage your upper teeth over time.

Removable Jewels

For those who can’t quite afford diamond teeth, there is now removable bling, or what some people call “grills”. Apparently, some dentists have applied removable jewels to teeth with FDA-approved glue. These removable jewels haven’t been shown to have major health risks but they can get food stuck in them, allowing bacteria to accumulate. They could also cause irritation or allergic reactions.

It’s safe to say that some people are willing to go to extremes to get what they want. If you want a perfect smile, I advise starting out with brushing and flossing twice a day and scheduling regular visits to your dentist.

Trisha Banks is a blogger for Lakeway Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Lakeway, Texas. Trisha was curious about weird dental procedures that people get.

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Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure


Even though you use your mobile device every day, you may not take its security all that seriously. After all, it is just a phone, not a computer, so viruses cant infect it in the same way that they can infect your PC, right? Wrong. From spyware to hackers, your mobile devices are just as susceptible to virtual threats, so you should be taking every step possible to secure your phone before it is too late.

Continue reading for five tricks that will help you ensure that your mobile phone is as secure as it can be.

Avoid Malicious Links

five tricks mobile phone more Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Malicious links can be found on your mobile phone just as they can be accessed from your computer. To make sure you do not click on the wrong link that can end up divulging personal information to the wrong people, look for “https” before the website address before entering sensitive data about yourself. This will ensure that the site is secure rather than a phishing site or scam.

Download Safe Apps

five tricks mobile phone more1 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

When you are about to download an app on your mobile phone, check that it is a safe one before allowing it to access the contents on your memory card. Some apps request access to your call history, contacts list, text messages, and more. If this is the case, do not download the app, as it may be dangerous.

To be sure you are downloading safe apps, get them from a reputable source, such as the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Avoid downloading apps from third party sites.

Avoid Conducting Business Over a Public Wi-Fi Network

five tricks mobile phone more2 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Public unsecured wi-fi networks are not secure. In fact, a hacker can more easily access the information that you send and receive over these types of networks, so it is always best to just do casual Internet browsing while you are utilizing these types of connections. Avoid performing bank transactions or sharing sensitive data on your mobile phone until it is connected to a secure, password-protected network.

Install a Security App

five tricks mobile phone more3 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

Whether you decide to try to use phone unlock codes or you prefer keeping your mobile phone locked, one thing that you should also do in order to enhance your security is download a security app that you can trust. These apps are great not only for protecting your phone from hackers and spam, but they are also often well equipped for helping you locate your lost or stolen phone as well.

Keep Your Operating System Updated

five tricks mobile phone more4 Five Tricks That Will Make Your Mobile Phone More Secure

An up-to-date operating system is a final step you can take to secure your phone. Any holes in security or other vulnerabilities are targeted by these updates, which also make using your phone even more convenient, thanks to updated features.

To keep your mobile phone secure, you have to always be aware of where you are browsing and what network you are using. But by following some simple steps, you can ensure that your device will always be safe from hackers and scams.

This post has been authored by Henry Smith. He writes for, a company offering cell phone unlocking services. His hobbies include painting and sculpting.

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Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First


planning event Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

For every event, planning is important. But even that planning requires a good measure of prior preparation. And, this is why, we have given five important things you should have in place, in order to have a smooth and successful ahead.

1)   Set a timeframe

planning event1 Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

This is THE most important part of every event planning process. Setting a timeframe means having a clear roadmap and setting achievable goals throughout the course of the duration. Moreover, giving yourself a deadline leaves you with enough of time to not only achieve every task on the list, but also identify problem areas and troubleshoot effectively. Thus, giving you enough time to create a backup plan as well as bring everything together without a single glitch.

2)   Don’t lose sight of the goal

planning event2 Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

Yes, we agree that the whole process of planning and putting everything together and doing a good job at it can be very chaotic. But don’t let it get to you and don’t lose yourself in the storm of things to do. No matter what happens don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal. Don’t falter in the quality. Right from the first step to the final day, your goal should be to pull off an amazing event, as opposed to “let’s just get done with this thing”.

3)   Make a list

planning event3 Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

No matter what the scale of the event is, a list of things to do and things you’ll need is the ultimate life-saver. Event planners across every niche and level find a list to be their trustiest companion and most failsafe weapon. Start by identifying the tasks that are on top of your mind and require immediate attention. Things like the venue, catering, vendors, sound system, invites etc. should form the first half of the list. This should obviously be followed by the smaller yet crucial details. Once you start putting the list together, everything else falls into place on its own. Do this, and you’ll never regret it.

4)   Finish the bigger and tougher tasks first

planning event4 Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

Leaving the bigger part of the task list for the end will also end up leaving you in a very sticky spot. Moreover, these are often the easily noticed details and if left unattended, can spell disaster for the whole event. The most efficient event planners get to work on the large and tricky details as quickly as possible. The sooner you get done with it, the easier it will be to run through every aspect of the event and be less stressed when the big day nears.

5)   Delegate

planning event5 Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

A lot of things go into making an event a grand success, and even the smallest details go a long way in creating significant changes. This is why, it’s always good to delegate. Plus, you may be good at planning the event, but there’ll always be someone who can take care of the finer details better, and make the whole thing easier and bearable for you. Delegation becomes important especially when it comes to big groups and events that require great attention to detail and a high degree of precision.

6)   Take it easy

planning event6 Planning An Event Here Are Five Important Things You Should Do First

At the end of the day, remember that Murphy’s Law is always at work. So, whatever has to go wrong, definitely will, and despite pulling all stops there’s nothing you can do about it. All that matters is that you have an open mind, to take every glitch in your stride and have fun. It’s the mistakes that make you a successful planner and the enjoyments make you a cooler one.

Planning an event is no rocket science; all you need to do is be patient and go about the whole thing step by step.

This post has been contributed by Arnold Rebello, who is an employee at Visual Concepts in Calgary. His hobbies include experimenting with food and travelling to different places.

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Five Things That Your Home Probably Has Too Many Of

Five Things That Your Home Probably Has Too Many Of


If you look around your home, you will notice that there are some things that you probably already have too many of. You just do not notice them right away because they are hidden inside the cabinets, under the sinks, in the garage, in the attic, and even in the basement. The question is, do you really need all of them? Below are some of the things that most homes already have too many of.

five things home probably has Five Things That Your Home Probably Has Too Many Of

Kitchenware and Diningware Sets

One of the many favorite gifts that guests give to newlyweds is kitchenware and diningware sets. This has always been a favorite type of gift that, at the end of the wedding day, the couple has so many sets they do not know what to do with all of them. Most of the sets probably do not even match. In the end, some of the sets are left in their boxes and tucked away in storage areas.

Food Storage Containers

Another item that some homes have too many of is the food storage containers such as Tupperware and Rubbermaid. While these things are very handy for storing fresh produce and leftover food, it cannot be denied that they take up so much space inside the cabinets. With some people having the penchant for keeping old food storage containers, even those that have missing lids, these things can definitely clutter up a kitchen.


They say that if you want to enjoy a drink more, then use the right type of glass. There are the slender martini glasses for martini, crystal wine glasses for your red and white wine; tall and sturdy glasses for your juice, or the skinny glasses for your champagne. While it is okay for you to have different glasses for different beverages, they do take up space in your kitchen; more so if you own a lot of them. Also, most homeowners nowadays are using the same items for their everyday use. They even use the glasses for when they have guests.

Bedding Sets and Towels

Some homes also have a surplus of bedding sets and towels. If they see one they like, they buy the set. If the bedding sets and towels are offered at great discounts, they buy in bulk. It is important that you change the beddings and your towels regularly, and having several of these is always a good thing. More often than not though, there are only two or three of those that you use regularly, and the rest are stored in the cabinet.


For most bookworms, getting rid of their books, even old ones, is very difficult and almost seems like a crime. Because of the difficulty to throw old books away, they tend to keep them all. In the end, books can be found in almost all parts of the house, taking up space and cluttering it up.

If you have space for all these excess items, then good for you. If not, then it’s time to get rid of some of them away. Hold a garage sale or give them to shelters and homes. If you really cannot part with them, then rent a storage unit where you can safely store them.

Jennifer Daehn, a freelance writer, regularly contributes articles to home blogs. If you are having storage problems for all your things, she recommends visiting the storage facilities near you to learn more about their services.

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Five Tips Before Going Into Surgery

Five Tips Before Going Into Surgery


Surgery is always an ordeal. It can rattle your nerves and stress you out.  Staying organized is the best way to alleviate that discomfort.  There is no reason to go into surgery without establishing a plan.  Here are some tips that will help ease your mind before going under the knife.

surgery Five Tips Before Going Into Surgery

Make A Checklist

Let’s be honest, surgery can screw up a lot of our plans and responsibilities.  There isn’t really a way to counter it besides doing your best to reallocate your responsibilities to your friends and family.  They will help you out during this period of stress. By organizing checklists and distributing responsibilities to people who are helping you out, you can minimize the amount of damage done to your personal life.

Get Your Papers In Order A Day In Advance

Much of the chaos surrounding surgery involves paperwork.  The best way to make sure that nothing goes wrong before surgery is by organizing your paperwork so that everything is in order.  Also, make sure your family knows where all of your important documentation is located. Rarely will surgery be life threatening, but in case of unforeseen circumstances, have all of your paperwork available and ready to go prior to the day of your surgery.

Organize Your Home Before You Leave

This depends on how much responsibility you place on yourself in terms of meals, cleaning, etc. The more responsibility you place on yourself, the earlier you should start preparing for the days after surgery. Depending on the procedure and estimated recovery time, it is important to stock meals and arrange rides.  Assuming your surgery will require two or three days of recovery, that’s at least nine meals to have ready to go.

Organize Your Medications

One thing that is essential to your health is medication. In the craziness that follows surgery, losing your medication is probably not something worth risking. The best thing to do to prepare your medicine beforehand. One way to do this is to put the pills in little plastic bags for everyday you need to take them. This way, instead of being too drowsy and forgetting to take them, you’ll know exactly which ones to take and where they are.

Get A Good Meal!

Going into surgery usually means not to eat 24 hours beforehand.  Surgeons want to operate while you’re on an empty stomach.  A good way to prepare for not eating is by cutting back on large meals the week before surgery. Eating a lot of small meals before going hungry will help with your hunger strike.  Some good meals to eat 48 hours before surgery are ground tender meats and clear liquids. Avoid things that are tougher to digest like nuts and tougher meats.  Also, stay away from dairy products like milk.

Surgery can be tough, so the best way to power through it is with an organized plan! Make sure to be aware of everything you need beforehand, and do not hesitate to ask family and friends for help.

Austin Oral Surgery is an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice with ten offices in the Austin, Texas area. They have been practicing for 41 years.

Photo Credit: Army Medicine (CC BY 2.0)

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Five Facts That Will Surprise You About Katy, Texas

Five Facts That Will Surprise You About Katy, Texas


As a practicing dentist in the Katy, Texas area, I’ve fallen in love with the vibrant and diverse community that exists in this town. Even though Katy is still a relatively small town of only about 15,000 people, I find myself discovering new things to do and meeting new people every day. Yet, sometimes when I travel, I meet people who ask me, “What’s so great about Katy? I’ve never even heard of it.” In order to answer those questions, I’ve brought together five things that might just put Katy on your map.

katy texas Five Facts That Will Surprise You About Katy, Texas

1. The Dining Opportunities

Despite its small size, Katy is a rapidly expanding town for businesses, and everyday it seems like a new store or restaurant is opening up. Your possibilities for dining out are practically endless. lists over 500 results when given a search for restaurants in Katy, Texas. That’s a lot of food for 15,000 people! So whether it’s a national franchise or a local, sit-down eatery, Katy will ensure you never go hungry.

2. We’re Home to the Houston Computer Museum

Technically, the Houston Computer Museum is 10 miles away in Houston, but any Katy resident should know about this place. This is a one of a kind museum, after all who’s even heard of a computer museum? Boasting over 30,000 artifacts, the Houston Computer Museum will give you a truly eye-opening perception of “computers” throughout human history—with items dating back nearly 5,000 years!

3. The Origins of Our Name

Time for a history lesson: The first settlement in the Katy area was actually called Cane Island and established in 1872. So how did things change? Well, in the early 20th century, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad set up a depot here in the area. Most people abbreviated the railroad the MKT or KT for short. In 1945, when the town was officially incorporated, the popular name of “KT” stuck in the minds of the founders more than “Cane Island” and we ended up being “Katy.”

4. We’re Football Champs …Times Seven

It’s no secret that in Texas, football is king, and Katy is no different. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, in Katy it’s easy to become a part of the football tradition and supportive community. Katy High School has been 5A state champions in football a whopping seven times, with six of those victories being in the last 16 years. Meaning if you pick a random year between 1997 and 2013, there’s a one in three chance they were state champions that year. Pretty good odds, eh?

5. We Know How to Throw a Party

Okay, while it’s probably not the party you were expecting, we Katyites have a history of throwing elaborate festivals to celebrate our traditions and community. Probably the largest of these festivals is the Katy Rice Harvest Festival, which started in 1970s as a celebration of the local rice farmers’ contributions to the local economy. Since then, it has expanded to a two day festival with live music, a carnival and crafts for children. Likewise, in more recent years the Katy Rotary Club has begun hosting Katy Brew Fest, a local beer tasting which brings in local and non-local brewers to help support local nonprofits including Katy ISD, allowing us to give back to the community even further.

Dr. Allen Jahangiri is the founder of Noble Smile Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, and a proud Katy resident. A graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, he is a fairly new member of the Katy community and truly loves it.

Photo Credit: Joe Wolf (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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Five Good Reasons To Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney

Five Good Reasons To Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney


Making the decision to hire a personal injury attorney was difficult. There were many things you had to consider: professional skills, personality, and price. After completing google searches and speaking with family and friends, you met a slew of attorneys. Finally, you found the right attorney for you. You were confident that your case would be represented fairly by this honest, hard working attorney who promised to win your case. However, time passed, and suddenly you realized you had made a mistake. Not only was your personal injury attorney not right for you, he or she just wasn’t doing their job right, either. Meetings were uncomfortable because of your personal injury attorney, and you weren’t happy with the relationship between your personal injury attorney or confident in the outcome of your case.

attorney Five Good Reasons To Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you aren’t getting what you were promised, then its not too late. Making the decision to hire a personal injury attorney was difficult, but making the decision to fire him or her is easy.

Here are five good reasons to fire your personal injury attorney.

Poor Organization

A law office is filled with paper, files, and countless things attorneys, like other professionals, have collected along the way. Over the years, if not properly cleaned, these things can continue to pile up. While some personal injury attorneys will be able to work well despite the mess, many others will not.

In addition, a poorly organized office leads to a poorly organized personal injury attorney. He or she is likely to lose important documents and forget important dates, wasting your time and money. This is a good reason to fire him or her.

Poor Representation

One of the most important aspects of an attorney is their ability to speak up on behalf of their clients and stand up for their clients in the legal arena. Representing clients both during negotiations and mediations, as well as at trial, is also critical to client satisfaction and case success.

If your personal injury attorney fails to either listen to your voice or speak up on behalf of you and stand up or you, then this is another good reason to fire him or her.

Poor Communication

Although attorneys should speak up on behalf of their clients, they should also remember to speak to their clients, doing so in a way that their client will understand. It is also important for attorneys to answer phone calls and reply to emails from their clients in a timely fashion.

A personal injury attorney who fails to do so will also fail to keep their client up-to-date on the status of their case. He or she may even fail to notify a client of a settlement offer, which is a good reason to fire him or her.

Weak Attorney-Client Relationship

Attorneys are people, too, and they each come with their own unique personality that will pervade, define, and characterize their practice. However, at first it is easy for an attorney and their new client to get along. It is only as time passes that differences in personality will become noticeable and create conflict between an attorney and his or her client.

It is okay to let an attorney go if you feel that he or she is just not clicking with you. It is also a good reason to fire an attorney if he or she is just treating you without respect.


Your personal injury attorney should have taken an ethics class while in law school. However, this fact alone doesn’t ensure or guarantee that he or she is an ethical person.

If your personal injury attorney is playing fast and loose with your money, your time, or your case, then this is a good reason to fire him or her.

Jason McMinn practices law in Austin, TX at the McMinn Law Firm. The McMinn Law Firm is known for their specialty in personal injury law.

Photo Credit: TownePost Network (CC BY 2.0)

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